How The Alpha Male Fucks!


 ***This is a sex fan fiction story, featuring Charlie Weber from the TV show “How To Get Away With Murder”, this story is not real, and I have never had sex or had any other relations with Charlie Weber***

I always wanted to be a lawyer, so when Annalise Keating chose me to be part of her trainees, I almost soiled my pants out of excitement, I knew Annalise Keating and she was the woman I wanted to be trained from. I thought she was the best thing that ever happened, but she wasn’t, her associate Frank Delfino was. Since the moment am layed eyes on that bearded hunk, I felt my gay emotions stir, no I wasn’t in love with him, but I desired to be under him so bad. I always looked at him, I wasn’t shy, I wanted him to know, I liked him, he would dismiss me by rolling his eyes.

One night, Mrs. Keating wasn’t home, and the rest of my co-students had left, so I stayed late to finish something for a case. Frank walked into the living room where I was, holding a glass of scotch, I knew he was observing me, but I pretended to be focused on my assignment, not that I could be focused, Frank Delfino was a hunk, and he always dressed so stylish, that gave me bad boners. He wore those gray dress vests, on the outside, and inside a shirt usually blue or white, with a tie, he was like a hunk who jumped out of another era.”Hey Robert, what are you doing here so late?” He asked me, “I’m just finishing up this assignment and I’ll be on my way” I replied, he sat across me, his legs spread, enough for me to see he had a nice package, not that he did this on purpose, but I liked to take advantage of any opportunity to watch his cock, even if it was through fabric. “I know what you’re doing” he said, I stared at him “You know? And what it is I’m doing?” I asked, knowing what he meant, but I wanted to play dumb. “Look Robert, I have seen how you’re looking at me, since you first walked in here, it’s just I’m not into guys” he explained. “Have you ever tried a guy before?” I asked, he seemed confused by my question “No, I just told you, I’m not into them” he said and drunk a bit of his whiskey. “If you haven’t try them, you cannot dismiss them Frank, I bet I could make you tremble and cum like a fountain if you let me try” I said, when he heard the dirty words he seemed surprised, I don’t usually use such language. “You are confident, but it ain’t gonna happen, I bet you won’t even manage to make me hard” he said, he wasn’t playing, he meant it, he was so sure, he wouldn’t be turned on. “Ok Frank, I accept the challenge, so you?” I said, he laughed “It’s on baby, oh by the way, whatever happens its on your ass, I’m not gonna get fucked” he said, “I wouldn’t dare to fuck you Frank, you are a stud material, studs fuck only, they don’t get fucked” I said. I pushed the papers aside and approached him, he sat with his back straight, I cupped his face, his beautiful beard and caressed him until I reached his tie, I undid it, slowly “Before anything happens, how old are you?” he asked me, “I’m 21 Frank, I can legally drink anything…” I said giving a dirty twist on anything, he tried to hide it, but his breaths were short, a sign he was getting hard.

When I pulled the tie off of him, I kissed his chest on the opening of his shirt, I felt his hot skin on my lips, he smelled manliness, his hand cupped my head as I co inured, undoing vest and shirt buttons, and kissing his torso, until everything was open, his vest and shirt, lying on his sides, open. his sculpted torso exposed to me, and his cock hard, he couldn’t hide, it he didn’t want to hide it, I knew this challenge turned into a fucking session, when he pushed my head to go down on him, so I did, I undid his belt and pulled out his daddy stick, veiny, and thick, strong like him, I licked the tip of it where precums were almost dripping, as was on my knees, between his legs, and I was licking his cock, and he was so turned on, he moaned, and panted as I took his sausage inside my mouth, engulfing it with my lips, his throbbing veins, teased my lips, my tongue, my whole existence, he held my head and pushed me against his cock, fucking my mouth, each time he pushed stronger and stronger, until he was pushing and thrusting his waist, causing me to gag, his cock was too large for my mouth handle. “Sorry, sorry are you ok! I just got carried away with your dirty mouth” he said smiling, a smug smile, a smile that smelled of “I will fuck you”, I stood up removed my pants and straddled him, he proceeded to remove his open vest and shirt, but I stopped him “Keep them on, it’s sexier this way” I said, he smiled, and I gave him a kiss on his mouth, a quick one, he didn’t seem to care. His strong hands grabbed ,y buttcheeks, he savored them with his hands, “Your ass needs a good fuck doesn’t it?” he asked me, I moaned “Yes, I need you Frank, to take care of my butt” I said

“I will screw you so bad, you will need stitches afterwards, that’s how bad you turned me on” he whispered full of desire. Frank Delfino was finally hungry for me…and I was gonna make him beg for it. I hovered my butt over his upstanding rigid cock, a I lowered my butt and I just touched his glans, then I hovered again, I was teasing him, I just let him touch my butt with his cock, but I wasn’t sitting on it, he was frustrated, and then he suddenly did, what I hoped for, he acted like the alpha male he was and grabbed my waist, impaling me with force on his “sword”….”aaaaaahhh Frank,” I moaned, it was an honest moan, I usually don’t moan when I get fuck by guys, I don’t like to show them, they are in charge…”Yes, feel it, tell me how it feels Robert?” he asked me, looking straight at my eyes, and his breath on my face. Strong thrusts of his waist, opened my teasing ass, letting his cock, invade me, such a strong manly cock, I moaned hard, as I was bobbing up and down on him, this was like horse riding, he was the horse and I was the rider, his hands were placed on my hips as, I was moving my ass, and impaling myself on his cum pump! I loved the feeling of his balls on my butt, whenever he impaled me completely, his balls touched my sweet ass, and the feeling was the best. I was leaning and supporting myself on his shoulders. When he turned around and told me to bend down, I did it, a I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it too, Frank Delfino was man, an alpha male, he wanted to dominate me, and he wanted me to submit to him “Hold onto something” he said, I grabbed the sofa and then Frank fucked me so hard and so bad, I caught myself crying, his waist was now free, and His moves were cruel and hard, my body jerked forward from his powerful fuck! Then he grabbed my hair and kept my head upwards, “Ahhh Frank, oh my….Frank Stop! Stop!” I yelled, he did not stop, he wanted me to cry like this, he wanted me to submit, and me yelling to him to stop was my submission. My sore ass welcomed his soothing love gravy as he shot jets of it, moaning and groaning loudly. “Frank you are disgusting…” a woman said, and then a I saw Bonnie. The other assistant, looking at us in disgust.

Frank sat on the couch panting, I tried to sit but my ass was hurting me like hell.

“You’re right…I think I like fucking guys, especially if they are like you, I like to sub,it them” he said. This was the only time Frank fucked me, afterwards we were like friends, nothing happened…but I will never forget…how an Alpha male fucks!


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