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More than a Blowjob…

More than A Blowjob…

This story is fictional, I don’t know Derek Theler, he is not my friend and we never fucked as this story says, it just fantasy. 
As I run towards his apartment, I opened his door and found him staring there, wearing a deep red shirt, open at his neck, and tucked inside his dark blue jeans. He was so gorgeous. Derek looked at me, smiling.

“Der, man I’m sorry for that text, I was drunk and I…” I started saying. What text you might ask, well I’m Danny, I’m 22 years old and Derek is my best friend, the funny thing is my name is Danny and he is playing “Danny” in his show. We laughed a lot about that coincidence and sometimes he uses my attitude to act his tv “Danny”. This time I could feel the awkwardness between us. I had done a terrible mistake and while drunk I told Derek through texts how much I wanted to suck his cock. Which was true but my sober self would never say it out loud. 

 “Come here” he said, he was holding a glass of scotch, he seemed like he wanted to tell me to back off. I approached him carefully. He was staring outside through the big glass windows that lightened his living room.

“Der, I’m sorry man, I was drunk” I repeated as if drunk meant that I wasn’t gay for him.

“Shut up man, and get on your knees” he ordered. A manly glance that turned me on now clouding his eyes. I got on my knees and he looked at me, and then I realized he was kinda bulging in his jeans. I touched his crotch and rubbed it in silence. He closed his eyes in bliss, only his breath could be heard. I got closer to his crotch and with my tongue I licked the bulging area of it. His hand landed on my head and he slowly pushed me as I was licking through his fabric and feeling his cock get harder.

“Tell me, what do you want?” He asked me in his most erotic voice

“I want you” I said with my romantic nonsense

“Be specific” he said at the verge of slapping me

“I want your dick in my mouth Der” I stammered, feeling somehow free now that I said it out loud.

“Can you fit it in your mouth Danny?” he asked me as his eyes seemed to defy my confidence

“I will fit it” I said as he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans , now it was clinging only to his hips, and a nice treasure trail lead inside to his black boxers that couldn’t hide anything, anymore. I pulled his boxers down and admired my best friend’s manhood. Framed by bronze/dark red colored pubic hair, a translucent 7 inch cock with its veins throbbing, stood hard for me. I heard so many stories about his cock when we were talking about girls but I thought he might exaggerate but he wasn’t, the proof in front of me.

I didn’t need to use my hands, his cock stood by itself so I leaned closer and licked the upper side beginning with his glans, then his shaft, and ended up to his lubricant hair, as I felt him tremble in astonishment and excitement.

“You’re good!” he stammered with his hands on his waist.

I shaped my mouth in an “O” shape and took his cock in, my jaw stretched to fit it in, but I would do it over and over again, I tightened my lips around his cock, feeling those little veins throbbing on them as he got harder. His moans were soft but I could still hear them and that gave me more to go on. Unable to take the heat he unbuttoned his shirt and left it hanging open, he was the epitome of manliness, hairy chest, sculpted abs, scruffy face, blue eyes. This man was made of the Greek Gods gene, I couldn’t explain it, he wasn’t just in good shape, he was also handsome.

My hand wandered on his abs as I kept moving my head back and forth sucking his daddy stick. No matter how hard I tried, I could only take half of his cock inside my mouth, a deepthroat wasn’t easy with that size. But he seemed to enjoy watching me trying to harness his manhood. I could see a half smile on his lips as he pushed me softly against his cock and everytime I struggled to go any further he smiled and moaned. I moved my face close to his balls that were hanging there. Beautiful like two big ripe plums. I buried my face in the place between his cock and his balls and sniffed. 

“Oh…you’re nasty” he said laughing in content, but I went in for my plum.

I licked one of his balls and then sucked it in my mouth, carefully teasing it with my tongue, I didn’t need to see his face to realize how ,I have he liked that. I felt his balls tremble and then his cock showed more veins than before. He was really hard for me.

“Please tell me you want me to fuck you” he pleaded

“I don’t know man, this dick is too big for my butt” I said trying to torture him a bit

“Shut up and get naked” he replied as he removed his soaked by sweat shirt. Now shirtless and then naked stood in front of me completely turned on as I was taking off my clothes. He grabbed my ass and pinned me from behind, it felt weird and hot feeling his hairy chest and skin against my back.

