Chevy Baby!

This story is fictional. In this story Dean gets what he wishes, a human version of his car and he gets to have sex with it. I refer something about putting his cock in the reservoir of his car, do not do that in real life, I put this as a story element, if you hurt yourself while putting your junk in a car’s reservoir, is not my fault at all.

Amara smiled, she knew what Dean’s deepest wish was, he loved his car, and she could see inside his mind, he always fantasized his car turning into a person and fucking his brains out. She flicked her hand and gave him his wish.
 Dean walked out of the bar, he wasn’t drunk, but he had that sweet feeling alcohol gives you. He opened the car door and sat inside, only to be startled by a youngish boy sitting behind him, he turned and waved his knife at the boy.

“Hello Dean, that’s no way to treat your baby” the boy said, he was maybe in his 24, petite body, and he wore a leather black vest and leather black pants that complimented his almost feminine body. That boy looked like he escaped some gay porn movie.

“Who are you or better yet what are you?” Dean asked without taking his eyes off of the boy, that surprisingly didn’t seem to care about the knife that was directly to his face.

“I thought you would recognize me, but I was wrong, my human form doesn’t quite remind my previous one” the boy said. Dean was confused, this boy talked nonsense.

“My name is Chevy” he said. Dean looked at him. “Weird name for a person” he thought. 

“Ok and what are you doing here?” he asked, Chevy smiled “to give you some good time of course babe” 

“Wow! I’m not into guys dude and who send you anyway?” he protested

“Really Dean? Are you gonna act like you’re not a bisexual? I know you better than anyone, also nobody send me, but maybe if I tell you my full name you’ll realize who I’m” Chevy said. Dean was still feeling weird about all that bisexual talk, yes he had some feelings about Cass and then about Bennie but he wasn’t bisexual, or was he?

“My name is Chevrolet Impala ’67” Chevy said making Dean looked at him like he was crazy.

“Yeah and I’m a Mercendes” Dean said laughing

“Amara changed me into a human form to give you what you wish” Chevy continued

“Wait, Amara? She did this? and still I never believed my car was a guy” Dean said

“I’m a car, I don’t have a gender, Amara only materializes what would be best for you, and don’t tell me you don’t like me, because I can see your crotch bulging from back here” Chevy said. Dean looked at his crotch and placed his hand to hide it. He was thinking all those fantasies he had fucking Impala as a woman and that’s why he got a boner, not that Chevy back there wasn’t nice, he was fine as fuck! His body would tremble under him if he decided to fuck him. 

“Don’t overthinking it Dean, get in the back seat and let’s have some fan baby” Chevy said. Dean got out of the driver’s seat and sat in the backseat along with Chevy. 

“That’s better isn’t it Dean?” Chevy said kissing his neck softly, Dean grabbed Chevy’s face and kissed him passionately, somehow he could feel it was his “baby” now, somehow he knew it, it wasn’t a rouse, it wasn’t a lie, Chevy turned into hot boy for his pleasure only. His hands touched Chevy’s smooth chest, and then he unbuttoned his vest, when Chevy’s nipples came into view, Dean locked his eyes with him and slowly licked them, and bit them softly, as Chevy moaned and messed Dean’s hair. 

“Dean, you are amazing” Chevy said touching his back and his arms. Dean leaned Chevy on the backseat and then slowly kissing his chest and his belly and turned him on his stomach, pulled his leather pants off, smooth legs, and an amazing ass, Dean moaned at the site of Chevy’s bubble butt. Dean buried his face between Chevy’s buttcheeks and used his tongue to torture his tight butthole, he could feel it tremble. 

“Ahh Dean, ahhh, your tongue is so hot in there…” Chevy said between moans of pleasure. He used two fingers to loosen up Chevy’s butthole, Chevy moaned louder.

“You like that don’t you?” Dean asked with a cocky smile

“I love that, what else have I been missing by being a car?” Chevy asked, Dean got back inside the car, sitting next to him. 

“This” he said and unbuttoned his jeans releasing his cock. Dean Winchester’s cock was like its master, legendary. Thick, veiny, meaty and uncut. Veins bulged and throbbed around it, while dark brown silky pubic hairs framed his package.

“That’s so hot” Chevy said transfixed by Dean’s big cock.

“Is it? Show me how much you like it Chevy?” Dean said, Chevy bend over Dean and held his junk on his hand, he used his tongue and licked the glans, slowly, he stopped at the corona and then he started again, he seemed to love the fact that every time his tongue touched the glans, Dean trembled and his cock got harder.

