Just Sex, No Attachments…


This story, is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Dave Salmoni
“Look who’s hot?” Dave said as I opened the door and kissed my lips tightly, he was eager to fuck me, he wore a blue plaid shirt, and jeans, jeans that could not hide his boner. “You’re not bad yourself” I replied as he slapped my butt. Me and Dave had a weird arrangement, weird for some people, but it was working for us, we were fucking, well he was fucking me whenever he wanted and I would simply let him, because the man is hot. There were no attachments, we were just having fun.

He hadn’t met me for a month due to some filming to a remote location. For wild animals channel. So I could only imagine what his dick would do to me, the moment he would let it loose. “Want some wine?” I said, he nodded and sat with his legs spread on the sofa, he wanted me to see his cock, I could see it, like a hard snake under his jeans, bulging, I had a dirty game to play though, so I bend to give him his wine and the glass “slipped” of my fingers and on his crotch. “Oh I’m so sorry, let me clean it” I said, he didn’t suspect a thing, he thought it wasn’t intentional, but I got on my knees and licked his bulge, I tasted his wine covered denim fabric and under it I could feel the hardness of his manhood. Dave looked at me ecstatically, he was so turned on. With my tongue I licked the entire crotch area, before Dave couldn’t take it anymore and unbuttoned his jeans, his cock was out, strong and hard as always, veins popping around it, I didn’t waste time licking it, this man needed sucking, so I formed an O with my lips and took it in, while looking at him. “Ohhhh you fucking slutty boy” he groaned, I felt his hot cockhead reaching deep in my mouth, while my tongue greeted his shaft. “You like my cock don’t ya?” he asked me with a smug smile on his face, I smiled back, I was sucking his cock slowly, lubricating it with my saliva.  

He grabbed my hair and pushed me hard on his cock, he used to do that a lot, I knew he was horny whenever he did that move. I just kept calm until he stopped facefucking me, he did after a few seconds. “Wow you must really need to blow off some steam huh?” I said, “steam? I need to blow my loads honey, keep going” he said caressing my cheek. I headed for his balls, his hairy balls, that always filled my mouth.

“Yeah lick my balls, lick daddy’s balls” he said, he liked talking like this, it turned him on, and to be honest I liked it too. “Fuck me” I said and I stopped sucking him. I removed my shorts, revealing my hairless smooth ass and the jockstrap I wore. He moaned so loudly that it I almost came. “I’m gonna destroy that hole this time” he said and attacked me from behind, kissing my neck passionately while his cock knocked at my butt. “My ass can handle it Dave” I said, he moved me slowly still holding me from behind and opened the balcony door. “I want them to hear you” he said, I bend over the railing and grabbed it, I heard him ripping a condom package open, and moments later, I felt his cock trying to enter my door, he had fucked me many times, but my ass refused to open easily for him, he thought it was good, he liked fucking me every time like it was my first, my ass gave in and I felt Dave inside me, his hard manhood ruling the dry roads of my ass. I moaned and trembled, this pleasure was unique, only Dave knew how to make me tremble for him, his cock always filled me, it was so thick, and his moans as he was entering drove me crazy every time. “Baby, I missed you so much” he said as he had pushed his entire cock up my ass. I took deep breaths, while I felt it inside me, hard as iron, hot as the fire. “Ahhh I missed you too Dave, I missed this…” I said biting my lips, then he went ballistic on me, out of nowhere he grabbed my waist and started pounding me hard, I could feel my ass confusion, as his cock was getting in and out faster than I could comprehend, I moaned, I yelled, I loved it, he groaned behind, holding me tight, as if I would ever try to escape this. ,y ass felt like it would explode by his cock. His balls slammed against mine, and then he lifted one of my legs, and gave me even more pounding, he was panting and sweating, and I was holding the railing, ready to scream, I moaned, as I was seeing an old lady looking at me with disapproval, she knew, she knew I was a guy who had another guy to fuck me, then I saw a guy, 35ish he looked at me bewildered and then smiled and just kept looking at me, taking it hard. “Ahh ahhh” I moaned, Dave leaned on my back, his hairy chest touching me, “I’m gonna cum” he said. “Turn your back to the railing” I said, I was so turned on by the guy who was looking that I wanted to put in a show.

Dave stood with his back on the railing, I looked at my neighbor, I smiled and I got on my knees in front of Dave, I removed his condom and blew his cock so hard and so nasty that even Dave groaned loudly, I even heard my neighbor saying “fuck!” in bewilderment, he couldn’t see me, but seeing Dave trembling, he could imagine what I was doing, I was sucking his cock so fast that, he came and I kept going spreading his own cums all the way to his shaft and balls. “Ahh ahhhhh!” Dave moaned. My mouth was once again laced with his sperm, I could taste Dave’s sperm in my tongue.

He took a shower while I licked my fingers provocatively for my neighbor to see, he was jerking off, he couldn’t keep it any longer.


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