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Sweet Husband, Hard Fucker

Plot: Kyle helps his neighbour Josh Dallas, to paint his house while his wife is out for shopping, a heated conversation turns to hard fuck. This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Josh Dallas

“I think we did a great job” Josh said, with his hands on his waist admiring their work, he was wearing a white t-shirt stained with his sweat and jeans.

“Yeah it’s nice” Kyle agreed.

“I’m THE man” Josh said and Kyle chuckled.

“Something funny?” Josh asked

“No, well come on man, you can’t pull that tough guy act, you’re the cute husband, I can’t imagine you having rough sex, you’re more of the making love guy”

Kyle said

“Really? You think I’m sweet and cuddly huh?” he asked

“Yeah I do” Kyle replied still smiling

“Why don’t you get on your knees so you can see for yourself” Josh suggested

“What?” Kyle asked bewildered

“You heard me, suck on my dick, blow on my whistle” Josh said 

Kyle got on his knees, while Josh stood with his hands on his waist in an alpha male pose.

 He never expected to want this so bad. He grabbed Josh’s zipper and opened it,freeing Josh’s hard dick. It had veins and a big head. Kyle licked his lips first and then brought it to his mouth. Josh closed his eyes in pleasure and gasped as Kyle performed oral sex on him. Back and forth his head went, he was engulfing Josh’s dick with his lips sending pleasure waves all over him. Kyle on the other hand twirled his tongue around Josh’s meat and felt a mix of excitement and embarrassment.

 “Fuck! This is awesome” Josh stammered and held Kyle in a rhythm pushing him with his hand while moving his waist in conjunction. Kyle’s mouth filled with Josh’s pork.

“Damn bitch you can suck!” Josh said and fucked Kyle’s mouth faster.

Kyle felt like he would choke, he tried to push him away but his hard cock was deep inside his mouth and Josh held him pinned. 

 Kyle pushed harder and Josh let him go, he fell on the floor with his saliva all over his mouth and tears in his eyes. 

“Still think I’m sweet and cuddly? Huh?” Josh asked him

Kyle seemed like he would cry.

“Come on bend over the dinner table” he said. Kyle kinda liked how bossy Josh was but he pretended to be scared.

While he bend over the dinner table, his naked skin (he had take his shirt off) touched the cold wood, then he felt a blissful sensation, something that made him tingle all over and made his smaller than Josh’s cock, hard.

 Something wet and flexible was inside his butt, now he never had a dick back there before but he was certain it wasn’t one, this thing was slimy in a good way and moved gracefully inside him. Was it ever possible to have too much pleasure? Because if it was that was it. 

 Josh buried his face inside Kyle’s ass and his untrimmed facial hair added to the whole experience, at least for Kyle. Josh could see Kyle’s virgin butthole trembling and reacting to the whole stimulation.

“I think you’re ready to take it” Josh said in a low calm voice. Kyle turned to tell him to be gentle but he got him at the moment he was removing his t-shirt. Josh wasn’t a fit man, but he wasn’t a slob either, Kyle couldn’t help but admire how manly he was removing his shirt and how amazingly hot was his hair that were now messed up by the whole thing. 

“What?” Josh asked when he noticed Kyle observing him.

“Nothing, you’re so hot” Kyle said

Josh smiled shyly something that made Kyle realize that brutal and bossy is not hot. Shy and good guys are, especially if they are like Josh.

 Josh glided his palm all over Kyle’s naked back from his neck to his waist and then he took him with one swift thrust. Kyle gasped as he felt the hard velvet sensation of Josh’s cock dominate him, he hanged his head between his elbows as he was leaning on the dinner table. It was just the beginning but it felt too much. Josh leaned over Kyle, his skin touched Kyle’s, there’s is a special sensation that you feel when another body touches you, nobody have named it yet but this sensation was awesome.

“Don’t be tense” Josh whispered in Kyle’s ear.

Kyle listened to him and let his last inhibitions go, he surrendered his ass to Josh.

 At first it seemed ok, he could feel the fat cock gliding in, until it met resistance and Josh had to force it. That’s when Kyle gasped and scratched the expensive dinner table as he tried to comprehend it. Josh was inside him now. He could feel his abdomen on his ass, his entire dick was in. 

