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A Blowjob for Good Luck! 

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles.
Jensen smiled happily as he was greeting each and every one of his guests, he was really and genuinely happy he was opening that brewery “The Family Bussiness”

It might not seemed like it but Jensen Ackles was a hard working man, he wasn’t the man who thought he make it big because he had money. That’s what made him lovable to his fans.

 He is wearing a black t-shirt and outside a red shirt that hangs open revealing his black t-shirt and lean torso, below he wear khaki jeans. 

 His eyes fall to the one person with a cheeky grin. It’s a guy, around 25 or 30 and Jensen seems surprised or upset he is there. He approaches him discreetly.

 “what are you doing here?” he leans and asks, panic in his voice.

“I couldn’t miss your grand opening now could I?” the younger guy replied.

“We can’t do thisHarry, not right here” Jensen replied.

“I missed you” Harry replied, now his cheeky tone gone.

“I know, I missed our fun too but my wife is here and we can’t do anything” Jensen said while looking around.

“I know but I had to see you” Harry said and bit his lip, while looking Jensen as if he was some kind of chocolate dessert.

 “Ok, hang around, I will introduce you as one of my friends from the set ok?” Jensen asked. Harry grinned and followed Jensen back to his wife.

“Hey Daneel, this is Harry, a close friend of mine from the set, I didn’t thought he could come for our opening but he did” Jensen said. Daneel turned and looked at Harry graciously. She was a stunning woman. 

“Nice to meet you Harry, we are honored you could come” she said and she smiled.

Harry shook her hand and thought that Jensen couldn’t have found a sweetest woman to marry.

 “You want a tour around the brewery?” Jensen asked Harry.

 “Sure!” Harry replied and they both walked away leaving Daneel with the rest of the guests.

 Jensen lead Harry on a set of stairs, when they reached the brewing room, the sound of music and small talk from the guests were but distant noise.

 “So this is our brewing room” Jensen said 

“Well, you know I came for one specific brew here” Harry said as he got on his knees.

Jensen smiled “I know the kind of brew you like babe, I have tons of it for you” 

“Where! I’m so thirsty!” Harry asked as he rubbed Jensen’s crotch. 

“You found it, it’s right there” Jensen said and freed his cock from his fly’s hole.

“I don’t want to remove my pants in case anyone walks in here” he explained. Harry found the picture quite sexy. Jensen with his dick protruding from his khaki jeans 

“I love you so much” Harry said and took his dick in his mouth, savoring the taste, savoring the feeling of Jensen’s dick trembling as it was hardening and Jensen moaning softly. 

“Fuck! I missed this!” Jensen muttered and pushed Harry’s head bossily with his hands while moving his waist softly.

 Harry squeezes his lips around the enormous hard rod and rubbed them on it, with each suck Jensen lost it even more.

“Fucking slut!” Jensen stammered and grabbed a fistful of Harry’s hair, he pushed harder, he fucked his mouth and Harry let him. He knew that Jensen was a shy, restrained man, and he needed to let his wild side loose, so he never complained for the hair pulling or the name calling. He wanted Jensen happy.

 “You love this don’t you?” Jensen asked as he looked down on Harry who had his dick in his mouth and sucked transfixed. He took the entire cock inside his mouth until his nose reached the denim on Jensen’s crotch and his chin felt Jensen’s balls through the jeans jumping in bliss. 

 Harry with squeezed lips pulled his head back and then forth.

Jensen’s eyes rolled like he was a cartoon everytime but it was real, he really did feel bliss as that kind of blowjob. 

 “I missed you, you disgusting slut” Jensen stammered.

 “Me too” Harry replied and quickly took the cock inside his mouth again.

“I still get hard when I think at how nice I stretched your butthole on set” Jensen said 

“Wanna do it again” Harry replied but still jerked him off, he didn’t want Jensen getting soft on him.

 “I don’t know, I want to but…” 

“But what?” Harry asked

“What if they walk in on ass” he said

“But that’s the kinky thing about it, that you will be fucking me down here while someone might walk in on us” Harry said 

“You know, what made me fall for you? You dirty mind” Jensen said and Harry smiled while licking Jensen’s cockhead.

 Harry hugged a big pipe and he also had view of the stairs in case anyone walked in.

 Jensen licked his ass making him hard. His tongue was moving so quickly that made Harry moan. 

“You’re ready” Jensen said as he stood up, he ripped a condom open and applied it on his dick, he still did not remove his pants.

 “For once I want you to fuck me without a condom” Harry said

“Someday I will, now let’s not waste more time” Jensen replied. 

 He buried his dick softly inside Harry’s ass. Harry squeezed the pipe harder and left soft moans. This was his second time taking dick up his ass. Jensen loved that he was having such a tight butthole all for himself. 

 “Ohhh it’s so big” Harry whispered panting. 

“Yeah baby it is big and its all for you” Jensen said as he thrusted his waist in a slow manner. 

 “Hmmm yes baby, it’s mine, give it to me!” Harry cried out and bit his lips.

“You want it?” Jensen asked 

“Yeah” Harry said and cried out

“Yeah?” Jensen said and he picked up the speed. Now the smacking sound could be heard in the empty brewing room.

 “Ahhh ahhh ahhh! That’s it baby, that’s it ruin me” Harry cried out as he grabbed the pipe harder now

“I’m ruining you bitch” Jensen yelled

“Yeah, you’re my cowboy” Harry moaned

“I’m your cowboy, with the large pistol” Jensen groaned as he kept smacking his waist against Harry’s ass.

 Harry could feel the entire latex covered cock rubbing against his inner ass and he loved it, even though it hurt a bit. 

 “shoot me cowboy! Ohhhhh I’m coming!” Harry cried out and his dick shoot jets of sperm. Jensen couldn’t keep it any longer and he thrusted hard against Harry’s ass before crying out.

“Take it all, take it!” He groaned as he filled the condom with creamy sperm. He slowed down like a train before pulling his dick out of Harry’s ass.

 “Fuck, your ass is something else” Jensen commented as he was pulling the condom off of his cock. He was ready to throw it on the bin but Harry reached and took it. 

“This belongs to me” Harry said. Jensen watched as Harry turned the condom the inside out and swallowed all of his creamy sperm. 

 “I think I have a boner again” Jensen said but then they heard someone calling from upstairs.

