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A Cowboy Up My Ass! (A Chris Pratt Sex Fiction)

A Cowboy Up My Ass! (A Chris Pratt Sex Fiction)

I was inspired by his guest role on tv show “Mom” so Chris Pratt on my story is not the known actor but a horseback riding trainer. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt. Also I do not endorse Beastiality!

When we moved to Austin, Texas, I was so sure that I wouldn’t make any friends. I was already 18 years old guy and I had made real friends which I had to leave behind due to us moving. My only consolation was that my parents signed me up to horseback riding classes. I always liked horses and I always wanted to ride one sometime.

I thought it was these fancy classes where you are with a group of other morons like me and you have some teacher showing you. But arriving at the stables,mi realized this was not a horseback riding class, I mean it was but it wasn’t any official school. It was a guy whom my parents paid to teach me. I didn’t mind as long as he would teach me right. And he taught me…all the tricks.

It was our fourth lesson together. Chris was a tall muscular guy, handsome, he had stub around his face which made him even more rugged and handsome. He was wearing jeans and white t-shirt that day, I loved watching his nipples through his shirt. What made me melt was when I saw him with that cowboy hat. 

“That’s it for today, now brush him and out him back on the stable I’m going to wash my hands and drive you home” he ordered me. He was teaching me not only how to ride a horse but also how to care for my them. 

I was sexually frustrated and I bend over and I touched the horse’s penis, no I wasn’t gonna do some pervy bestiality stuff, it’s just I had heard a lot about it, I just wanted to see and feel it. First let me say that the phrase “hung like a horse” made sense now, mine and a big cock, and I got carried away and started stroking it, softly, then it got hard, the funny thing was that I was thinking about Chris as I was doing that.

I was so absorbed at jerking off my horse, that I didn’t heard Chris until he coughed to let me know he was here. I felt so embarrassed. He had his hands on his waist and his face was that of disgust and surprise.

“Where you jerking off Stallion?” (the name of the horse). He asked me.

I was speechless, there was no explanation. He shook his head. He closed the doors of the stable with us in it. 

“I’m used to girls doing that, but seeing a boy doing it, is a first for me” he mumbled

“I’m so sorry I was curious and things went a bit too far” I stammered

“Curious? About horse dick? What is the matter with you? Unless you compensate for something else or someone else” he said smiling slyly to me. His hand went to his crotch and he stroked his penis, I could see it outlined on his jeans.

“Look at it, I bet that’s what you want” he said.

“It’s better to go home” I said. He came closer to me, so close I could smell his sweat and feel his breath on my face.

“Do you really want to go home?” He asked me, his hands on my shoulders.

He didn’t wait for a reply, he made me kneel on the hay in front of him. I had my eyes locked on his, his face was serious, manly. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans, without breaking contact with my eyes, then he pulled down his boxers. 

His cock was a masterpiece. Around 5 inches plus long. But it was really thick, and those veins, like thunders on a meaty sky. His balls hung low and his pubic hair were trimmed. I marveled his manhood and bit my lip. Like you do when you’re afraid of eating a cake so you won’t ruin it’s nice appearence.

“Relax” he instructed me and pushed me softly towards his cock, that stood erect and ready. 

“It’s better if you put your tongue out” he explained as if he was teaching me horse riding. This mans was a teacher at everything.

I felt with my tongue his nice head, which had precums on. I twirled my tongue around it feeling it’s silky hard texture. Chris moaned, his hand where now on his waist. Standing in a dominant posture in front of me. I run my tongue along his shaft, until I reached the part where the balls are connected with his dick. I remained there, pushing and massaging with the tip of tongue that spot. He groaned passionately. With my hand I gently grabbed his balls from below and licked them like they were fruits. I always thought that sucking dick would be disgusting but I was enjoying it, well Chris was enjoying it very much but I enjoyed it too. He stepped closer and I was between his legs, he lowered his balls and teabagged me with them.

