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The Welcoming Gift

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton

We just had finished combat training with Kurt Weller, he was the director of FBI New York but he had volunteered to teach us rookies some moves. The first thing I had noticed was that he was tall and beefy. He was all man. He had this stern penetrating gaze that made you listen to what he had to say. Even the most balsy rookie in our group didn’t dare to say a word. After every training we could shower in the establishment, of course many of us chose to go to our homes, but I had a date and I had to shower in the establishment. I was surprised that Weller was in the showers too. He had a really nice beefy body, hairy chest, and a very nice cock. I never felt excitement looking at another man’s cock before, not up until this moment. He showered and just said “hey” to me as I entered the showers. 

“You need more working out” he said as he took a good look at my body.

“I know, I was never much into exercise but with FBI is a must and I struggle a bit” I replied turning my back to him so the water could hit me.

“Trust me, if you go out in the field you’ll need more muscle, also you get more women that way” he chuckled.

I liked how he was so friendly even though he seemed stern and bossy.

“Well I have a date afterwards so let’s hope she is not into too much muscle because then I’m doomed” I laughed.

“A date? With a woman?” He asked me genuinely surprised.

I turned to look at him, a bit annoyed.

“No with a giraffe, of course with a woman” I kinda snapped at him.

“Sorry, I just thought you were gay, ever since I saw you” he said

“What? Why? Do I seem gay to you man?” I snapped 

“Hey relax kid, I just thought you were gay, I didn’t say you were” Weller replied but now he seemed pissed. 

“Seriously though, why would you think that?” I asked

“I don’t know, you seem that sensitive type of guy” Weller replied now washing his dick. I took a peak but I didn’t stared for too long.

“Sensitive guys aren’t always gay!” I said a bit too loud

“You’re right” he said and turned his back on me. 

We showered in an awkward silence. The reason that I was bothered by what he said, was that I kinda felt the hots for the man, I had never felt gay for another guy before. Only Weller did that to me. 

We both went to our lockers so we can get dressed. Both with towels wrapped around our waists. I was looking at him and then back at me, I realized that if we ever hooked up, I would definitely be the bottom guy. It’s unnatural for a huge man like Weller to be fucked by a twink like me. Not that I wouldn’t nail his ass if he wanted but I just knew he wouldn’t want to be fucked. He would want to fuck and I had no problem with that either.

He was putting on deodorant when he dropped it and I leaned to grab it off the floor. I bend down and came face to face with his dick. What made it worse was that I stared, I didn’t stood up to give him his deodorant. I just looked at his dick.

“Give me that” he barked and grabbed his deodorant off of my hand.

“You’re welcome” I said

“No, you’re welcome” he said and I knew what he meant.

“Look sir, it wasn’t like that, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m not into men” I started explaining.

“Just me then” he completed my sentence, he was too close to me. I could feel his breath brushing against my face.

“Yeah, until I met you, I never had any fantasies for men before” I stammered.

“Why don’t you touch it, you know you want it” he growled and I reached and felt his dick. He had trimmed pubic hair and huge balls. I could feel it getting hard on my hand and Weller had his eyes locked on mine. He didn’t moan but his eyes did moan, I could see he was into it as much as I was. It felt like I was petting a lion, he was big in comparison with my body. His eyes once again locked to my eyes and he pinned me on the wall. I could feel his hot breath brushing my neck. Like a predator he went for his prey, he buried his face on my neck, his scruff scratched my soft skin but I didn’t care. I didn’t even care that a guy had pinned me against a wall and I could feel his manhood touching my butt. Then his hand felt my butt and he slid his finger up my butthole. A new sensation flooded me, uncomfortable yet exciting. Kurt was observing me as he played with my ass, he was panting and so was I.

“What if someone walks in here?” I stammered

“Nobody is in this part of the building” he replied and kept kissing my neck. His cock was hard, I could feel it touching me behind.

“Do you feel comfortable umm..sucking me off?” He asked me. I looked at him. This was the moment I had to decide if I would do what I wanted or what was right.

I got on my knees and licked his crown. Weller moaned loudly, so I continued, ,y tongue rolled all around this shaft, feeling his veins that popped around and his public hair when I reached the base of his dick. His balls were my next target, soft and big, I buried my face in them and I sucked them as his dick rested on my forehead. I could see Weller smiling at me. 

