Seducing my New Daddy: A Long Sex Fiction With Jay Ryan!

***This is fictional, nothing in this story is real. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jay Ryan***Also all people in this story supposed to be adults!***
“His name is Jay, Jay this is Harry my son” my mother said and then she continued “Jay is an actor Harry”, I knew he was an actor, I was his fan until tonight, that my mother officially introduce him to me, as her new “boyfriend”. Not that Jay was not good enough, it was just the thought of my mother sleeping with another man, other than my father was outrageous to me. “Nice to meet you Harry” he said, he seemed like a cool guy, as managed to shake his firm hand. What really bothered me, was that Jay caused all those feelings rushing back to me, I felt horny every time I looked at him. I wanted to jump him and fuck him! and he didn’t make it any easier, he turned out to be better than my father, he was so considerate, and he discussed stuff with me! and that made him irresistible to me. Once he walked out of the bathroom, with just a towel wrapped around his waist, he was gorgeous, I tried so hard not to look. He didn’t noticed my glance, he just went to my mother’s room where I hear kissing and stuff, I was ready to return to my room when…a crazy and kinda pervy idea occurred to me. I tip toed close to my mother,s bedroom door and peeked through the keyhole. I know I’m a terrible person, but in my defense, I just wanted to see Jay naked.

Through the the hole, I saw him flexing his muscles while he kissed my mother, he was so handsome, but I felt awkward so I just wanted to see his cock and then I would stop looking. As he changed position, I saw his beautiful trimmed pubic hair and his hard cock that made me drool! I stopped watching after that, because watching my mother having sex was not on my list to watch! After that I saw him in a very different way! 

I smiled more at him, and even if he wore clothes I could I,signed him fucking me hard with that meat rod I saw the other day! He seemed confused at my sweetened attitude.

My mother was for shopping so I was alone with him, he wore sweatpants, a shirt, he seemed so fine. “Arggg my shoulders are killing me” he groaned, I grabbed the chance “I can massage you a bit if you’d like Jay” I said, he seemed surprised but he nodded “oh if it’s not too much to ask” he said, I massaged his muscular shoulders, it was so nice touching him, he moaned and made this even harder. Then I slid my hand on his chest. He stopped moving, I could sense the awkwardness in his body. “Ummm are you feeling better?” I said as I stepped back, he nodded with a confused look on his face. He stood up and I could see his bulge, he had a hard on. 

Later we went for dinner on a local restaurant, I couldn’t get him out of my mind, his hard on seemed huge earlier, now he was wearing, black dress pants, and a black shirt with stripes, it was one of those fitted shirts that hugged his torso, and I could see his muscles. I never acted like this, but I wanted him. He talked with my mother and sometimes he addressed me for small talk. A little bit later he went to the men’s room, and I quickly followed him. I waited outside of the stalls, and when he got out, he seemed kinda pissed to see me there. “Hey” he said, I nodded smiling.

“Look man, I don’t know what you think is going on between us, but I have no interest in men, and especially you!” he said. “Oh come on, all men in their lives have thought of the same sex in a fantasy, what are you afraid of?” I asked. “I’m not afraid, I just know what I like, and what I like is women” he said. He seemed too stressed though. “Look Jay, I’m not searching for a relationship with you, to be honest, I have never been with a guy before, and I’m sure as hell I don’t want a relationship with you! All I want is your dick” I said, surprising even myself with my talking. He seemed to be thinking about it. I took a small step towards him, and touches his chest “You were the one who woke the gayness inside me” I said with a lustful tone and got on my knees. He did not stop me, he was just standing there as I lowered my face to his crotch. With my hands shaking by anticipation I massaged his package, he moaned softly and unzipped his pants, through the zip hole, he let his cock come out, I have seen it through the keyhole but seeing it here, throbbing and erected, made me drool, I felt a weird anticipation, maybe it was because I had never sucked man’s cock before, even though I have thought about it! I put in my mouth and saw Jay getting lost in excitement, leaning his head back and closing his eyes, his moans turned me on! My tongue welcomed his cock, and my lips tightened around it, I could feel his throbbing veins on my lips, and that drove my insane by lust! His hand landed on my hair and grabbed me, pushing me towards his cock and thrusting his waist on my face. While he groaned and moaned! I tried hard to handle his cock, but it was big and I gagged many times as he kept pushing it further in my mouth! His grip was so tight on my hair that it was painful, I felt tears on my eyes, not because I was crying but because I was squeezing my eyes hard. “Oh my…I can’t believe what I’m doing” he said softly, I looked at him, and kept sucking “fuck it! You are too hot for me to not fuck your mouth!”. Now his whole cock was inside my mouth, so deep, that I could feel his pubic hair on my nose and his balls on my chin every time he pushed me on it!