“Don’t use your hands, just open your mouth and let them rest there” he instructed me now. I did as he asked. I felt his silky pouch sitting on my lips and I licked it as he lowered his waist with soft squats. I would open my mouth to fit it all in but his balls were fat and big. I took the liberty and moved past his balls, my tongue reached for his ass. He leaned on the stable door and moaned like a wild animal as my tongue tortured his butthole. I felt it contract on my mouth.

“I’ve never been licked there before!” he stammered. 

 He told me to remove my pants and lie down on hay in front of me. I spread my legs and supported my self with my elbows. I heard the clanging sound of his belt as he removed his jeans. I took a peek and he was naked except his t-shirt. That made it even hotter for me, for some reason. He had muscular legs, he came behind me and lied over me, my naked lower half could feel his warmth.

He didn’t waist any time, I felt him push his meaty staff in my ass, the sensation at first was quite pleasant, his hot dick in my hot ass. Plus I was so turned on that I needed something in there. But as he shaft slid in more, I felt an unpleasant stretching of my butt. Also a sizzling pain coming from the deep depths of my butt, I moaned loudly.

“That’s it baby let it in” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath driving me crazy.

“Give me your hands, I want you to surrender yourself to me” he stammered. I did and he placed my hands flat on the hay, holding them there, if I wanted to push back and escape, I couldn’t anymore. But I got why he liked it. Surrendering yourself to someone is somehow hot. The odd thing was that even though I hurt, I seemed to subconsciously lift my ass up. I have a small frame and I imagined Chris’s muscular body against mine. How would it look like a picture. My dick got harder at the image.

“Ahhh” I cried out and inhaled more air.

“Yes, do you feel that?” He asked me. I nodded.

“This is your virginity and I’m taking it, feel it” he said and poked me harder. I felt weird. I loved being poked but also the deeper he went the more I tried to pull away.

It felt uncomfortable and hot and the same time. 

“Look we need to finish this or it might take way too long, so brace yourself boy” he said. I managed to inhale deeply before he started slamming against me and ruining my ass. He was fucking me hard on the hay and he still held me pinned down. I was prey to his appetites. The hay couldn’t stop the impact of his muscular body against mine. 

“Ahhh ahhhh it hurts, stop! Stop!” I was crying like a bitch, ,y ass was resisting I could feel it. But Chris had a missile and my ass was barely a fence for him. He tear it down with his manhood. Chris was the man equivalent of a horse. 

“Ah yes that’s it boy, take it all in the ass!” He screamed behind me.

I smelled his sweat mixed with the smell of hay, the friction between his dick and my ass make me feel like my ass would ignite any minute now. 

“Fuck you!” He bellowed to my ear as he injected his load up my ass. I felt it, I felt the whole creamy load inside me. It tingled but it offered a soothing sensation to my ass.

When he pulled out. His dick was covered in sperm and a little bit of blood. 

He wiped it with a white handkerchief. As I stood up, feeling like I would never be able to walk straight again, he gave it to me.

“Your virginity” he mumbled. I still have that handkerchief hidden. Whenever I want to remember my first time, I just look at it and everything comes back to me.


Blowing Josh!

Blowing Josh!
***This story is fictional, that means whatever it contains is not real, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Josh Dallas (even though I wish)
“Oh yeah” Josh moaned as I enclosed his entire glans inside my lips and sucked. “Ahhh yes! Yes!” his moans even turned me on. He was standing in front of me, with his cock hanging out of his zipper hole, and his hands on his waist that he had pushed forward towards my face. I’m a bi guy, 19 years old, a guy who always liked other guys along with girls, in the male section I was a virgin. This was my first blowjob, and I was glad I was doing it right, Josh trembled under my tongue’s touch on his “gun”.

