My Stepdad Fucks Better Than Yours!

***This is a sex fiction about the actor Alex O’Loughlin, it’s pure fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin***
When my mother introduced me to her new boyfriend, Alex, he was kind, like the father, my biological father never was. Alex is an actor, you probably know him. 

Once I had a huge fight with my mother and when she left, Alex came to my room.

“Hey Harry, may I come in?” he asked, I nodded, he wore blue jeans, a white tank top and an open shirt. 

“Look I’m a good guy, I have never caused you any problems right?” he asked me

“Yes? What you want to say?” I asked.

“Look, stand up pull down your pants, and let me punish you for your actions” he said

“What?” I asked in the verge of laughing

“It’s not a joke, you need to be disciplined, and maybe because your father is distant, you are kinda disrespectful” he said, he was serious, I stood up and pulled my pants down “Great, turn around and bend” he said, as he undid his belt, I could hear his belt buckle jingling. “Ok, I will hit you now, take it like a man” he said as his belt slapped my butt, I wanted to scream but I didn’t, he kept hitting me, my ass felt like it was on fire 

“Nice, your butt is getting red, two more and I will stop” he said, he hit me once more, and then again, I screamed “Ok, relax, wait here” he said, he came back with a lotion

He rubbed my buttcheeks, it felt so nice, that lotion soothed my stinging ass

“You have a nice ass Harry” he said. I stood up and pulled proceeded to pull my pants up, he stopped me “Don’t be shy…let your pants down, the lotion hasn’t been absorbed yet”, I was feeling pretty awkward, Alex never acted like this before, he seemed almost flirty, but I dismissed that, Alex wasn’t into guys. But if he was  I wouldn’t say no, he was a hunk! An Aussie hunk! As I waited for the lotion to dry, he was standing there, looking at me, with an irresistible glance biting his lip.

“Do you want something else?” I asked, he came closer to me, and he kissed my lips, biting them, I returned the favor, the man was a good kisser, he removed his shirt, and a I got naked, I got on my knees, he pulled his jeans down, and his showed me the best uncut cock I have ever seen, hairy trimmed, thick and long, with veins that were wrapped around it, throbbing, and two big balls hanging. “Tell me Alex, what do you want me to do” I asked, I wanted to hear it, I wanted to hear him order me “Suck my cock Harry” he said, I licked my lips smiling and took his cock in my mouth, I have never been with a man before, but I always considered it, the taste of his cock, was salty, manly, I played with it, rolling my tongue around the glans, while sucking it deep in my mouth, I had seen porn and I knew what would turn him on. His cock was so hard, he grabbed me by my hair and facefucked me, I just let him do it, admiring his lean muscular body, with the hairy chest and the amazing abs “Your mouth is so nice for my dick! I’m gonna choke you with my dick! Is that what you want little pussy?” he asked me, I nodded “Of course that’s what you want. You like ,y cock, you like your daddy huh? Who’s your daddy?” he asked, while he still facefucked me, my mouth was impaled repeatedly by his hard veiny cock, precums dripping on my tongue, and him moaning and groaning. “Get on your bed! I’m gonna drill your hole” he said, I would do it even if he wouldn’t ask for it, I was so turned on with Alex, that I would do anything he asked me (sexually speaking). I sat on my four “No lie on your back, and spread your legs” he said, I did, he positioned himself between my legs, and he hovered his waist above me so he could positioned his cock on my butthole. “Alex, I…I haven’t done this before” I said, he smiled but didn’t said anything, he applied some saliva on his cock and pushed it inside my ass, I moaned like a little bitch, but he pushed harder and violated my tight butthole “ahhhh Alex, daddy it hurts!” I yelled, he pushed further inside and leaned on me, holding my hands over my head, feeling his skin close to mine was stimulating, his hot breath on my face, his blue eyes looking at me, expectantly “how do you feel?” He asked me, as he moved in and out of my ass, I tried to not cry, it was so painful, “Tell me, I want to know how you feel” he asked again

“It hurts, ahhh it hurts so much” I said, tears running down my cheeks, “Come on, your eyes on mine, look at me, look how delightful is for me to drill your tight butt, do you like me doing that?” He asked, I nodded and looked elsewhere “Look at me” he said again, I did, he had a smug smile, that made him irresistible, his chest touching mine, turning me on, his cock like a giant snake trying to enter my small hole, I could feel it throbbing inside me. “Stop!” I yelled, he was moving in and out of me slowly “You don’t want me to stop, do you?” he asked, “No” I replied, it was true, it was painful but I didn’t want him to stop, “Now take some deep breaths” he said, I did as he said “get ready, this is gonna hurt” he said, and before I even begin to prepare myself for what he said, he placed my legs on his shoulders, leaned closer to me, and fucked me so hard that my bed squeaked like crazy, I felt like my ass was skinned from the inside, sizzling pain, his cock was too big for my butt, I yelled and cried, but I didn’t want him to stop, “ah yes! Baby, baby, baby” he said as he impaled me with his cum pump! 

“Ahhhh Alex, you fucker, ahhhh!” I yelled with him, he groaned, my legs were spread and defenseless, he was fucking me so hard, and a I was pinching his nipples! He moaned but he didn’t stopped me. “I’m gonna…oh my….! Fuck you! You slut!” he yelled, as he shot jets of cums up my butt, a I felt them running inside me, he climbed off of me “I’m going to take a shower, and remember, be respectful! Ok son?” he asked, I smiled at him “Yes daddy!” I said, when a I tried to walk, I noticed I walked funny,he really messed up my butt hard!


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