“Jensen?” it was Danneel, Harry quickly pulled his pants up and tried to act normal even though his ass was sore and Jensen quickly zipped his jeans.

“We’re coming babe” he yelled back at Danneel, he smiled as Harry and they both returned to the party.


By The Side of the Road

By The Side of the Road 
It was late afternoon, the sunset painted everything orange giving a very nice ambience to the landscape. Dean parked the car. Nothing but trees and a beautiful rural sight. He got out of the car and came to the passengers door where I had followed his lead and got out of my side too. His hands in his pockets. Staring at me. I knew what he wanted. He leaned back on the passenger door and I got on my knees.

 “I hope you like meat because you’re gonna eat a lot” he commented as I was undoing his belt buckle and unzipping his jeans. His pants smelled of car and manhood.

 I pulled his underwear down and his rock hard penis was free. With veins traveling all over it, like the road we had travelled, he was uncut. Natural, his pubes were untrimmed but naturally short, not disgusting. I leaned close and took his dick in my mouth. I savored it, as I got most of it in. It wasn’t very long but it was thick, and due to sweat, it had a salty pleasant taste.  

 Dean closed his eyes in awe as I was working on his manhood. Those hanging balls were so soft to my hands, I caressed them while milking him. 

 He didn’t say a word but mostly because he was gasping in excitement. My lips were tight around his rod and I tried to touch his dick with every inch of my mouth I had. It was exciting having a man moan like that just because of you. 

 I slowly moved back and forth on his cock, and I stopped only when I felt his pubes touching my nose. 

 Dean moved his waist along with my movements. I didn’t know this guy and before him I never sucked a cock before. He told me he could drop me on the next town, and I could repay the gas he would spend in other ways. I knew what he meant and I still got inside his car. 

 “Stand up” he said with a husky voice. His dick was now quite hard and ready for whatever he wanted next. 

 We went on the back of the car, were I willingly bend over the trunk of his Impala. 

 I heard wrapper getting torn, and then I felt his hot rod entering my butthole slowly.

 I bit my lips, I looked at the scenery trying to forget the pain that coursed through me as he was pushing deeper. I couldn’t ignore it. “Ahhhh” I gasped and jerked back

“Stay down” he growled at me and I knew I couldn’t escape it. I sat there and took it in. A hot rod, a thick snake stretching me out, I could feel the friction, M could feel his pulsating dick inside me.

 “Stop!” I pleaded but his firm hand on my back held me down on the trunk while he thrusted his manhood inside me. 

His thickness was unbearable for an ass like mine. I blindly placed my hand behind me on his abs trying to push him or lessen his impact. But nothing worked. I gasped and moaned on his trunk as he pushed, thrusted and held me by my waist. His belt clanging with each thrust, bird singing oblivious to what he was doing to me, I moaned and cried out, gasping, he moaned with his husky deep voice. A symphony of sex. In the middle of the U.S. wilderness. 

 “Ahhh! Baby it hurts” I cried out, but he seemed to get harder by listening me pleading. 

“Of course it hurts, I’m splitting your ass in two Harry” he said panting behind me. He leaned on my back, I could feel his entire hot body against mine. His hot breath on my neck as he was kissing me and taking me hard at the same time.

 I cried. They weren’t tears of sadness, they were of joy. I cried because I was in pain but feeling bliss for having a stud ruining me the way he did.

 “Where do you want them?” He whispered erotically in my ear?

“Where I want what?” I asked because I was in a daze.

“My cums” he said and just the word made me cum, little jets of sperm landed on his rear bumper. “Look at that, now my turn” he said to my ear and pulled out. 

I turned and he softly pushed me to get on my knees. 

 I closed my eyes as he removed the condom and jerked his meat in front of me. I proudly remained calm and posed for my reward. First I heard his loud moan and then I felt something hot running down my face from my forehead. Then another hot stream hit me on the nose, not in the mouth, then in my heard. Each stream was followed by gasps and moans from my stud. I opened my eyes and said something that I knew would make him hard again “Thank you!” And smiled.

“Oh you’re gonna get your ass fucked again” he said and let’s say by the time I got to the next town. I wasn’t able to sit correctly but I was so happy and blissful, I was fed the best meat in the world. American Sausage.


Lustship (A Jensen Ackles Sex Fiction)
This story is fictional, no matter how real it might seems, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles
Ever since Jensen became a father, we met less and less, but each time was intense while when we saw each other all the time, there were a few times that the sex was kinda boring, because we were bored too.

 I wasn’t a guy of showbiz and that helped to keep our lustship a secret. A lustship is a word Jensen devices for our situation. We enjoy meeting and having sex. No relationships or feelings and such complicated shit and it works, at least for us.

 He had rented a nice apartment for us, and whenever we had one of our meetings we met there. 

 One of the perks of fucking with a famous person is that you get to see and touch the dick everybody else fantasizes about and that alone turns me on so much.

 I was in the kitchen cooking when Jensen got in.

“Hey honey, I’m home” he joked when he saw me over the stove

“Very funny” I said and resumed my cooking

“You missed me?” He asked me

“Did you?” I asked back. Despite his role as Dean, Jensen wasn’t an intense guy. He was considered and generous.

“I missed you like crazy” he said and looked at me with those green eyes

I gave him a passionate kiss, I even bit his lip a little.

“Wow, you did miss me” he said in a husky voice. 

 During our dinner he told me stories from the backstage of the show and other stuff.

When dinner was over, it was time for what we really were there for.

 “I’m going to take a shower” he said. That was his signal for “get naked I’m horny”

I had a surprise for him. Even though that was so against of me, I bought a men’s g-string. I took my clothes off and lied on the bed.

 When Jensen came to the room he was dripping, and he was wrapped in his white bath robe. He was even hotter now.

“Do you realize how hard I’m right now?” he asked me as he was looking at me transfixed on my smooth butt. 

“No, I can’t see through the robe” I said and he pushed it aside. His dick was hard standing at attention, while the vein were forming under the skin ready for full erection.

“Have I ever told you that you have a majestic cock Mr.Ackles?” I said as he came to bed. 

“A few times” he said as he reached and squeezed my butt softly while I bend over and took his cock in my mouth. His uncut dick filled my mouth as it always did, for me this was natural now, it felt like a part that needed to be in my mouth.

 Like a puzzle piece, that was complete now. I moved carefully around his dick and licked every inch feeling his finger fucking my ass.