“You take care of that butt huh?” he asked me as he felt my smooth butt

“It’s yours, take it” I stammered feeling so hot with his hot breath brushing my neck.

As I said it, he lowered himself and he plunged his sword in my ass and as he raised his body, his cock went deeper and that felt like a hot iron, I moaned in pain.

As he was groaning behind me, I thought he would prepare my ass but he took literally what I said and stabbed me with his cock right there and then.

“Ahhh Der, it hurts” I stammered and felt as if my ass was going to fall off

“Don’t be such a sissy girl, take it like a man” he said with his husky voice, as I was trying to ease the pain. It was of no use, his entire cock was stuck inside my ass and even the smallest movement made me moan like a bitch cause it hurt.

“I’m gonna fuck you slowly and enjoy your moans Danny” he said as he moved his cock out of my ass and then right back in, slowly, so slow I could feel his veins through my butthole. 

“Great, now spread your butthole for me” he ordered, I reached and spread my ass open, and felt his cock go deeper this time, my cry was loud as I was taking it.

“Don’t you dare move your hands from there, keep your ass open” he yelled

And I felt scared and turned on at the same time. My butthole went kinda numb after a while but my ass still hurt as Derek kept thrusting his cock inside. It only got harder from there, his hands held me by my shoulders as he literally slammed his entire waist against my spread open buttcheeks. The pain from his fuck was so strong that I had no voice to express it, I just groaned in pain as I felt my best friend using me so hard. After a bit my ass was less sore and I thought the pain was over as I felt a warm sensation of sexual pleasure spreading all over me, now I loved his thrusts so much. We kept fucking like bunnies for almost twenty minutes when he leaned on my back electrifying me with his hairy chest on my back and plunging his cock in ,y ass with a strong thrust, I cried out loudly, as I heard his deep voice in my ear “Fuck! Ahhhhhhh!” and then I felt his cream flooding my ass, I had tears in ,y eyes, not because of crying but because I kept squinting to withstand the pain.

As he was pulling his cock out of my ass, I felt warm rivers running down my leg.

“Wow! It will be a miracle if you can sit straight anytime soon” he joked.

I got up from the sofa I was bend over and indeed walking or sitting straight wasn’t an option. I thought me and Der would be like before after that but he kept fucking me, until he got tired or hungry. I was used like his alive sex doll, and I didn’t mind at all.

Relationship Goals


This is a sex fiction about Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams…

“If supposedly we were a married couple, I think you should be the bottom” Danno said. Steve was driving and chuckled at Danno.

“Where are you basing this on?” he asked

“Oh I’m way more muscular than you” Danno said

“It’s not about your size Danno, it’s about who’s the alpha, and I’m the alpha here, I’m driving your car, you whine but still you let me, because you like how I boss you around” Steve replied, Danno was ready to reply but Steve parked at the side of the road. 

“Come on Danno, we both know this relationship is not just friends, you can feel it too, can’t you?” Steve said, for a moment Danno thought he was joking but then he saw he wasn’t laughing.

“Look Steve, I’m a father I have two kids and I love fucking women ok? I won’t agree with you, yes I feel something but it’s not gay feelings for you” he said. Steve looked at him before he talked “I have seen you checking me out Danno, I have seen how you look at me when I take my shirt off, just admit it, you like me, it’s not something bad” Steve said and he meant it. 

“Ok I like you Steve, can we continue now? We have a case to catch” Danno said pretending to be bored, the truth was he felt what Steve said, he liked him, he had many fantasies with Commander Steve McGarrett fucking him hard.

Steve undid the zipper of his cargo pants and pulled his cock through the hole, it wasn’t erected yet, but it was kinda hard. Danno who usually said sarcastic remarks didn’t say a word, he just looked at Steve’s cock and then at Steve. 

“I know you want too Danno, do it, I won’t tell anyone” 

“No, it’s inappropriate, I’m a guy and you’re a guy and I’m a father” Danno said

“You can be a father and like men at the same time Danno, sucking my cock won’t make you less of a father” Steve said calmly. He leaned back and closed his eyes. Then he felt the wetness of Danno’s mouth on the tip of his cock and then on the rest of his shaft, while his breath on Steve’s balls made him hard.

