Agent Weller’s Other Skills

This is a sex fiction of “Blindspot” that contains gay and incest sex. If you are a minor do not read this and leave this site.

“Hey Liam, just wait a minute so I can change” Weller said to his 19 year old nephew. He had visited him in Seattle, and they were about to go out and have some drinks.Weller removed his shirt and wore another one, as he started buttoning it up, he notice Liam watching him with a soft smile to his lips.

“What is it?” Weller asked.

“I always liked men with hairy chests” Liam replied shocking Kurt.

“Well, I know you’re gay but hitting on your uncle isn’t wise son” he said but left the rest of his shirt unbuttoned, his hairy chest was visible.

“Oh come on uncle, stop being such a prude, I just said I like your hairy chest, you are a fine man” Liam replied. Weller walked towards him, with hands on his waist. 

“Yeah? Have you ever been with a man before?” Weller asked

“If you just know, no, just blowjobs” Liam replied

“Wow, too much information” Weller replied but felt a bit aroused thinking that pretty mouth of his nephew around some cock.

“Come on, like you didn’t know I like sucking cocks” Liam replied

“Let’s change the subject son, this conversation is making me…” Weller said

“uncomfortable?” Liam replied

“Hard” Weller said and realized he said it out loud. His nephew looked at him smiling.

“I can help you with that” he said and rubbed his uncle’s crotch. Weller didn’t move until his nephew reached to unbutton his jeans.

“Stop! This is not appropriate” Weller said

“I don’t care, I want this” Liam said and touched Weller’s bulge.

“Fuck this” Weller said and unbuttoned his jeans freeing his cock. 

“Uncle this is…big!” Liam said and licked his glans. Weller closed his eyes and moaned, as he felt his nephew’s tongue wrapped around his cock. It was so wrong and yet his felt his cock ready to explode.

“You’re driving me crazy!” Weller said

Liam held his uncle’s cock by it base and licked it like it was a lollipop. Slowly wrapping his tongue around its glans and then the shaft. Then he sucked those big hairy balls. Weller moaned and pushed him towards them.

“Fuck! Fuck!” he yelled as he felt his nephew playing with his balls. Liam stood up and removed his jeans. His smooth ass, made Weller drool. 

“I’m gonna destroy this ass” he said as he slapped him. 

“Be gentle, it’s my first time, I always wanted it to be you” Liam said

“Gentle? If you wanted gentle you shouldn’t have come to me son”

“You want to hear a secret uncle Kurt?” Liam asked

“Shoot” Weller said

“I fantasized about you fucking me many many times” Liam said, that caused Weller’s cock to turn hard as stone

“You want to hear a secret too son?” Weller said


“Remember that time in high school where you came to tell us about being accepted in the school’s band and you played that trumpet?” Weller asked

“I remember” Liam said looking at his uncle’s blue eyes

“Well, all I was looking was your mouth wrapped around that trumpet and thinking how my cock would look in your mouth” he said, Liam let a sharp breath out. His uncle was a stud, and that was enough to make Liam lose his inhibitions about him.

“Bend over to the desk” Welller said, with the tone he used to order his tea, at the FBI. “Yes sir” his nephew replied and obliged. He felt his uncle’s hand on his ass, grabbing him and then he felt his big finger being inserted in his ass.

“You’re smooth all the way huh?” Weller said smiling

“I did it for you, I wanted to seduce you afterwards when you would be drunk”

“You pervert boy” Weller said and got on his knees, he spread Liam’s buttcheeks and watched his little tight virgin hole tremble. He buried his face there and with his tongue he send shivers of pleasure to Liam who moaned and he could barely contain himself. Weller’s facial hair pricked and tickled his smooth ass and added to the pleasure. Liam held onto the desk, as he felt he would scream if his uncle kept sucking and fucking his butthole like that. Weller looked at his nephew butthole, it was ready. He pushed his cock into the hole but only for a bit, then he started brushing it up and down. He could feel Liam tremble from desire.