“Yeah, you’re doing great” he mumbled. I swallowed his dick slowly, burying it inside my mouth, watching his eyes roll in pleasure. He groaned as I sucked and tightened my lips around his manhood. He grabbed me by my hair and started moving his dick slowly, rubbing his dick on my lips, he wanted me to remember his taste. He buried his dick deep inside my throat, but I gagged so he stopped.

“Not ready for that yet” he commented and I realized this wasn’t going to be a one time thing. What was even more surprising is that I liked that idea.

“Come on get up” he said and I followed him to the sauna. It was exhilarating following him naked on the training ring. He started the sauna and we started making out. I loved touching his hairy muscular chest as it got wet by the sauna. Soon our bodies were sweating so much, that our skins sticked. I kissed his lips, his chest and his dick and he helped me get on all fours for him. I couldn’t see him with all that steam, I could only feel him. I was so sweaty and I felt drowsy but in a good way. 

I didn’t see him putting his dick in, I felt his hot hard sword penetrating me, he pushed hard until my ass gave in, I couldn’t even scream, because the pain was too much. Weller wasn’t too large but I was a virgin and well let’s say he wasn’t a small size either. I was supporting myself on the tiles and I could only feel Weller, his cock was trying to open my ass, his sweaty hands on my back holding me.

“Fuck spread your buttcheeks” he ordered me, I reached back and did it. I cried soft moans because I didn’t want to scream. It felt humiliating screaming while being fucked. Kurt slid in and out of my ass, wearing down any resistance my butt had. He groaned and held me by my shoulders so he could boost himself. I put my face down, leaving my ass up for him. His sliding in had become a pounding. Splashing sounds could be heard from our skins colliding.

My own dick dangled hard between my legs. Since he went deep inside my ass, my cock got hard without any touching. 

“Yeah…that’s nice…take it deep” he murmured at me

I was biting my hand so I wouldn’t cry out, I could feel tears on my eyes as Weller kept going on. It wasn’t that I didn’t want this but I felt so emotional being vulnerable. Having a guy fucking me like this. I felt humiliated and it hurt too.

At some points that Weller was being too rough I tried to stop him but he held me too tight. My ass felt like it was on fire, the friction from his movements made me regretting all this fuck thing. 

“Here comes your welcoming gift buddy” he growled and I felt a twitch by his dick inside me. A fluid sensation and then more twitches. He growled again as he filled my ass with his cum. When we finished. We were both so sweaty we took showers again.

Before leaving, I met one other guy from my group. He looked at me and then at Weller who was getting at his car with his stern look.

“He gave you the welcoming gift too?” he asked me.

“What?” I asked startled

“I can see you’re walking like I did after my own private session with Kurt, he is a fucking sexy beast isn’t he?” he marveled.

I left not knowing what to make of this. My first time that I thought was special, was actually a regular thing for Weller. Well at least he gave me a good fuck.


Sully’s Little Bitch: Whitening Cream

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton.
Plot: Kyle is a 22 year old actor who has yet to meet his lucky strike on tv or movies lands a commercial next to Sullivan Stapleton, everything seems awesome until Sully starts to make some inappropriate comments 
Kyle practiced his moves as the set was getting ready for the shooting of the commercial. Sully walked in wearing a black suit with dark blue dress shirt and tie. He noticed Kyle and walked right towards him. 

“Hey there you must be Kyle” he said and shook Kyle’s hand. 

“Yes sir, how very nice to meet you” Kyle said feeling a bit intimidated by Sully, who noticed and smiled encouragingly at him.

“Don’t be so nervous, just act cool, it’ll be fine” Sully said and patted Kyle’s back.

Right on time the director yelled for everyone to get ready. Kyle was playing the plain guy who was interviewed by Sully about the toothpaste. Sully sitting across him with a microphone on his hand asked him.

“Hello Kyle, you’re here because you signed up for a challenge” Sully said, Kyle didn’t need to act nervous, he was nervous, but it was good because in this commercial he had to act as if he never was in front of the tv.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Stapleton, what challenge is this?” Kyle asked

“I want you to try White and Bright the best whitening creamy toothpaste that will brighten your teeth from the very first use.” Sully said enthusiastically as if he believed his words. Kyle took the toothpaste and squeezed some on his finger.

“It is so creamy but does it really whiten teeth by the first use? I don’t believe you” he said to Sully.

“No need to rely on my word, use it yourself right now” Sully said and gave Kyle a toothbrush. Kyle took it as the plot said, and used the sink they had placed on the set to theatrically wash his teeth. When the camera was on Sully, he rubbed some brightening cream on his teeth for the effect of the ad. Then he turned around and smiled.

