Total Jock!

When I decided to visit that new bar down the street, I never thought that I would find such pleasures in there. I’m Kyle, I’m 22 years old, I would say gay, but the truth is I’m just open to all things, I enjoy having sex with girls as much as getting fucked by a nice guy, they say I’m Bi but I don’t like labels.

 When I walked in that bar I noticed many good stuff, first of all it smelled new, fresh painting, fresh furniture. Happy people. Second of all many hot people inside but I set my eyes at the jock who was talking with his friends. He seemed really tall,Mitch blond/reddish hair, clever blue eyes, and hot smile. He was a real stud. Tall, muscular and hot. If he had a big dick then he had the whole package!

I sat in the bar and ordered a beer. Then I send one large beer towards the jock.

I looked at him when the waitress told him I send it. He looked at me surprised, and I winked. Then he smiled. I knew he was mine when he smiled.

Men who don’t want to fuck you always send the beer back or look at you like you are a piece of shit. But not The Jock, he was drinking my beer and stood up leaving his friends and joining me at the bar. He wore a wool sweater, that hugged his muscular torso and dark blue jeans. When he sat next to me, I smelled deodorant and his sweat. This man was at the gym or something. I didn’t mind, I loved sweaty men.

“Hey there, I’m Danny Wheeler” he said and turned towards me to watch me with those blue eyes.

“Hey Danny Wheeler, I’m Kyle, and I find you hot” I said, he laughed and drank a bit from his beer.

“I should tell you, I’m not into guys, but you were kind enough to buy me beer so I should return the favor” he said implying more than he said.

“I would like that” I replied. He stood up slowly. “Follow me at the men’s bathroom” he said and nodded at his friends. They seemed confused, Danny went to the bathroom with me following him and admiring his tight big manly ass.As I looked towards his friend they were looking at me so I did the blowjob signature showing Danny, they rolled their eyes and then laughed. The good thing about the men’s room was that it was large, the bad thing was that the doors wouldn’t lock. Only if we went into a stall, and it wasn’t comfy for a man like Danny. So I felt a bit brave and told him I would do it right there, not caring if they caught me on his dick. He laughed and seemed kinda turned on by my suggestion. 

 Danny unzipped his jeans and let out his big cock, I grabbed by its base and while I stroked it a bit, I licked its glans, Danny moaned softly, he was a moaner, that meant he was gonna scream when I would take it all in my mouth. I made my mouth O shaped and took his cock in, it was large and thick and its veins made it look intimidating. I took some of his cock in my mouth pretending I couldn’t take anymore. The truth is untrained mouths would never fit that 8 inch meat in their mouths, but I wasn’t untrained, so I locked my eyes with his as he looked at me with a smug smile and took it in slowly, when he saw his entire cock was inside my mouth he groaned, and I felt his dick twitch. I grabbed his balls and softly moved my head, massaging his glans while it was still all inside my mouth. Danny grabbed my head and facefucked me in a wild way. I pushed him slowly, I could suck a big dick but facefucked by it would choke me. He stopped and as I let it out of ,y mouth I noticed my saliva gave it a shiny look. I stood up and took my jeans off, Danny slapped my smooth butt, and I could see he wanted to fuck me hard by his hungry glance. He removed his shirt and revealed his muscular torso, his had chest hair, not too much but enough to turn me on, his abs and those muscles all around his torso made me drool. I knew he was an athlete but seeing him without a shirt made me feel like I would cum just by watching him. I touched his nipples and then slowly nibbled on them, first the one then the other, as he caressed my hair while I was doing it. He smelled of sweat and manliness. I imagined him I the field, playing hockey, feeling sweaty and ready to win his opponents. What I loved about sports was that there was something sexual about them. When one team won, the other felt like they e been fucked or something, I imagined Danny getting an erection while he won the game. His nipples were hard now and he turned me to face the faucet. I bend down and let my ass be his. I heard him wearing a condom took a deep breath and tried not to scream as I felt his sausage penetrating me. I held the wooden counter as if that would stop the pain. It wasn’t my first time, but it was my first time I let an 8 inch cock fuck me. The first time I met a guy with such cock I was afraid to sit on it. Now I couldn’t do anything. Danny buried his cock deep inside my ass and kept pushing, I thought my ass would explode. I moaned trying not to cry out. Then he grabbed me by my shoulders and boost himself while he went in and out. 

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Ahhhhh! My ass” I yelled

“Yeah, take it all in, all in babe” he groaned, I couldn’t reply to his comments all I wanted to do was to scream. It was painful and yet I didn’t want him to stop, I wanted him to fuck me hard as he did. I loved feeling his cock twitch inside my ass, or feel him tense while he fucked me. I loved how sore my ass felt when he pulled his cock just before he buried it in again. 

“Your ass is so tight! So tight bitch” Danny yelled

“Fuck! Fuck my ass Danny” I said and as I said it he thrusted harder, my cock was so hard that I felt it would come any minute. Just then he reached and while he kept banging me he started jerking me off. I felt my ass tremble as I yelled and blew my load, my cock came so hard, I never thought I could come so much, but probably having a jock fucking your ass and jerking you off was a big help.

Danny leaned on my back and I loved feeling his muscular torso on my back. He held my hands pinned down on the counter and he fucked me so hard and fast I cried like a bitch. Only when he was coming he slowed down and his thrust were deep, he groaned and I felt his cock twitch before he blew his load in his condom. I turned to look at the door, when I saw a man standing surprised to see us in such a position. Danny took the condom off of his dick and threw it in the trash bin without caring, he zipped his pants, while I did the same, feeling my ass sore. I couldn’t even walk straight when I left that bathroom. 


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