My Neighbor Dr.Keller!

***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jay Ryan***
I’m a bisexual guy, even though I like both sexes, I never felt the need to get ducked by someone like I did with Dr.Keller. Who’s doctor Keller? He is a mysterious handsome guy who moved in with his wife, Katherine something, she beautiful too, but ever since I saw him, my butthole did summersaults. He had dark short hair, and a muscular build, he seems kind, but he turns me on so much. He is not much of a talker so I’ve been thinking ways to approach him. Once I saw him working on his car, so I pretended to be interested in his car. “Hello, I’m Derek” I said, he shook my hand “I’m Vincent, nice to meet you Derek” he said, his voice was so sexy that I imagined him, moaning while fucking me and almost got a boner! “Welcome to our neighborhood…are you into cars?” I asked, he smiled “Not really, I’m just trying to fix this” I punch his arm softly “Me neither, I mean I never got why some guys are so interested in cars” I said, he laughed “Well at least we get the pussies”, that guy was a hunk! And I had to fuck his cock! He was wearing a white tank top, and I could see his muscular arms.

“Well yeah…” I said in lack of another answer…then he looked at me, with a serious expression on his face and asked me “Are you nervous about something?”, I don’t know how he did that, but I smiled “Well…yeah kinda” I replied, now he was standing straight “What is it?” he asked me. “I really like you” I said, he looked bewildered “So you’re gay?” he asked calmly, “Bi, anyway I wanted to ask you out for a coffee” I said. “You know I’m married right? With a woman” he said, I touched his arm, he didn’t remove it but he kept looking at my hand “I don’t want to be your relationship Vincent, I just want one night with you” I replied, he took a step back “Look, its not a good idea, you hardly know me” he replied, it seemed like he was hiding something “I don’t really care about knowing you, just fuck me Dr.Keller” I said, he smiled “I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t promise anything ok Derek?” he asked, I nodded and returned home.

