Gay Affair (A Jensen Ackles Sex Fiction)

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles
“You came?” he asked Jensen as he heard him undress in the dark.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t get out of it, my wife had planned a whole fucking party” Jensen replied. When Kyle turned to look at him, all his sleepiness was gone, he was wearing only a light green t-shirt that hugged his lean body and black tight boxers. Those boxers were sexier when they were bulging with his cock like they did now. He looked at Kyle and licked his lips, smiling at him. “If you’re tired we can just sleep” he said. Jensen was like that, he was never pushy or bossy, unless it came to sex, there he was a real stud. But he would never force you to get out of bed just for him to fuck you. He wanted you to like his fuck. “Are you kidding? I won’t let a handsome guy without…special treatment” Kyle said and smiled back. He loved Jensen’s new haircut. It made him look so hot and it gave him a bad boy vibe. Like Dean Winchester had slipped through Jensen a bit. Yeah that was the recipe, a Dean Winchester with a lot of Jensen. He lied to the bed next to Kyle, and as he spooned him, Kyle felt his manhood poking at his backdoor. Jensen was hard before even they started. Maybe it was because they haven’t seen each other for weeks, for Kyle that was exhausting. He was jerking off daily thinking of Jensen. Jensen couldn’t even jerk as he was working and when he wasn’t, he was sleeping because filming was tiring.

Jensen kissed him on the neck from behind, holding him close and poking him with his manhood through his boxers, as Kyle moaned Jensen slipped his hand and lowered Kyle’s underwear just enough for his ass to be visible. He put his hand inside and grabbed his ass. “Hmmm smooth just how I like it” he said to Kyle.

“Smooth to the hole baby” Kyle said as Jensen moved his finger to Kyle’s butthole and realized Kyle had even trimmed it there, it was so smooth he felt his cock twitch.

“This time Kyle, we are gonna try that other thing I said” Jensen said

“What other thing?” Kyle asked

“No lube” Jensen said and his breath burned Kyle’s neck with desire

“Wouldn’t that hurt?” Kyle said knowing how big Jensen’s cock was

“A bit, but that’s the fun about it” Jensen replied and rubbed his crotch against Kyle’s naked butt. 

“Ok” Kyle agreed and Jensen lowered his own boxers, releasing the kraken.

Kyle could feel its fiery aura, next to his butt, Jensen adjusted himself and held Kyle from behind then he pushed his cock inside his ass. Slowly but steady and painfully.

“Ahhhhh!” Kyle moaned and clutched the pillow as if that would make the burning sensation of his ass being stretch go. “Shhh relax” Jensen said behind him as he was spooning him and pushing his hard cock inside him, while he tensed his muscles and moving his waist. “Ah Jensen, I think I will scream” Kyle said and pushed him softly. 

“Then scream baby” he said and his hot breath touched Kyle’s neck. Jensen held him by his waist, and thrusted his cock against his ass. “Ahhhhh! Fuck!” Kyle cried out, Jensen kissed him on his neck and slowly moved his waist relentlessly.

“Ahh yeah, I love it, I love your ass baby” he said with his husky voice

“Hmmm” Kyle didn’t reply, he moaned and tried not to yell like a bitch while he felt Jensen’s Texan sausage shoved up his ass moving in and out. He felt his body sweating and his ass tingling, inside the pain there was pleasure. He felt his cock tembling ready to cum as Jensen fucked him. 

“Yeah baby that’s it, fuck my dick” Jensen said, and Kyle moved his ass on Jensen’s cock. Jensen was still spooning him and rubbing Kyle’s chest as he was fucking him.

He moaned on his ear, and Kyle loved it, then his started speeding up. His thrusts were stronger. “I’m coming” he yelled, and his waist moved relentlessly and strong, in and out, Kyle’s ass felt sore, but he did t want Jensen to stop. “Fuck me!” he yelled

“I’m fucking you! I’m fucking you bitch!” he groaned, the bed squeaked under the stress of their fuck. Jensen loved to spoon fuck Kyle, but this was entirely new sensation, no lube, and Kyle trembled as he was coming from his dick, Jensen stabbed him deeply and stayed there as he trembled and blew his load. Sweating and panting, his entire body was one with Kyle’s. He pulled his cock out and Kyle turned to look at him. Jensen kissed him on his lips. They slept all night, when Kyle woke up, Jensen was dressed. 

“Have to go, how about a blowjob for the road?” he asked. Kyle smiled and got on his knees as Jensen unbuttoned his jeans and released his kraken once again.


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