Sully’s Little Bitch: Whitening Cream

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton.
Plot: Kyle is a 22 year old actor who has yet to meet his lucky strike on tv or movies lands a commercial next to Sullivan Stapleton, everything seems awesome until Sully starts to make some inappropriate comments 
Kyle practiced his moves as the set was getting ready for the shooting of the commercial. Sully walked in wearing a black suit with dark blue dress shirt and tie. He noticed Kyle and walked right towards him. 

“Hey there you must be Kyle” he said and shook Kyle’s hand. 

“Yes sir, how very nice to meet you” Kyle said feeling a bit intimidated by Sully, who noticed and smiled encouragingly at him.

“Don’t be so nervous, just act cool, it’ll be fine” Sully said and patted Kyle’s back.

Right on time the director yelled for everyone to get ready. Kyle was playing the plain guy who was interviewed by Sully about the toothpaste. Sully sitting across him with a microphone on his hand asked him.

“Hello Kyle, you’re here because you signed up for a challenge” Sully said, Kyle didn’t need to act nervous, he was nervous, but it was good because in this commercial he had to act as if he never was in front of the tv.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Stapleton, what challenge is this?” Kyle asked

“I want you to try White and Bright the best whitening creamy toothpaste that will brighten your teeth from the very first use.” Sully said enthusiastically as if he believed his words. Kyle took the toothpaste and squeezed some on his finger.

“It is so creamy but does it really whiten teeth by the first use? I don’t believe you” he said to Sully.

“No need to rely on my word, use it yourself right now” Sully said and gave Kyle a toothbrush. Kyle took it as the plot said, and used the sink they had placed on the set to theatrically wash his teeth. When the camera was on Sully, he rubbed some brightening cream on his teeth for the effect of the ad. Then he turned around and smiled.

“See? This smile is one that will brighten anyone’s day” Sully said and turned towards the camera “White and Bright, the first creamy toothpaste that will brighten your smile”.

It was a wrap, Sully stood with his hands on his waist in a manly pose and looked at Kyle.

“So it wasn’t that bad, was it?” he asked, Kyle was feeling more social now that the hard part was over.

“No, you made it easy, all I had to do was to pretend I was astounded by that creamy toothpaste, that isn’t even brighten my teeth unless I put that other cream on” he said laughing. 

“I have something creamy that will brighten your smile Kyle” Sully said, and nodded towards his crotch. Kyle felt his cheek reddening 

“Umm I’m not into men sir” he said

“I can open a lot of doors for you Kyle, just please me, that mouth is all I can think about since I walked in here and saw you” 

“I haven’t done that before, and I’m not sure I can do it right” Kyle said looking around to see if anyone heard them.

“I will walk you through it, all you have to do is get on your knees and open your mouth the rest is up to me” Sully said making hard to Kyle to resist.

“Ok, but where?” he asked

“Follow me, on my dressing room” he said and walked towards the exit door, before exiting he turned to an assistant there “hey I’m going to my dressing room, make sure nobody bothers me ok?” he said, the assistant nodded and Kyle followed Sully with trepidation for what he was about to do.

Sully’s dressing room was large, he locked the door behind them and removed his dress jacket. He was a handsome man. Kyle seemed nervous. Sully loosened his tie and with a soft smile on his lips he approached Kyle.

“Come on, you’re doing fine, just get on your knees” he said. Kyle awkwardly kneeled on the floor, as Sully stood in front of him, with his hands on his waist. 

“Don’t move just yet, I want to savor this moment” he said, looking at Kyle’s soft red cheeks. Then he unzipped his zipper and through that hole he freed his cock. It stood hard with a small curve down, it’s veins throbbed. Kyle leaned closer and licked the tip of Sully’s glans slowly, the taste wasn’t that bad, he twirled his tongue around looking straight ahead, feeling ashamed to look at Sully’s face, he wasn’t comfortable with what he was doing. Sully grabbed his head.

“Now I’m gonna fuck your mouth mate, so just remember to keep your mouth open, if you choke just push me, do not bite my fucking junk off ok?” Sully asked.

Kyle nodded without talking. Sully slowly pushed his hot rod inside Kyle’s mouth, feeling ripples of pleasure as he watched his cock slowly entering that mouth.

He reached deep but he didn’t push it, then he pulled out, Kyle kept closing his eyes or looking straight ahead.

“Hey Kyle, look at me, I want you to look at me, be shameless” he said

“Yes sir” Kyle replied and looked with an unsure glance at Sully’s penetrating blue gaze.

“That’s awesome” Sully said and pushed his cock back into Kyle’s mouth, this time deeper, Kyle choked but handled it. Sully kept this slow rhythm for a bit and then he grabbed Kyle’s hair and thrusted his waist in and out his mouth. Kyle choked, even tried to push Sully away, but it was of no use, Sully was a destroyer when he was turned on. His waist relentlessly moved fast back and forth, Kyle felt Sully’s cock reaching his throat with every thrust, his eyes were watery as he tried to breath with that huge meat in his mouth. Sully groaned “yeah, yeah, you’re my bitch Kyle”

Kyle felt like a cheap slut, being used like this by Sully, he kept reminding himself that Sully would open doors for him, so he withstood this facefuck.

Sully was all sweaty. Even his shirt got stains on it, he groaned loudly as he slammed his entire crotch on Kyle’s face leaving him almost breathless each time. Kyle was sure for one thing, Sully’s taste would never come off of his tongue. 

“You get ready for that brightening” Sully warned him while moving his waist faster.

Sully grabbed Kyle’s hair again and fucked his mouth slamming his crotch with such strength that his belt buckle caused a red mark on Kyle’s head.

“I’m coming, I’m coming fuck!” He yelled and stroked his cock shooting huge jets of creamy sperm on Kyle’s face, just before he stopped coming he pushed his cock back into Kyle mouth and shot some load in his mouth too. Kyle pushed him away and spit the sperm. For him it was disgusting, he was in it for that blowjob but drinking cums was something else. His face was covered in creamy sperm and Sully took a photo of him.

“You’re my masterpiece” he said about Kyle’s face, he zipped his pants and handed Kyle a towel.

“So will you put a good word for me sir?” Kyle asked.

“After I fuck you yes” Sully replied and left his dressing room leaving Kyle feeling like a fool for sucking his dick for nothing.


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