Alex with a Fan!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin***
He was standing there, waiting for me, a stud in a tux. He smiled shyly when I approached. “I never thought you would change your mind” I said as I got closer.

“I’m a boy who doesn’t like to let beautiful things go without having put my imprint on them” he replied quizzically, and he reach and grabbed my ass. His hand was so firm and so hungry that it send shivers up my spine. “But you yourself, said that you don’t play in the guys court”, I told him walking around him, circling like a shark on its prey.

“I said I don’t play. I never said I don’t want to try” he replied, I took a step forward him. I closed the distance between us, now our breaths were mixing, his blue eyes pinned on my face, provoking me to do my move, any move. I placed my hands on his chest, the cool fabric of his shirt was in total contrast with the warmth of his body. He placed his own hands on my arms, I leaned closely, and I unbuttoned his shirt, kissing every patch of skin I revealed with every button I opened. His hairy chest, his hard abs, until they were no more buttons, just an open shirt, and a muscled torso that would make any guy gay. He removed his shirt slowly, without taking his gaze off of me, it felt like a striptease, now he was just wearing his black dress pants. I got on my knees and Alex caressed my hair with both hands as I kissed his lower abs, just above his pants, dragging my face lower, I came face to face with his crotch, through the fabric I could feel on my face, his hot rod, hard and ready. He reached for his belt and unbuckled, letting it hang, he didn’t continue, he wanted me to do it, I unbuttoned his pants and and unzipped them, they dropped to his ankles, he stepped out of them. He was wearing black fitting boxers, the type that will reveal everything if you are hard. And boy he was hard. My face rubbing against his bulge, my breath turning him on, I could feel his sausage twitch every time I was breathing on it and he moaned softly “ohhhh…”

 then without a warning he grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me up, I thought he would throw me out but instead he pushed on the table, I bended over and and felt his hands pulling my pants down, his hand caressed my back slowly, as if he was admiring my back, my skin. I could hear his breath, deep, full of lust. He pushed himself inside me. Causing my lips to quiver and my throat to release a long moan, along with him, his moan though was a moan of conquer, he had conquered me, he had me. I was his.

I felt his strong muscular pelvis thrusting in, I felt myself getting submitted by him, but somehow that liberated me. “Ahhhhh” he moaned and leaned closer to me, his hairy chest touching my back, feeling his warmth and sweat, feeling his breath in my ear, feeling his waist slamming against me “this is so fucking awesome” he whispered to me, I inhaled deeply trying to manage the rush of sensations and feelings I felt as I was giving up my ass to another man. Not any man. Alex O’Loughlin, the hottest Aussie I had ever met, and he was inside me now. Not only fucking me, but his hands exploring my buttocks, he was grabbing me, like he wanted to ensure I was his. “Ahhh!” I cried as his sausage reached deep in my ass, now he was going deeper, feeling my ass hurting too much, I tried to push him away, but he was insistent and strong. “Relax, just take it” he said and gave me a hard thrust. Then he pushed me on the bed, on my back, and he came between my legs, his gaze locked on mine, he positioned my legs on his shoulders, and stabbed me with his cock, hard, now I could see his blue eyes full of lust and determination, his hands caressing my chest as he was pounding me, I tried not to yell or scream but it was of no use. I cried out, and moaned, I reached and touched his face, locking my eyes on mine “Harder” I said and his pelvis rocked me back and forth, so hard that I felt I couldn’t even scream from the pain. He was smiling at me, he liked having me pinned down and with my legs spread for his pleasure.

We changed position, we were spooning, I was on my side and he was behind me, spooning me, filling my ass with his daddy stick, feeling his breath on my neck, he was looking at me, as I was trying to control my orgasm and moans, I felt my dick ejaculating jets of sperm, as he was rocking his waist back and forth slowly but still deep inside me. My back against his hairy chest, occasionally he was kissing my ear.

I felt his cock twitch inside me, he pushed deep inside me, and stayed there, he groaned like a wild animal, as I felt his flesh musket shooting my up my ass…I moaned loudly. 


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