Daddy Issues

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sean Maguire
Do you remember your first gay time? I do, in fact it’s one of those experience I don’t want to forget. I have an excellent relationship with my mother but my father was always distant, and even more when they divorced. So I always tried to have the worst behavior around him, it was the only way to draw his attention. My father’s best friend, is an actor, his name is Sean Maguire, a very good and handsome man. My father asked his help with me, he thought that maybe a man to man conversation with his friend Sean would help, because my father isn’t so good with conversation.

“Come on in, I hope you like pizza because I ordered some” he said, he was always so fatherly, I liked that about him. He was wearing sweatpants and a sweater, he always had a nice body so even those plain clothes made him look sexy.

“Not that I don’t like being here but why did you invited me?” I asked, he sat next to me, he looked at me.

“Look, don’t be mad, but your father is worried”

“Enough with him, there is nothing he needs to be worried about” I said

“Really? Because he says, and I agree, that you’re being quite bitchy” Sean replied, his accent made me wanna laugh but I didn’t want to make him feel like I was laughing at the issue at hand.

“Look Sean, you know my father, he is your friend since you were kids ok? The man is unapproachable so whatever I do, is so I can get his attention, he keeps saying he loves me but I don’t see it, I’m 19 years old and I never remembered him to hug me” I said. Sean didn’t speak as I was saying these, when I finished he turned to me and hugged me, in a manly way, a fatherly way, it was so nice to feel this man’s body against mine.

“Look, I understand why you’re being this way, but give him a break, don’t know how to be fathers” he said

“But you do” I said

“Trust me, I’m not an idea father either” he said and we laughed. We both took some pizza and started to eat, as Sean bit his piece, some sauce slipped off of his pizza and landed on his crotch.

“This is so messy” I said and grabbed a napkin, I leaned and started rubbing the napkin on his crotch, without realizing what I was doing. he wasn’t laughing anymore, he was just breathing slowly and he was looking at me as I felt something hardening under his sweatpants, I removed my hand from his crotch and I returned to my pizza 

“Jake” he said in a husky voice, he grabbed my hand and placed it in his bulge, I did what he wanted, I rubbed his crotch, I could feel his hard cock.

“Does your dad have a cock like mine?” he asked me

“Sean, my dad is nothing like you, wow” I said and rubbed his cock more, I could feel it hard under his sweatpants. His strong hands rubbed my arms.

“Remember when I told you, you can always come to me if you had any daddy issues?” he asked

“Yeah you said you would be my backup dad” I said smiling, I remembered that conversation. Sean was so good with me, he was always so good.

“I need you to stop seeing me as your dad for tonight” he said

“That’s easy, I would never rub my dad’s cock Sean” I said, he smiled and kissed me softly, a manly kiss, his stubble scratched me a bit. He then pulled his cock out of his sweatpants and I was quite pleased. It wasn’t pornstar big, but it was satisfying, it was average but also thick, those veins twirled around it like intricate designs made me want it, I knew I liked men, but I never wanted a cock more than Sean’s.

Sean rubbed my back, he waited for me to lean, and I did, as I got closer the smell hit me, testosterone, dick smell, not disgusting but distinct for sure. 

I used my tongue to taste his glans, I felt him take a deep breath, the taste, was nothing like I expected, it reminded me of a ripened plum, which was a huge turn on, I was afraid that a blowjob might be disgusting. His hand rested on my head, he wasn’t pushing yet, but I liked his hand caressing my hair. Then I used the tip of my tongue to lick his corona (the part between the glans and the rest of penis,just under the glans)

I felt him tremble and he moaned slowly, it was a strong sensation to see an older man tremble and moan under your rule, ok he isn’t old, but he is older than me, so for me it was fascinating. I kept going, I kept playing with his corona, and his cock became make and more reddish and hard, so hard, that those veins where now fully visible to his skin. I took his member to my mouth and looked at his eyes, he looked back at me, he didn’t said anything but it was an order, he wanted me to suck his dick.

I moved my head and sucked his cock, which wasn’t easy, it was too thick and I was untrained. He helped me though. He pushed my head in a rhythm he liked and he would move his waist harder or slower each time. I felt weird, confused, I wanted to do this, it felt good but also it felt wrong, I was sucking off my father’s best friend. A man I knew since I was a kid, and it kinda felt like I was sucking a relative, but then I realized that was exactly why I felt like sucking his dick, because he felt like someone I always trusted. His beautiful smile as he was using my head to park his cock and fuck my mouth, gave me validation, I was good, even untrained I gave him pleasure, my hand reached and touched his balls, shaved balls, soft and big, I massaged them slowly, even though I never touched another man’s balls before, I was 19 years old and I knew how sensitive they were, my fingers massaged through his soft balls as if it was dough, a hot dough. 

