***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Colin O’Donoghue***
He was in the water on that plank for hours, he was so sure a mermaid or something else would get him, but nothing came, which was worse, because his torture went on and on. He needed food and water, but there was no land to be seen.
When he woke up, he was in a bed, he was naked but under warm blankets. A handsome man stood there, he had a hook in place where his left hand should be and he wore leather pants and jacket, he had a very nice wild sex appeal.
“Oh you’re awake, how you holding up mate?” he asked. The boy he just saved from the sea wasn’t older than 18 or 19 maybe. “I’m ok, where are my clothes” the boy asked him. “They were wet, I had to remove them, but worry not, I did it by myself so nobody else saw your flawless sweet body” the man said. “My name’s Captain Hook, for obvious reasons, what’s your name, mate?” he asked. 

”I’m Sean, I was working on a ship when we were hit by something and I ended up on the sea” Sean replied. Hook smiled at him “So you’re old enough to work huh? How old are you then?” he asked. “I’m 18 sir, and yes I can work, I work hard” Sean replied in hope that maybe this captain wouldnt find out he was a Prince. “I like it when people work hard for me” Hook said enigmatically, Sean did not get his innuendo but he didn’t care, all he wanted to do was to avoid telling this pirate he was a Prince, and this captain Hook was pretty famous for being cruel, especially to Royals he kidnapped for ransom. As if he heard his thoughts Hook walked towards his bed “I usually don’t do this, but I’m willing to offer you a chance at working with me and my crew, the thing is that I chose my crew based on their skills in battle, but there isn’t a battle right now, so how could I find out if you’re worthy of my time?” he asked, but it was obvious he had something in mind. “I don’t know sir, but I can do and I will do anything to get in your crew just name it!” Sean said, without realizing he just gave Hook what he needed. Hook touched Sean’s cheek with his hook. “Oh boy, you are going to have to give me, the one precious thing you have”
“And what is that? I have nothing I’m but a poor boy” Sean lied. Hook’s glance became angry “You and I both know, you are not a “poor boy”, Prince Sean” Hook said. “What gave me away?” Sean asked, Hook smiled “First I know you, I have watched you, that’s how kidnapping’s happen, and even if I didn’t know your face, I would recognize this flawless skin as royalty anywhere, poor honorable men, have scars, not soft flawless skins like yours” he said, Sean thought he got something in his voice, did he admired his skin? He realized something; he just hoped it wasn’t true. “Prince Sean, I do not reward liars, so what do you believe your punishment should be?” Hook asked “Punishment, for what? for trying to hide my identity so you won’t kidnap me?” Prince Sean protested. Hook was smirking “This is my ship and these are my rules, you get punished for lying, even if you are not a member of my crew, and I know exactly the way to punish you” he said and touched Sean softly with his hook on his cheek, this time his touch was threatening “Imagine what this hook could do to your flawless handsome face, young Prince” Hook said as he undid his pants and let his veiny cock out of its prison. Prince Sean looked at him in terror. “No, not this, I have gold, I will give you anything just don’t ask me to do this” Sean pleaded. Hook grabbed Sean’s hair with his good hand and brought his face toward his smelly pirate cock, it was a thick monster that tilted a bit to the left, not too long, but quite thick with veins surrounding it everywhere and pubic hair that framed it in a beautiful manner. Prince Sean realized he had no chance at surviving unless he did what Hook asked him.
He rolled his tongue around the glans and tried to swallow his disgust as he did it, while Hook moaned. “Get of this bed, and get on your knees, that’s how it should be, I’m the Captain, you should suck me in a proper manner” he said, Prince Sean kneeled before Hook and looked at him in terror, if his father saw him doing this, he would flip, a Prince sucking a Pirate’s cock? 