“See? This smile is one that will brighten anyone’s day” Sully said and turned towards the camera “White and Bright, the first creamy toothpaste that will brighten your smile”.

It was a wrap, Sully stood with his hands on his waist in a manly pose and looked at Kyle.

“So it wasn’t that bad, was it?” he asked, Kyle was feeling more social now that the hard part was over.

“No, you made it easy, all I had to do was to pretend I was astounded by that creamy toothpaste, that isn’t even brighten my teeth unless I put that other cream on” he said laughing. 

“I have something creamy that will brighten your smile Kyle” Sully said, and nodded towards his crotch. Kyle felt his cheek reddening 

“Umm I’m not into men sir” he said

“I can open a lot of doors for you Kyle, just please me, that mouth is all I can think about since I walked in here and saw you” 

“I haven’t done that before, and I’m not sure I can do it right” Kyle said looking around to see if anyone heard them.

“I will walk you through it, all you have to do is get on your knees and open your mouth the rest is up to me” Sully said making hard to Kyle to resist.

“Ok, but where?” he asked

“Follow me, on my dressing room” he said and walked towards the exit door, before exiting he turned to an assistant there “hey I’m going to my dressing room, make sure nobody bothers me ok?” he said, the assistant nodded and Kyle followed Sully with trepidation for what he was about to do.

Sully’s dressing room was large, he locked the door behind them and removed his dress jacket. He was a handsome man. Kyle seemed nervous. Sully loosened his tie and with a soft smile on his lips he approached Kyle.

“Come on, you’re doing fine, just get on your knees” he said. Kyle awkwardly kneeled on the floor, as Sully stood in front of him, with his hands on his waist. 

“Don’t move just yet, I want to savor this moment” he said, looking at Kyle’s soft red cheeks. Then he unzipped his zipper and through that hole he freed his cock. It stood hard with a small curve down, it’s veins throbbed. Kyle leaned closer and licked the tip of Sully’s glans slowly, the taste wasn’t that bad, he twirled his tongue around looking straight ahead, feeling ashamed to look at Sully’s face, he wasn’t comfortable with what he was doing. Sully grabbed his head.

“Now I’m gonna fuck your mouth mate, so just remember to keep your mouth open, if you choke just push me, do not bite my fucking junk off ok?” Sully asked.

Kyle nodded without talking. Sully slowly pushed his hot rod inside Kyle’s mouth, feeling ripples of pleasure as he watched his cock slowly entering that mouth.

He reached deep but he didn’t push it, then he pulled out, Kyle kept closing his eyes or looking straight ahead.

“Hey Kyle, look at me, I want you to look at me, be shameless” he said

“Yes sir” Kyle replied and looked with an unsure glance at Sully’s penetrating blue gaze.

“That’s awesome” Sully said and pushed his cock back into Kyle’s mouth, this time deeper, Kyle choked but handled it. Sully kept this slow rhythm for a bit and then he grabbed Kyle’s hair and thrusted his waist in and out his mouth. Kyle choked, even tried to push Sully away, but it was of no use, Sully was a destroyer when he was turned on. His waist relentlessly moved fast back and forth, Kyle felt Sully’s cock reaching his throat with every thrust, his eyes were watery as he tried to breath with that huge meat in his mouth. Sully groaned “yeah, yeah, you’re my bitch Kyle”

Kyle felt like a cheap slut, being used like this by Sully, he kept reminding himself that Sully would open doors for him, so he withstood this facefuck.

Sully was all sweaty. Even his shirt got stains on it, he groaned loudly as he slammed his entire crotch on Kyle’s face leaving him almost breathless each time. Kyle was sure for one thing, Sully’s taste would never come off of his tongue. 

“You get ready for that brightening” Sully warned him while moving his waist faster.

Sully grabbed Kyle’s hair again and fucked his mouth slamming his crotch with such strength that his belt buckle caused a red mark on Kyle’s head.

“I’m coming, I’m coming fuck!” He yelled and stroked his cock shooting huge jets of creamy sperm on Kyle’s face, just before he stopped coming he pushed his cock back into Kyle mouth and shot some load in his mouth too. Kyle pushed him away and spit the sperm. For him it was disgusting, he was in it for that blowjob but drinking cums was something else. His face was covered in creamy sperm and Sully took a photo of him.

“You’re my masterpiece” he said about Kyle’s face, he zipped his pants and handed Kyle a towel.

“So will you put a good word for me sir?” Kyle asked.