“I’m gonna destroy that ass” he was saying to me and I knew he meant it because ever since he started fucking me, my ass was never the same. He had a way of fucking that changed my butt forever.

 I was hanging on his dick like it was my oxygen, I sucked and sucked and loved seeing and feeling his balls move on my chin.

 “Let’s do a reverse cowgirl” he said, it was his favorite position. He lied back and I straddled him with my back on him. He slid his dick inside and I sat on it until it was all in. I bit my lips as I felt his dick rubbing against my inner ass.

 “You’re so big” I moaned. I loved how my ass embraced his cock like a glove.

 “Yes I am baby” he moaned behind me. I started moving softly, up and down, giving a rhythm. The sensation of his dick rubbing inside me, so hard and hot drove me crazy. He placed his hands on my lower back and moved his waist along. Like a well coordinated orchestra, we were fucking. The bed counted the beats. Up and down, deep inside, moans, groans, Ahhhh and ooohs, circular motion on his dick and then back to up and down. I had forgotten to close the curtains and I imagined that people from across the street were watching us, maybe they did but either way I put on a show, and fucked Jensen’s dick as hard as I could. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” Jensen cried out as I was taking him hard from behind. He sat up and hugged me while I was still impaled on his dick. He kissed my neck and breathed deeply as he was moving slowly but deep inside me.

“Ahhh what a cock” I moaned 

“It’s your babe, all yours along with this” he cried out and I felt his dick tightening and I knew once again he was giving me his precious sperm. I tightened my ass as if to keep it inside. He came a lot and I could feel his creamy sperm running down on my ass even though he was still inside and slowly moving in and out. 

 When he pulled out, he lied next to me and slept.

 He woke me up “hey honey there’s juice wake up” he said, when I opened my eyes and waited for orange juice. He pushed his dick inside my mouth and unloaded his sperm. I was startled and pushed him away but I swallowed willingly his sperm. I loved this man so much that I wanted his sperm in my mouth everytime and anytime. 

 When I got out of the shower with his sperm taste still present in my mouth I found 50$ and a note “Go buy yourself something pretty” and I felt like a slut, but that was the thing. I loved being his male slut. I realized I wanted him to give me a good fuck again but he already left and I didn’t know how many months I’d have to rely on my dildos to calm my Jensen addiction. 

Veteran’s Bitch

Veteran’s Bitch!
Plot: For this fictional story, Jensen Ackles is not an actor, he is in the army, he is a veteran that happens to have rich parents and he gets transferred to Erik’s unit.

 Erik has the responsibility of making Mr. Ackles comfortable, but how far would his superiors have him go to get those donation money for Jensen’s rich father?
This is a fictional story, nothing is real, and some stuff might seem stupid because I have no knowledge of Army procedures…I hope you will spank to it.
“Richardson, you are in charge of Mr. Ackles, whatever he needs get it to him” my commander said to me. When I was enlisted in the army the last thing I expected was to babysit someone, especially someone who’s a soldier like me. 

“Yes sir!” I replied, I would have to swallow my pride and do as Mr. Ackles wanted. I already knew how this was going to go. He would ask some food or some drink and I would have to go and get it for him. 
The next day Jensen Ackles arrived, it was surreal watching men higher in rank than him, acting all like he was some kind of God. Well he did have the looks of one.

 He had dirty blonde to brown hair, of course they were cut in a modern yet appropriate for the army haircut. He had green eyes and he was in general a very handsome man. Not that I cared.


“Mr. Ackles” my commander announced standing in front of me with Jensen “this is Richardson, he is your guy, ask whatever you need and he will bring it to you, isn’t that right Richardson?” My commander asked with a hint of a threat in his voice.

“Yes sir! Glad to meet you Mr. Ackles” I said and saluted him.

“Both of you call me Jensen ok? I’m not different than you” Jensen said 

“Call me Richardson, not that I don’t consider you a friend but everyone here calls me by that” I said and laughed.

 “Would you bring a beer Richardson?” Jensen asked, I noticed the order he gave me, it wasn’t a request, it was an order.

“Yes sir!” I said and smiled, I was so furious, he was already using me as if I was his servant. I grabbed a beer and brought it to him.

“There you are sir” I said and provided the beer.

“Ah no, that’s not the brand I’m drinking, I want a Kaiser” he said and returned the beer to me. He was so fucking rude. I would reply but my commander looked at me and nodded that I should go and change the beer. 

 I did, this time I just gave him his beer, he took it and as he drank he looked at me mockingly. That bastard loved me being his errand boy. I knew his type. He was the type to torture new enlisted soldiers or haze them and then laugh about it.

The first few days were what I expected, Jensen asking and me delivering.

 We were alone, and he was bored. I was trying to put the files in the cabinet in some order. I was bored too so I thought to spend my time doing that. I was bend over when I felt his hand down my ass, my pants were kinda low because I was moving stuff and that’s what some pants do. 

“Smooth ass, I like it” he said behind me. I pushed him away and pulled my pants 

“Hey back off you asshole” I said

“Wow is that a way to talk with a veteran?” he asked me mockingly

I pushed him and walked to the desk further from him. I felt him behind me, his breath then his hands on my ass, he was spooning me

“Get off me man!” I said softly, unsure if I wanted him to stop.

“Come on, don’t pretend that you don’t want it, others would jump through hoops to get a chance with me” he said arrogantly with his lips on my ear.

“But I’m not gay” I said most to myself

“You don’t have to be gay to enjoy another man’s touch” Jensen growled in my ear.

I pushed him again and left the office. Not because of him, but because I needed to clear my mind. Before his touch I never wanted a man to…well you know…fuck me.

I never looked at another man in a different way. What was wrong with me?

“Richardson, aren’t you in duty?” I heard someone say. It was my commander.

“Yes sir!” I said and saluted him formally.

“Then why aren’t you in the office?” he asked me.

“I needed some air sir!” I replied

“Is everything ok with our soldier of honor?” he asked me mockingly, he didn’t like acting all stupid around him either, but he had to.

“I think so” I said 

“You think so? That doesn’t cut it son, don’t tell me you refused any of his orders” he asked me, that threat in his voice was apparent again.

“Yes sir, I did” I said, I decided to come clean with him

“This is a direct order, go and do as Mr.Ackles asks, if we lose this grand, this base is no more, you understand me? Many people will lose their jobs” he almost yelled

“But sir, he asked me to…” I couldn’t say it out loud it sounded so embarrassing

“To what soldier?” my commander inquired.