The taste, amazing, salty, manly, I couldn’t get enough of his big horse junk! 

and his expression made it even hotter, he wasn’t the duty talk guy but his expressions were pure fuck, pure alpha male! He was fucking my mouth, and he was doing it so good. “I’m gonna cum fuck!” he groaned as jets of his sperm were shot inside my mouth, I felt his thick cream, filling my mouth, he pulled his cock out of my mouth “Swallow” he said with a hard tone, I swallowed, he took some tissues and cleaned his cock, he returned to our table, and I returned back later with the taste of his cock still lingering in my mouth. 

It’s been two day since Jay and I, had our meeting in that restaurant bathroom, he changed for the better, he always winked at me when my mother wasn’t looking, and he was emailing me short messages…one of them was “I had my doubts about what we did, but as hours pass by, I can’t help but feel horny every time I think what we did” that message was followed by a photo of his junk! Which made me drool. I felt bad for my mother, because let’s face it, I was seducing her man behind her back. But it was something irresistible. My mother decided to go for shopping with one of her female friends. I was reading a book, when my bedroom door opened, and Jay walker in with his tight boxers, barely hiding his boner. His body was amazing, his muscular pecks made me want to lick them! “Get naked and prepare your ass son” he said, I laughed “My ass is prepared since I met you!” I replied. He came closer and I grabbed his crotch. What an awesome feeling, he moaned as I brushed my lips from his chest to his abs. When I reached his boxers, I licked his bulge, over the fabric. Feeling his cock getting harder. “I want to fuck you so badly” he said while he caressed my hair. 

I pulled his boxers down, and his hard cock, came out, I sucked it really hard, so many times I fantasized it after my first blowjob in the men’s room, and now I couldn’t help but suck it hard, he moaned and groaned! “Ahhh! Yeah! Suck my cock!”, I kept going, but then he stopped me. He stepped out of his boxers, and gestured towards the bed. I felt excited and the anticipation I felt when I blew his whistle, returned. I would have this man inside my ass! That scared me and also turned me on. I sat on my four, he kissed my neck “Lie down” he said with his raspy voice, that made him even more sexier. I felt his hand, caressing my back and rolling down my butt, then he pushed one of his finger inside my butthole, the sensation was incredible, and uncomfortable at the same time, as he moved his finger slowly, I felt shivers of pleasure spreading through my cock and my entire body, “You like it huh? I can feel it” he said to my ear. “I like everything you do to me” I replied and he pushed his finger deeper in my ass, I moaned. He pulled it out, and pinned me down, now he was on my back, and I was pinned underneath him. I felt on my butt his cock touching me, and then I heard him spit. I felt his finger in my butthole, applying his saliva. And then the most painful yet amazing experience hit me. He pushed his cock inside me. I felt the muscles of my butt trying to comprehend the attack of his junk. I could hear him exhale and panting behind me. “Ahhhhh Jay!” I moaned loudly as he managed to stab his entire cock deep in my ass, while he licked my ear, I cried but it wasn’t a cry of displeasure, it hurt yet I didn’t want him to pull his cock out. Those emotions are hard to explain. Shivers of pleasure shook my body hard, as he moved his cock in and out of my tight butt, he moaned on my ear, his chest on my back, his entire existence fucking me hard, fucking me whole. 

I surrendered to him, my body was his, he could fuck me until I need and I still would have let him, because he was a man he knew how to conquer anything or anyone. Everytime he buried his cock inside my ass, I let a rushed breath out of my mouth, trying to comprehend the fact, that I was getting fucked by the incredible stud who happens to be my stepfather. His whole weight acted as extra boost for his thrusts. “Your ass is fucking perfect! Ahhhh!” He said to me, as his cock stabbed me again, and I clutched my fingers on a pillow so I could release the tension I felt from his fuck, he seemed to increase his strength with every thrust, and soon I found myself being pinned down, and being fucked harder than a pornstar. Hot and yet painful, especially if you have never taken a cock up your ass before. “Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!” he was moaning, and when I thought he would cum, he kept going. My ass felt sore. I let small screams every time I felt it was too much for me, but Jay was so absorbed into his own pleasure that he wouldn’t stop unless I pushed him off of me. His sweat mixed up with mine, his entire chest sticking with my back, smelling his manly smell, and taking his big cock! “Where you want them?” he asked me in an urgent tone. “What?” I asked, I didn’t understood what he meant. “My cums, where do you want them?” he asked me, while he kept pounding me, he seemed like he was trying to hard to not cum yet.