“After I fuck you yes” Sully replied and left his dressing room leaving Kyle feeling like a fool for sucking his dick for nothing.

Sexual Tension

This is an incest gay story, it’s a fiction, none of this is real, I’m not Sullivan Stapleton’s son,I do not know him personally and I never had any sexual intercourse with him. 
Sullivan Stapleton, a name known to a lot of people, to me too, but for me he is my father. He didn’t know I was his son until recently, I’m 19 years old and I’m a cute gay guy, I haven’t told daddy that, and I wasn’t planning until I saw him. I knew he was an actor but I never looked him up. But since I met him at the airport in LA. I had forbidden thoughts, the man was a hunk, he was all man, and he had the best blue eyes ever, the same as mine. He hugged me but all I could thing was if he was a good fucker. He wore a denim buttoned up shirt and dark blue jeans. Even with those casual clothes he was fucking hot. I went there to see and meet my father and all I was doing was drooling all over him. To my defense if he was around, I would have registered in my mind he was my father and I wouldn’t think such perverse scenarios but now for me he was just a man, a hunky man who happened to be my father.

“What are you thinking son?” he asked, this phrase should have made me feel more like his son, but it turned me on instead.

“Oh nothing, it’s just LA seems so big” I pretended that I was watching the buildings as he was driving.

“I’m glad you’re here, if I had know sooner I would be present when you were growing up” he said.

“No hard feelings Dad, I know you didn’t know about me” I replied and he seemed a bit more at ease. We stopped for some pizza and then we went to his apartment which was quite big. He showed me around the house and we decided to get some rest. I jerked off like crazy in the bathroom and even when I came, I was turned on.

For the evening Sully had called some of his friends to meet me, we ate and then drank some beers, they did, I was busy fantasizing about my father and his bulge that I could see through his jeans. When everybody left he sat at the couch, happy, I sat next to him.

“That was exhausting?” he said, I could smell beer on his breath

“It was fun too” I said

“Yeah it was” he said and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing me closer to him. I caressed his leg slowly, and then I took a chance and went for his crotch, massaging and grabbing. He didn’t speak for some minutes but I could feel he was tense, also I could feel he was getting hard.

“Wait wait, what are you doing? This is insane” he said, looking at me with those blue piercing eyes

“What does it look like Sully?” I asked, I said his name instead of “dad” because I didn’t want to remind him we were related.

“I think you should stop” he said, but I could tell he was unsure

“Just tell me, do you like it?” I asked

“Yes, no! Stop, just stop it ok?” He said, he was confused.

“If you like it, then it’s not wrong, we can pretend we aren’t related” I said, to be honest I didn’t felt related to him, only turned on.

“But we are related! I’m your fucking father!” he yelled

“Hey, relax if you don’t want that, I will stop ok?” I said, the man had principles, so I stopped and went to bed. While he remained on his couch, confused and drinking more beer. 

I woke up by his touch he was lying next to me smiling, and touching my cheek,

“Hey” he said softly, I smiled and realized he was wearing nothing but his black tight boxers that couldn’t hide his boner. His chest was hairy in a sexy way, so sexy I leaned and kissed it. While he moaned softly. I loved touching his chest, but what I loved more was touching that bulge in his boxers.

“Just for tonight, I won’t be your father, but I will be your daddy” he said

“I will please that cock whatever you decide to be” I replied and peppered his chest with kiss until I reached his abdomen, and then closer to his boxer. I stopped and looked at him. He was laying there on his back, his hands under his head. 

“Suck my cock son” he said, a simple phrase that almost made me come for him.

I pulled his boxers down, his cock was thick, around 16-17cm but quite thick and veiny and uncut, it seemed like a sausage. His pubic hair were trimmed, not shaved. 

I buried my face to his crotch and rubbed his cock and balls all over ,y face, I could feel he got harder by that. I grabbed his cock and stroked it.

“This is a large dick daddy” I said 

“Fuck, if you keep talking like this I’m gonna come in your hands” he growled.

I sucked his crown only, while stroking slowly his shaft, his blue eyes showed me he was turned on beyond reason. I stopped, I didn’t want him to come just yet.

“Fuck, you are amazing, you suck cocks like a champ” he said.

“I’m a cocksucker for a long time dad” I said

“You suck a lot of cocks?” He asked me, a conversation that also turned me on. I sucked his cock softly before replying “I have sucked many of them” I said

“I don’t like that” he said and moaned as I took his cock deep inside my mouth.

