Sexual Tension

This is an incest gay story, it’s a fiction, none of this is real, I’m not Sullivan Stapleton’s son,I do not know him personally and I never had any sexual intercourse with him. 
Sullivan Stapleton, a name known to a lot of people, to me too, but for me he is my father. He didn’t know I was his son until recently, I’m 19 years old and I’m a cute gay guy, I haven’t told daddy that, and I wasn’t planning until I saw him. I knew he was an actor but I never looked him up. But since I met him at the airport in LA. I had forbidden thoughts, the man was a hunk, he was all man, and he had the best blue eyes ever, the same as mine. He hugged me but all I could thing was if he was a good fucker. He wore a denim buttoned up shirt and dark blue jeans. Even with those casual clothes he was fucking hot. I went there to see and meet my father and all I was doing was drooling all over him. To my defense if he was around, I would have registered in my mind he was my father and I wouldn’t think such perverse scenarios but now for me he was just a man, a hunky man who happened to be my father.

“What are you thinking son?” he asked, this phrase should have made me feel more like his son, but it turned me on instead.

“Oh nothing, it’s just LA seems so big” I pretended that I was watching the buildings as he was driving.

“I’m glad you’re here, if I had know sooner I would be present when you were growing up” he said.

“No hard feelings Dad, I know you didn’t know about me” I replied and he seemed a bit more at ease. We stopped for some pizza and then we went to his apartment which was quite big. He showed me around the house and we decided to get some rest. I jerked off like crazy in the bathroom and even when I came, I was turned on.

For the evening Sully had called some of his friends to meet me, we ate and then drank some beers, they did, I was busy fantasizing about my father and his bulge that I could see through his jeans. When everybody left he sat at the couch, happy, I sat next to him.

“That was exhausting?” he said, I could smell beer on his breath

“It was fun too” I said

“Yeah it was” he said and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing me closer to him. I caressed his leg slowly, and then I took a chance and went for his crotch, massaging and grabbing. He didn’t speak for some minutes but I could feel he was tense, also I could feel he was getting hard.

“Wait wait, what are you doing? This is insane” he said, looking at me with those blue piercing eyes

“What does it look like Sully?” I asked, I said his name instead of “dad” because I didn’t want to remind him we were related.

“I think you should stop” he said, but I could tell he was unsure

“Just tell me, do you like it?” I asked

“Yes, no! Stop, just stop it ok?” He said, he was confused.

“If you like it, then it’s not wrong, we can pretend we aren’t related” I said, to be honest I didn’t felt related to him, only turned on.

“But we are related! I’m your fucking father!” he yelled

“Hey, relax if you don’t want that, I will stop ok?” I said, the man had principles, so I stopped and went to bed. While he remained on his couch, confused and drinking more beer. 

I woke up by his touch he was lying next to me smiling, and touching my cheek,

“Hey” he said softly, I smiled and realized he was wearing nothing but his black tight boxers that couldn’t hide his boner. His chest was hairy in a sexy way, so sexy I leaned and kissed it. While he moaned softly. I loved touching his chest, but what I loved more was touching that bulge in his boxers.

“Just for tonight, I won’t be your father, but I will be your daddy” he said

“I will please that cock whatever you decide to be” I replied and peppered his chest with kiss until I reached his abdomen, and then closer to his boxer. I stopped and looked at him. He was laying there on his back, his hands under his head. 

“Suck my cock son” he said, a simple phrase that almost made me come for him.

I pulled his boxers down, his cock was thick, around 16-17cm but quite thick and veiny and uncut, it seemed like a sausage. His pubic hair were trimmed, not shaved. 

I buried my face to his crotch and rubbed his cock and balls all over ,y face, I could feel he got harder by that. I grabbed his cock and stroked it.

“This is a large dick daddy” I said 

“Fuck, if you keep talking like this I’m gonna come in your hands” he growled.

I sucked his crown only, while stroking slowly his shaft, his blue eyes showed me he was turned on beyond reason. I stopped, I didn’t want him to come just yet.

“Fuck, you are amazing, you suck cocks like a champ” he said.

“I’m a cocksucker for a long time dad” I said

“You suck a lot of cocks?” He asked me, a conversation that also turned me on. I sucked his cock softly before replying “I have sucked many of them” I said

“I don’t like that” he said and moaned as I took his cock deep inside my mouth.

“Sorry, but I don’t care, I don’t like girls” I said

“No I didn’t meant the gay thing, I meant I don’t like that you suck many cocks” he explained

“But I like them” I said smiling and sucking his, until only his balls were outside.

“You sure do! Fuck! Ahhhh! Fuck!” he yelled and I could see he was sweaty.

“I think I should stop sucking your cock and start sitting on it” I said, he agreed and we changed position.

“Lay down, on your back, spread your legs” he gave me instructions 

“You’re gonna be my first fuck in this position” I said

“I want you to watch your daddy as he fucks you” he said and slapped my butt

“I feel kinda uneasy looking someone when they fuck me” I said

“Why? Don’t you wanna see what are you doing to me?” He asked

“The way you put it, it sounds sexy, but most guys hate fuck me, they do it with so much hate, and they slap my ass, and they yell at me and call me names” 

Sully looked at me. He touched my cheek “I’m sorry, if I was there for you I would have fucked all of those guys for treating you like this” he said.

“I kinda liked it, but I don’t like watching them while they fuck me”

Sully positioned himself between my legs. It felt so good feeling his body touching me. He leaned closer to me smiled and pushed his cock inside my ass.

I heard someone moaning like a bitch and then realized it was me. Sully groaned and seemed to be struggling to not come. 

“Fuck, your ass! Your ass is so…tight” he said while thrusting his cock slowly, my ass felt the ridges of his cock, just like a sausage, a hot thick sausage, that fucked my hole. I could feel his cock pulsating and twitch. Sully was going to come, unless he could withhold his cum, but I doubt it. My legs around his waist, his hands holding my face, his blue eyes on mine. He groaned and smiled as he was giving it to me.

I had been fucked before, but I never felt so connected as I did now. Watching him plow my hole and smiling at me while he groaned. 

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna come” he warned me. I pinched his nipples and then he groaned loudly and rested his face to my neck while he banged me harder and harder and so much faster, I moaned loudly, as the friction from his cock in my ass made me cum before him. I clutched his back and maybe scratched him as he released his cums and grabbed my face.

“Look at me, look at me while I cum inside your ass” he said. His face a mask of orgasmic frustration, he groaned, and I felt his warm sperm flooding my ass. 

His blue like the sea eyes, went from heavy sea to complete serenity. He rested his face on my neck, panting, we were both sweaty, and I could feel his sperm escaping my butthole. We did a really perverted thing but still I felt like it was the best thing ever.

The next day I felt my ass sore and kinda tingly, as if he wanted more of daddy’s cock.

He made me breakfast and while we were eating he said “do you like orange juice?” 

“I prefer milk” I said, he looked at the fridge “we are out” he replied.

“No we aren’t” I replied and got on my knees while he smiled and unzipped his shorts…


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