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The Welcoming Gift

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton

We just had finished combat training with Kurt Weller, he was the director of FBI New York but he had volunteered to teach us rookies some moves. The first thing I had noticed was that he was tall and beefy. He was all man. He had this stern penetrating gaze that made you listen to what he had to say. Even the most balsy rookie in our group didn’t dare to say a word. After every training we could shower in the establishment, of course many of us chose to go to our homes, but I had a date and I had to shower in the establishment. I was surprised that Weller was in the showers too. He had a really nice beefy body, hairy chest, and a very nice cock. I never felt excitement looking at another man’s cock before, not up until this moment. He showered and just said “hey” to me as I entered the showers. 

“You need more working out” he said as he took a good look at my body.

“I know, I was never much into exercise but with FBI is a must and I struggle a bit” I replied turning my back to him so the water could hit me.

“Trust me, if you go out in the field you’ll need more muscle, also you get more women that way” he chuckled.

I liked how he was so friendly even though he seemed stern and bossy.

“Well I have a date afterwards so let’s hope she is not into too much muscle because then I’m doomed” I laughed.

“A date? With a woman?” He asked me genuinely surprised.

I turned to look at him, a bit annoyed.

“No with a giraffe, of course with a woman” I kinda snapped at him.

“Sorry, I just thought you were gay, ever since I saw you” he said

“What? Why? Do I seem gay to you man?” I snapped 

“Hey relax kid, I just thought you were gay, I didn’t say you were” Weller replied but now he seemed pissed. 

“Seriously though, why would you think that?” I asked

“I don’t know, you seem that sensitive type of guy” Weller replied now washing his dick. I took a peak but I didn’t stared for too long.

“Sensitive guys aren’t always gay!” I said a bit too loud

“You’re right” he said and turned his back on me. 

We showered in an awkward silence. The reason that I was bothered by what he said, was that I kinda felt the hots for the man, I had never felt gay for another guy before. Only Weller did that to me. 

We both went to our lockers so we can get dressed. Both with towels wrapped around our waists. I was looking at him and then back at me, I realized that if we ever hooked up, I would definitely be the bottom guy. It’s unnatural for a huge man like Weller to be fucked by a twink like me. Not that I wouldn’t nail his ass if he wanted but I just knew he wouldn’t want to be fucked. He would want to fuck and I had no problem with that either.

He was putting on deodorant when he dropped it and I leaned to grab it off the floor. I bend down and came face to face with his dick. What made it worse was that I stared, I didn’t stood up to give him his deodorant. I just looked at his dick.

“Give me that” he barked and grabbed his deodorant off of my hand.

“You’re welcome” I said

“No, you’re welcome” he said and I knew what he meant.

“Look sir, it wasn’t like that, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m not into men” I started explaining.

“Just me then” he completed my sentence, he was too close to me. I could feel his breath brushing against my face.

“Yeah, until I met you, I never had any fantasies for men before” I stammered.

“Why don’t you touch it, you know you want it” he growled and I reached and felt his dick. He had trimmed pubic hair and huge balls. I could feel it getting hard on my hand and Weller had his eyes locked on mine. He didn’t moan but his eyes did moan, I could see he was into it as much as I was. It felt like I was petting a lion, he was big in comparison with my body. His eyes once again locked to my eyes and he pinned me on the wall. I could feel his hot breath brushing my neck. Like a predator he went for his prey, he buried his face on my neck, his scruff scratched my soft skin but I didn’t care. I didn’t even care that a guy had pinned me against a wall and I could feel his manhood touching my butt. Then his hand felt my butt and he slid his finger up my butthole. A new sensation flooded me, uncomfortable yet exciting. Kurt was observing me as he played with my ass, he was panting and so was I.

“What if someone walks in here?” I stammered

“Nobody is in this part of the building” he replied and kept kissing my neck. His cock was hard, I could feel it touching me behind.

“Do you feel comfortable umm..sucking me off?” He asked me. I looked at him. This was the moment I had to decide if I would do what I wanted or what was right.

I got on my knees and licked his crown. Weller moaned loudly, so I continued, ,y tongue rolled all around this shaft, feeling his veins that popped around and his public hair when I reached the base of his dick. His balls were my next target, soft and big, I buried my face in them and I sucked them as his dick rested on my forehead. I could see Weller smiling at me. 

“Yeah, you’re doing great” he mumbled. I swallowed his dick slowly, burying it inside my mouth, watching his eyes roll in pleasure. He groaned as I sucked and tightened my lips around his manhood. He grabbed me by my hair and started moving his dick slowly, rubbing his dick on my lips, he wanted me to remember his taste. He buried his dick deep inside my throat, but I gagged so he stopped.

“Not ready for that yet” he commented and I realized this wasn’t going to be a one time thing. What was even more surprising is that I liked that idea.

“Come on get up” he said and I followed him to the sauna. It was exhilarating following him naked on the training ring. He started the sauna and we started making out. I loved touching his hairy muscular chest as it got wet by the sauna. Soon our bodies were sweating so much, that our skins sticked. I kissed his lips, his chest and his dick and he helped me get on all fours for him. I couldn’t see him with all that steam, I could only feel him. I was so sweaty and I felt drowsy but in a good way. 

I didn’t see him putting his dick in, I felt his hot hard sword penetrating me, he pushed hard until my ass gave in, I couldn’t even scream, because the pain was too much. Weller wasn’t too large but I was a virgin and well let’s say he wasn’t a small size either. I was supporting myself on the tiles and I could only feel Weller, his cock was trying to open my ass, his sweaty hands on my back holding me.