“You are amazing son” he growled, I could feel he was close, I didn’t stop I just kept going, moving my head back and forth, sucking his sausage. 

“Stop! Stop!” he yelled, I pulled back, his cock was standing upright, red and hard.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked

“No, you are perfect, but I don’t want to come yet” he said

“Aren’t blowjobs supposed to be about you coming?” I asked

“Yeah, but is a blowjob all you want from me?” he asked

“No. But I don’t know if I’m ready too…” I said 

“You are trust me, if you are sucking cock like this, you are ready” he said while jerking his cock slowly, probably to keep it hard while we talked.

“Will it hurt?” I asked

“A bit, but you’ll like it” he replied

“I’m kinda scared you know?” I said

“Jake, I’m still your backup dad, I would never hurt you, do you trust me?” he asked and I knew I did

“Yes, I trust you Sean” I replied and we moved to his bedroom.

He removed his sweater revealing his nice muscular torso, he wasn’t buff, but he was in a very good shape, and he had visible muscles.

He removed all of his clothes, and I did the same, then we got under the sheets.

I felt his warmth next to me.

“How are we gonna do this?” I asked

“Like this” he said and he positioned himself on top of me, I felt his naked body on mine and it was so exciting. Now he had me in his arms, I smelled his sweat, manly smell, not disgusting. I saw his nipples and I licked one of them.

“You’re driving me crazy son” he said in a husky voice. Between my legs I felt his member, he was still hard, and I realized how tight and untrained was butthole.

“You’re so big” I said honestly, I meant to tell him he was too big for my ass. But he thought I was saying it as a compliment.

“I’m, aren’t I?” he asked and smiled then he leaned and he kissed my neck, his stubble scratched me again but it turned me on, his breath touching my neck made me relax, his chest against mine as he kissed me, his entire body against mine, I felt more and more safe. Then he lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. I took deep breaths trying to calm, I knew that I was about to feel my ass open by this hot DILF.

He then sprinkled some kind of lube to his fingers and shoved it up my ass, I felt his finger playing with my butt and I felt awkward and nice at the same time, he kept playing with my ass until I even felt it was looser, and then he smiled at me with his cute smile, my legs on his shoulders, and his body glistening from sweat.

“Are you ready?” he asked me, I nodded. He put on a condom and then he pushed his cock inside my butthole, he pushed slowly as I was feeling my ass trying to stop the invader, his cock felt so good under the latex. I moaned as he was almost all in.

“Nice” he said and leaned on me, my legs still on his shoulder, and my ass impaled by his junk. His hot breath on my face, he kissed me, first on my lips and then on my neck and as he buried his face there, he kept thrusting his waist in my ass, it was painful, I felt my ass tightening around his cock, like he wanted the cock to leave. But Sean kept moving, first they were soft trusts but then he gave me those strong thrusts, that felt more and more like stings, his waist now was on full force and he kept holding me while he groaned and moaned, as he was fucking me hard.

He told me to stop yelling or else they would hear us, but I couldn’t, I never felt so good and also so bad about something. It was painful and yet exciting. I cried but not because I didn’t like it, it was more of an emotional thing. He put his underwear in my mouth, so I would stop yelling, I tasted his balls and cock by it. Now the only sounds that you could hear, where our soft groans and the bed squeaking madly under Sean’s pounding against my ass, he was leaning on me, kissing me, he was so gentle with his lips, but so cruel with his waist, he combined the perfect loved, my legs felt sore being up on his shoulders, and my ass felt numb after a while, now his cock entered easily and it would reach deep inside me, with the feeling of a minimum stinginess. I liked how I could feel his entire hard cock with my butthole as it was sliding in and out. We were both covered in sweat, and we groaned, he groaned louder than me, while I kept trying to manage the fact that my ass was impaled by his cock. Then he placed my hands over my head and kept them there trapped, as if I would go anywhere, his waist went crazy, he was thrusting me in full force and I felt like pushing him away, it was painful, even more painful, he was using all of his strength, and then I felt it, I heard him groan like a wild animal, as he released his hot sperm inside me. He trembled as he shot one more jet of his cums, then he lied next to me. I felt different, I felt my ass spewing out cums, but I didn’t care, my dick was covered by my own cums, I had ejaculated the same moment he did, our orgasm was so strong, we where both starring at the ceiling, not saying anything.

 “Listen up Derek, your son needs your attention, he needs you to be there for him” Sean said to my father, who looked at me feeling sorry for himself

“Just so you know, we had a nice little talk with the kid and he is good, he is very good, so be the father he deserves” Sean said

“It’s ok dad, it’s not bad to show you have emotions to me, Sean showed me how beautiful is to embrace your emotions” I said, and then I realized I was in love with my backup dad, I was in love with Sean and he was in love with me too, I could see it in his eyes as he was smiling at me, pretending to be all fatherly, while his cock was getting harder just by looking at me.


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