Sperm Swap Kiss!

“This is a fictional sex story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin***

“The truth is I want to fuck that ass of yours since I saw you wearing that speedo” Alex said. I smiled and caressed his leg, he locked his eyes on mine as I did that, “How about we move this to my room” he asked.
His room, was a suite, and it seems more like an apartment than a room. 

“I’m gonna hit the shower” he said, I removed all my clothes but the boxer.It didn’t took him long, he came out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around his waist, this man was hot, his abs, his chest, he came closer to me, he smelled of shower gel, a manly aroma, I kissed his neck and he grabbed my ass. Then he slipped his hand inside my boxer and he kissed me passionately in my mouth while his finger played with my butt. I moaned, and then I got on my knees, he stood there, looking at me with a smirk on his face, I unwrapped his towel and it fell on the floor, he had a 7″ uncut cock, veins around it, and beautifully trimmed public hairs, his balls were big and we’re hanging proudly “Wow that’s big” I said, “I’m sure your dirty mouth can handle that” he said, I approached his erection, and licked the tip slowly, playing with it, just the glans, he closed his eyes and moaned, I love it when I make men moan, for a woman it’s easy, for a guy like me it’s not…I licked his length slowly, and then his balls, I teased him. He had his hands on his waist, looking at me smiling at my little game, I felt his hand grabbing my head and pushing me towards his cock, which I sucked inside my mouth, not that there was another option, he was pushing me hard on it, so hard I gagged “Alex relax” I said, he smiled and let me handle his cock, I placed my hands behind my back, and sucked his iron without touching it, just with my mouth, e correct term is I fucked my mouth on his cock, it felt so good having such a big cock in my mouth and feeling those throbbing veins with my lips, he couldn’t stand it anymore, he grabbed my head again and fucked my mouth, so hard that my saliva was running down my chin due to his hard strong thrust. “Go, lie on your belly” he said, I did as he asked, having his cock’s taste still in my mouth, I heard his ripping a wrapped, he was wearing a condom, then he came on the bed with me, as a I was lying, he removed ,y boxers, and slapped my ass, several times, i have a sensitive skin so I knew that it probably looked red now, after Alex’s slaps, then he hovered over me and he pushed his cock inside my ass, a I felt the latex wrapped meat hard opening my ass, as it slid inside me, I moaned, when I felt his whole body trapping mine below him. My back felt his chest, my lower back felt his abs, it was such a turn on, to feel the action skin on skin. I felt his hot breaths on my ear. “Your ass is so fucking tight” he whispered as he pushed his waist onto my ass, “Hmmm it hurts” I said, but it was obvious I loved it.

His hands held mine stretched, I was literally his prisoner, if I decided I wanted to stop, I couldn’t because his body was trapping mine, and he held my hands, it didn’t take long for the gentle thrust, to become a fuck. His body slammed against mine, causing me to moan loudly sometimes out of excitement, sometimes out of pain, the bed was moving to our rhythm, squeaking under Alex’s thrusts, his legs kept mine outstretched so he can have better access. His sweat made our bodies stick…I have never been fucked this way, I liked being trapped underneath him, and have my ass destroyed by his huge junk! “Take that bitch” he whispered to my ear as his cock slammed inside me again and I moaned like a little bitch! The bed squeaking, my moans, his groans, all into a sex symphony making me cum, I felt my dick ejaculating as he was pounding me hard, his sheets were soiled for sure!

I screamed as I ejaculated, he knew he made me cum, because after that he slowed down, he turned me around to face him, he face dripping sweaty, his hair messed up by sweat also, he was looking at me like a wild man. He brought his waist on my face, and as I was lying on my back, he trapped me there, and fucked my mouth, so hard, I gagged many times, but he wouldn’t stop, for a moment a I got scared, but then I felt his sweet cream shot like a jet on my tongue, he didn’t removed his cock until all of his load was in my tongue, when he did, he looked at me “Don’t swallow just yet” he said, he kissed me using tongue this time, and mixing our saliva with his sperm, our mouths shared his sperm, and that turned me on again…but my ass felt sore, so when he stopped kissing me, I swallowed his load. “This was the best fuck I have ever had” I said, he smiled at me “You’re welcome…” he said, and went to take a shower again. I don’t blame him, this man was so sweaty after our fuck that his previous shower was for nothing, as I waited for him, I played my tongue around my mouth, tasting his sweet load, I could drink his sperm out of a bottle any day…or maybe that was because I found his extremely hot as a man!


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