“Come on take it, in your mouth baby” Dean said and grabbed Chevy’s head and pushed it many times on his cock, facefucking him. Chevy didn’t resist. Dean kept thrusting his waist upwards and moving Chevy’s head simultaneously, burying his big cock in his mouth, almost reaching throat, he could feel it. Chevy didn’t even gag. Dean moaned crazed by sexual tension. He let Chevy breath, without even flinching Chevy, let his cock out of his mouth and while it was doused with his saliva, Chevy smiled and did it again, Dean pushed him again and again, he could feel his balls twitching as he facefucked him, his entire cock was inside Chevy’s mouth, only his balls stayed out of it, but even his balls had saliva that escaped Chevy’s lips and dripped down on him. Dean was sweating and feeling his dick like a volcano ready to erupt it’s thick lava. 

“Stop! Straddle me baby, let me fuck your ass” Dean pleaded crazed by pleasure

“You are the driver Dean, I do what you wish” Chevy replied making Dean even more hard than before.

 Chevy straddle him, touching with his perfect bubble butt his hard cock and feeling his desire to fuck him. He danced slowly touching his cock a bit with his ass again, Dean sat looking at him, lust dancing in his eyes, being sweaty, and touching Chevy’s nipples. He didn’t know if he liked to fuck guys, but he wanted so bad to fuck Chevy right now, he had a perfect body, and a perfect attitude. Dean grabbed his cock and set it upright, he pushed his glans on Chevy’s butthole, he moaned and sat down taking it in slowly, while he cried out little cries of pleasure as his ass seemed to tight to handle Dean. “You’re so tight baby” Dean said while kissing Chevy’s neck and thrusting his waist upwards, his cock was almost in. Chevy moaned softly, but it was obvious he was trying to take it like a champ. He tried hard not to yell.

“Chevy baby, yell, scream, do what you feel” Dean said, Chevy let out a scream and a cry, pleasure and pain in one scream, as his ass was being penetrated by Dean’s hard cock. “Stop it Dean, I don’t think I can handle it” Chevy said as Dean increased his speed and thrusted his cock in his ass. “Relax your butt Chevy” Dean said, Chevy relaxed, and then he did something that drove Dean crazy in pleasure. Chevy bobbed up and down and the large cock, taking it in, crying but he didn’t stop. He could feel his ass complaining and squeaking but he didn’t stop. He was here in a human for, to please his driver, Dean Winchester. Dean moaned and with his hands grabbed his hair, trying to comprehend the pleasure this amazing fuck caused him

“Fuck! Give it to me! That’s right, dance on my cock” Dean yelled

“It hurts, but I won’t stop, I have to please you Dean, I want to feel your cums inside my ass” Chevy said

“If you keep jumping on my cock like this, you will feel it soon” Dean said.

The whole car reeked of sweat and testosterone, Dean groaned and moaned, as Chevy was bobbing his body up and down, taking his cock inside his ass and crying out while his ass was penetrated again and again. Chevy’s body trembled, Dean felt it too, and looked at Chevy with wide open eyes, before he could talk, Chevy dick shot jets of sperm on Dean’s chest and abs. Somehow Dean didn’t felt disgusted by this but excited. He grabbed Chevy’s waist and he thrusted his waist so fast, fucking him that he felt a little burn on his cock by the whole friction. Chevy yelled in pain as Dean groaned loudly and felt his balls explode into a volcano of sperm. Chevy slowly sit down on his cock and took it all in his ass, all of it, with a glance of pure pleasure. That made Dean horny again! Dean was panting, Chevy climbed off of him, and sat as straight as he could next to him, his ass felt so sore. “Wow, that was…” Dean couldn’t find the words. Chevy smiled “When Amara made me a human, I hated it, but now, I wish I could always be around so you can fuck me like this Dean, you are a pornstar fucker, and that is not just to compliment you” 

“Thanks, here’s another question though, if you are my car in a human form, how come we are inside my car right now?” 

“This car represents my true form Dean, my essence was transferred in a body by Amara, and I will return to this car again, so I will always be with you” Chevy said.

“I still can’t believe you are a guy, who’s getting a cock like the best slut, but still a guy” Dean said smiling

“I think you always knew I was a guy Dean. That’s why you loved me so much, also, if you ever feel hard, just open my reservoir and stick your cock in there, I will feel it, trust me” Chevy said

“That’s messed up” Dean replied feeling he needed some sleep. When he woke up by his phone ringing, Chevy wasn’t there, not in a human form anyway and he was shirtless and horny again, maybe he would rethink that reservoir option Chevy said.


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