“Fuck spread your buttcheeks” he ordered me, I reached back and did it. I cried soft moans because I didn’t want to scream. It felt humiliating screaming while being fucked. Kurt slid in and out of my ass, wearing down any resistance my butt had. He groaned and held me by my shoulders so he could boost himself. I put my face down, leaving my ass up for him. His sliding in had become a pounding. Splashing sounds could be heard from our skins colliding.

My own dick dangled hard between my legs. Since he went deep inside my ass, my cock got hard without any touching. 

“Yeah…that’s nice…take it deep” he murmured at me

I was biting my hand so I wouldn’t cry out, I could feel tears on my eyes as Weller kept going on. It wasn’t that I didn’t want this but I felt so emotional being vulnerable. Having a guy fucking me like this. I felt humiliated and it hurt too.

At some points that Weller was being too rough I tried to stop him but he held me too tight. My ass felt like it was on fire, the friction from his movements made me regretting all this fuck thing. 

“Here comes your welcoming gift buddy” he growled and I felt a twitch by his dick inside me. A fluid sensation and then more twitches. He growled again as he filled my ass with his cum. When we finished. We were both so sweaty we took showers again.

Before leaving, I met one other guy from my group. He looked at me and then at Weller who was getting at his car with his stern look.

“He gave you the welcoming gift too?” he asked me.

“What?” I asked startled

“I can see you’re walking like I did after my own private session with Kurt, he is a fucking sexy beast isn’t he?” he marveled.

I left not knowing what to make of this. My first time that I thought was special, was actually a regular thing for Weller. Well at least he gave me a good fuck.


Sully Took My Virginity!

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton
I’m Kyle, I’m 22 years old, a handsome young man, not gay as far as I knew, and yet a little bit of whiskey and some night out, changed my sexual life forever.

 My dream is to become a successful actor, so I worked small roles until I could find my big break. One of those small roles was on the tv show “Blindspot”. The crew and cast were awesome, I wasn’t a recurring role but they did call me on the party for the end of the first season. The best of them all is Sully Stapleton. Sully and I became good friends, we were talking between takes and in general he was a laid back guy.

We went to that party and we drunk. We weren’t too hammered but our inhibitions were bended. Sully was wearing a denim button up shirt, a little bit unbuttoned at the chest, and jeans. When the cab left us at his apartment I thought to help him out and put him to bed. When we entered his apartment he sat on his couch, and kept saying “Fuck, I’m so hard, did you see that awesome pussy in the club?” and then he unbuttoned his jeans and whipped his junk out. And what a junk. Thick, with veins and really hard. He kept stroking it while laughing at my surprised face.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a cock before?” he asked

“wow dude, you’re way too drunk” I said but he kept looking at me in a sexy way while he played with his cock. “You want to touch it? Don’t you?” he asked. 

“You’re a jerk” I said but laughed, then I sat next to him, and grabbed it. It was weird for me too. I’ve never touched another man’s penis. Sully’s was thick, hot, hard and so big, manly, while mine was a bit of a youngish looking cock. His seemed threatening and ready. I stroked it a bit while he was looking at me smiling.

“Yeah keep stroking” he said

“Ok that’s it, let’s get you to bed” I said but he grabbed me as I was sitting next to him and made me bend. 

“Suck it, suck my cock Kyle” he said, I was about to punch him and leave but then I opened my mouth and took it in. Tasting it. It was kinda salty and not at all disgusting as I expected. Sully pushed my head and I almost choked on his cock.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck!” he kept saying while I was sucking on his cock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and yet I couldn’t stop. He unbuttoned his shirt and left it open, his hairy chest was the sexiest thing I ever saw, I touched his chest while I kept sucking his cock. Sweat, alcohol and testosterone was the smell my nose was filled with.

“Take it in” he said and deepthroated me again, I felt my eyes full of tears because gag reflex I had. I turned to his balls and sucked them slowly, hairy balls, the balsa of a real man. I felt I was privileged to have this man to give me his cock.i returned to his cock and took it in my mouth again, feeling the veins with my lips as he was dragging it inside my inner mouth. His waist thrusted upwards and fucked my mouth for 2-3 minutes until he stopped and told me to give him my ass.

I straddled him and I prepared my ass, I sat down and took it in, my scream as his cock broke my back door must have been heard to the whole neighborhood. His big cock grinding in my inner ass, stretching me in way that I didn’t believe my ass could stretch. I was almost halfway in when he pushed me down and I took it all in. I cried out like a bitch while I supported myself on his shoulders.

“Fuck! You’re so tight” Sully said

“Stop it, be gentle” I said, the pain was too much, even when he sat there without moving my ass was in pain. His hot cock got harder inside my ass and that made it difficult for me to withstand it. I tried to climb off of him but he was holding me firmly. He started moving his waist upwards causing ripples of pain and pleasure to my ass. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or scream my pleasure. He pushed my buttcheeks together as he slid his cock inside me and then out and then back in, the flapping sound was the only thing anyone could here in the apartment and my cries. He was panting as I followed his rhythm, sitting up and down, as he trusthed. I was supporting myself in his wide shoulders, while I felt his cock like a hot iron grind inside  friction was strong, I felt like my ass was on fire but also I didn’t want to climb off of him. I liked taking his manhood in my ass. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” he yelled as I felt a twitch to his balls and cock and felt his warm sperm being shot inside me. When I climbed off of him. My ass felt weird, sore and open, I couldn’t walk straight. He fell asleep, which was understandable, I couldn’t believe he even managed to fuck me. I put his cock back in his boxers and took a shower were I discovered his sperm running down my leg. I felt kinda weird, I liked being fucked but I thought it wasn’t right what I did. 

The next day Sully acted as if nothing happened, maybe he didn’t remembered or maybe he didn’t want to remember.