He didn’t have a long dick, but it was fat, thick, and veiny. A cock made to destroy holes, not just fuck them. He was leaning on a counter behind him and he had his eyes closed, while I sucked his man lollipop! I liked the feel of his veins on my tongue. Every lick made his cock harder. Then he grabbed my head and pushed it with force on a rhythm towards his beef bayonet, he kept me on a rhythm with his push. While he fucked my mouth by moving his waist along with me moving my head toward his cook, the result was, a cock that reached deeper inside my mouth. I could feel his shaved balls on my chin, and his pubic hair on my nose every time he pushed harder in my mouth. “You like that? Isn’t this why you came to find me?” he asked. Of course I came for him. I like Once Upon A Time, but I came to this convention, so I can have Prince Charming pop my virgin cherry. “Come on let me see that ass” he said. I took my pants off, I was wearing a thong, he was thrilled. “Wow! You need fuck! This ass needs my help” he said, I like how different was from that “noble” behavior of Prince Charming. It would be a turn off if he was gentle and all loving and hug. I could smell his sweat as I undid his shirts button, every button I opened I was kissing his chest. When I finished he threw his shirt on the floor of the storage we were locked in. “Turn around and lean on the counter…oh boy the thing I’ll do to your nice ass” he said as I turned around. He moved my thong to the side, “I see you shaved your butthole as well, nice job” he said, and before I could reply, I felt his tongue attacking my virgin butthole, that felt like somersaulting out of pure excitement. His tongue was working so relentlessly, that I felt like I could ejaculated just by his tongue. “I can feel you squirm, you like that don’t you?” He said and resumed fucking my ass with his tongue. I moaned loudly. And tried to control my legs that seemed to be made out of rubber suddenly. His tongue caused me this, I couldn’t imagine what his fat cock would do.

“Are you ready to take my iron rod? Huh?” he asked. I looked at his eyes, he was so horny. “Be gentle” I said. He laughed “You didn’t come here to get gentle, did you?” he said. And pushed his cock inside my butt, I felt his hot glans making its way, it wasn’t painful, it was tingling, but then…when the rest of his shaft stretched my hole slowly, I moaned loudly. “That’s it, calm down” he told me, it felt really painful. To have such a thick cock up your virgin ass, every movement, every little vein that throbbed on his cock, caused me pain. He slowly retracted his penis out, causing a shivering excitement, and then he pushed it back, I cried, trying to breath deeply, I couldn’t help it. This man was too big for my ass. He kept going, slowly, until this became pounding and my moans became cries. “Ahhhh ahhhh! Josh! It hurts stop!” I yelled. He didn’t stop, his full lips kissed my ear, I could feel his breath on my neck, as he was leaning on me, his naked chest, touched my naked back and our sweat made us sticky,

He had me pinned down. My ass for him to take, I couldn’t leave. “Fuck, fuck! Tight fucking ass!” He said. I moaned and tried to endure what he was doing to me. I could feel my ass would never be the same after that, it felt so sore, so stretched and open, it craved cock, but at the same time couldn’t handle it. His waist moved quickly but in a rhythm, pinned on my ass, plugged to his thick cock. My ass made a vacuum, and every time he would pull his meat stick out, it was difficult, to do it. I could feel his cock deep in my ass. I was douched by my sweat, Josh kept me pinned down, and he kept pounding my ass like I was just another hole, which I was, for him, another fan hole, to blow his load. His love gravy in my ass and make it his own. My ass was irreversibly open. I could feel it, but I didn’t care, Josh was fucking me so good. 

When he pulled his cock out, he was stroking it “on your knees!” he yelled, I did it even though with my ass being fucked open, it was painful, he came close to me, and as he was stroking it, he pushed it down my mouth. and let himself free, his cock shot loads of cum, creamy cum, that flooded my tongue and found its way to my throat. I swallowed the bitter cums of his, and I thought we were finished but then he kept stroking his cock, it took him only a few minutes to douche my face with his second batch of sperm. 

My face was covered, and I moved only when he told me. His cock’s taste lingered on my mouth, along with the residue of his sperm. My throat felt oily or greasy by his cums that rolled down there just before. I stood up, my ass was in pain. He wore his shirt and jacket and got out of the storage. Leaving me there, a bit unsure of how I felt. I even walked funny.