“He wanted to fornicate with me sir” I said and it sounded way more ridiculous than “to fuck me” but it was too late to take it back now.

“So?” my commander surprised me, I thought he would step up and kick Ackles’s ass

“I’m not gay sir, I don’t want to do that” I explained 

“You’re a soldier, you’re not here to do what you want, but to do what you have to, go in there, lock the door and let the man have his way with you, hundreds people’s jobs depend on you, am I clear?” he said. I was dumbfounded. My own commander was willing to use me as a…slut for some rich boy soldier for money? 

“I didn’t get your answer soldier, am I clear?” he asked again

“Yes sir” I said and returned to the office that would be the place I would lose my pride taking it by a guy.

 Jensen was sitting in a chair, legs on the desk, hands behind his head. He was quite handsome, but he was also an asshole.

 “Oh look, my boy returned” he said smiling. I locked the door behind, he got the innuendo and smiled even wider now.

“You changed your mind? You wanna ride this horse?” he said

“Please stop! Don’t… Don’t say such things, I already feel like shit” I said.

“Ok, I will be romantic with you” he said “Let’s light a candle to make this more romantic what do you say?” he asked me. I was ready to say “We don’t have any candles around here” when he freed his dick that was standing upright, uncut,with veins and quite measurable, not pornstar size but in normal size he was big.

I was starring at it for a moment. “I think this candle will do, it’s already lit” he said, he was proud for his dick, he liked that I was looking at it like that.

“Come closer, it doesn’t bite” he said, I followed his instructions, I sat next to him in a chair.

 He had his hand over my shoulders, and he was looking at me with amusement

“I haven’t done this before Jensen” I said softly

“It’s nothing, I think you will like it” he said, that made me feel like shit, so he thought I was gay after all? 

 “I don’t think I like dicks Jensen” I said and he looked at me confused. His dick still standing upright and proud.

“I don’t understand if you don’t like dicks then why are you next to me now?” he asked. I couldn’t say that my commander wanted me to do it for the grant so I improvised.

“I don’t like dicks, but I like yours for some reason” I said, it worked, his smile returned

“Show him some appreciation then, he is all pumped up for you” 

“Ok let me get ready first” I said and I stood up. He stood up too and he stood as a soldier, hands behind his back, chest proud, and his dick standing at attention.

“Come on soldier, get on your knees to receive your medal” he told me. If I say I didn’t felt kinda turned on with him, I would be lying.

I got on my knees in front of him, his dick was in my face, I admired his trimmed pubes. I opened my mouth and took Jensen in, I tried to not think what I had in my mouth, but it was hard, the cock taste was too strong to ignore. As if that wasn’t hard enough, Jensen pulled and pushed me by my hair and I had no control over the whole blowjob. I was just kneeling there, providing my mouth for him fuck. I had ,y eyes straight ahead, I was looking at his dick and camo pants. I felt every little vein on that dick as it went through my lips. 

“I love your mouth you fucking bitch” he groaned. I felt like a piece of shit. What the fuck was I doing? I was sucking off some dude?

“For someone who haven’t done this before you sure now how to suck a dick soldier” he told me. I was just zoned out, I was sucking his dick, and used my tongue around it while it was in my mouth. I felt it expand with every movement. If he was about to fuck me with that dick, I would be ruined as a man, that was for sure. A blowjob maybe you can call it experimentation and move on, but being plowed by such cock, would be manhood suicide. The weird thing was I felt scared and kinda excited to do it. 

“Hey look at me, I want you to look at me when you suck my tomahawk missile” Jensen said. More army slang. I looked up at him, I saw an arrogant man smiling down at me, he loved that he was doing this to me. I lowered my eyes again.

“Hey, eyes up here boy” he said, I looked up again, he had his hand behind his back now, in a formal stance and he was letting me do the job. That was the worst because I had to do stuff, it was easier to just take it, now I had to do stuff.

 “No hands” he said as I tried to grab his dick, I placed my hands behind my back too, and started sucking his dick like that, he moved so he could brush his cock all over my face. I smiled pretending I liked it, but I felt like such a disgrace. I had been in war, I returned (miraculously) without any injury, I fought terrorists, and now here I was sucking some guy’s cock for money. He slapped me with his cock many times and I was smiling pretending I loved it. He was beyond hard, I knew he would ask me to take it in the ass and he did.

“Stand up, drop your pants and bend over the desk, and hold on tight” he said, making me more nervous than before. 

 I dropped my pants, and I put myself in the compromised position of being bend over a desk. I would prefer to walk night, in a field were an enemy sniper might be lurking than to be bend over, with my ass exposed and a horny soldier right behind me.

 “Damn, I have no condoms, but what the hell, it’s not like you’re gonna get pregnant” he said mocking me. 

“Do you at least have something to lubricate” I asked. He laughed so loud that I felt like asked the stupidest question.

“Of course I do” he said, at least I wouldn’t have to hurt much 

“My spit” he then said. Now I was screwed.

“Dude this will ruin me, I don’t want to do it” I said feeling really scared now

“Bend over the desk, it doesn’t hurt that much, lubricants are for tight women asses, you don’t seem to need any, you have a normal butt” Jensen said “I love that you are so smooth, are you sure you aren’t gay?” he asked me

“I’m not, I just like to shave my parts” I said

“Ok then” he said, I heard him spit on his hand and then I felt his finger in my butthole, he was gentle at first, he was pushing and pulling his finger inside my butthole and it was awkward yet nice. I even felt turned on. He pulled his finger out and I felt something hotter and bigger in my hole. It was pleasant at first and then as it went deeper I felt awkward and then in pain. He had put his dick inside me. I held the desk, gasping. For some reason I didn’t want to scream or even cry, but I was ready to. He was pushing more of his dick in and it seemed endless to me, the pain, the stretch, the friction. I had my legs spread apart and I instinctively pushed my butt together, which was stupid, if you think about it, I was creating more friction that way. He stopped as he reached his top depth with his cock. He caressed my back and my waist as he waited there. I gasped, the pain was too strong now. I felt every movement of his dick inside me. It expanded and contracted like a living being, like a snake maybe. 

“How do you feel?” he asked me as he leaned on my back. 

“I feel…I can’t take it” I said honestly

“Not my problem soldier” he said making small repeated thrusts. 

