Bet Repayed (A Nick Bateman Short Sex Fiction)

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with a nick Bateman

Nick buried his sword deep inside Kyle’s delicate tight ass, with a primal groan and a decisive thrust he broke him, he made him his bitch. Kyle moved up and down, in pleasure, in pain, maybe both. He moan with a hint of pain in his cry.

Nick held him by his waist, and pushed his own waist upward, his thick cock once again altered Kyle’s ass, he could feel every tension of Kyle’s through his opened butt.

“That’ll teach you to bet against me in the future” Nick stammered and fucked him like an animal. 

“You said you’d be gentle” Kyle replied with a pout

“I lied” Nick said as he pushed his cock inside deeper this time, he loved how his big thick cock contrasted with Kyle’s tight butt, he loved how even though his ass was completely surrendered to his appetites, it still made attempts to throw his cock out, unable to realize that it simply could not be done. 

“fuck” Kyle cried out, taking a deep breath as if that would make the pain go away. He was the captain of his college team, always the leader and the pussy destroyer. Now he was being fucked rightfully by Nick, the scorer of the opposite team. Kyle played and lost, the bet was a bet. He had to let a Nick fuck him willingly.

Nick moved back and forth with strong thrusts, even after so much fuck, Kyle’s ass was tight, but Nick didn’t mind, he loved the challenge. He bend Kyle over and pounded his ass hard, he almost stopped as he heard him cry like a bitch, but his pleasure won, and he kept doing it, until he felt Kyle’s ass relaxing, then he became gentle. He was ready to come. He opened the shower and let the water hit him.

“On your knees Kyle” he yelled

“yes sir” Kyle replied, it was an agreement for the winner to be called sir 

“Are you ready to receive your trophy?” Nick asked stroking his engorged cock

“Yes sir” Kyle replied, on his knees waiting for the most humiliating part of the bet.

Hot, blobs of sperm arrived at his face, hair and mouth as Nick moaned and let his manly rivers flow. He came a lot, and when he was over, Kyle’s tan face was mostly creamy white because of his sperm.

“This bet is over, you’ve been a good bitch, go now!” Nick ordered as Kyle stumbled running away from him. He never run a bet against Nick Bateman ever again.


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