“On my face!” I replied, one, two, three quick thrusts and he turned me over to face him. His cock seemed almost purple by its hardness. The veins seemed ready to rip off the flesh. He strokes his cock, and he douzed me with his sperm. Jets of thick cream covered my face as he kept groaning loudly! He was so loud, I was afraid someone might hear us. I was covered with his cum so much, that I couldn’t see, I sat, there, only hearing him panting. “Wow! This is messy!” he said, I felt him wiping his cum off of my face. The look on his eyes, caused me even greatest pleasure than this entire fuck, he seemed in love, I saw that spark! After being fucked for the first time, I was ready for more! Jay seemed to hang out with me, more like a…boyfriend than a stepdad. Our next fuck was my idea, so when we were alone again, I set a chair in front of him, he looked at it, with a smile that hinted he didn’t know what I mean. “Sit on this chair naked Jay, and let me take my rightful sit on your big “throne” I said laughing. 

I massaged his crotch, until I felt him hard on my hands and then I left him to get naked. Every time I saw him naked, it was like the first time, I got hard. As he removed his boxers, I saw his junk hard waiting to fuck me hard. He sat on the chair as I got undressed, and then I approached him and turned my back on him. I sat slowly as he grabbed his cock and held it upright, my butt filled with his junk, I moaned and so did he. I sat in one quick motion, and felt the urge to scream as I got impaled by his cock. 

he brought his hands on my waist, and gave me small thrusts with his waist, causing those same shivers of pleasure I felt before, spread throughout my body. I started moving up and down, taking his hard cock inside me, and moaning, this position was even more pleasurable, for me and for him, his hands grabbed my waist with determination as he was moving along with me, burying his cock deep inside me, and making me once again falling in love with him. I could feel him panting behind me, I could feel his muscles flex under me, I loved how I made him work hard to please me. 

“Oh man! Oh fuck!” he said as he gave me strong thrusts along with me sitting up and down on him. Soon it became uncomfortable for him, because he wanted to fuck me hard, so he pushed me off of him, and I sat on four on the floor, while he stabbed my ass with his cock, his thrusts were strong, and painful, I cried loudly as he fucked me like this, he groaned behind me, and his thrusts became even stronger, so strong my body jerked forward from his fuck! “Jay! Ahhhh! Jay! Your hurting me” I said, but it was as if I was talking to a wild animal, Jay was so turned on, he kept pounding me, so I tried to manage this pain. It took thirty minutes for him to slow down and finally shoot his cream up my ass while moaning loudly! Afterwards we went to take a shower together. Where I turned him on just by biting his nipples softly and refusing to suck his cock. When we got out of the shower there was no time to fuck. So he got dressed but I could see his cock underneath his jeans. “You’re killing me baby” he told me, when he saw me smiling looking at his bulge. When my mother returned she went to shower, Jay was watching TV, I went there and got on my knees, “What are you doing, your mother is in the shower!” he panicked. I smiled slyly “Then we have to be quick” I replied, I undid his jeans and took his cock in my mouth, we were just fucking minutes ago and I still couldn’t managed to stay away from him. Feeling his cock in my mouth and him moaning, filled me with pleasure. “Ahhh” he moaned, he was tense because he tried to keep an ear on the shower. I didn’t wasted any more time, I sucked his cock hard and good, taking it in and out, feeling it being hard as fuck. “Fuck! Fuck!” he moaned as he shot jets of his sperm inside my mouth, just as we were hearing my mother unlocking the bathroom door. He zipped his pants quickly, and I swallowed his cream. I went to the kitchen just as my mother got out of the bathroom. “Hey honey, wanna come to bed with me?” she said, that was her innuendo for sex. “Yeah sure!” He replied. I didn’t mind. I knew that he had to do it, and to be honest this whole situation was hot but fucked up!


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