“Aaaaaah! Stop!” I cried out, I couldn’t shut up anymore, this was a torture. I was on a desk pinned down by a soldier fucking my ass and I was trying to what!? Keep my pride. What pride? 

 “Yeah cry soldier, this is the army life, sometimes you have to take it in the ass” Jensen said and started pounding me. His belt clanged in the beat of our fucking. 

 I gasped and gasped letting small cries here and there, my ass was ruined. 

“You do this for those people, to not get unemployed, this is not gay, it’s a mission” I kept saying to myself, to reduce this torture in my mind. 

 Jensen Ackles wasn’t a gentle lover, he was a fucker and I felt it first hand. He was slamming me against the desk as he was thrusting his dick in my ass. He had my head pinned down on the desk and he was mounting me like a real stud. That’s how real men subdue bitchy boys like me. I was never gay but I was never a manly man either, now I knew my place. I was a bitch, he was a man, a stud. I heard him gasp and 

panting behind me. He placed something in front of my face, as I was pinned down, I was looking directly at it. It was a medal, his medal.

“Your eyes on it soldier, so you know who fucks you right now” he said proudly holding my head down and pushing his waist relentlessly. I was crying without realizing it, tears were running down my cheeks. 

“Yeah baby, God Bless America” he was yelling behind me

I noticed something on the window outside of the office. My commander was standing there, looking directly at me with a hint of a smile on his face. 

 He was watching me getting fucked and he was smiling and he even seemed a bit aroused. I cried even more, I got fooled and used by my commander to do something that wasn’t my duty. 

 Jensen was ready to cum, he pulled me and made me kneel as he was jerking off his dick, my ass felt sore, as if something was missing.

 “Please don’t do this, don’t cum on my…” I started explaining but then I got shot by sperm, again and again, and again, my face was covered in white creamy sperm.

 I wiped most of it away with on my jacket with my hand.

 “Boy that was so hot” Jensen was saying as he was closing his zipper.

 I stood up, I felt different, my ass felt different. I knew it would feel sore but I felt as if I had a huge hole now. I pulled my pants up and went to clean myself just before I exited the office Jensen stopped me.

“Hey, I know you did this for the grant my father gives” he said surprising me

“Then why did you do this?” I asked, if he knew I wasn’t into it, then why did he force me.

“Because I liked watching you cry” he said cynically. I didn’t say anything.

“The grant already goes to another base, but at least you emptied my balls” 

“You’re a fucking bastard” I said as I was running toward a bathroom. I felt dirty and used. My commander stopped me.

“Hey soldier, clean yourself” he said pointing to a place in my hair were probably Jensen’s cum was.

 “I was planning sir, I’m looking for a bathroom” I said

“Don’t got yet, lets have a drink in my office” he said

“What!?” I asked

“I want to take you too Richardson, come on you took it from Ackles, I’m sure you won’t mind getting a bit of my sausage too”

If he wasn’t my commander I would have kicked his balls.

“Sir with all due respect I decline” I said

“Really? Ok I’m about to post a nice DVD to your folks then, it’s a new movie called “Richardson taking it like a bitch” I’m sure they will love it” he said, he was blackmailing me.

“It hurts sir, please at least not now” I asked, I tried to avoid him the nice way.

“Oh come on, it hurts? What are you a sissy? I’m waiting in my office” he said and left me there. 

 It was five in the morning and I was in my commander’s smelly from sweat bed and him fucking my ass, he didn’t have Jensen’s dick but he had a thick one. 

 I resigned from the army and never told anyone why. Or that I secretly like to fuck with men.

Hard Tutoring

Plot: Jensen Ackles in this story is not an actor, he is a mathematician and he is called to teach 18 yo Ryan a thing or two about math, Ryan has other plans though…
Jensen fixed his glasses as he looked over Ryan’s writing, he looked at his watch and realized the time was up.

“Ok times up boy, let me see what you did there” he said and picked up Ryan’s sheet.

“I don’t think it’s right” Ryan said shyly.

“You think correct, this is not right” Jensen said but there was no menace in his voice.

 “I don’t understand it to be honest” Ryan said avoiding eye contact with Jensen. Jensen thought this was due to Ryan’s shyness but the truth was that Ryan felt his cock hardening everytime his tutor showed up. He didn’t understood why and he was feeling guilty at first but now he just wanted Jensen to be around. He felt good.

 Jensen was wearing a plaid shirt, his glasses and jeans, always jeans. He had great bowlegs and a nice bulge, so for Ryan it was good to see him in jeans. Sometimes he even imagine his underwear or his dick.

 “Hey are you even listening to me?” Jensen asked when he realized Ryan was day dreaming again!

“Is everything all right?” he asked Ryan with that deep erotic voice.

“Yes, I’m sorry sir” 

“Don’t call me sir, I’m Jensen, don’t make me feel old!” Jensen chuckled

“Ok, then it’s Jensen, look it’s not your fault, lately I have some issues” Ryan explained.

“Anything I can help with? Is it a girl?” he asked.

“No it’s not a girl. It’s a boy actually” Ryan said and looked down 

“I did not see that coming but hey” Jensen lifted Ryan’s chin and forced him to look into his eyes. Those green beautiful eyes “don’t ever feel bad about what you are” 

“It’s not exactly something to be proud of” Ryan said

“You should be proud of yourself, our sexuality doesn’t define who we are” Jensen said and hold Ryan by his shoulders. 

“So what’s this guy’s name, does he like you back?” Jensen asked 

“I don’t know, he doesn’t know I fancy him” Ryan replied

“You should tell him, the worse that could happen is to reject you, no big deal” Jensen said and bit an apple he had for snack.

“No, I will never tell him” Ryan stated

“You will tell him, Ryan, look at me, if you don’t ask, the answer will always be no” he said. Ryan didn’t know what to do, he wanted to tell Jensen that he liked him but he was afraid he might never come to tutor him again.

 Ryan decided he wouldn’t tell him right away, their next session was a week later. Jensen wore the same kind of plaid shirt and jeans. He leaned closer to explain something to Ryan for the exercises he was writing at the moment and the wave of sweat and sweet sandalwood came to his nostrils. Jensen kept explaining with such passion. 

 “So did you tell the guy?” Jensen asked, they had finished for the day and Jensen felt the need to boost Ryan’s confidence.