“Sorry, but I don’t care, I don’t like girls” I said

“No I didn’t meant the gay thing, I meant I don’t like that you suck many cocks” he explained

“But I like them” I said smiling and sucking his, until only his balls were outside.

“You sure do! Fuck! Ahhhh! Fuck!” he yelled and I could see he was sweaty.

“I think I should stop sucking your cock and start sitting on it” I said, he agreed and we changed position.

“Lay down, on your back, spread your legs” he gave me instructions 

“You’re gonna be my first fuck in this position” I said

“I want you to watch your daddy as he fucks you” he said and slapped my butt

“I feel kinda uneasy looking someone when they fuck me” I said

“Why? Don’t you wanna see what are you doing to me?” He asked

“The way you put it, it sounds sexy, but most guys hate fuck me, they do it with so much hate, and they slap my ass, and they yell at me and call me names” 

Sully looked at me. He touched my cheek “I’m sorry, if I was there for you I would have fucked all of those guys for treating you like this” he said.

“I kinda liked it, but I don’t like watching them while they fuck me”

Sully positioned himself between my legs. It felt so good feeling his body touching me. He leaned closer to me smiled and pushed his cock inside my ass.

I heard someone moaning like a bitch and then realized it was me. Sully groaned and seemed to be struggling to not come. 

“Fuck, your ass! Your ass is so…tight” he said while thrusting his cock slowly, my ass felt the ridges of his cock, just like a sausage, a hot thick sausage, that fucked my hole. I could feel his cock pulsating and twitch. Sully was going to come, unless he could withhold his cum, but I doubt it. My legs around his waist, his hands holding my face, his blue eyes on mine. He groaned and smiled as he was giving it to me.

I had been fucked before, but I never felt so connected as I did now. Watching him plow my hole and smiling at me while he groaned. 

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna come” he warned me. I pinched his nipples and then he groaned loudly and rested his face to my neck while he banged me harder and harder and so much faster, I moaned loudly, as the friction from his cock in my ass made me cum before him. I clutched his back and maybe scratched him as he released his cums and grabbed my face.

“Look at me, look at me while I cum inside your ass” he said. His face a mask of orgasmic frustration, he groaned, and I felt his warm sperm flooding my ass. 

His blue like the sea eyes, went from heavy sea to complete serenity. He rested his face on my neck, panting, we were both sweaty, and I could feel his sperm escaping my butthole. We did a really perverted thing but still I felt like it was the best thing ever.

The next day I felt my ass sore and kinda tingly, as if he wanted more of daddy’s cock.

He made me breakfast and while we were eating he said “do you like orange juice?” 

“I prefer milk” I said, he looked at the fridge “we are out” he replied.

“No we aren’t” I replied and got on my knees while he smiled and unzipped his shorts…

Agent Weller’s Other Skills

This is a sex fiction of “Blindspot” that contains gay and incest sex. If you are a minor do not read this and leave this site.

“Hey Liam, just wait a minute so I can change” Weller said to his 19 year old nephew. He had visited him in Seattle, and they were about to go out and have some drinks.Weller removed his shirt and wore another one, as he started buttoning it up, he notice Liam watching him with a soft smile to his lips.

“What is it?” Weller asked.

“I always liked men with hairy chests” Liam replied shocking Kurt.

“Well, I know you’re gay but hitting on your uncle isn’t wise son” he said but left the rest of his shirt unbuttoned, his hairy chest was visible.

“Oh come on uncle, stop being such a prude, I just said I like your hairy chest, you are a fine man” Liam replied. Weller walked towards him, with hands on his waist. 

“Yeah? Have you ever been with a man before?” Weller asked

“If you just know, no, just blowjobs” Liam replied

“Wow, too much information” Weller replied but felt a bit aroused thinking that pretty mouth of his nephew around some cock.

“Come on, like you didn’t know I like sucking cocks” Liam replied

“Let’s change the subject son, this conversation is making me…” Weller said

“uncomfortable?” Liam replied

“Hard” Weller said and realized he said it out loud. His nephew looked at him smiling.

“I can help you with that” he said and rubbed his uncle’s crotch. Weller didn’t move until his nephew reached to unbutton his jeans.

“Stop! This is not appropriate” Weller said

“I don’t care, I want this” Liam said and touched Weller’s bulge.

“Fuck this” Weller said and unbuttoned his jeans freeing his cock. 