The next day he knocked on my door “Hey, I was just wondering if you would like to hang out” he asked, he seems kinda shy, and I liked that “Of course!” I said and followed him, watching his nice ass, he was wearing black sweatpants, and a black tank top, the guy was buff alright, when we reached his garage, which was huge, he offers me a beer “Thanks, umm where’s your wife?” I asked, he smiled “She working…” He replied and I got closer to him, slowly I reached to his crotch, and grabbed his huge snake, it was semi hard already, he was leaning with his back on a workbench, he didn’t say anything, he just allowed me, to grab and massage his dick through his sweatpants “Wow Dr. Keller that’s a big charisma you have there” I said, he laughed “Yeah? To be honest I haven’t done that before, I mean with a guy, how old are you anyway?” he asked, I smiled “I’m 22, and it’s not that different from doing it with a woman”, I got closer to him, and I caressed his hair, then I slip my hand lower to his back, feeling his muscular body. “Tell me Dr. Keller, order me, what do you want me to do?” I asked, he smiled “Blow my whistle!” he said, I knew he meant blowjob and I liked he used such phrase, dirty talking turns me on! I got on my knees slowly, looking at him, he was crossed his arms, and he had this smirk on his face, I lowered his sweatpants and smelled his black boxer, the smell of ham, flooded my nostrils, turning me on more, I licked his sausage through the fabric, he moaned softly, putting his hand behind my head, and keeping me against his dick, I lowered his boxers, and a donkey cock fell out, hard, with veins throbbing wrapped around it, and trimmed pubic hair. I grabbed it and brought the glans on my nostrils, and breathed hard on it, it was a simple thing, yet it made his cock stand up even harder! “I don’t remember when I used to be that hard!” he told me, looking into his eyes, I licked around his glans, and then to the rest of his shaft, feeling his balls twitching. He was so turned on but he seemed like he was trying to gain control over something, I could tell he was trying to restrain something, I thought he might be coming close to cum, but I haven’t even started, unless he was one of those guys with premature ejaculation problems…on the other hand he was a doctor, so he would have sought a solution to that problem, wouldn’t he? I grabbed his cock and sucked it all in my mouth, feeling it’s taste flooding my taste buds, pure manly cock taste, I couldn’t take his entire cock in my mouth, I wasn’t trained to manage huge dicks like his. But he seemed happy with the depth I could take it in, he thruster his waist slowly holding my head, moving along with me. This guy was a stud! His moans turned me on, they weren’t loud but they were sincere, they weren’t those fake moans, he really felt like moaning, and I liked that I made a man moan with my mouth. “Enough” he whispered panting, I stood up, he pushed me softly towards the deeper part of his garage. He took his tank top off, and revealed to me his muscular torso, if a I were to choose a man to fuck me forever and be my exclusive fucker, he would be the one! His pecks, and abs, covered in sweat teased me, so I leaned closed and licked his chest rolling my tongue towards his abs, tasting him. “I want to fuck you so hard!” he said to me, “What are you waiting for Dr.Keller?” I asked, he looked at me, like a wild animal, and turned me, so my back would be on his chest, he pulled my t-shirt off of me, and he stuck on my back, I could feel on my back his hard nipples, and his sweat, his hot breath on my ear “Bend over,look down, don’t look at me and try not to scream” he said, I found it weird that he wanted me to not look down, and not at him (not that I could look, I was bend and he was behind me) but I thought it was some fetish of his. He pulled down my shorts, and I felt his hand softly reaching for my butthole, he pushed his finger inside me, and I moaned feeling a rush of excitement and pleasure fill me, he pulled his finger off my ass, and then he got on his knees, he spread my buttocks with his hands, and I felt his breath on my butthole, I knew what was going to happen, his tongue wet, warm and flexible, rolled in my butthole “Ah Vincent! Oh my…this is so…” I couldn’t complete a sentence, it was such a strong sensation, I could cum right there, right now, he stopped, I felt my butthole moist from his saliva, I heard a beep, and the garage door started closing “Just in case someone sees us” he explained “Now look down, you hear me?” I nodded at him, and I leaned my head on my arms, I felt his strong dick being pushed inside my butthole, I moaned, it’s warmth and hardness, caused a new sensation I never felt before! Plus his dick felt like it was made of something firm, I don’t know why, but even his veins could be felt, I almost turned to look, because I was afraid he was using some kind of dildo, but I felt his thrust pushing his entire cock inside me “Woahhhh!” I moaned, he stayed there, not moving, it was kinda uncomfortable and painful, I wanted to scream, but I didn’t, having another man’s cock inside your ass, creates a connection, somehow I could feel his entire panting body, through his cock inside my ass, he slowly pulled it out and pushed it right back in, I adjusted my waist, but it was painful no matter what I did, Vincent groaned behind me, I let a small cry, he was fucking me slowly, and I thought he was some kind of a gentle fucker but little did I know “hold on to something” he said, but his voice seemed deeper, like he was another person, I mean I know he was the same but his voice seemed changed somehow, I did as he asked, and then he thrusted his waist against my ass, this was even more painful, he did it again, in and out, in and out, thrusts that made me cry without trying to hide it now, he held me by my shoulders and kept pounding me hard, with his unbelievably hard cock! “ahhh ahhhh!” I cried, the whole workbench was shaking from his thrusts, and he was groaning, now his entire crotch slammed against my butt, with his ham entering my butt, stabbing me hard, and with force! Some buckets of paint fell of the shelf and splattered all over the floor, he did not stop! “Ahhh you’re hurting me” I yelled, my ass felt numb and so sore from his fuck that I wanted him to stop, I tried to push him, but he was stronger, unbelievably stronger, he held my head down, and kept going, stabbing my ass with his cock! And I cried like a little bitch, taking it! Along with those paint buckets, a mirror or something broke on the floor, and I looked at him, what I saw made me wanna scream, his face, wad the same but his eyes were kinda yellow and he seemed like a….beast! I would scream but I was so sure he would kill me, he groaned loudly I felt his cock twitch and then I felt strong jets of cums shooting inside my ass! Then he threw me on the floor and growled or yelled or whatever, I closed my eyes and I thought he would kill me! I covered my face, waiting for his beating, but he did not do it, I peeked and I saw him with his back turned towards me, he was wearing his tank top, and he was panting “I’m so sorry” he said, now he sounded again like a the Vincent I knew “What are you?” I asked, I pulled my shorts on, even though I felt sore, “It doesn’t matter, please you cannot tell anyone about this” he said holding me by my shoulders, he seemed really scared “What if I do? Will you kill me?” I asked, he looked defeated “No I won’t kill you” he said.

I walked towards the garage door, he opened it, I turned and looked at him “Hey Vincent! I’m not gonna say anything and…thank you” I said, he smiled, he probably didn’t believe me because later that week they moved away…


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