“Um no, it’s best not to” Ryan said, he wanted to see what Jensen would say.

“Why?” He asked simply.

“He is not a guy in school Jensen” Ryan stated

“Oh, where is he from?” he asked

“He is from around, but he is not a friend from school, by the way what body wash do you use? It smells amazing” Ryan asked so he could change the subject.

Jensen’s expression changed in a “wow” one. He realized something.

“It’s me, isn’t it?” he asked Ryan leaving him dumbfounded.

“Yes it’s you” Ryan said “I’m so sorry, but you have something and I can’t explain it.”

Jensen was silent, he stood up and started pacing the room. Ryan didn’t dare to speak. Jensen was with his back turned to Ryan and then he turned toward him, walked in front of him and undid his belt slowly while looking down on Ryan.

 “I hope your parents won’t come home for the next hour” he said in a sexy yet menacing tone. His belt was hanging open, his crotch was bulging. Ryan traced hesitantly Jensen’s manhood that begun to show through the denim.

 “I haven’t done that before” Ryan said almost embarrassed.

“No problem, there’s a first time for everything” Jensen said, his tone had changed from tutor to sexy predator. He was playing with his prey, Ryan.

 Jensen whipped out his cock. Ryan bit his lip as he watched his tutor’s beautiful cock close to his face. Uncut, with twirling veins around it, trimmed pubes and inviting balls. Jensen brushed his cock along Ryan’s lips slowly. Ryan closed his eyes, and felt the hot velvety knob, hot against his lips. 

“That’s right, be obedient, son” he stammered as he brushed it slowly around Ryan’s lips then he pushed it softly as Ryan opened his lips and nibbled at it, while locking his eyes with Jensen’s. His lips tight around that knob, feeling the rest of the shaft squirming and getting harder. He knew he was going well when Jensen landed his hand on his head and he interlocked his fingers to Ryan’s hair. Swiftly he moved his waist in and out Ryan’s mouth. Ryan felt Jensen’s member rub against his inner mouth and cheeks, he loved Jensen’s taste. He even moaned too causing Jensen to chuckle. 

 “That’s right Ryan, keep it going, suck that cock” Jensen mumbled as he fucked Ryan’s mouth. His balls smashing on Ryan’s chin. 

 “Fuck, I’m going to…arghhhhhhh!!!!” Jensen groaned as he released his white gooey river inside Ryan’s untrained mouth. Ryan felt the jets of sperm hitting his throat. They felt more like cream. He was trying to spit them out but Jensen held him by his chin and nodded “No”. 

 Ryan gulped down the disgusting cock sauce and licked clean every inch of Jensen’s cock. 

 Jensen put it back in his pants and sat to a chair.

“That was amazing man” he said 

“I feel kinda guilty” Ryan said

“for sucking my dick?” Jensen asked 

“Yeah, my father would flip if he knew” 

“I wish I could fuck you in front of him” Jensen said making Ryan hard.

 “He would kick your ass” Ryan told him laughing…

“I would kick his ass instead and then I would fuck him too” Jensen said playfully.

 He returned the next day, they did some math exercises and then he pulled a package out of his jacket. It was a pack of condoms.

“Ryan, I’m gonna fuck you silly” he said with that sexy smirk. Ryan felt his legs weak from anticipation and anxiety. Jensen whipped out his dick and dressed it with a condom. “Bend over the desk” he ordered and Ryan obliged.

 Jensen spat at his fingers and played with Ryan’s ass.

“Ahhh that’s…hot” Ryan moaned

Jensen kept playing until he felt Ryan’s ass was ready. 

 Without taking his jeans off, he had his dick out from the fly, he sticked his cock inside Ryan, and he held him as he realized he was trying to escape.

“Relax and take my cock like a man” he stammered. Ryan cried out as he felt Jensen’s shaft shoved up his ass, opening a way, hard. The sensation wasn’t at all what he was imagining.

“Stop it Jensen please” Ryan cried out, holding onto the desk.

“I can’t stop it now, I want you so much” he stammered and pushed all his inches in.

  Ryan felt his ass spread in two. He could feel Jensen inside his butt, his hot rod pulsating deep inside him.

 Then Jensen pulled out slowly and slammed in again.

“Ahhhhh!” Ryan cried out loudly, this was a torture, Jensen was too big for his ass.

 “Shhhh be quiet” Jensen said coldly as he rammed him again and again, making his ass less and less tight with each thrust. Ryan gasped, each thrust seemed to be harder than the previous one. 

“Ahhhh this is too much” Ryan cried out, as Jensen increased his pounding. The desk counting the beat, Ryan gasping and Jensen moaning.

 “You know what turns me on?” Jensen said without stopping “the fact that your parents pay me and I’m right here fucking your ass off, it’s as if they’re paying me to fuck you” he explained and let a long groan as he buried his dick deep in Ryan.

Ryan couldn’t talk, he wanted to cry, he somehow liked the whole thing but the pain was too much. How he ever thought it was a good idea to take a dick up his ass. Especially Jensen’s.

 Jensen was panting behind him, and then he cried out making the most sexy voices a guy can make as he release his creamy sperm. Ryan wished they weren’t using a condom because he wanted to feel that load inside him.

 Jensen pulled his dick out, leaving Ryan’s ass gaping and asking for the dick to come back. 

“I ruined you” Jensen chuckled as he removed the used condom that had some blood on it. He showed it to Ryan.

“See this? This is your virginity, you’re welcome” he said and handed Ryan the condom. Ryan took a shower and tried to find new ways to sit, because sitting straight was not an option.

