Blowing Josh!

Blowing Josh!
***This story is fictional, that means whatever it contains is not real, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Josh Dallas (even though I wish)
“Oh yeah” Josh moaned as I enclosed his entire glans inside my lips and sucked. “Ahhh yes! Yes!” his moans even turned me on. He was standing in front of me, with his cock hanging out of his zipper hole, and his hands on his waist that he had pushed forward towards my face. I’m a bi guy, 19 years old, a guy who always liked other guys along with girls, in the male section I was a virgin. This was my first blowjob, and I was glad I was doing it right, Josh trembled under my tongue’s touch on his “gun”.

He didn’t have a long dick, but it was fat, thick, and veiny. A cock made to destroy holes, not just fuck them. He was leaning on a counter behind him and he had his eyes closed, while I sucked his man lollipop! I liked the feel of his veins on my tongue. Every lick made his cock harder. Then he grabbed my head and pushed it with force on a rhythm towards his beef bayonet, he kept me on a rhythm with his push. While he fucked my mouth by moving his waist along with me moving my head toward his cook, the result was, a cock that reached deeper inside my mouth. I could feel his shaved balls on my chin, and his pubic hair on my nose every time he pushed harder in my mouth. “You like that? Isn’t this why you came to find me?” he asked. Of course I came for him. I like Once Upon A Time, but I came to this convention, so I can have Prince Charming pop my virgin cherry. “Come on let me see that ass” he said. I took my pants off, I was wearing a thong, he was thrilled. “Wow! You need fuck! This ass needs my help” he said, I like how different was from that “noble” behavior of Prince Charming. It would be a turn off if he was gentle and all loving and hug. I could smell his sweat as I undid his shirts button, every button I opened I was kissing his chest. When I finished he threw his shirt on the floor of the storage we were locked in. “Turn around and lean on the counter…oh boy the thing I’ll do to your nice ass” he said as I turned around. He moved my thong to the side, “I see you shaved your butthole as well, nice job” he said, and before I could reply, I felt his tongue attacking my virgin butthole, that felt like somersaulting out of pure excitement. His tongue was working so relentlessly, that I felt like I could ejaculated just by his tongue. “I can feel you squirm, you like that don’t you?” He said and resumed fucking my ass with his tongue. I moaned loudly. And tried to control my legs that seemed to be made out of rubber suddenly. His tongue caused me this, I couldn’t imagine what his fat cock would do.

“Are you ready to take my iron rod? Huh?” he asked. I looked at his eyes, he was so horny. “Be gentle” I said. He laughed “You didn’t come here to get gentle, did you?” he said. And pushed his cock inside my butt, I felt his hot glans making its way, it wasn’t painful, it was tingling, but then…when the rest of his shaft stretched my hole slowly, I moaned loudly. “That’s it, calm down” he told me, it felt really painful. To have such a thick cock up your virgin ass, every movement, every little vein that throbbed on his cock, caused me pain. He slowly retracted his penis out, causing a shivering excitement, and then he pushed it back, I cried, trying to breath deeply, I couldn’t help it. This man was too big for my ass. He kept going, slowly, until this became pounding and my moans became cries. “Ahhhh ahhhh! Josh! It hurts stop!” I yelled. He didn’t stop, his full lips kissed my ear, I could feel his breath on my neck, as he was leaning on me, his naked chest, touched my naked back and our sweat made us sticky,

He had me pinned down. My ass for him to take, I couldn’t leave. “Fuck, fuck! Tight fucking ass!” He said. I moaned and tried to endure what he was doing to me. I could feel my ass would never be the same after that, it felt so sore, so stretched and open, it craved cock, but at the same time couldn’t handle it. His waist moved quickly but in a rhythm, pinned on my ass, plugged to his thick cock. My ass made a vacuum, and every time he would pull his meat stick out, it was difficult, to do it. I could feel his cock deep in my ass. I was douched by my sweat, Josh kept me pinned down, and he kept pounding my ass like I was just another hole, which I was, for him, another fan hole, to blow his load. His love gravy in my ass and make it his own. My ass was irreversibly open. I could feel it, but I didn’t care, Josh was fucking me so good. 

When he pulled his cock out, he was stroking it “on your knees!” he yelled, I did it even though with my ass being fucked open, it was painful, he came close to me, and as he was stroking it, he pushed it down my mouth. and let himself free, his cock shot loads of cum, creamy cum, that flooded my tongue and found its way to my throat. I swallowed the bitter cums of his, and I thought we were finished but then he kept stroking his cock, it took him only a few minutes to douche my face with his second batch of sperm. 

My face was covered, and I moved only when he told me. His cock’s taste lingered on my mouth, along with the residue of his sperm. My throat felt oily or greasy by his cums that rolled down there just before. I stood up, my ass was in pain. He wore his shirt and jacket and got out of the storage. Leaving me there, a bit unsure of how I felt. I even walked funny.


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