“Please fuck me uncle” Liam pleaded

“No” Weller said in a sadistic tone as he kept brushing his uncut sausage on Liam’s butthole. Liam pushed his ass towards the cock, that’s what Weller wanted, he wanted to drive him crazy and ask for it. 

“Are you ready for it?” he asked Liam

“Yes” Liam said as he held onto the desk, Weller pushed his cock slowly into his nephew’s butt, he felt the tight ass opening, it was hard, because Liam’s butt wouldn’t oblige. Liam moaned and cried out as Weller pushed further inside.

“If you’re yelling now, imagine later” Weller said

“I don’t think I can take it, this is painful” Liam said, without the confidence he had before.

“There’s no backing off now, you will take it like a man” Kurt said and stabbed him more inserting his whole length inside Liam who couldn’t even cry out, he was panting and the pain made him clutch that desk, as if that would make the huge cock in his ass less painful. Weller stayed there, without moving, he wanted Liam’s ass to loosen up a bit. Liam could feel that throbbing cock deep inside his ass, and it hurt so bad. He knew his uncle was all man, but he never imagined it would be so painful. He felt his uncle’s cock grinding in his ass, as Weller pulled out slowly, his cock was hugged by Liam’s tight ass, that gave a pleasant sensation as he was pulling his cock out, Weller pushed back in, that made Liam cry out. Every thrust made Liam feel like his ass was on fire, as Weller picked up the pace, and moved faster, the friction made it all too painful for Liam, Weller on the other hand loved how his cock was hugged by his nephew’s tight ass. He moaned in pleasure and held Liam by his shoulders so he can stab him with his manhood repeatedly. 

“Fuck! Take it all in baby” Weller said sweating like crazy

“Slower uncle, slower” Liam cried out

“Fuck, I can’t go slower” Weller said as his fuck became a hard pounding, that made the desk complain under their weight and Weller’s thrusts.

“Ahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Liam yelled, it was pleasure and it was pain, he never believed he would feel so much pain and also not wanting his uncle to stop.

“Yeah! Take it! You’re so fucking tight” Weller said as he leaned on his nephew’s back. Liam felt his uncle’s hairy warm chest on his back, he could feel his breath in his neck. His waist moved like a well oiled machine, repeatedly, opening his ass, stretching him. He felt Weller panting behind him, and then his uncle grabbed his hands and held them pinned down, causing Liam’s upper body to lean down as his ass lifted upwards. If the fuck was painful before, now Liam was crying loudly as Weller slammed his whole waist on his ass, and held him pinned down on the desk.

He was fucking like a mad man. Weller yelled and groaned as he kept fucking his nephew, he was doused in his own swear, that caused their skin to stick and cause more arousal to both of them. Weller sat down on the bed “reverse cowgirl, go go go” he yelled, Liam took position with his back towards his uncle and took his cock up his ass, now it was his turn to bob up and down, taking that hard cock, Weller had his hands under his head, observing Liam as he fucked himself on his uncle’s cock.

“Yeah take it like a champ” he said

“I love it uncle, I love your cock!” Liam replied making Weller to moan and grabbed his buttcheeks holding them together, that caused friction on his dick as Liam moved up and down getting fucked. Liam loved how his ass felt loose after so much fuck and started bobbing hard up and down, taking that whole junk inside his ass.

“Fuck! Keep going like that” Weller groaned, and thrusted his waist upwards giving to Liam more cock to sit on. It took only a few minutes for Weller to groan “Climb off”

Liam lied down as Weller sat on his chest, and stroked his cock, Liam noticed those beautiful pubic hair that led to a trail hair and connected to the rest of his uncle abdomen. He heard Weller moan loudly and then he stabbed his mouth with his meaty cock, as he unloaded his balls. Liam squeezed Weller’s balls as he kept coming, he believed his uncle came a lot, but this was a huge load. Weller lied next to him, panting, while Liam swallowed that bitter load down his throat. His ass felt sore and open, penetrated by his uncle, but somehow that made him happy, he felt content. 

“I think I’m going to fuck you again” Weller said as he turned Liam on his sto,such and stick his cock inside his ass, fucking him into oblivion…until their bed broke and Liam couldn’t walk straight anymore.


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