Bend Over!

Bend Over!
This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Charlie Weber
I checked from my windows, a car sitting there was my cue, I could imagine him even though I couldn’t see him from my window, he would be dressed in suit, shirt and tie, he would have this amazing beard and he would smoke a cigar or a cigarette.

Frank Delfino was one of those men, you couldn’t find easily in 2015, he was the old kind, the kind of man that every man wants to be like him, and every woman wants to get fucked by him. I walked across the street. “Hey man” I said sitting in the passenger’s seat, he was smoking, “hey there” he replied unimpressed, he had this arrogance, but he was the only one who could pull it off. “Do you have it?” I asked my pressing matter, Frank Delfino was the man to lend you money when you needed them, that’s what my friend told me when he introduced me to him. 

“You ask for a lot of money boy, what do you need them for?”he asked sucking his cigarette greedily. I looked down in shame “I need to pay some debts, I got into betting and now I’m in very deep shit” I said, he looked at me “How old are you kid?” he asked. “19 sir” I said. He sucked his cigarette once again “Aren’t you a little bit young to be allowed to gamble?” he asked. “Yes, in a casino, but I do not own money to a casino” I said. He seemed worried “You illegally gambled? Wow you are in deep shit, anyway I have the money you ask for, however” he said looking at me “I need something more, if you want me to loan them to you”.

“What is it?” I asked. He leaned back on his seat. “A blowjob” he replied cynically.

“What? But I’m a guy!” I said as if a guy couldn’t suck dicks.

“So? You do have a mouth don’t you? and a pretty nice one” he said

“I’m not doing that, I asked for a loan and you ask me this?” I asked 

“Ok, have fun being fucked by those loan sharks” he said, the thought of seeing those men again without their money, made me consider my options.

“I haven’t done it before” I said softly, he caressed my head “It’s easy, just bend over and put my cock in your mouth”. I bend over to his crotch as he undid his pants, his cock was already hard, long enough and thick enough to please anyone. 

It smelled of testosterone and sperm. I opened my mouth and with disgust I put his big cock inside my mouth, I closed my eyes, not out of pleasure but because I wanted to imagine I was sucking something else, but the taste was so strong, I couldn’t imagine anything else. I moved my head up and down on his cock, feeling his veins along the way, and him moaning. “That’s it, yeah take it all in” he said almost ecstatically. Now his hand pushed me in a rhythm on his sausage, sometimes he pushed too far and his cock caused me to gag. As he was getting close to cum, he moved his waist along with my movement. “Your mouth is even better than what I thought ahhh!” he groaned, pushing his big flesh musket in my mouth, my jaw felt sore being in the same position all this time, my lips were numb to the taste, it was easier this way. He placed both hands on my head and impaled me to his cock. I felt it hit the back of my mouth and gagged, he let me breath correctly and then he pushed me again to suck him off only now he had pulled his balls off his pants, big balls, that were full of his sperm, I licked them slowly, it was easier than sucking his cock, they were soft. His cock was very hard he was stroking it and suddenly he placed it in my mouth and pushed it deep inside, before I even realized what was going on, he held me there, as he ejaculated jets of sperm, inside my throat, I gagged and even felt I would throw up a little, but I didn’t. He zipped his pants and gave me a suitcase with the money. “Not bad, next time it’s your little ass I will impale, get out” he said, I held the suitcase and walked across the street, feeling like shit, my mouth still had sperm running down on my face, and the taste, that taste I would never forget, the disgusting taste of a man’s dick! 


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