Sperm Bitter Like The Sea…

Sperm Bitter Like The Sea…
This fictional story is placed in the Supernatural episode 11×14 right before Dean meets Delphina in the submarine.
Dean looked around him. It was dark but he knew he was inside the submarine because he could feel the metal under him. He had to find some clothes, he couldn’t walk around from the future wearing jeans and his shirt. He walked slowly through a narrow passageway and found a room. Nobody was there, but it seemed they would return soon. So he grabbed some clothes he found there and started dressing. 

He had to find the Delphina gal or else he had no chance of defeating Amara.in fact he wasn’t sure he could defeat Amara even with that weapon. But it worth a try.

Wearing the pale blue shirt and the navy blue pants, he could easily hide among them. He was ready to start searching when he noticed a young sailor, probably around his 18-19 years old. He was looking at Dean, but at his eyes, Dean could see he was standing there for a long time. He had probably seen him arriving too. Dean approached him. He would run if he had space to run, but he knew he was trapped. Plus he seemed to pretend to be brave. Another young kid pulled into war forced to become a man. 

“Come over here” Dean yelled

“Don’t yell at me, I know you’re a freak, you’re not one of us” he said

“You have quite a mouth there kiddo, and I think you need someone to teach you to respect men” Dean replied, and somehow that turned him on. He felt he needed to teach to that young man, how Americans fucked in the 2016. His cock already agreed because it was starting to harden. Plus the young sailor wore nothing but a tank top and navy blue boxers. His ass seemed promising and quite tight. Dean initiated his first move grabbing the sailor’s ass and massaging his butt cheek. He was right his butt was tight. 

“Stop that” the young sailor yelled but he seemed unsure. 

“Stop what? What is your name?” Dean asked him without removing his hand from his butt

“John” he said and now he seemed…turned on? Dean smiled, this boy wanted to be fucked. 

“John huh? Nice name, I love that name. My father’s name was John.So John how about you get on your knees and suck my rocket” Dean said. 

“You’re a pervert” John replied and pushed Dean’s hand away.

“Don’t be a bitch Johnny, you want this, I can see you want this and let me tell you a secret. There’s no better cock to have for the first time than mine” 

“But what if someone sees us” John asked. Dean could see it, he was ready to submit.

“Nobody will see us, it’s dark in here come on” Dean said and unbuttoned his stolen navy blue pants releasing his kraken. John was thrilled with the thickness and the length of Dean’s cock. It wasn’t smooth, it had grooves, ridges and veins and beautiful pubic hair. John licked the glans first slowly. Then the corona, Dean moaned at that one. The young sailor sucked Dean’s glans a bit awkwardly but it worked, Dean could feel his balls boiling hot sperm ready to come out soon. He grabbed John’s head and pushed him back and forth on his cock.

“Yeah that’s it, suck my cock, you’re mouth is perfect kiddo” he said. John was getting more relaxed as he kept sucking. He was getting the hang of it. Soon Dean’s hand pushed his head out of pleasure. John’s mouth embraced the shaft tightly, so tight that he could feel Dean’s veins throb on his lips and the skin of his cock tightening on his tongue. Dean closed his eyes and leaned back in ecstasy.

“Fuck boy, you’re a champ” he muttered placing his hands on his waist and letting John suck him by himself without pushing. Dean loved how John’s breath brushed against his groin and how his shaved chin touched his balls. He was so turned on.

“Stand up” Dean ordered. John did as he was asked and stood up. Dean positioned him so his back would be on his front. Now John could feel Dean’s breath behind him. Dean unbuttoned his pale blue navy shirt, revealing his naked torso that glistened with sweat. He lowered John’s boxers and admired his round almost hairless butt. 

“You have a nice ass there” Dean said to him

“Thanks?” John said unsure.

“You know what would fit there?” Dean asked

“What?” John asked

“Not my cock. But I will make it fit, in fact I will make your ass begging for more when I’m finished” Dean said.

“You know sir, I think we’re done here, I did what I did but I won’t do anything more” John said while it was obvious he wanted to be fucked but he was afraid.