“That’s it Danno” Steve moaned and touched his partner’s head softly.

“Damn it’s big” Danno said as Steve’s cock was fully erected know, with its veins hugging it and the ridges making it look badass like Steve himself, he took it in his mouth and enclosed it in his lips, he could feel it twitch on his lips, as Steve moaned.

“Fuck Danno, you’re better than Katherine” Steve said

“I would prefer if you weren’t narrating this” Danno said

“I’m complimenting you, you suck like a pro!” Steve replied laughing, as Danno took the whole shaft in, deep in his mouth. He loved Steve’s taste, his cock had a taste of manliness. Steve placed his hand on his head and ousted him in a rhythm.

“Who’s the alpha Danno?” Steve asked, Danno looked at him, as he had his cock in his mouth “What, I can’t hear you, you have my dick in your mouth” Steve said laughing. Danno kept bobbing his head and sucking, he couldn’t believe he was doing that, he dreamt it many times, he wanted to do it many times, and now he could taste that cock for real. “I want you to fuck me Steve” Danno said, Steve was surprised.

“What’s that?” he asked. Danno looked at him without repeating the question. Danno stopped sucking him and Steve got out of the car. Danno followed him, they were in a remote area, only trees and the sea on the other side. Danno unfastened his belt buckle and let his dress pants fall to his ankles. 

“I want to do that since I met you Danno, I wanted to fuck you completely and when I couldn’t, I took your car, I wanted to be your boss” Steve said, Danno bend over the trunk of the car. He heard Steve’s cargo pants drop,then he felt his wet, warm tongue in his ass. “Fuck Steve, I’m gonna cum” Danno cried out of pleasure. Steve had buried his face between his partner’s buttcheeks, he used his tongue to make his tight hole relax and it was working, he didn’t continue, he stood up.

“Are you ready partner?” Steve asked, Danno just nodded as he was bend over on the trunk of his car, spreading his own buttcheeks for Steve. He felt the tip first, big and strong like McGarrett, it felt so nice at first but as Steve got deeper, Danno could feel his ass stretch, he was a straight guy up until now, he didn’t have put anything up his ass, and now he was taking Steve’s 7 inch cock! Danno groaned as Steve moved slowly inside him. He grabbed Danno’s waist and and waiting for a bit he took a deep breath. 

“Your ass is so big and yet so tight Danno” Steve said, it was obvious he was trying hard not to fuck him rough. 

“I bet after this, it won’t be” Danno said, Steve moves in and out slowly, Danno groaned softly, trying not to moan like a bitch, Steve’s slow thrusts became stronger each time he pushed. Now he pushed deep inside and held Danno’s ass and moved his waist in a circular motion causing Danno to cry out.

“That’s it, let me hear you scream Danno” Steve said

“Fuck! You are a Neanderthal, be gentle!” Danno yelled, Steve though had other plans as he pounded him, and heard his ass squeaking surprised by that big cock that was invading it. 

Danno’s tight butthole, was stretch beyond its limits as it was impaled by Steve’s cock!

“I know you like this Danno, just say it! Let me hear it” Steve said holding his by his shoulders and leaning on him, he was fucking him hard, so hard the car was moving.

“Ahhhh! Stop!” Danno yelled, Steve didn’t, he kept going, like a wild animal.

He was sweaty and he was panting, he was holding Danno’s shirt so hard that it was trashed under his strong pulls.

“Fuck! You! Danno!” Steve yelled, his muscles bulging and fucking his partner with all of his strength. Danno felt like his ass was ripped in two. Steve pulled his cock out of Danno’s gaping butthole and pushed Danno on his knees, he jerked his cock off, and he groaned loudly and then he doused Danno with his hot sperm. Both panting they got dressed and they drove back to HPD without talking. Danno had cleaned himself, the only evidence he was McGarrett’s bitch was his shirt that was wrinkled where Steve was pulling him as he fucked him. 

“It’s best to never talk about this to anyone” Steve said as they parked outside the HPD, Danno nodded as he was trying to sit upright, he ass felt so sore.