A Chris Pratt Gay Story


***In this story, I skipped the plot, I jumped directly at the fuck, this is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***
Chris threw him on the table, lying on his back, he liked how scared he looked, it was sexy, he had seen many women giving him the same look but, never a guy, he never wanted to fuck a guy so much, as much as he wanted to fuck the one in front of him.

Chris removed his shirt, revealing his muscular torso, Derek looked at his body, he admired the stud in front of him. He couldn’t believe that this man had once a fat belly, he seemed so amazing now, Chris leaned on him and kissed his neck as he let their bodies touch, he liked his hairless body, it was so soft. Derek knew how to prepare himself, he knew he was gonna get laid tonight. 

“Chris” he moaned passionately, as Chris kissed his ear and then his neck again, each kiss, brought them closer, Derek pinched Chris nipples softly, Chris smiled and moaned, his cock was so hard, his jeans was bulging already, Derek saw that, smiled at him, and without taking his eyes off of Chris’s, he undid his Jean and grabbed his cock. Chris moaned at Derek’s careful touch of his cock. “You are a very big boy” Derek said, Chris smiled and leaned close to Derek again, making him to lie on his back on the table, now he was trapped under Chris, their bodies touched and they were like two chemicals, they reacted, they blended. Chris stood in front of him and spread Derek’s legs open, his shy butthole appeared, hairless, and tight. Chris got on his knees, and licked slowly Derek’s butthole, he knew he was turning him on, because every time his tongue touched it, it trembled. It was ready. Chris supported Derek’s legs on his shoulders, and with a smile he buried his 7 inch cock deep inside Derek’s ass, while Derek, opened his mouth in a perfect “O” without making any sound, then he took quick breaths, as Chris’s cock went deeper, until all of his “gun” was inside him. He stayed there, inside Derek, looking at him. Savoring every squirm and every tremble his ass made around his cock. Chris moved slowly out of Derek’s ass, and then he stabbed him again with his flesh musket “Fuck!” Derek yelled, Chris growled, Derek was so tight that if he wasn’t carefully he would cum, he didn’t want to cum, not yet. He pulled his cock feeling his veins grazing Derek’s ass. Chris’s hand caressed Derek’s chest and belly, looking at him, they were both sweaty, Chris, big and tall, a total stud, and Derek young (19 years old) hairless and kinda skinny, not the creepy skinny, the nice kind. This contrast turned Chris on, he loved how his big cock seemed to be stuck inside Derek’s ass, like a huge snake. “It hurts!” Derek yelled, Chris then moved quickly, pounding him, fucking him! Derek yelled out of pain and pleasure, his ass was being destroyed, destroyed by cock, a huge cock, a cock that belonged to a handsome stud. Chris groaned loudly, like an animal, feeling Derek’s ass opening, loosening under his siege. Derek moaned deeply, and he was holding Chris’s neck as he had leaned on him, tight, they were both becoming one, their sweat made their bodies, stick, they both felt like they were gonna merge into each other, sweat, cum, fuck, moans, the entire table was moving along with them, fuck, in and out, in and out, a huge cock, a loose ass, in and out, Chris felt it coming, like a wave, his cock tingled, twitched and then he released his cums, inside Derek’s ass, and stayed there until he had finished “shooting” his load. Both naked, Derek feeling sore stayed there, he loved sex, but he kinda felt emotional, his ass was open and it felt weird, Chris came closer to him, all naked, looking like a model that came out of a sauna “Are you ok?” he asked Derek, Derek looked at him, panting “I’m not ok, I’m awesome!” He replied and hoped off the table, walking funny. “Nice walking there” Chris joked, Derek looked at him and then approached him. “Stop joking, it’s not funny Chris! For that your punishment is a blowjob” Derek said and got on his knees, he grabbed Chris semi soft cock and brought it back to life with a few lick, as Chris had his hands on his waist. 


2 thoughts on “A Chris Pratt Gay Story

  1. I was going to leave a disparaging reply, but I won’t since hey it’s your fantasy not mine or the rest of the world. In mine he has a little fat and is hairy of course. 😜😜. Good job on the writing though.

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