Under His Wings: A Steve McGarrett Gay Story Part 2: Boy Toy


The moment Kyle saw the cops he knew Steve had betrayed him. He fucked him good and then he was going to arrest them. Everybody was on cuffs. Even Kyle, then Steve appeared. 

“I’ll take him” he said and the cop left Kyle to Steve

“You bastard” Kyle said

“You’re not gonna go in jail, I’m gonna tell them you are working as a CI for me”

“Why would you do that?” Kyle asked

“Because I wanted to fuck you hard again and again” Steve said softly, he put Kyle to his car and drove away. Kyle was his now, the thought only made his cock hard. 

 “Ok guys this is Kyle, he is gonna be here for a while, he is an informant for me so make him feel like home ok?” Steve said, his teammates greeted him,oblivious that He was just the boy toy for their boss. “Hey after you finish up with greetings I want you in my office, I need you to explain something to me” Steve said and winked. 

 When Kyle followed him to his office he was sitting behind his desk.

“Come over here” he said, he turned to lock the door but Steve stopped him “Leave the door unlocked, and come here” he said again calmly. He pushed his chair back to create space between his desk. “Get on your knees Kyle” he said as he unbuttoned his jeans and released his cock, veiny and thick just like I remembered.

He got on his knees and when he took his luscious cock inside his mouth his hand pushed him hard to take it all in while he groaned. His cock smelled of sweat and testosterone. He fucked Kyle two days ago and yet he missed his cock, in his mouth and in his ass. I missed feeling it getting hard on my tongue.

“Fuck, your mouth is amazing” he said while he pushed him hard in a rhythm 

With his lips Kyle could feel the ridges on his cock. It went so deep that only his twitching balls remained outside of his mouth. He placed his hands behind his head and moaned as Kyle kept working on his glans. Pre erotic sperm was pouring out of his cock like a lava. Then I went for his corona (the placed between his glans and the rest of his shaft) and as he licked it, he grabbed his head with both hands and pushed Kyle so hard that he felt his dick hitting his throat. He groaned discreetly as he was releasing his sperm inside Kyle’s mouth. 

“Swallow and clean me up” he said, he swallowed his bitter cums and looking at his eyes he licked everything off of his cock. He smiled and buttoned his jeans.

“Nice work, we are gonna have so much fun together” he said 

“Steve we got a case” said Danno who entered the office 

“Coming” Steve said and then turned to Kyle “You are gonna stay with me ok?” He said, Kyle nodded pleased with himself.

 When Steve came home Kyle realized with disappointment that he was tired. But when Steve saw him he smiled. “Hey there, how about I take a shower and then we can have some fun?” he said, Kyle stopped him. “Don’t shower, I want you as you are now, sweaty and brooding”. He smiled and gave him a kiss, passionate kiss.

He followed him to his bedroom. He undressed and threw his clothes on the floor. He was naked, and hot, his hairy chest, his abs, his physique. He was confident about himself and that made him irresistible. He reached with his hand and caressed Kyle’s cheek, he pulled him into his embrace and buried his tongue in his mouth.

“I’m thinking we should try something different” Steve said. Kyle kissed Steve’s hand that was still in his cheek. “What do you have in mind commander?” he said

“I will make love to you” he said. Kyle smiled genuinely “Nobody ever made love to me” he said. Steve pushed him on the bed and fell on top of him. He kissed Kyle’s neck. Kyle felt his hot breath on his neck and he grabbed his hair.

“Oh commander” Kyle moaned as Steve went lower to Kyle’s chest and licked his nipples and softly bit them, then he returned on Kyle’s mouth and as he lifted his legs on his shoulders. Steve pushed his cock in Kyle’s butthole and with small thrusts he penetrated him. Kyle moaned and grabbed the sheets. Steve held his hands over his head so he would be pinned down. He licked his neck while his waist thrusted tirelessly, he loved Kyle’s ass, the way his cock was embraced by that tight butthole, and how Kyle moaned now, that Steve was looking at him.

“Look at me Kyle, I want to see your expressions” Steve said.

Kyle looked at Steve still trying to withstand him. Steve McGarrett’s cock was thick and it hurt every time it went too deep. Kyle could smell Steve sweat and that turned him on. He moaned and then cried out as Steve’s thrusts became stronger, his whole bed was creaking under the weight of Steve’s fuck. 

“I love your ass, fuck!” Steve said and then he groaned as he gave one more deep thrust and stayed inside Kyle’s butt. He shot his load and then pulled his cock slowly.

They were both exhausted. They slept there naked. Both panting. 

Kyle woke up first. Steve was lying asleep next to him. He grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Soon it became hard and thick and Steve woke up.

“That’s an amazing way to wake me up!” He smiled as he watched Kyle sucking him.

Kyle worked his tongue all around Steve’s husky cock, licking every small detail on it. 

Then he took it all in until only the balls were outside his mouth and twitched as Steve moaned loudly, his cock trembled and started shooting out sperm. 

“You are going to exhaust me” Steve said as Kyle licked every drop of sperm.

“I love your cock Steve, I could eat your cums forever” he said and he really meant it.



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