“Uncle this is…big!” Liam said and licked his glans. Weller closed his eyes and moaned, as he felt his nephew’s tongue wrapped around his cock. It was so wrong and yet his felt his cock ready to explode.

“You’re driving me crazy!” Weller said

Liam held his uncle’s cock by it base and licked it like it was a lollipop. Slowly wrapping his tongue around its glans and then the shaft. Then he sucked those big hairy balls. Weller moaned and pushed him towards them.

“Fuck! Fuck!” he yelled as he felt his nephew playing with his balls. Liam stood up and removed his jeans. His smooth ass, made Weller drool. 

“I’m gonna destroy this ass” he said as he slapped him. 

“Be gentle, it’s my first time, I always wanted it to be you” Liam said

“Gentle? If you wanted gentle you shouldn’t have come to me son”

“You want to hear a secret uncle Kurt?” Liam asked

“Shoot” Weller said

“I fantasized about you fucking me many many times” Liam said, that caused Weller’s cock to turn hard as stone

“You want to hear a secret too son?” Weller said


“Remember that time in high school where you came to tell us about being accepted in the school’s band and you played that trumpet?” Weller asked

“I remember” Liam said looking at his uncle’s blue eyes

“Well, all I was looking was your mouth wrapped around that trumpet and thinking how my cock would look in your mouth” he said, Liam let a sharp breath out. His uncle was a stud, and that was enough to make Liam lose his inhibitions about him.

“Bend over to the desk” Welller said, with the tone he used to order his tea, at the FBI. “Yes sir” his nephew replied and obliged. He felt his uncle’s hand on his ass, grabbing him and then he felt his big finger being inserted in his ass.

“You’re smooth all the way huh?” Weller said smiling

“I did it for you, I wanted to seduce you afterwards when you would be drunk”

“You pervert boy” Weller said and got on his knees, he spread Liam’s buttcheeks and watched his little tight virgin hole tremble. He buried his face there and with his tongue he send shivers of pleasure to Liam who moaned and he could barely contain himself. Weller’s facial hair pricked and tickled his smooth ass and added to the pleasure. Liam held onto the desk, as he felt he would scream if his uncle kept sucking and fucking his butthole like that. Weller looked at his nephew butthole, it was ready. He pushed his cock into the hole but only for a bit, then he started brushing it up and down. He could feel Liam tremble from desire.

“Please fuck me uncle” Liam pleaded

“No” Weller said in a sadistic tone as he kept brushing his uncut sausage on Liam’s butthole. Liam pushed his ass towards the cock, that’s what Weller wanted, he wanted to drive him crazy and ask for it. 

“Are you ready for it?” he asked Liam

“Yes” Liam said as he held onto the desk, Weller pushed his cock slowly into his nephew’s butt, he felt the tight ass opening, it was hard, because Liam’s butt wouldn’t oblige. Liam moaned and cried out as Weller pushed further inside.

“If you’re yelling now, imagine later” Weller said

“I don’t think I can take it, this is painful” Liam said, without the confidence he had before.

“There’s no backing off now, you will take it like a man” Kurt said and stabbed him more inserting his whole length inside Liam who couldn’t even cry out, he was panting and the pain made him clutch that desk, as if that would make the huge cock in his ass less painful. Weller stayed there, without moving, he wanted Liam’s ass to loosen up a bit. Liam could feel that throbbing cock deep inside his ass, and it hurt so bad. He knew his uncle was all man, but he never imagined it would be so painful. He felt his uncle’s cock grinding in his ass, as Weller pulled out slowly, his cock was hugged by Liam’s tight ass, that gave a pleasant sensation as he was pulling his cock out, Weller pushed back in, that made Liam cry out. Every thrust made Liam feel like his ass was on fire, as Weller picked up the pace, and moved faster, the friction made it all too painful for Liam, Weller on the other hand loved how his cock was hugged by his nephew’s tight ass. He moaned in pleasure and held Liam by his shoulders so he can stab him with his manhood repeatedly. 

“Fuck! Take it all in baby” Weller said sweating like crazy

“Slower uncle, slower” Liam cried out

“Fuck, I can’t go slower” Weller said as his fuck became a hard pounding, that made the desk complain under their weight and Weller’s thrusts.

“Ahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Liam yelled, it was pleasure and it was pain, he never believed he would feel so much pain and also not wanting his uncle to stop.

