Just Before My Wedding…

Steve McGarrett is invited to a wedding by the groom, they have a very dirty past between them…
I looked myself in the mirror, I looked so grown up with my tux, and so handsome, not to sound vain or superficial, but I did look handsome. The woman of my life would marry me today. I heard the door open and I saw his reflection behind me. So handsome, I knew he would come because I invited him.

“Hi” he said smiling, his hands in his fitted tux pockets and his body close to mine. I never believed that I would fall so bad for a man, I’ve always been straight,only him, only Steve McGarrett managed to do it for me. 

“Hey Steve, you made it” I said and hugged him in a friendly way, he held me there, his hands on my back. 

“I missed you Kid” he said

“I missed you too” I replied looking into his blue eyes

“You never called” he replied 

“You never called either Steve” I said almost mad at him.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me, I thought you regretted it” he said meaning our night together. I would never regret it, but of course he couldn’t know that.

“I would never regret what we did together bro” I said and just like that he grabbed my face and kissed me. That was so unlike him.

“Steve stop stop!” I said taking a step back.

“What?” he asked me

“This isn’t going to happen, I’m getting married today, to the woman I love” I said

“Does the woman you love knows you have a man that you love? Or you don’t love me?” 

“She doesn’t know, and of course I love you, but it’s different ok? I’m not gay, at least not with other guys, but for you I would be anything” 

“Sleep with me, let me have you, let me feel your ass tremble on my dick” he said so passionately I felt I would melt. I locked the door and looked at my watch.

“We have one hour” I said

“Get on your knees soldier” he ordered me. Steve was always like that, he was a commander in all aspects of his life.

I got on my knees, thanks to the soft carpet my dress pants would be safe.

Steve removed his jacket slowly, I could orgasm only by watching him doing that. His muscles tense as he was removing it. Then he grabbed his bulge and massaged it.

“Tell me you want it” he said

“I want it” I said 

“Tell me like you mean it soldier” he ordered

“I want your dick commander” I yelled and I did wanted it

“Take it then” he said and he undid his zipper. Through the hole his thick veiny cock appeared ready to smash my ass and fill my mouth. I licked his glans slowly, that taste, I named it the McGarrett taste, unforgettable. We didn’t have much time so I quickly sucked it feeling his entire body tense as I did it and his hand on my head giving me rhythm. 

“Yeah soldier, yeah keep working on the missile” he was saying, I had his entire cock in my mouth, savoring its taste. He gave me small thrusts with his waist creating a repeated motion that gave him pleasure. 

“Look at me” he yelled. I did, I kept sucking and looked at his blue eyes, I could see passion in them. He held me with both his hands and his thrust became stronger, his dick went deeper in my mouth. I thought he would cum but he pulled his cock out of my mouth and gestured me to stand up. 

“I want to wreck your ass one last time before I see you walk that aisle” he said slapping my ass “drop your pants kiddo” 

I removed my pants carefully to not wrinkle them. Steve approached me, I could feel his warmth behind me. 

“I love your ass soldier” he said, and I knew he was saying the truth. He kissed my neck and I felt his hardness up against my ass, his hand lowered my boxers, my ass was now on his control. I didn’t care, I didn’t care that this was my wedding, I didn’t care for anything, if Steve McGarrett asked me to leave with him I would have done it. 

“Get a grip on the desk, this is gonna be hard” he said to my ear, I felt his cock being pushed up my ass, stretching my butthole, I breathed deeply as he taught me that first time so I could tolerate the pain. Now he wasn’t so gentle, now he was hungry for ass. My ass. He begun with small thrusts, I barely kept my voice down, his cock was quite thick and he was a wild fucker. “Yes that’s it” he said as I let a small cry escape my lips, he leaned on my back and hugged me, his thrusts became stronger, I wish we didn’t wear any clothes, so I could feel his muscular hairy chest on my back. 

“Steve, it hurts” I cried as his waist thrusted on my ass. He was fucking me fast and hard. 

“That’s how SEALS fuck soldier, do you feel it?huh?” he asked me

“I can feel it commander” I said feeling my tears pooled on my eyes, I was holding that desk but still I felt that it wasn’t enough. He was being so harsh that I felt the desk would break any minute. 

“Ahhh! Steve! Stop!” I yelled, he did not stop, I felt his hot breath on my neck, his pulse on my ass. Commander McGarrett had me. With slow circular moves he ejaculated his creamy sperm inside my ass, I felt it, and I moaned along with him.

We were both panting when someone knocked on the door.

“I hope you’re getting ready pal, you don’t want to be late on your own wedding huh?” some friend of mine said.

“I’ll be out in a minute” I yelled as I felt McGarrett’s cock still inside my ass.

“That was the best wedding gift ever” I said, he zipped his pants and I pulled up mine.

“You’re welcome kiddo. Now let’s get you ready” he said and just like that, I got married, I fucked my wife hard while remembering my fuck with Steve McGarrett.



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