A Nathan Fillion Gay Story

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Nathan Fillion

In front of him, I got on my knees. I touched his jeans, and felt his cock hard. Nathan was not Richard Castle. But I didn’t care. I kissed his crotch, feeling the warmth of his manhood as he caressed my head.

“Are you sure about this Kyle?” he asked me, I nodded, who would turn down Nathan Fillion when he asked you to suck his cock? 

He unbuttoned his jeans, his cock was thick, fat, veiny and framed by translucent public hair, trimmed and beautiful. and his balls, big and ready. 

I licked the tip of his cock, tasting for the first time a man’s cock. Before Nathan I never thought I would go gay for another man. I took it in my mouth. Tasting its salty taste, and feeling it come alive under my suck. “Hmmm the things I’m gonna do to you” he said as I kept moving my head in a rhythm, massaging his coca with my lips, his veins were so popped out that I could feel them. I took it all in, until my nose reached his public hair, and my chin his balls. Then he placed his hand on ,y head and kept me there, as he thrusted his waist back and forth, fucking my mouth and groaning. “Yeah I’m fucking your mouth, you like that?” he asked. His cock now was fully erected and hard. It seemed threatening and ready to impale. 

“I see you live up to your astrological sign, that is a fine ram over there” I said

“You want my “ram” up your “door”?” He asked. I nodded and stood up.

“Bend over that table” he ordered me. I did as he asked. I felt the cool wooden surface of the table on my torso. Nathan touched my ass gently.

“So smooth and tight” he said and I heard him putting on a condom.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard” he said. I felt his cock getting in, and then I felt the stretch in my ass, a sizzling pain followed afterwards as his cock went deeper than what my ass wanted. I moaned in pain, and grabbed the sides of the table, and somehow I wanted to move, I tried to move because staying still hurled me. He pushed hard as my ass wasn’t cooperating. “Such a tight ass!” he yelled. And pushed his body harder. Impaling me. I cried out loudly. I felt like I was stabbed, my ass. Wasn’t ready for this, Nathan didn’t even fingered me before, so this was a big mistake. I felt his thick fat Canadian sausage moving inside me and I got both turned on and in pain. “You like it? You like it, in your ass?” he was asking me in a sadistic tone, “yes, I like it, fuck me” I replied, every time he pulled out I felt my ass holding his cock tight. Then he could stab me again with it and I would feel that sizzling pain. “Stop!” I yelled, my ass was in pain. Also my cock was so hard without me even touching it.

“I won’t stop, I’m ramming you” he said, and fucked me hard, holding me by my shoulders he leaned on my back and I felt his hard nipples on my back, as he destroyed my ass with his hard thrusts. Richard Castle was no much for Nathan Fillion and his Canadian flesh musket. “Fuck! Fuck!” he cried out. As I moaned like a little bitch, I held my legs tightly close, as if that would make the pain go away.

But I could feel his cock twitch inside my ass, his balls slamming against me. His sweat on my back as he was leaning on me and fucking me. He had a few extra pounds but that worked as a plus for me, I loved the feeling of his belly on my lower back as he fucked me with his veiny prick and I could also feels the ridges of it. His hands holding me tightly, he moaned and groaned behind me. The table barely held us as he was fucking with such force that I felt like my ass will never be the same after this. He bit my shoulder as he groaned loudly and I felt his cock twitch and tremble. He was coming and as he did he slammed his waist in some slow sure deep thrusts and then he pulled out. “Wow! I really opened your ass” he said and took a picture with his phone to show it to me. My ass gaping open, I will never forget how large my hole was after his fuck, in that photo. 


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