“Yeah! Take it! You’re so fucking tight” Weller said as he leaned on his nephew’s back. Liam felt his uncle’s hairy warm chest on his back, he could feel his breath in his neck. His waist moved like a well oiled machine, repeatedly, opening his ass, stretching him. He felt Weller panting behind him, and then his uncle grabbed his hands and held them pinned down, causing Liam’s upper body to lean down as his ass lifted upwards. If the fuck was painful before, now Liam was crying loudly as Weller slammed his whole waist on his ass, and held him pinned down on the desk.

He was fucking like a mad man. Weller yelled and groaned as he kept fucking his nephew, he was doused in his own swear, that caused their skin to stick and cause more arousal to both of them. Weller sat down on the bed “reverse cowgirl, go go go” he yelled, Liam took position with his back towards his uncle and took his cock up his ass, now it was his turn to bob up and down, taking that hard cock, Weller had his hands under his head, observing Liam as he fucked himself on his uncle’s cock.

“Yeah take it like a champ” he said

“I love it uncle, I love your cock!” Liam replied making Weller to moan and grabbed his buttcheeks holding them together, that caused friction on his dick as Liam moved up and down getting fucked. Liam loved how his ass felt loose after so much fuck and started bobbing hard up and down, taking that whole junk inside his ass.

“Fuck! Keep going like that” Weller groaned, and thrusted his waist upwards giving to Liam more cock to sit on. It took only a few minutes for Weller to groan “Climb off”

Liam lied down as Weller sat on his chest, and stroked his cock, Liam noticed those beautiful pubic hair that led to a trail hair and connected to the rest of his uncle abdomen. He heard Weller moan loudly and then he stabbed his mouth with his meaty cock, as he unloaded his balls. Liam squeezed Weller’s balls as he kept coming, he believed his uncle came a lot, but this was a huge load. Weller lied next to him, panting, while Liam swallowed that bitter load down his throat. His ass felt sore and open, penetrated by his uncle, but somehow that made him happy, he felt content. 

“I think I’m going to fuck you again” Weller said as he turned Liam on his sto,such and stick his cock inside his ass, fucking him into oblivion…until their bed broke and Liam couldn’t walk straight anymore.

Sully Took My Virginity!

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton
I’m Kyle, I’m 22 years old, a handsome young man, not gay as far as I knew, and yet a little bit of whiskey and some night out, changed my sexual life forever.

 My dream is to become a successful actor, so I worked small roles until I could find my big break. One of those small roles was on the tv show “Blindspot”. The crew and cast were awesome, I wasn’t a recurring role but they did call me on the party for the end of the first season. The best of them all is Sully Stapleton. Sully and I became good friends, we were talking between takes and in general he was a laid back guy.

We went to that party and we drunk. We weren’t too hammered but our inhibitions were bended. Sully was wearing a denim button up shirt, a little bit unbuttoned at the chest, and jeans. When the cab left us at his apartment I thought to help him out and put him to bed. When we entered his apartment he sat on his couch, and kept saying “Fuck, I’m so hard, did you see that awesome pussy in the club?” and then he unbuttoned his jeans and whipped his junk out. And what a junk. Thick, with veins and really hard. He kept stroking it while laughing at my surprised face.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a cock before?” he asked

“wow dude, you’re way too drunk” I said but he kept looking at me in a sexy way while he played with his cock. “You want to touch it? Don’t you?” he asked. 

“You’re a jerk” I said but laughed, then I sat next to him, and grabbed it. It was weird for me too. I’ve never touched another man’s penis. Sully’s was thick, hot, hard and so big, manly, while mine was a bit of a youngish looking cock. His seemed threatening and ready. I stroked it a bit while he was looking at me smiling.

“Yeah keep stroking” he said

“Ok that’s it, let’s get you to bed” I said but he grabbed me as I was sitting next to him and made me bend. 

“Suck it, suck my cock Kyle” he said, I was about to punch him and leave but then I opened my mouth and took it in. Tasting it. It was kinda salty and not at all disgusting as I expected. Sully pushed my head and I almost choked on his cock.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck!” he kept saying while I was sucking on his cock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and yet I couldn’t stop. He unbuttoned his shirt and left it open, his hairy chest was the sexiest thing I ever saw, I touched his chest while I kept sucking his cock. Sweat, alcohol and testosterone was the smell my nose was filled with.

“Take it in” he said and deepthroated me again, I felt my eyes full of tears because gag reflex I had. I turned to his balls and sucked them slowly, hairy balls, the balsa of a real man. I felt I was privileged to have this man to give me his cock.i returned to his cock and took it in my mouth again, feeling the veins with my lips as he was dragging it inside my inner mouth. His waist thrusted upwards and fucked my mouth for 2-3 minutes until he stopped and told me to give him my ass.