After The Explosion (Beauty and the Beast fan fiction)


***This is a fan fiction for Beauty and The Beast, it’s happens after the explosion at Vincent’s boat***
When both of them enter their apartment, Katherine turns toward Vincent and without a warning, she kisses his lips, he is taken aback by her action, but he loves kissing her lips, he bites the slowly. “I wanted to remind you that even though we postponed our wedding, you’re mine” she said, he smiled, he liked when Katherine acted like an alpha male towards him. It was funny because her petite body was a contrast next to his muscular one. “You want to know what I thought when that bomb exploded?” he asked, she nodded. “I was afraid that you might get hurt, I can’t live without you Katherine” he said, she felt a warm sensation feeling her “Because you won’t be able to come back if you go primal huh?” she asked. “No, it has nothing to do with that, Katherine Chandler, I love you, so much that I would die for you” he replied, hearing him say these words, kissed him again, a kiss that asked for more, and Vincent got it and threw his jacket off of him. As she reached and caressed his chest without letting his lips. She wanted him, and she wanted him now.

“Kat, I want you so much” he said kissing her as if he was thirsty and she was a fountain of water. She held his t-shirt and pulled it off of him, admiring his muscles, his strong pecks, she loved Vincent, but she couldn’t deny that his body was smoking hot. She approached his nipples and kissed them, one by one, and then she licked her way down to his abdomen, her tongue taking in the salty taste from his skin due to sweat. He moaned and he undid his jeans, she buried her face into his boxers, smelling him. “Kat you’re making me so…horny” he replied, as he was looking at her, in amazement. Kat was always traditional, she had traditional sex, and she never gave him a blowjob. He never complained but he always wondered what would it be like to fuck her sweet mouth. She pulled down his boxers revealing his big asset. She smiled “I swear every time I see it, it seems bigger than before”. With her tongue out she licked his tip, that was full of precum, that taste lingered in her tongue, as she moved and took his entire junk on her mouth, causing him to twitch. “Kat, I love you so much” he said as he held her head and gave strong thrusts to her mouth, feeling the friction between his cock and her mouth’s interior. It wasn’t his first time that a woman blew his whistle, but it was definitely the first time a woman made him feel this way with a blowjob, maybe it had to do with him being in love with her. Or maybe it was that Katherine Chandler was an awesome sucker! Katherine managed to taker his entire length in her mouth, until she touched his pubic hair with her nose. When she pulled his cook off of her mouth, it was glistening from her saliva. She stood up and he removed her blouse. Her sweet tits amazed him, he approached them, and bit her nipples softly, while she hugged his head. “Take me Vincent, take me now!” She moaned. He kissed her slipping his tongue into her mouth. “Not yet baby!” He said and kneeled before her removing her jeans. She loved watching her man on his knees for her. He removed her pink string, and smelled it, it was wet. “You know what’s the best of being a beast Katherine?” he asked, she smiled, “What baby?” She said, “It’s the smell, I can smell better, and I smell a horny pussy down here” he said and as he pointed his finger he slipped it up her shaved pussy, making her moan. His finger was wet in an instant. Katherine was so ready to be taken hard. He took her in his arms, and carried her to their bedroom. 

Then she spread her legs, and kissing his way down there, he slipped his tongue inside her pussy. Tasting her, she moaned, screamed loudly as Vincent fucked her with his tongue. “Ahh Vincent Fuck me!” she begged. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed his cock inside her, penetrating her, both moaned loudly, she felt so complete with him inside her. He buried his face on her neck kissing her, while he rocked his waist, back and forth, fucking her slowly. While she helped him by rocking her waist too. Then he held her arms pinned down, and gave her strong thrusts, making her cry out of pleasure, as his cock slammed into her pussy. Pit was the first time they had angry sex, it was always kissing and making love. But this time Vincent was more of a beast and less of a lover. She heard his soft moans on her ear and she hugged his waist with her legs, now she could feel his cock even more with every thrust. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled at him, and he did, he fucked her so hard their bed squeaked by their force. “Katherine I’m ready to…” he warned her. She pushed him off of her and as he stared at her bewildered supporting himself on his elbows, she grabbed his hard cock and with her tongue out she stroke it, strongly. “Fuck! Aaaaah!” He groaned as jets of sperm shot out of his cock and landed everywhere on her face including her tongue. Then she swallowed his sperm while looking at him provocatively. 

