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Audition for the Role (A Chris Pratt Gay Sex Fiction)


This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt
“Come on, we don’t have all day” Chris Pratt said to the young guy who was in front of him, on his knees. His hands trembling as he undid Chris’s belt buckle, then his jeans buttons, his bulge was quite big, Chris was quite the big man down there. Kyle hesitated.

“Do you want the part or not?” Chris asked as he waited with his hands on his waist. 

“I do sir” Kyle replied

“Then you have to audition…with your mouth on my dick” he said, Kyle lowered Chris’s boxers and saw his huge one eyed monster unfold. Big, thick, veiny, manly, framed with translucent pubic hair, trimmed, and those balls were huge. 

Kyle had never sucked a cock before, he was a straight actor who was trying to get a part. He was so tired of being turned down. Everyone told him, he needed to have someone on the inside to give him a part. He didn’t have anyone, but he begged Chris Pratt for a role, and Chris was willing to help, if Kyle sucked his dick! Kyle wanted to run away at first, but then he thought of it. He wouldn’t be the first one to do something like that to get to fame. 

Kyle grabbed Chris’s cock by its base, and brought it close to his lips, his licked the glans and the corona, making Chris tremble and moan satisfied.

“Take it all in baby” he said and he grabbed Kyle’s head and pushed him towards his big erection. Kyle tried to resist, but he couldn’t, Chris’s hold was too strong and he was thrusting his waist, filling Kyle’s mouth shame and cock, pure, American, smelly. Manly cock! He felt it’s little veins throbbing on his lips and Chris’s hand holding his hair tightly, so tight he felt pain. But he didn’t stop. He was deep now, he already had another man’s cock in his mouth, there was no going back now, Chris was looking down at him, smug smile. 

“Now show me that ass of yours” Chris said

“What? No!” Kyle replied. The deal was a blowjob.

“No? Ok get the hell out of my dressing room” Chris said

“Look wait, I’m straight I can’t be fucked, don’t make me do this” Kyle said

“Pal, when you suck cocks, you’re not straight trust me” Chris replied

“But you asked me to suck you” 

“I asked but you could have said no, now will you let me fuck you?” Chris asked

“Fine, but I have the part right?” Kyle asked

“You got the part man, pants off” he said

Kyle removed his pants, he kept his t-shirt on. 

“Are you waxing your ass?” Chris asked 

“No, it’s always been smooth like this” Kyle replied

“See you were made to be fucked, now bend over to this desk here and try not to scream” Chris said. Kyle bended over the desk, he could only feel Chris behind him. He heard him spit and felt his fingers on his ass, he realized Chris wasn’t going to fuck him with lube. Then he felt it, a sharp thrust, something hot and wet entering his ass. Chris was going in just like that. Kyle tried not to cry out. 

“Fuck! you are so tight” Chris said and spread Kyle’s ass open so he could see his butthole. 

“It hurts” Kyle replied scared, as the pain grew to a sizzling sensation as Chris’s dick stretched him. Kyle impulsively pushed himself forward, as if that would make Chris stop, but Chris held him by his shoulders and and with one thrust he impaled him deeply. His cock was now at Kyle’s but. All of it, Kyle muffled his cries with his hands, he didn’t want to sound like a little bitch. But Chris was moving and it was difficult to withstand so much pain. 

“How do you feel?” Chris asked

“I feel like my ass with split. Ah stop!” Kyle cried out

“Stop whining and take it, baby all of it” Chris replied and he begun pounding Kyle, one, two, three, four, the desk was moaning under the huge impact Chris caused to Kyle, Kyle felt his ass open beyond limits, he was so sure he would bleed if Chris kept fucking him like that. He kept thinking how the fuck would he walk after this!

Chris had his jeans on his ankles, his belt buckle jingling to the rhythm of his thrusts, a symphony between Chris’s cock, his desk and his belt buckle, Kyle would cry out if he could but the pain was stronger now, he kept pushing Chris’s abdomen with his hands, but Chris wouldn’t take the hint, he was set on fucking him hard. Chris held Kyle by his t-shirt and fucked him rodeo style. He even made a move like he was using a lasso and laughed as Kyle let his ass escape gas.

“Yeah fart on my balls bitch” Chris said, he was a dirty kinky pig. A hot pig!

“Fuck, stop it!” Kyle yelled, Chris kept pounding strongly! Every time Kyle yelled for him to stop, he kept fucking harder. “On your knees!” Chris yelled, Kyle obliged and kneeled in front of him, feeling his ass so sore! 

“You want that role?” Chris asked as he was stroking his cock like a crazy man

“I want it” Kyle replied

“Tell me, do you want that role?” Chris Pratt asked again, he was ready to cum.

“I said yes!” Kyle replied

“Take your fucking roleeeeeee! Ahhhh fuck! Fuckkk! I’m coming, take them all” Chris yelled and pushed his cock inside Kyle’s mouth were he released his sperm, a lot of sperm, Kyle wanted to spit it out, but he didn’t, he knew it would ruin the moment. Chris with one thrust he shot one more jet of his sperm and then looked at Kyle triumphantly, all sweaty and satisfied.

“You got the part man!” Chris said and pulled his pants up. Kyle felt so cheap and yet he could only think of one thing. When he was get fucked by Chris again!