After The Explosion (Beauty and the Beast fan fiction)


***This is a fan fiction for Beauty and The Beast, it’s happens after the explosion at Vincent’s boat***
When both of them enter their apartment, Katherine turns toward Vincent and without a warning, she kisses his lips, he is taken aback by her action, but he loves kissing her lips, he bites the slowly. “I wanted to remind you that even though we postponed our wedding, you’re mine” she said, he smiled, he liked when Katherine acted like an alpha male towards him. It was funny because her petite body was a contrast next to his muscular one. “You want to know what I thought when that bomb exploded?” he asked, she nodded. “I was afraid that you might get hurt, I can’t live without you Katherine” he said, she felt a warm sensation feeling her “Because you won’t be able to come back if you go primal huh?” she asked. “No, it has nothing to do with that, Katherine Chandler, I love you, so much that I would die for you” he replied, hearing him say these words, kissed him again, a kiss that asked for more, and Vincent got it and threw his jacket off of him. As she reached and caressed his chest without letting his lips. She wanted him, and she wanted him now.

“Kat, I want you so much” he said kissing her as if he was thirsty and she was a fountain of water. She held his t-shirt and pulled it off of him, admiring his muscles, his strong pecks, she loved Vincent, but she couldn’t deny that his body was smoking hot. She approached his nipples and kissed them, one by one, and then she licked her way down to his abdomen, her tongue taking in the salty taste from his skin due to sweat. He moaned and he undid his jeans, she buried her face into his boxers, smelling him. “Kat you’re making me so…horny” he replied, as he was looking at her, in amazement. Kat was always traditional, she had traditional sex, and she never gave him a blowjob. He never complained but he always wondered what would it be like to fuck her sweet mouth. She pulled down his boxers revealing his big asset. She smiled “I swear every time I see it, it seems bigger than before”. With her tongue out she licked his tip, that was full of precum, that taste lingered in her tongue, as she moved and took his entire junk on her mouth, causing him to twitch. “Kat, I love you so much” he said as he held her head and gave strong thrusts to her mouth, feeling the friction between his cock and her mouth’s interior. It wasn’t his first time that a woman blew his whistle, but it was definitely the first time a woman made him feel this way with a blowjob, maybe it had to do with him being in love with her. Or maybe it was that Katherine Chandler was an awesome sucker! Katherine managed to taker his entire length in her mouth, until she touched his pubic hair with her nose. When she pulled his cook off of her mouth, it was glistening from her saliva. She stood up and he removed her blouse. Her sweet tits amazed him, he approached them, and bit her nipples softly, while she hugged his head. “Take me Vincent, take me now!” She moaned. He kissed her slipping his tongue into her mouth. “Not yet baby!” He said and kneeled before her removing her jeans. She loved watching her man on his knees for her. He removed her pink string, and smelled it, it was wet. “You know what’s the best of being a beast Katherine?” he asked, she smiled, “What baby?” She said, “It’s the smell, I can smell better, and I smell a horny pussy down here” he said and as he pointed his finger he slipped it up her shaved pussy, making her moan. His finger was wet in an instant. Katherine was so ready to be taken hard. He took her in his arms, and carried her to their bedroom. 

Then she spread her legs, and kissing his way down there, he slipped his tongue inside her pussy. Tasting her, she moaned, screamed loudly as Vincent fucked her with his tongue. “Ahh Vincent Fuck me!” she begged. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed his cock inside her, penetrating her, both moaned loudly, she felt so complete with him inside her. He buried his face on her neck kissing her, while he rocked his waist, back and forth, fucking her slowly. While she helped him by rocking her waist too. Then he held her arms pinned down, and gave her strong thrusts, making her cry out of pleasure, as his cock slammed into her pussy. Pit was the first time they had angry sex, it was always kissing and making love. But this time Vincent was more of a beast and less of a lover. She heard his soft moans on her ear and she hugged his waist with her legs, now she could feel his cock even more with every thrust. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled at him, and he did, he fucked her so hard their bed squeaked by their force. “Katherine I’m ready to…” he warned her. She pushed him off of her and as he stared at her bewildered supporting himself on his elbows, she grabbed his hard cock and with her tongue out she stroke it, strongly. “Fuck! Aaaaah!” He groaned as jets of sperm shot out of his cock and landed everywhere on her face including her tongue. Then she swallowed his sperm while looking at him provocatively. 


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