Alex with a Fan!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin***
He was standing there, waiting for me, a stud in a tux. He smiled shyly when I approached. “I never thought you would change your mind” I said as I got closer.

“I’m a boy who doesn’t like to let beautiful things go without having put my imprint on them” he replied quizzically, and he reach and grabbed my ass. His hand was so firm and so hungry that it send shivers up my spine. “But you yourself, said that you don’t play in the guys court”, I told him walking around him, circling like a shark on its prey.

“I said I don’t play. I never said I don’t want to try” he replied, I took a step forward him. I closed the distance between us, now our breaths were mixing, his blue eyes pinned on my face, provoking me to do my move, any move. I placed my hands on his chest, the cool fabric of his shirt was in total contrast with the warmth of his body. He placed his own hands on my arms, I leaned closely, and I unbuttoned his shirt, kissing every patch of skin I revealed with every button I opened. His hairy chest, his hard abs, until they were no more buttons, just an open shirt, and a muscled torso that would make any guy gay. He removed his shirt slowly, without taking his gaze off of me, it felt like a striptease, now he was just wearing his black dress pants. I got on my knees and Alex caressed my hair with both hands as I kissed his lower abs, just above his pants, dragging my face lower, I came face to face with his crotch, through the fabric I could feel on my face, his hot rod, hard and ready. He reached for his belt and unbuckled, letting it hang, he didn’t continue, he wanted me to do it, I unbuttoned his pants and and unzipped them, they dropped to his ankles, he stepped out of them. He was wearing black fitting boxers, the type that will reveal everything if you are hard. And boy he was hard. My face rubbing against his bulge, my breath turning him on, I could feel his sausage twitch every time I was breathing on it and he moaned softly “ohhhh…”

 then without a warning he grabbed me by my elbow and pulled me up, I thought he would throw me out but instead he pushed on the table, I bended over and and felt his hands pulling my pants down, his hand caressed my back slowly, as if he was admiring my back, my skin. I could hear his breath, deep, full of lust. He pushed himself inside me. Causing my lips to quiver and my throat to release a long moan, along with him, his moan though was a moan of conquer, he had conquered me, he had me. I was his.

I felt his strong muscular pelvis thrusting in, I felt myself getting submitted by him, but somehow that liberated me. “Ahhhhh” he moaned and leaned closer to me, his hairy chest touching my back, feeling his warmth and sweat, feeling his breath in my ear, feeling his waist slamming against me “this is so fucking awesome” he whispered to me, I inhaled deeply trying to manage the rush of sensations and feelings I felt as I was giving up my ass to another man. Not any man. Alex O’Loughlin, the hottest Aussie I had ever met, and he was inside me now. Not only fucking me, but his hands exploring my buttocks, he was grabbing me, like he wanted to ensure I was his. “Ahhh!” I cried as his sausage reached deep in my ass, now he was going deeper, feeling my ass hurting too much, I tried to push him away, but he was insistent and strong. “Relax, just take it” he said and gave me a hard thrust. Then he pushed me on the bed, on my back, and he came between my legs, his gaze locked on mine, he positioned my legs on his shoulders, and stabbed me with his cock, hard, now I could see his blue eyes full of lust and determination, his hands caressing my chest as he was pounding me, I tried not to yell or scream but it was of no use. I cried out, and moaned, I reached and touched his face, locking my eyes on mine “Harder” I said and his pelvis rocked me back and forth, so hard that I felt I couldn’t even scream from the pain. He was smiling at me, he liked having me pinned down and with my legs spread for his pleasure.

We changed position, we were spooning, I was on my side and he was behind me, spooning me, filling my ass with his daddy stick, feeling his breath on my neck, he was looking at me, as I was trying to control my orgasm and moans, I felt my dick ejaculating jets of sperm, as he was rocking his waist back and forth slowly but still deep inside me. My back against his hairy chest, occasionally he was kissing my ear.

