Sucker Ma Bite (A Short Sex Fiction with Jean-Luc Bilodeau

This story is fictional, I have never been friends or ever had any sexual,intercourse with Jean Luc Bilodeau. 
You know when you put bets and you have to pay when you lose? That’s how this story started. My friend and actor Jean-Luc Bilodeau is kinda short and skinny, and we always joke about him even in front of him. Usually it had to do with his penis size, we said he would have a small one and stuff since he is a smurf. He is not that short really we just liked to mess with him. At first he was laughing too, we were not bullying him, but then he said “I bet you this, we measure our dicks and whoever loses will sucks the winner’s cock, full time blowjob not just a lick!” Jean Luc knew I’m not one to back out of a bet I said “Deal” plus having a 17 cm dick gave me some confidence. Our other friends cheered as we both unzipped our jeans we turned our backs to stroke them so they would erect and then we turned. I was so sure that I didn’t see it coming. Jean Luc had a 19 cm dick! Thick, veiny, red and ready to fuck! He laughed triumphantly when he saw my dick, as he realize he won. I wasn’t gay but backing out of the bet was worse than sucking Jean Luc off, so he stood in front of me, our friends watching and I got on my knees. I closed my eyes and took his cock in my mouth, disgusting, I thought I would throw up but Jean Luc grabbed my head and pushed me on a rhythm on it, I didn’t look at him, I was a loser but I wouldn’t act like a bitch to him. The others cheered and some of them seemed horny, I just wished nobody would whip out their cock because I wasn’t gonna suck anyone else, I was even second guessing sucking Jean Luc, he moaned theatrically as he shoved his junk in my mouth and he was asking me “If I liked it!” I didn’t reply then he cock slapped me “I asked you a question” he said, I nodded and then he said “sucer ma bite” (suck my dick in French) I resumed sucking his dick, feeling all of his throbbing manhood on my tongue, and thinking the taste would never come off. 

He moved his waist with small thrusts in synchronized movements with me moving back and forth on his cock. He never let my head he kept holding me and fucking my mouth the way he wanted. “This is for all the jokes, suck the smurfs cock now will ya?” he said as the others laughed and moaned, I think some were jerking off to what was happening. “Oh I’m coming, get your mouth ready!” He yelled and then stabbed me with his cock held me against his crotch and blew his load on my throat, I swallowed it unwillingly, feeling like I would be sick. Jean Luc groaned and moaned and I even felt some cums being shot on my hair by someone behind me. They were coming on me. When I stood up Jean Luc zipped his jeans and looked at me triumphantly. “You got a little something on your hair” he said and they all laughed as I rushed to the bathroom to wash off their cums, as the shame wasn’t easy to wash off. 

This was the most disgusting thing I ever done, I’m not gay, and I’ll never will be even after this, but Jean Luc won fair and square so I gave him his prize, my mouth.


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