Juicy Dick!

Juicy Dick!
This story is fictional, I have never met, had sex or any other association with Derek Theler
Usually I’m not a forward guy, I’m not going to do crazy stuff, so that’s why what happened with Derek Theler and I, was a surprise to me too.

Let me introduce myself first. I’m Kyle, 22 years old, nice body, a bisexual,and my best friend Tanya, has a boyfriend who’s also a good friend of mine. He works as an agent and he gets invited in all kinds of parties and stuff. Usually taking me and his girlfriend with him. One of those times was when he went to meet his new client, the actor Derek Theler, a tall hunk, with sculpted body. Even Tanya was drooling all over him, he was a kind guy though, he was a stud but he didn’t act like a douchebag, but I couldn’t contain myself. Derek was wearing white soft pants and buttoned up shirt, leaving only a few buttons unbuttoned to his chest. There I could see some chest hair that were really doing the trick for me. Derek caught me looking at him provocatively but he didn’t say anything but I wouldn’t stop. Then as we were sitting in the table drinking our drinks, I reached with my foot and rubbed his crotch. He was calm but I

he shot me a glance. I kept doing it, until I felt something hard with my foot.

He was getting a boner, he even leaned back on his chair and seemed to enjoy it.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom looking at him. If he got my message with the eyes he would follow me. He did.

He entered the bathroom and locked the door. He looked at me with his hands on his waist, and a smug smile.

“What are you up too kiddo?” he asked me

“I’m not up to anything, but something is up here” I said looking at his bulge.

He smiled and approached me, I could smell the mixture of sweat and after shave.

“You wanna be fucked aren’t you?” he asked me, I liked how forward he was.

“Am I that obvious?” I asked innocently, he was close, too close. I reached and placed my hands on his chest. This man was muscular. I leaned and kissed the visible skin from the opening of his shirt, on his chest. I loved how his skin felt on my lips. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it hang open. Now I could see his full glory, glistening abs, a happy trail down to his jeans, and those nipples were for biting,

I leaned and I twirled my tongue on his nipple.

“It’s not my nipple that needs licking Kyle” he said almost on the verge of moaning.

I got on my knees in front of him. As he lowered his pants and his underwear. 

Trimmed pubic hair framing a rocket sausage ready to explode. Those veins were so visible I could see them tremble waiting for my touch.

Derek didn’t wait he grabbed my head and brought his cock in front of my lips, I took it in my mouth and started sucking it, slowly. Watching him moan.

His juicy cock throbbed inside my mouth, while he gave small thrusts with his waist, rubbing off all of his luscious taste. 

“Suck it baby” he stammered transfixed with his eyes closed. I wrapped ,y tongue around his glans and then on the lower side, his crown, I felt his hips jolt, he didn’t expected that. He smiled at me with a “I-underestimated-you” gaze.

“I must say when I came for this meeting, I never expected to have the best gay blowjob of my life” he said while his hand pushed me towards his cock. Now without using my hands, I sucked his cock intently, feeling those little ridges and veins with my lips. He groaned and his manly husky voice made me to want to suck more of him just to listen to that groan.

“Fuck me” I whispered passionately. He looked at me pleasantly surprised. I stood up

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked me, now so close to ,y face I could smell his aftershave.

“Yes, I want to, please” I said, he smiled and caressed my cheek “yeah I like a submissive bitch” 

I lowered my pants and turned my back to Derek and towards the counter, through the mirror I could see him behind me, I bend over and supported my elbows on the counter. I felt his big hands on my waist. 

“Try to keep your voice down” he said so sure of himself. He grabbed his cock and brushed it against my butthole. His moist glans made my butt react with longing to it.

“Someone wants to be fucked badly” he said and pushed his finger inside me.

I moaned feeling it. “You like it huh?” he said.

Then he pushed his cock inside my ass, the sensation was almost liberating. I moaned loudly as I felt his hard member penetrating my inner hole. He groaned behind me, and grabbed my waist, he started fucking him with force and with speed.

“Fuck! My ass” I cried out, he didn’t listen he was transfixed to fuck me, he was so turned on, he was fucking me strongly and made my body jerk forward by his strong thrusts. I cried out many times as I felt his big cock reaching the bottom of my ass.

“Fuck me!” I yelled, I was in so much pain, but all I wanted was more of this man.

He leaned on my back and his cock took an angle that caused more stimulation to my hole. “Fucker! This is so fucking hot” I yelled.

“Take it, deep, take it slut” he groaned behind me, I felt his entire body pulsating on my back. I felt as if my ass was changed forever. Derek slammed his waist against my ass again and again. “I’m coming” he stammered, he was panting and I felt his dick getting slower, now my ass felt sore and then strong jets of sperm flooded my ass.

“Ahhhhhh fuck!” he groaned. I lowered my head to the counter, and took deep breaths, when I look at him he already had zipped his pants and he was buttoning his shirt.

“Fuck! That was the most intense fuck I ever had” he said then he looked at me and smiled “Don’t say anything to anyone about this ok?” 

“I won’t” I said as he left the bathroom while I wasn’t even dressed yet.


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