I felt his cock twitch inside me, he pushed deep inside me, and stayed there, he groaned like a wild animal, as I felt his flesh musket shooting my up my ass…I moaned loudly. 

Officer Porter and FBI Agent Taylor


***This is a fan fiction, of the following scene we saw on “Revenge” season 4 episode 9***

Agent Taylor was ready to read her secret message, but as she was opening the envelope, someone knocked on her hotel room door, she smiled, she knew who it was, holding her towel wrapped around her, she opened, Jack Porter, stood there, she was using him but he was a very handsome man, he kissed her, and as he kept sucking her lips with his mouth, her towel unfold and fell down…

He pushed her and she landed on with her back on her bed, she smiled, he got hard, her body was smoking hot, he got on his knees, spread her legs and licked her clit slowly, her moans, reached to his ears as a sweet melody, his jeans could not hold him anymore, he undid the zipper, and kept licking and biting softly her clit
“Jack…” She gasped with her excitement reaching new levels, he kept going
“I love your taste” he said
“I want to taste you too!” she said, he looked at her and stood up, she came to the edge of the bed and started sucking Jack’s cock, he moaned, as his hardened cock reached her mouth, how long he had felt this excited? It was with Margaux? Yeah that woman knew how to blow a dude, but Agent Taylor did it better, he mouth was on full working schedule on his cock, as her hands pulled down the rest of his jeans, and caressing his balls. “ahhhh, you’re sucking it like a pro!” He moaned, she smiled and grabbed his balls strongly, he gasped, it was pain and excitement together.
“Stop, if you want to get fucked, stop! I’m gonna cum!” He yelled, Agent Taylor stopped, she looked at his thick cock, veiny, thick, not too long but a good stretcher for her vagina. Pubic hairs trimmed, Agent Porter was a stud, and his shyness was hiding this stud from her, for so long…she got on her four, Jack positioned himself behind her, he leaned and grabbed her breasts, new hard on overcame him, Kate moaned as he leaned, and his penis rubbed between her behind.
“I want you so much!” He said to her ear, his breath turned her on
“Then take me…captain!” She replied, that was it, Jack got a full hard on, he pushed himself between her legs, inside her butt, she stopped him “No, not from behind!”
Jack smiled “I’m the captain, shut up!” He told her, she would protest but she kinda liked his attitude, he pushed his cock up her ass, such a tight ass, she moaned “Yeah you like that, don’t you?” he asked, she moaned as a reply. She was trying not to yell, his cock was two thick for her virgin ass, he kept pushing it in, no spit, nothing!
“Oh my, I’m gonna scream” she told him
“Scream agent Taylor, how do you feel that a casual officer like me, fucks you, an FBI Agent hard from the ass?” He asked
“You dirty pig” she replied, he started pounding her, his balls slammed against her ass, she screamed, so bad, that someone was knocking at their door, they stop knocking when they heard her moaning again, Jack felt his cock being smothered by her tight butt, he leaned and grabbed her breasts as he kept fucking her, it wasn’t just making love, this was fuck! He was fucking her!
“Ahhhh JACK! ohhhhh!” she moaned and climaxed as he kept going on in her ass
“Bitch, Your ass is so fucking awesome!” He yelled, Kate realized he wasn’t the shy guy she thought he was, he was a fucker, and waited for the right time to reveal himself, he pulled his hard cock our of her butt, and sticked it inside her pussy
“Ahhhhhhhhh!” She moaned, now it was just pleasure, her vagina was replying to his hardness
“What is it you slutty agent?” he asked with short breaths
“Your cock, Officer Porter! Shoot me with your gun!” She moaned, and before she could even finish her phrase, Jack shot his load inside her pussy, he groaned and pushed his waist up her pussy, his sperm was now inside her…when they both realized he finished inside her, they were panicked
“Damn it Porter! If you knocked me up, I’m gonna cut your cock off!” she said going to the bathroom, Jack cleaned his penis, and got dressed, when Agent Taylor was out of the shower he had already left…