Happy Birthday Dean Winchester!!!


Dean Winchester’s Unique Cock (A Happy Birthday Sex a Fiction for Dean Winchester)

Today is Jensen Ackles’s fictional alter ego, Dean Winchester Birthday! So here’s a story I wrote as a gift.

I went down on him, I kneeled before this man, Dean Winchester, the famous Hunter, the handsome man, the bad boy. His blue jeans smelled of Denim and testosterone. It’s those jeans you don’t know if you want to smell them or wash them. My hands moved to his buttons, I unbuttoned his Jean and let it open for a minute, he looked so handsome and sexy with his jeans open like that, and his bulging underwear waiting to be removed. Testosterone smell again. He was looking at me with a calm smug smile. The smile of “suck my cock and suck it good” and I wanted to do exactly that, I wanted to submit to Dean Winchester, I wanted to go gay for him, he was the man, I was just a turned on person. I was just a sex toy to relieve his tension. I lowered his jeans to his legs, his boxers where black and tight, they couldn’t hide his manhood. They couldn’t hide his big cock that was bulging waiting for me to suck it, to drain it from its sperm and make Dean orgasm with my mouth. 

“Suck it” he said in a low husky voice

I pulled his boxers down, his luscious pubic hair, where trimmed, not too short, not too long, just the right size. His uncut cock stood upright, like iron made of leather.

Veins, and nerves around it, creating roads and highways through it, a long cock, a thick cock. Dean Winchester had a big cock indeed. And his balls, those balls, hanging big and proud under it. Waiting to be licked and kissed. Waiting their turn in my warm mouth.

“I haven’t done this before” I said honestly.

“I can tell, it’s nothing hard, just open your mouth and let me fuck it” he said in a calm voice that made my ass watering for his dick (not actually watering but you get what I mean). With my hands behind my back, I took his cock inside my mouth, tasting the male ice cream for the first time, feeling the throbbing of its veins, the warmth of its skin, the hardness of its muscles, his hand landed on my head and pushed me towards it. His cock, moved like a snake, inside my mouth, filling my mouth with its thickness, leaving its taste everywhere. Testosterone, cock, manly taste. A taste only a cock can give you, a taste only men like Dean can give you. A taste you never forget. My head was prey to his appetites and his hands, he pushed it anyway he wanted and I just stood there with my mouth open, greeting his big cock, his flesh musket inside. Feeling those veins throbbing harder on my tongue and hearing him moan and groan. My hands remained on my back, he insisted he didn’t want me to touch or stroke his dick, he wanted to fuck my mouth as if I was tied up. 

 “Ready to drain it bitch?” he asked me, I looked up at him and I nodded with his penis in my mouth. “Yeah you are” he confirmed. He grabbed my head with both hands and he rapidly moved his waist with strong thrusts. Fucking my mouth, almost chocking me, I felt tears pooling to my eyes due to his cock going too deep, but still I didn’t move my hands. I was Dean Winchester’s loyal bitch, and I wanted it, even if he choked me with his veiny sausage I would let him. Dean Winchester was a rare stud, like a unicorn, if he lets you, suck or even just touch his cock, you cherish it.

My saliva running down the sides of my lips, due to his fast thrusts, my eyes almost blind from tears, and he kept going. His balls where touching my chin, I liked it, I liked every bit of it, I liked it the sounds my mouth made while his cock invaded it, my tongue felt numb but I could still feel his uncut thickness fucking my throat in ways that I had only seen in porn movies. I liked the sounds he made, moans, groans, small sharp breaths, showed me he was as turned on as I was. My nose touching his pubic hair, smelling the sweat and the testosterone there too. 

“I’m coming, I’m coming bitch, fucking bitch take it all” he said in a hurry and then I felt the little jolt and twitch on his “gun”, his veins felt like they were getting bigger, and in seconds my mouth flooded with his sperm. His cums. Bitter cums, that had that unique taste his whole cock had. I savored it. I loved it. It was my first blowjob ever and I didn’t even felt disgust when I was swallowing his cums. He smiled and patted my cheek. 

“Good Job, here’s 20$” he said, I took his money, because it was his, not because I needed them, I just took them because they belong to him “Happy Birthday Dean” I told him. He just smiled and left.Even after he left the motel room, I stayed there, on my knees, reliving the unique experience of sucking Dean Winchester’s cock. 
Happy Birthday Dean!


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