Her Boyfriend, My Fucker

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Derek Theler
It’s been a long time since we saw Kayla, since she moved to LA we would only see her on some Christmases and some Easters. My cousin Kayla is an amazing person and she wanted to be an agent, like those who book stuff for celebrities. Her parents supported her every step of the way and now she was able to do what she loves.

It was quite the surprise when I was called to my aunt’s house for something important and found Kayla there, she answered the door when I knocked and hugged me tight.

“Oh my, Kayla, when did you came?” I asked 

“Just now, come on in I want to catch up with you but first meet my boyfriend, Derek” she said and a tall guy stood up. Ok the word “guy” isn’t right, for him the words that describes him best is “stud”. He had bronze/reddish short hair, and a scruff, blue eyes, and a muscular physique, I could tell by the way his plaid shirt stretched on his body and his jeans, couldn’t hide that package!

“Hey, I have heard so much about you” Derek said and shook my hand

“Nice to meet you Derek” I said, and we sat for dinner. Even though I always liked talking with my cousin Kayla, this time I didn’t even listened to what she was talking about, all I did was looking at Derek and thinking how awesome would it be if I could suck his dick. Derek seemed down to earth and so in love with my cousin Kayla. I loved my cousin but if I could make this hunk fuck me, then I would. It’s like the ice cream where you have to taste it!

 My aunt and Kayla went for shopping and they left me and Derek home, we discussed a bit, he told he was an actor in his first steps, he was trying to land a major movie role. As he talked I was taking peeks at his chest, and bulge.

“You seem quite sculpted dude” I said trying to act like a bro to him. He laughed “Well I’m trying, so thanks” he said and removed his shirt to show me.

His muscular torso and abs could turn gay even a straight guy, he also had a bit of a hairy chest which added to his hotness. I reached and touched his abs.

“Hard” I said, and met his glance. He smiled at me now with a hungry glance and said “my abs are not the only thing hard on me right now” but before I could even touch his bulge on his jeans, we heard the key on the door, he took his shirt and ran to the bathroom while I pretended to watch tv with my ass trembling at the though of Derek wanting to fuck me. 

  Luckily for us my aunt is very old school so I would sleep with Derek in one room and my cousin in her own room. Kayla wasn’t that happy but she knew it was pointless to cause a fight with her mother. 

When Derek came to the room he took off his shirt and his jeans. He only wore tight boxers and he lay on his bed, looking at me with his eyes saying so much.

I couldn’t help but admire his amazing chest and abs…and that bulge that seemed ready to explode. 

“I think we left something in the middle” he said and lowered his boxers, his cock stretched outside, hard, veiny, thick and quite large.

“Oh my it’s so…” I started to say but he stopped me

“Shut up and take it in your mouth now” he said and moved a bit so I would lay on his bed. I grabbed it and took it in my mouth, it wasn’t easy to fit that monster com inside my mouth, but I tried hard and he moaned softly trying to be quiet.

“You suck dicks better than your cousin” he said as I moved up and down sucking his junk.

“I appreciate dicks more than her, I bet she doesn’t even like blowjobs” I said

“No, she does it to please me but I can feel she does not like it, but you, you stuck my dick like you want to eat it”

“I want to eat it” I said and took it again inside my mouth, and feeling it’s veins throbbing on my tongue, and Derek closing his eyes moaning a bit louder than before. I could feel he was trembling.

“Don’t cum yet” I said

“I can’t help it, your mouth is so fucking awesome” he said

“My ass is better” I said

“I didn’t know your ass was in the game too” he said

“It is but I have to say I have never taken such a big boy like you inside my ass before”

“This is gonna be fun” he said and he lay back wearing a condom as I straddled him. I could feel his manhood touching my butt, the latex along with the hotness of his cock caused a great sensation to my ass. I placed my hands grabbing my buttcheeks and spread them open, then as his cock stood already upright, I sat down and took it in, feeling my ass stretch, I kept sitting though taking it in. Derek bit his lips while I tried not to cry out. My ass was on fire and I hadn’t even finished sitting. 

“It hurts” I said and pushed a bit harder taking his cock in. My ass felt like I had a hot iron rod inside, a throbbing iron rod. I could feel my butthole trying to comprehend what was going on, I felt it trying to close and finding Derek’s hard thick cock blocking it. I moaned but what I wanted to do was to cry.

“Fuck you’re so tight” Derek said and moved his waist, making the sizzling pain even worse.

“Don’t move, it hurts!” I said, his big hands touched my legs and then thrust his waist upwards. “Stop! I said stop!” I said trying to sit comfortably on his cock. He kept thrusting me, like he didn’t care, I bit my lips and tried to take it like a man.

His big cock wasn’t an easy task, no matter how I tried to sit, his thrusts caused me pain and pleasure, I leaned on his chest as he destroyed my ass with some quick thrusts, I could hear my butt squeak under the duress. I moved up and down too not for pleasure but because his thrusts were painful if I sat still while he did them. His cock felt so deep inside me that I could feel his balls touching my butthole.

“Tell me how do you feel?” he asked me

“It hurts, you’re so big” I replied and he smiled his smug smile while I pushed his chest to lessen the tension. It was of no use, my ass was his and his cock was out to destroy it. He wasn’t my first man, but it felt like he was.

My ass felt sore and Derek didn’t seem to be close to coming so I climbed off of him and removed his condom, then I took his cock inside my mouth again and this time I used my whole tongue to make him cum. He trembled and even swore a little as he pushed my head against his dick and made me take all of his loads, it was more than one.

“Take it all in, all in, that’s it” he cried out as I sucked while he came, making his orgasm stronger. His cums were sweet and I swallowed them but not before I showed him my tongue that was full of them.

“Good bitch” he said and I swallowed. After that he took a shower while I slept with my ass feeling for the first time really fucked. He was a fucker alright.


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