Always Gay? (A Dean Winchester Sex Fiction)

He wasn’t an FBI agent, I realized it early, by his behavior mostly, it wasn’t official, and yet I let him fuck me like I was a gay prostitute guy, I was bend over, and he was behind me, clothes on, his dress pants on, only his thick cock was out of them through the zipper hole, and into my ass, my ass that wasn’t virgin anymore, why didn’t I say no? I wasn’t gay as far as I knew, but when he ordered me to bend over I just couldn’t say no, it wasn’t that I was afraid, I could run, I could leave, yet I stayed, I bend over and took it like a champ, because trust me, you have to be a champ to endure such cock, my virgin ass wasn’t cooperating, but when Dean made him cooperate, I didn’t scream, I just bit my lips and buried my face on the sofa, I didn’t want to scream, I just wanted to keep a shred of dignity as Dean kept thrusting his cock inside me, I could feel the friction between his cock and my ass, and it was both painful and pleasing, my face still buried into the sofa, not because of the pain but because I just felt bad for what I agreed to do with him. One leg kneeling on the sofa, the other firm on the floor, gave him an extra boost as he was fucking me hard. I could hear him panting and groaning, like I did whenever I was with a girl, I never imagined I would ever sit and take it like a bitch, I had the fame of the fucker, if those girls I submitted could see me now, those girls were turned on because I could submit them, and now I was submitted, by a man, my ass felt stretched and sore, And made my own dick tickle a bit, I could feel as if I was ready to cum, the deeper Dean fucked me the more this tingling to cum bothered me. He leaned on my back, his tie fell on my naked back, teasing me, while I felt his hot skin under his shirt on my entire back, his breath was hitting my face, he wasn’t speaking, he was just fucking me and breathing on me, he was looking at me, with his face stuck on my neck. His cock took a weird angle when he leaned like that, and now new height of pleasure and pain reached me. “Ahhh” I let a little moan escape my mouth. He groaned next to my ear, he was keep looking at me, he liked to watch me as I was taking his cock, he wanted to see me losing it from the pleasure he offered. I kept my eyes shut and moaned softly, I wanted to scream loudly, but I didn’t want to give him that. He gave up and returned to his previous position, off my back, and the sliding it in and out, became pounding, he held me by my shoulders and forced me to take it hard, really hard, his cock was so hard that it felt as if something wooden was thrusting me instead of a real cock. He groaned louder, I knew he would come and then I felt it, that little twitch I felt as a fucker, now I was at the receiving end, I felt it inside my ass rippling through me from his cock, and then shots of sperm, one, two, three, four, five and that was it, he pulled his dick out while panting, he put it back in his pants, while I remained there lying on the sofa, I didn’t want to move, now that his cock was out of my ass, it felt as if something was missing, my ass felt too open and loose, and I needed his cock to fill me again. Dean looked at his watch and then wore his dress jacket. 

“I gotta go my partner have some new leads, take care” he said and just like that he left my apartment, taking with him my masculinity, my dignity. Things I gave him willingly, maybe I was gay after all or else why submit to another man?


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