Catching Up! (A Zach Roerig Sex Fiction)

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Zach Roerig, for this story I will use him as my cousin***
You know how they say “Love is blind?” well I agree on that but I want to add, lust is blind too. I was eating dinner when my mother announced that my favorite cousin Zach had come for a visit and he would stay for the weekend, we are very close, but due to his career, we haven’t seen each other a lot, he is an actor, you know him. He is “Matt Donovan” on “The Vampire Diaries”. We grow up together and we had a very nice bond between us. Right on time, I heard our front door opening and closing. I stood up as Zach appeared and he smiled at me. “Hey cuz, how’s it going?” he asked me. “Wow you are a muscular” I said, he really worked out, even under his plaid open shirt and the t-shirt on the inside, I could feel his muscles. “Well, that’s a must for my job” he said. We sat on the couch, we were catching up until my parents went to sleep and we were only me and him. “Yeah, I know it seems like a carefree job but acting is a bitch man” he said, ending a big story about how bitchy some co-stars were on the set.

“Well I want to say I feel sorry for you, but you look good man” I said. He smiled “you look good too” he said in a big brother tone. That tone though turned me on, I don’t know why, or how, I just imagine him stuffing my mouth with his junk, and I almost got a boner. “Any girlfriends Zach?” I asked. “Nah, I’m alone for now, it’s been three or four months” he said, I felt good, I felt really good knowing Zach wasn’t in a relationship because that made my next move easier. “So how are you hanging in there?” I said meaning how he manages to not fuck for months. He laughed “Like we used to manage when we were younger man, remember?” he asked me, reminding me an era where me and him sneaked on laundries and snatching sexy strings and panties, and jerking off on them. Back then I didn’t felt any attraction for Zach, but if we did this now, I would totally suck his cock. He had a bigger junk than mine. 

“Great times” I said, he laughed “Great loads” he replied. I looked into his eyes, he seemed calm and somehow he knew what I wanted. I reached and softly grabbed his crotch, under his jeans I felt his cock harden. “What are you doing?” he asked, but he didn’t stop me. “Ssshhh let me take care of you” I said in his ear. He undid his jeans and his cock was free, and hard in front of my eyes. It was bigger than what I remembered, and veins were more visible on it. Pubic hairs were trimmed and his balls, oh those balls, we’re just perfect for licking. I stroked his cock slowly. “It’s not right” he said again without resisting. “Doesn’t that turn you on?” I asked, he smiled.

“Go on, take it in your mouth” he said, I bend over him, he was sitting in the couch and I brought my tongue on his glans, he moaned and I felt him grabbing the arm of the couch. I kept going slowly, the taste wasn’t as bad as I imagined, it was nice to feel a strong cock getting hard only for you. His veins popped all around everywhere my tongue licked. “Ahhh that’s fucking amazing” he said softly, his eyes closed out of pleasure. Slowly I sucked his cock, while stroking it, his dick was so thick that it filled my entire mouth. “Can you handle it cuz?” he asked me, arrogant bastard he knew how to turn me on. Trying to fit that huge sausage in my mouth I kept sucking it, up and down, feeling precums on my tongue. “I’m getting closer” he said. I stopped. I swiped my mouth with my hand. “Where are you going?” he asked me, his cock standing there like it was made out of wood. “I’m going to sleep” I said smiling at him and leaving him on the couch, looking at me in bewilderment. If my plan had worked I would have him inside my ass soon!
A few minutes later, I was lying on my bed when I heard my door open and someone coming in. I knew it was him. “I wanted to…” he begun talking but I placed my finger on his lips. “Shhh don’t talk” I said, he pulled his shirt off, revealing to me how ,I have of a muscular jock he was, his flawless abs made me want him more, his beautiful nipples and his pecks, I leaned on his nipple and bit it slowly, he moaned and hugged me.

“This is so wrong but I want to do it” he said, and then turned me and made me lie down on my belly. He was behind me, he removed my boxer (that’s all I was wearing” and I felt his hot, hard rod trying to enter my ass, it felt big, it was big but I wanted it, I spread my legs opens, and he positioned himself on me, he hovered his body over me until he found my butthole and then using his weight he pushed his sausage in. “Ahhhhhh” I moaned, as a I felt his entire cock opening my ass and stretching me to the limit, and he wasn’t even half of him inside. He lied on me, his chest on my back, his abs on my waist, his cock in my ass, we were one, as he was moving his waist in repeated moves in and out, my ass wasn’t easy, his dick wasn’t small, I could feel it, pushing through my tight butt and I could feel it throbbing as it reached deep inside me. I was taking deep breaths, trying not to scream, and I felt the need to cry, no it wasn’t because I didn’t want him to fuck me, it was something emotional, I don’t know why I felt like this. I could feel his pulse on my back, it was like we were one living creature, his hands holding mine pinned, and his full lips kissing my neck and biting my ear as he gave me his love, his entire veiny love, inside my ass. “Tell me do you like it cuz?” he said in my ear. “I love it” I replied, and pushed my ass towards him, showing him I wanted him to keep fucking me. It felt awkward having such a big cock up your ass. His thrusts became strong and his speed increased, I moaned and pulled my boxers close to my mouth, trying to stop me from screaming, stab after stab after stab after stab, he was moving so forcefully, that it felt like I was being fucked by a sizzling iron rod and not by a dick. “It hurts…” I said and a moan escaped my lips. He did not stop, my bed squeaked under his strength, his fuck, a rhythm of losing my virginity, a rhythm of fuck, or two cousins having sex, two male cousins, I was being owned by my cousin, and I liked it. “Your ass is so…tight, so tight” he groaned, and stabbed me with his flesh musket deep inside. Every stab was followed by a cry of “ahhh” by me, I wasn’t loud but I couldn’t help it. His sweaty chest made our bodies stick together.

Then the bed squeaked in increased speed. *squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak* repeatedly, my ass was open, he groaned as softly as he could as his balls shot out of his cock jets and jets of creamy sperm, I felt it, I felt it all, running all over my inner ass. I could even feel his cock twitch as he shot his loads. He pulled his cock out of my ass slowly, and then the creamy river followed him, and fell out of my ass, on my bed and legs. “I’m gonna take a shower” he said, as I lied there, feeling so good with his cums all over my ass.


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