Jizzed by Nick

This story is fictional, it’s a sex fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Nick Bateman
Nick stood there wearing nothing but his shorts, his torso glistened by sweat and all of his muscles were more visible than before.

“You think I would never had sex with you?” He asked his friend

“Come on Nick. You’re a stud and I’m a blah guy…even if you were into guys I’m sure you wouldn’t be into me” Kyle said

“First of all, I’m bisexual, I like fucking nice holes and second, don’t ever assume anything about me Kyle, do you have any idea, how many times I saw your beautiful ass and thought how nice it would be if I fucked it hard?” he asked surprising Kyle

“Really?” Kyle asked

“Really” Nick replied and approached him, so close that Kyle could smell the sweat of his body. 

“I have seen how you look at me Kyle, don’t be afraid, come and take what is yours” Nick stammered, his hit breath hitting Kyle’s face. Kyle leaned closer and kissed Nick’s chest, then he peppered with kisses his abs and so on until he was on his knees. Nick stood there, like a king looking down at his subject.

“It’s yours baby” he said and Kyle pulled Nick’s shorts down and revealed his long thick sword. Kyle licked it slowly from head to balls. As Nick moaned softly. 

“It’s so big” Kyle said, Nick chuckled.

“Can you handle it?” he asked Kyle

“I can try” Kyle said and took it in his mouth. He only managed to suck the half of it but Nick pushed more.

“Yeah try this, open your mouth buddy” he said lustily as he held Kyle’s head and fucked his mouth hard. 

“Yeah that’s it, that’s it, oh fuck” Nick moaned as he saw Kyle looking at him with a surprised look as he was trying to breath with that cock in his mouth.

 Kyle couldn’t believe he was sucking his best friends cock…and not only that but also that his friend was a model, a hot model, not the sexless type. 

He felt the hot velvety feeling of Nick’s cock in his mouth, getting harder

“I fucking love you right now” he stammered trying not to come.

Nick pulled his dick out of Kyle’s mouth slowly, he wanted to enjoy the view. His cock glistened due to the saliva and the veins were more visible than ever.

Kyle stood up and kissed Nick, he returned the kiss in a manly strong matter. He was so primal, and his hands grabbed Kyle’s ass as if they were the most yummy thing.

“I love that ass” he stammered when they stopped kissing

“It’s yours Nick, only yours” Kyle replied 

“You’re..you’re a virgin?” Nick asked him surprised by that

“Yeah, is that a problem?” 

“No, that’s great, it turns me on” Nick replied smiling.

They moved to the bedroom were Nick lay on his back and Kyle straddled him in a cowgirl type of position. Kyle could feel the hot thick cock brushing his butt, he grabbed it and aligned it with his butthole, he slowly sat and took it in, he moaned loudly as he felt his ass being invaded. 

“Relax…and let it in” Nick said holding hi, by his waist.

Kyle squatted more and took it in, the burning sensation overwhelmed him so much that he cried out, and tried to climb off of Nick. But he held him there. His whole dick was inside him, he knew Kyle would try to climb off.

“Let it sink in baby” Nick stammered, Kyle moaned and moved around trying to make it less painful but it was of no use, he could feel Nick inside his ass and he felt every inch of his ass stretching beyond repair…his friend had a big cock and he should have known it wouldn’t be easy. Then Nick started thrusting his waist upwards first slow and deep then more shallow and fast, getting more and more turned on by Kyle’s cries with each thrust. “Ah…ah….aaaaah! Ah!” Nick yelled in a sync with each thrust of Nick’s.

“Yeah take it, take my cock” Nick said in a husky voice and held him by his waist.

“It hurts fuck it hurts so much” Kyle replied but moved up and down on Nick

“Dance on my cock, let it fill you baby” Nick said 

Kyle but his lip as he felt the entire cock destroying his ass in a hard manner, Nick wasn’t fooling around, he turned and changed position to Kyle, now he had him under him with his hands pinned down. What came after that made Kyle feel like he would die of fucking. 

Nick hammered him from behind so badly his own bed squeaked and broke, nobody could hear Kyle’s cries because Nick had turned the volume of his stereo on. That bastard new he would make his friend scream. Both sweaty kept going at it, Kyle was crying so much but everytime Nick asked him “Do you want me to stop?” his reply was “No” so Nick kept going, so much that Kyle’s ass was just a hole with no resistance anymore…when he felt he would come he turned Kyle around and sat on his chest while stroking his engorged cock. One, two, three pumps and he started pouring creamy sperm and then shooting it like a jet on his friend’s face, he fantasized about Kyle being jizzed on his face for so long but this was different, this was amazing, his friend kept licking his sperm covered fingers and cleaning his face from Nick’s sperm.

“How was it?” Nick asked as they were both laying on their backs now.

“Amazing, just amazing…” Kyle replied and patted Nick on his abs

“You deserve amazing Kyle” he said

“Ready for round 2?” Nick asked

“Round 2? So quickly?” Kyle asked, Nick grabbed Kyle’s legs and placed them on his shoulder “I can fuck you all night long baby” he said and then Kyle screamed all night long, screams of pleasure….


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