Smooth With Booth! 

Summary: Seeley Booth, a respected FBI agent with a dirty secret, he loves to fuck male butts. 
Seeley locked the hotel room’s door and smiled at Kyle as he loosened his tie. He had a dirty little secret, he liked to fuck nice tight male butts. Especially like Kyle’s who had the best butt ever, smooth, tight, and ready to take a pounding. Kyle smiled at him too as he watched him approach. He felt his butthole tremble whenever he saw Booth in his suit, especially with loosened tie.

“Hey there love” he said with a soft husky voice as he stood in front of him, with his hands in his pockets. Kyle wore nothing but a thong, that complimented his butt that shined because of the oil his used. Seeley could barely contain himself. His dress pants started showing a bulge. 

“Hey is that a gun or are you happy to see me?” Kyle asked laughing

“That’s my cock, and you’re gonna suck it” Seeley replied, he was so good with dirty talk. Kyle got on his knees, and with a submissive look in his eyes, he unzipped Booth’s pants, his cock fell out of its prison. Not too big, but quite thick, with nice veins that were wrapped around and gave it an awesome look. He licked its tip slowly, watching Booth tremble and moaning with his eyes closed. Kyle sucked Seeley’s cock with thirst, he sucked it so intensely, that Booth groaned loudly t his waist towards him, almost choking him.

“Fuck! You are a hungry boy Kyle” he joked, Kyle without touching Seeley’s cock, he kept sucking it, moving his head front and back, as Seeley hand his hands on his belt buckle that said “Cocky”

“FBI has the best sausage” Kyle said as Booth stroked his cock. Kyle positioned himself on the bed, he spread his legs, and lowered his torso, leaving his ass upwards. Booth felt he would come just by that sight. 

“Come on Agent Booth, arrest me” Kyle said

“I will arrest you so hard you bastard” Booth groaned as he removed his clothes.

Completely naked he climbed on the bed and hovered his waist over Kyle’s ass.

Then he buried his cock in his ass, hearing Kyle cry out like a bitch, he always did that. It was a genuine cry of pain. Booth liked visiting the dry docks without lubricant. He wasn’t a finger the ass guy, he just plugged it in and pounded. Kyle’s first time with Booth was quite a fuck, Kyle cried like a bitch while Booth asked him if he wanted to stop, Kyle said no while crying harder. Now Kyle didn’t cry, but he yelled as his ass couldn’t comprehend the fact that Booth wanted to fuck like a sailor.

“Fuck me!” Kyle yelled as Booth buried his cock deep inside his ass.

“I’m gonna destroy your ass and you’re gonna cry again bitch” Booth replied as he pulled his cock out but before all was out, he thrusted his waist again. This continued until that slow in and out became a quick one. Booth was a pounder, he liked to pound his bitches. Kyle cried, moaned and kept his buttcheeks open with his hands, and Seeley fucked him like he was just some hole. The bed squeaked in a rhythm under them. “Ohhhh fuck yeah” Seeley moaned while slapping Kyle’s butt. They were both sweaty, Seeley had pushed Kyle on the bed, and fucked him so hard that Kyle yelled “Stop it” but it was of no use. Seeley Booth was a stand up guy in his life, so whenever it came to Kyle, he became the jackass wild fucker he always wanted,

Booth kept his cums until he felt Kyle’s ass loosened. When he felt it this time, he stabbed Kyle in his ass and released his load, small jets sprayed Kyle in his ass. Kyle moaned while Booth groaned loudly. Booth climbed off Kyle and lay on his back while Kyle stayed as he was, both panting. 

“I ruined you this time huh?” Booth boasted

“You ruin my ass every time, and I like it” Kyle replied. Just in time Booth’s phone rang. When he hanged up he turned towards Kyle “There’s been a case, can you make me come in three minutes before I go?” He asked.

“My mouth will make your cock explode” Kyle said and took Seeley’s cock in his mouth ready to drain it as Seeley moaned and pushed him with his hand.


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