Once again he rolled his tongue around the glans, but Hook was getting impatient. “Are you going to suck it or not mate?” he asked. Sean took Hook’s “sword” in his mouth, feeling it getting harder on his tongue, he spit it out.
“Sorry Hook I just” he started but Hook slapped him “Sorry Captain, not Hook, you are not equal here, do you understand boy?” he growled. Sean nodded “I’m sorry Captain, I have to get used to its…taste” Sean explained feeling more and more like a filthy trash and less like a Prince. Hook smiled and held Sean’s head, while he pushed his waist, his entire cock was now inside Sean’s mouth, he was trying not to spit it out “Relax mate, relish in its taste, do not feel disgusted, that’s how real men taste” Hook explained. Sean felt his tongue and his entire mouth, absorbing this Pirate’s cock’s taste, while his nose was tingled by the pubic hair. Hook finally softened his grip and Sean managed to take a breath. “How does it taste?” Hook asked in a threatening tone, Sean had to lie “It tastes awesome, it tastes like the sea” Sean replied. 
Hook smiled satisfied. “Yeah like the sea, suck it, suck it” he said as he gave small thrusts with his waist on Sean’s mouth. Sean opened his mouth wide while the enormous cock fucked his mouth. “Yeah open your mouth wide, take the Captain in” Hook growled, his cock was harder than his sword! “Now get up” Hook said and pulled Sean, he looked at his body “I love your nice body Prince, especially your beautiful buttocks” he said and slapped them. Sean realized he was about to be submitted in a hard way, harder than a blowjob. “Captain, please, don’t do this, I will pay you, I will give you immunity you can loot anything you like without anyone bothering you or arresting you” Sean pleaded. Hook once again smiled “Really? And where is the fun in that? Bend over Prince and let my “vessel” enter your “waters” he said in a dirty tone, Sean took a deep breath, and then he felt his butthole opening up, due to Hook’s cock! “Fuck you’re tight” Hook moaned, as Sean whimpered like a bitch, having a cock sliding inside his virgin ass. “Please ahhh! Stop!” he pleaded.
Hook placed one leg on the bed as he was fucking Sean, he was fucking him hard, he was pounding him, like he had pounded thousands of Princes, Princesses and other women. “Ahh ahhh ahhh!” Sean moaned with every thrust. Hook’s cock was so thick that made Sean’s ass stretch to the limit, his body was thrown forward by Hook’s strong thrusts. “Do you like it Prince? Having a Pirate up your ass?” he asked Sean.
“Fuck you!” Sean replied, he was delirious by all this pain and pleasure he felt, he was overwhelmed by those new sensations, he wouldn’t admit it to Hook, but he was starting to like the feeling. “No! Fuck you!” Hook replied and gave an even stronger pounding to Sean. “Ah! Stop!” Sean pleaded; he wasn’t ready for a harder pounding.
Hook was pounding him in a tireless back and forth motion, he was a master in the art of fucking! He knew it was a matter of time before Prince Sean started loving his cock like any other else. His crotch slammed against Sean’s ass making a splash sound.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Sean yelled, and when he realized what he said, he stopped. “Don’t be ashamed, you love it, don’t you? Little bitch? Huh?” Hook asked as he held Sean’s shoulder with his one free hand. “I love it Hook! I LOVE IT!” Sean yelled. Hook slapped his ass hard “Its captain for you” he said. “Hook, you are Hook! You’re not my Captain” Sean said in purpose, the pounding grew stronger now, Hook’s waist slammed against Sean’s now loose ass. “Ahhh! Ahhhh!” Sean moaned.
“I’m going to flood your sweet ass!” Hook warned him. “No, I want them in my mouth” Sean said, leaving Hook astounded. He pulled his cock out of Sean’s ass and shove it inside his mouth, seconds before releasing his creamy “sea” of sperm. Sean’s mouth couldn’t keep that big a load and a few rivers of cum escaped down on his chin. When he swallowed he looked at Hook’s cock. “Now I realize why they call you Hook” he said, Hook’s cock was tilting a bit and looked kinda like a hook. Hook smiled as he put his cock inside his pants again. “We will collect our ransom and leave you to your father, but keep in mind I come here once a month, so be prepared” Hook said. Sean smiled and kissed him “I will be” 


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