A Different Kind of Brew

 Plot: Jensen hired a nineteen year old guy, Tyler, to work on his brewery, things take an unexpected turn when Tyler stumbles upon his boss jerking off….this story is fictional, I have never had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles
Jensen unzipped his jeans and freed his kraken. With all this filming and conventions and now the brewery, he didn’t have time to have sex with his wife, so the only solution was to jerk off. He had found the brewery late at night, when all workers were to their homes, a quite convenient place to play with himself. Also he kinda liked the ambiance the room was giving.
 His uncut penis was already hardening by his touch, he could feel those veins touching his palm. He closed his eyes and played slowly, sensually. Yes that was it…
 He opened his eyes and he saw something…someone! He didn’t say anything, normally he would have kicked his ass, but now he kind of felt nice to have an audience. That audience was Tyler, a 19 something boy he had hired because a friend of a friend asked him. Tyler was a quiet guy, never seen him with a girl, now he knew why. Tyler liked men, and he had a damn fine taste at men, Jensen thought and chuckled as he touched his sore balls…
 “You can come out now…” Jensen announced to a shocked Tyler, without taking his eyes off of his dick. Tyler stood up and walked slowly towards Jensen. He seemed terrified.
“Hello Tyler” Jensen said still without taking his eyes off of his cock
“Hello sir” Tyler mumbled and seemed like he wanted to die at that very moment
“You like what you see?” Jensen asked
“Sir I’m so sorry, I just can’t help it I find men attractive but I feel ashamed” Tyler confessed
“I didn’t ask that, I asked if you like what you see” Jensen repeated
“Yes sir” Tyler replied in a formal tone. As if his boss, Jensen Ackles, wasn’t right there in front of him with his dick in his hands.
“Touch it then” Jensen said and looked Tyler
“For…for real?” Tyler squeaked
“Yeah come here” Jensen invited him. Tyler walked the few steps that separated him from Jensen and he seemed like he was seeing something delicious. He got on his knees and looked at Jensen.
“Please boss, let me” he offered and Jensen removed his hand and looked at Tyler, with a dean-winchester kind of smirk.
Tyler spat on his palm and started jerking off Jensen’s cock. Slowly at first and then faster.
“Oh that’s so good” Jensen groaned
“Come on take it in your mouth” he suggested
“Sir, I haven’t done that before…I’m not sure…” Tyler mumbled
“Take it in your mouth Tyler, you know you want it man” Jensen insisted.
Tyler leaned and took that big hot penis in his mouth.
Jensen gasped.
He felt Tyler’s tongue slithering like a snake around his thick log.
“Are you sure you haven’t done that before?” Jensen asked as he tousled his own hair.
Tyler seemed embarrassed and thrilled to do this. His lips were tight around Jensen and he seemed to struggle to take the whole thing inside his mouth. But Jensen’s sadistic side loved this.  

“Take it all in” Jensen stammered

“I can’t sir, it’s too big” Tyler replied in horror, Jensen had one of those dicks that in flaccid state they seemed nice and when they were fully erect they seemed big, thick and veiny. Jensen Ackles could be a pornstar if he wanted to, he had the looks and the dick to do it. Tyler kept caressing Jensen’s pubes, they were soft and trimmed. 

“You like them?” Jensen asked looking down on him from his chair.

“Yeah they are so…soft and nice” Tyler replied and then licked Jensen’s shaft from head to balls, tasting every little bump on it. He thought it would taste bad but it didn’t. Jensen smelled of sweat, he was a hard working man around the brewery, but like everything else on him, even his sweat smelled awesome. Tyler sucked his penis again and Jensen took the opportunity to grab Tyler’s head and push him against his cock. As it was expected. Tyler gagged when Jensen’s cock hit his throat.

His eye watery “Grhmmmmffhhh” Tyler complained but due to his mouth being stuffed with dick Jensen couldn’t make out a word, not that he cares. He kept pushing him in a rhythm. Tyler tried to push himself away, but he couldn’t.

“Stay” Jensen ordered as if he was talking to a pet.

“Grhhfhfhfmmm” Tyler cried out, Jensen pushed his dick deeper. Tyler gagged again and pushed himself away. Falling to the floor. He wiped his mouth with his flannel shirt’s sleeve. His eyes were red and watery, he wasn’t crying, it was a reaction to gagging.

“You want to stop?” Jensen asked coldly

“No” Tyler replied recognizing he would never had the opportunity to suck Jensen’s cock again. He regained his earlier position, kneeling between sitting Jensen’s open legs and took his dick in his mouth, Jensen once again held his head and pushed him.

“No, no, no there won’t be complaining, just suck my fucking dick” he said as he pushed him against his cock. He gasped and groaned whenever it reached the back of Tyler’s throat. 

“Wow…your mouth is amazing Tyler, you’re made to suck dicks” 

Tyler’s cheeks flushed. Jensen pushed him even deeper until his lips touched his pubes. Tyler’s eyes bulged in horror and he gagged. Jensen let him breath. 

“I can’t do it, it’s too big” Tyler apologized.

“It’s ok kiddo, besides now I want to exercise a different hole on you” Jensen replied and stood up while holding his big dick.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for this sir” Tyler said 

“Well get ready because it’s happening, the easy” Jensen said and removed his belt “or the hard way” Tyler looked horrified at Jensen’s hands that held his leather belt.

“The…the easy sir” Tyler said. 

“Wise choice, let’s go to the office” he said and walked behind Tyler. 

All these days he hadn’t had sex, had overwhelmed him and he needed some hard dirty sex, not the kind a wife can offer. Tyler wasn’t exactly a whore but Jensen would make one out of him. 

 The small office was poorly lit by a desk lamp. Jensen pulled his jeans down to his ankles and then pulled Tyler’s jeans down too. Tyler didn’t need instructions, he had timidly bend over the desk, offering his ass for the take. 

 Jensen slapped his rosy buttcheeks.

“You’re ass is beyond perfect” he said to Tyler as he pushed his finger inside.

“Ahhh..” Tyler gasped as he felt his area breached. It felt both uncomfortable and exciting. Jensen could feel Tyler’s ass relaxing and reacting to his fingers.

“You enjoy this little perv huh” he chuckled.

Jensen pushed his engorged dick through Tyler’s ass, he pushed and pushed and he managed to penetrate him. Tyler gasped. His body was so not ready for a dick of that magnitude.

“Ahhh stop! Stop! It’s big, I can’t take it” he cried out frantically

“Relax and let me ruin you” Jensen replied in a bossy tone.

“Stop!” Tyler repeated as Jensen moved deeper. His cock was suffocating in that tight ass, he loved how Tyler was fitting like a glove around his manhood.

“I love virgin asses Tyler! Now that I have you on my dick, you can only leave after I pop your cherry” Jensen explained in a sadistic tone and slapped Tyler’s ass.

“I can’t take it ahhhhhhh!” Tyler cried out as his entire body was shook by that cock. He could feel his ass stretching to accommodate the newcomer. Now that was painful. Tyler felt his eyes moist. 

 Jensen rocked his waist back and forth as he held up his promise. He ruined Tyler for good. That boys ass was never gonna be the same. Jensen could see it, that ass was open beyond recognition and he wasn’t even starting. He was slowly impaling Tyler and the pulling his fleshy sword out.

