Very Personal Trainer!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Stephen Amell***Note: For this story Stephen Amell is just a personal trainer***
I’m a 24 year old guy, handsome as some people would say, I love taking care of my body, that’s why I hired Stephen, a personal trainer who took his job very seriously. I liked that about him, also Stephen caused me feelings I had only for specific men, hot ones, I was bisexual, not openly, never had any sexual or relationship with men, I only knew I liked them. Stephen was Canadian, blondish, short hair, blue eyes, and a body like a Greek god, his abs were so sculpted that seemed fake. Every time we would sweat by exercising, and I even got turned on by his smell, it wasn’t a stinky smell, it was a manly one. I got my chance with Stephen when I hurt my leg during an exercise.

He would still come so he can help me exercise my leg so it would heal faster.

“Here I brought a homemade cream, it will make your leg like new but you have to remove your shorts” he said, I did, and stayed with my boxers, he then looked at me as if I was stupid “Remove your boxers too, this cream might stain them, don’t tell me your shy?” he said, I removed my boxers too, he applied some of the cream on my leg, it was so soothing, and his hand moved so smoothly that for a moment I felt as if I had never hurt my leg, he moved his hand upper, and now he massaged my buttcheek, he didn’t do it in a sexual way, but I felt a boner coming up, ska I stopped him, he looked at me puzzled, I grabbed my boxers but he stopped me “Let the cream dry first” he said, and then he noticed my boner, he smiled. “You got a boner that’s why you stopped me? For fuck’s sake, its natural, let me finish my massage” he said, I let him, it was nice having his hands on me. He stopped and removed his shirt “It’s hot in here” he said when he saw I was looking at him. He kept going his fingers closer to my butthole, my butt oiled up by his cream, he stopped and I felt his hot breath on my ass

“Want to suck my dick?” he asked, I was speechless. He was already standing, wearing only his black shorts, all sweaty and glistening. “I want more than that” I said, he smiled and he lowered his shorts, revealing a veiny dick, about 7″ long and quite thick “Wow Canada’s products are jumbo size aren’t they?” I said, he nodded with a smug smile, I run my tongue, slowly from his glans towards his trimmed pubic hair, I liked the taste, then I did what I saw on a porn video, I grabbed his cock and swirled my tongue around his glans, that made him moan, as he was standing with his hands on his waist. “You like it?” I asked, he smiled “I love it, keep sucking” he said, I sucked his cock until I got it all inside my mouth, I couldn’t hold it for long, but he seemed satisfied, especially when I felt his cock twitch inside my mouth. I moved my tongue towards his balls, sweaty shaved balls, soft and salty, my favorite, he moaned loudly as I played with them. “Oh my…you’re so good at this” he said, I returned to his cock and now he pushed my head in a rhythm, along with his waist, back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, and my lips brushing it every time, I never knew that a blowjob would feel so nice, feeling a hot hard dick in your mouth. 

 “You like it? Huh?” Stephen asked me, now fully hard and all sweaty, I looked at him while having his cock in my mouth “Ohhhhh” he groaned and closed his eyes.

“I wanna fuck you hard right now” he said, I never heard him talk like that, but on the other hand he wasn’t the gentleman type either, and I liked that. “Fuck me” I replied, he grabbed and threw me to the bed. I lied with my towards him, I felt him hovering over me, then he dropped his body on mine, that sensation of feeling our skins touch drove me crazy, he spread my buttcheeks open and he let a bit of saliva fall on it, then he placed his cock and he brushed his glans on my hole without pushing it in.

It was a torture, I could feel his hot glans brushing my butthole and I wanted him to push it in “Fuck me please” I pleaded, he laughed and kept playing with my butt “Your hole is trembling, you really want it little slut?” he asked, I nodded and he pushed his cock with force inside me, I thought it would be a bit awkward and maybe a bit painful. But the sizzling pain I felt as his cock slid in my ass stretching me open, is indescribable, I moaned loudly, as his waist gave me small pushes, and my ass was penetrated deeply, his entire 7″ cock was inside me, I moaned while he stayed still “Let your ass take the hang of it” he said, but having him staying still inside my ass, was more painful than him moving, his cock was getting harder and my ass felt sore so any movement caused me pain. “Stephen, ahhh I can’t take it” I cried, he pulled his cock slowly out, making me feel like I would cum right away and then he pushed his dick back in. “Fuck!” I yelled, Stephen begun pounding me, strongly, his whole body slammed against mine, I cried loudly and tried to withstand his fuck, I tried to get away as he begun increasing speed and that brought a new wave of pain in my ass, he grabbed me by my shoulders and kept me there. “oh yeah, you will take it all until I cum, do you hear me?” he said in a bossy tone, I moaned, his waist gave me strong thrusts, so hard that his slams made this flapping sound, my ass was his, he knew it, and he was fucking me like a fucking slut, and the weird thing is I liked it, I liked his cock deep inside me. He pulled his cock out “Turn around” he yelled, I did and before I even ask, he shoved his hard dick in my mouth, deep, he held my head so a I wouldn’t moved and face fucked me, he moved his waist fast, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, but now he was in control, his glans touched my throat and then he released his load, creamy, sweet load, he wasn’t letting me go so some of it started running out of my nose! I took deep breaths when he pulled his cock out and spit some of his sperm. “We will talk next week about your new exercises” he said winking at me, as I was trying to calm down, he almost drowned me with his cums. 


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