“Stay where you are or else I will kick your ass” Dean said and instantly fingered him, John trembled, surprised by Dean’s finger inside his ass, it was obvious he had never played with his butt even though he wanted it. Dean pushed another finger in.

“Ah…it kinda hurts” John said. Dean smiled

“I kinda don’t care” he replied and pushed violently his fingers deeper. John grabbed the wall to support himself. It was too much for him. “Imagine if I put my cock in there” Dean thought. He leaned closer and both him and John stuck on the wall. Dean brushed his cock against John’s butthole, he was trembling from anticipation.

“Tell me you want it” Dean said

“I want it sir” John replied 

“I don’t know what you mean” Dean said 

“I want your penis inside my butt” John said

Dean pushed his cock inside his butthole, his glans slid inside but as he pushed his shaft, he found that John’s ass wasn’t cooperating.he pushed harder John moaned in pain as Dean’s cock like an oversized snake filled his hole and intruded his sphincter.

He would yell but the pain wouldn’t let him. It was more than he anticipated. Dean moaned and groaned behind him. On his ear. He was in ecstasy. He could feel his cock being suffocated in John’s ass and he loved it. His balls twitched and boiled. 

He pushed harder and held John pinned on the wall. 

“Sir, it hurts, ahhhh” John cried softly

“Shhh just take it like a man, what kinda of soldier are you?” Dean told him and thrusted his waist violently inside his ass. John was pulling his own waist upward, trying to avoid the pain, but Dean’s cock was stuck inside his ass and it wasn’t going anywhere, so John had to withstand his ass being split in two.

“Ahhh please be gentle” he pleaded

“You want gentle?” Dean asked and then pushed violently his cock inside him. John startled by his pain cried out loudly. 

“Shut up!” He said and for a moment he didn’t move. He wanted to hear if anyone was coming. Nobody did. So Dean resumed his fuck. Dean pulled his cock out slowly, John’s butt was too tight so there was a lot of friction, the sensation for John as Dean was pulling his cock out was incredible, but before his entire cock was out Dean thrusted it back in, and then again out and then in again. Before John realized it, Dean was pounding him from behind, Dean pushed so deeply his cock that John felt his body lift a bit from the floor, Dean was literally lifting him from the floor with his cock. Ok not lifting him, but causing him to jump upward. Now Dean had him hugged from behind and pinched his nipples while he fucked him. 

“You like that don’t you?” He was saying, while John moaned, in pain, in ecstasy, even himself couldn’t tell. They were both sweaty. John felt his ass numb and sore and most he felt it was gaping. Dean moaned behind him as he was thrusting his waist with force against his lean body. John grabbed the metal walls, trying to comprehend his feelings. He felt used, humiliated, special, and turned on. He felt confused. It seemed that the longer he let Dean fuck him, the more he loved it. Dean placed his palms on the metal wall too, higher than John’s and kept going, kept fucking and pounding. He wasn’t a gentle lover. He had been keeping his sperm for two weeks. Which for him was too long. If Sam could see him now, he would be surprised and maybe turned on. Yeah Sam always admired his big brother but Dean wasn’t into incest. John felt Dean’s hot breath on his ear, along with the small “oh” or groan that Dean did. His tank top was soaking wet in his back. Wet by Deans sweat, his entire torso was imprinted on the back of that tank top. 

“It’s coming” Dean said in a hurry

“What’s coming?” John asked, he was so deep in his sexual trance he didn’t realized Dean meant he was coming. Dean pulled his cock out of John’s ass and made him kneel again. He pushed his dick inside the young sailor’s mouth, and as he felt the warmth of it, he released his tension with jets of Winchester cream. John almost choked and he wanted to spit it out but Dean held his head in position until he finished coming. Then slowly he pulled his cock out of John’s mouth pulling his soerm out also. A creamy stream of sperm was running down John’s chin while most of Dean’s load, ended on the floor with one spit. John spat again and again. He wasn’t used to the sperm’s taste. He was a virgin before that. Dean smiled and pulled his pants up. He buttoned his shirt and helped John on his feet.

“It was a pleasure John, now I have to do something important” he said and left John feeling like a slut in the dark. Trying to walk straight.


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