I straddled him and I prepared my ass, I sat down and took it in, my scream as his cock broke my back door must have been heard to the whole neighborhood. His big cock grinding in my inner ass, stretching me in way that I didn’t believe my ass could stretch. I was almost halfway in when he pushed me down and I took it all in. I cried out like a bitch while I supported myself on his shoulders.

“Fuck! You’re so tight” Sully said

“Stop it, be gentle” I said, the pain was too much, even when he sat there without moving my ass was in pain. His hot cock got harder inside my ass and that made it difficult for me to withstand it. I tried to climb off of him but he was holding me firmly. He started moving his waist upwards causing ripples of pain and pleasure to my ass. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or scream my pleasure. He pushed my buttcheeks together as he slid his cock inside me and then out and then back in, the flapping sound was the only thing anyone could here in the apartment and my cries. He was panting as I followed his rhythm, sitting up and down, as he trusthed. I was supporting myself in his wide shoulders, while I felt his cock like a hot iron grind inside  friction was strong, I felt like my ass was on fire but also I didn’t want to climb off of him. I liked taking his manhood in my ass. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” he yelled as I felt a twitch to his balls and cock and felt his warm sperm being shot inside me. When I climbed off of him. My ass felt weird, sore and open, I couldn’t walk straight. He fell asleep, which was understandable, I couldn’t believe he even managed to fuck me. I put his cock back in his boxers and took a shower were I discovered his sperm running down my leg. I felt kinda weird, I liked being fucked but I thought it wasn’t right what I did. 

The next day Sully acted as if nothing happened, maybe he didn’t remembered or maybe he didn’t want to remember.

Aussie Fuck! (A Sullivan Stapleton Short Sex Fiction)


Aussie Fuck

(A Sullivan Stapleton Short Sex Fiction)This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton
“Don’t you think it’s wrong?” Uncle Sullivan said as I straddled him on the couch, I smiled as I caressed his hairy chest, from the opening of his black shirt. “Do you like it?” I asked, he nodded, “I like it too so, no it’s not wrong, plus, I’m my aunt’s nephew, there is no real relation between you and me uncle Sullivan” I replied and felt his manhood growing under my butt. He smiled. My perfect bear daddy. I kissed him, I liked how his scruffy face felt against my shave skin on my mine. His perfect blue eyes focused on mine, full of lust. “I love your mouth, especially when it’s around my cock” he said, I liked how cynical, he was sometimes. Classic Gemini.

I got on my knees in front of him, and I positioned myself between his legs, he was staring at me with a smug smile, I supported my elbows on his knees and I undid his cargo pants, the cock smell hit me before I even reached his boxers, so strong and manly. I grabbed his cock, it was semi hard, I brought it to my lips, and licked it slowly, rolling my tongue around it, tasting it, he moaned softly as I sucked his cock slowly, it a rhythm, feeling it getting hard in my mouth, and him pushing me with his hand towards his cock. He was looking at me ecstatically, he let a breath escape his lips, as I took his cock deepthroat, so deep I felt his public hair on my nose.

“This is why I love your mouth son” he said and pressed my head on his cock, when he pulled it out, it was glistening. I straddled him again, and I undid his black shirt, revealing his hairy chest “I like your chest” I said kissing him on it, he smiled but said nothing, I hovered my ass above his cock, and then hugged him while I let my weight help me take his cock inside me, I cried in his ear as it slid inside me. “Ahhh ahhh I love you” I said as I moved up and down on him, it felt so nice to have his thick cock up my ass. I still could feel it stretching me good, even though we have been fucking before. After a while he moved his waist along with me, fucking me too, while he had his glance on my eyes, a triumphant glance, he was submitting me, I liked it, I liked being submitted by Sullivan, as I was still fucking his dick with my ass, I pinched both his nipples softly, he growled, and I felt him thrusting me harder. After that he grabbed me into a tight hug, and pounded my ass hard and fast, he was close to ejaculate. He bit my ear and then I felt him tension his muscles, while my ass felt the familiar liquid pleasure filling it. He groaned, he was panting but we stayed there, into a hug, until I felt his cock soften and I climbed off of him, my ass felt sore just like the first time he fucked me, this man fucked me so good that it was like I was a virgin all over again. Uncle Sullivan divorced my aunt, he was in love with me and we manage to have a relationship up to this day, he fucks me and I let him. Just like that…