“Stop crying like a bitch, be a man” Jensen said, feeling nice degrading Tyler

“Please it hurts, ahhh. At least be more gentle” Tyler stammered

“I’m as gentle as it gets, you’ll get use to it” Jensen replied indifferently 

 He leaned on Tyler’s back and kissed his neck while he kept thrusting 

“You like it don’t you?” he whispered

“Yes I do” Tyler managed to say

“Grab onto the desk kiddo, this is going to be tough” Jensen said. Tyler knew better than to argue and held the desk’s further edge just in time, as Jensen held him by his waist and slammed in and out, hard, unforgiving, mercilessly and relentlessly.

“Stop! Stop! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH NOOOOO” Tyler cried out but no one could hear him. The brewery was closed and in a remote location. 

Jensen fucked him and rocked his world in a primal way. He didn’t just fucked him, he subdued him. He degraded him in a way that only real men can do to faggots like him.

Tyler would yell but he was busy gasping as Jensen had reached new depths of his ass. He could feel Jensen’s big balls slamming against his buttcheeks. He could even hear them. Jensen’s groans, his balls slamming, his ass complaining by what was happening. Jensen buried his sword deep inside Tyler and groaned like a wounded animal. He released his sperm inside Tyler. Tyler was forever his now.

 He took deep breaths and then pulled his dick out of Tyler’s ruined ass.

“Man, that was wild” he noted. Tyler wasn’t talking, he was sniffling.

“Hey man, are you crying, for real?” Jensen asked. Tyler’s eyes were filled with tears. He just pulled his pants up and run for the door. Jensen noticed he was walking funny. He was afraid that he was gonna be upset but a week later. Tyler begged for forgiveness by sucking Jensen’s cock and swallowing his brew. 

Creampied By Jensen

This story is fictional. It begins in a club where I meet Jensen and he is a bit drunk then things get a bit out of hand. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles.

“Because I want to fuck you” he said coming closer to me,my could smell the beer in his breath. If another guy had said this I would have hit him. But this was Jensen Ackles! Semi drunk and ready to show how Texans ride their horse if you know what I mean. He was wearing jeans, not tight, but not loose either, just enough to make you get a glimpse at his package, and a black buttoned up shirt, a little bit opened on the neck. I could even see his freckles as he looked at me. We were in a club and I didn’t even give a fuck if he would fuck me right there in front of everyone.

“You do realize I’m a guy right?” I said joking,M he sipped a bit of his beer and chuckled at me.

“You know what? That’s my dirty secret, I like fucking guys, I like dominate their buttholes and hear them cry out as my long snake takes away their manliness” he said, those words, and the way he said them, made my ass hot and ready. I had never been with a guy before, but now I was ready to give it to Jensen.

“Ok but where?” I said. 

“Suck my dick, right here” he orders and unbuttoned his jeans, his cock was thick and untrimmed, but luckily he wasn’t like a jungle man down there. I couldn’t even believe his dick was so thick. Those veins and that size. 

“You know you want to” he growled at me smiling. I bend over to his legs and started sucking that dick like crazy. I just copied whatever I had seen in porn videos. I sucked his meat and licked that cockhead and then those balls. It wasn’t at all like I was expecting. Less gross, more fun!

He lowered himself on the couch we were seating and he raised his waist upwards so I can have better access to all of his inches. 

“Fuck, that’s right, suck it good babe” he stammered. As I was taking it in my mouth. 

For people who don’t find cocks disgusting, this experience was top notch. I could feel the pulsating cock in my mouth, even those little veins that popped all around it could be felt with the tip of my tongue. Jensen with his hand pushed me against his dick, and I was just sucking hearing him gasp and then hear murmurs of people around us, I was so sure someone would kick us out but sucking off Jensen Ackles have its privileges because we’re left alone. 

I love how his uncut cock moves into my mouth, it’s hard with a soft texture.

His shirt is now hanging open on his sides. His torso glistens by the sweat, I lean and I lick from his pubes to his chest and to his neck as I feel him groan.

“Fuck me” I whisper to his ear. He looks at me with a surprised smile on his face

“Really?” he growled

“Really” I said and straddled him, his hot cock knocking on my ass.

With his hand he tapped his thick cock on my buttcheeks. I sat down taking it in slowly, feeling my ass stretching hard, Jensen also pushed with his waist, he looked at me with eyes full of passion and excitement. I loved the feeling of his hot hard dick inside me, I started moving up and down and every time I did, Jensen gasped. The whole club was looking at our show.

Everytime I squatted onto his dick, it went deeper, I gasped and it hurt but I didn’t want to stop. His expression pure masculine smugness, made me want to be his slut even more. I moaned and cried out, as I was taking his dick all the way in. Not without a lot of pushing, his dick was enormous and my ass wasn’t that open. Well after that it would be. I was so transfixed by his fuck that I grabbed his hair and tussled them or pulled them everytime I sat back on his dick which felt like a fucking iron in my butt.

Plus he thrusted slowly his waist along with me too and all this made friction pleasantly unbearable.

“Fuck! Jump on my cock, yeah that’s right” he groaned watching me hop on his cock like a crazy person, all I could do was cry out like a bitch, and feeling aroused that hundreds of eyes were looking at us, some were disgusted, some were aroused. Some of them jerked off around us. They had good dicks but none of them was like Jensen’s. As I was getting the hang of it he stood up and bend me over the seat with my ass upwards. I knew it would hurt because I was in an uncomfortable position but when he nailed me with his dick, I thought I saw stars. First of all, he was so quick and powerful, that I felt my butt on fire by the friction. Second he went way too deep. So deep that I jumped from the pain. He held me by my shoulders or waist and fucked me so good that I almost yelled “Hail Texas!” I gasped everytime he was in and need of his cock whenever he pulled out. He gave me one more strong thrust in and he cried out in pleasure 

“Damn, fuck you!” And all of his sperm filled my sore butthole. When he pulled out, he held me there and held my buttcheeks spread open with his hands until the rivers of his sperm started pouring out.

“Yeahhhh! That’s what I’m talking about” he cheered. The effect of the fuck had passed and I felt embarrassed as I was getting dressed while the owner and Jensen collected all mobile phones and deleted every single video. He was sweaty and his hair were a mess but he still looked like a sex God.