“Josh…I don’t think I can take it” Kyle stammered

“Give it time, you just have to withstand my pounding” he said and without expecting a reply. He started thrusting Kyle’s ass mercilessly almost with hate or so Kyle thought.

“Argggg! Ahhhhh! Stop! It hurts! AHHHH AHHH AHHH AHHHH!!!” Kyle cried out

Josh fucked him in a primitive way, like an alpha male, he was sweaty but he didn’t seem tired at all, he just kept going. Kyle felt his ass sore, he thought he would die from this torture and then the pounding stopped.

 Now Josh glided his dick in and out slowly, too slow, Kyle realized that his ass was so destroyed that now that Josh was going slow, he didn’t feel the least pain.

 Josh buried his cock deep in Kyle’s ass again and his entire body tensed. 

He cried out and released his seeds inside Kyle. He was still shaking when they heard Josh’s wife on the driveway parking. 

 Kyle pulled his sweatpants up ignoring the soreness and pain in his butt and Josh managed to find his shirt and wear it and just as he was zipping his fly he heard the keys on the front door. Kyle sat casually on the sofa hiding the fact that he hurt by sitting straight and when she walked in she didn’t suspect a thing.

“Hey honey” she said and kissed Josh on the lips making Kyle a bit jealous

“How was shopping?” He asked

“Boring, go take a shower you reek of sweat” 

“Yeah baby just let me say bye to Kyle first” Josh said and smiled at Kyle in a “shut your mouth way”, Kyle smiled simply and walked away saying a “see ya guys later!” Josh smiled as he noticed Kyle’s gray sweatpants being stained by his sperm as it leaked from his butthole


Saving My Bussiness (A Chicago P.D. Sex Fiction)

This story is fictional. Sean Roman is a character from Chicago P.D. and he is played by Brian Geraghty. I never met or had any sexual intercourse with Brian Geraghty
I have worked very hard to keep my stripclub among the top clubs of Chicago. It took everything legal and illegal to keep it going but I’m a resilient 22 year old guy and even though my small frame doesn’t show it, I can do whatever I put my mind into.

 My club wasn’t even open yet when one of my bouncers told me that a policeman wanted to come and check on the club. I told him to buy him out, I always did that, paid a small fee and they were on their way. But my bouncer told me he wouldn’t have it. So I had to meet that cop. Not that I had any other choice. 

 He wasn’t too tall, but he had this baby face going, he was blondish and he had green eyes, his expression told me he was also resilient and a good cop. 

“Hello officer” I said 

“Hello sir, my name is Sean Roman and I’m with the CPD, I need to contact a search on your club” he said. He had something, like he was proud to be a policeman and I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone. 

“Sure, first let me get you a drink” I said I already had a plan in mind

“Thank you sir but no, I do not drink while on duty” he replied

“It’s only the best whiskey ever! Plus a glass wouldn’t hurt your judgement would it? Come on this costs 400$ per glass!” I said enthusiastically

“Ok sir but then I’m gonna have to search this place” he said and smiled kindly

I went to the bar and poured that expensive whiskey along with a roofie. Well it wasn’t a roofie per se, it was a pill that made your inhibitions go and also made your dick hard. I took those whenever I wanted to party with girls and I was going all night long.

 I gave him the glass and he took a few sips.

“It’s very good sir” he said and kept drinking

“I told you it’s expensive and good” I said smiling.

He stood up to search my club and then he sat down again. He seemed disoriented

“Is everything ok officer?” I asked. I knew the pill was kicking in.

“I’m feeling a bit lightheaded” he said and looked at me.

“Sit down, take deep breaths. Let me bring you a glass of water” I said and gave hm some water. He drank it. His shy smile made me realize the pill was working.

“I feel so…nice” he said

“Can you walk?” I asked. He nodded like he was some kid and I helped him to a both for lap dancing. That specific booth had cameras and I needed them for my plan to work.

He spread his arms on the small seat and he was in some kind of nirvana.

This was the hard part for me, you see I’m no gay but my club is everything.

I put hand on his crotch. His cock was already hard from the pill. He smiled at me, while I got on my knees and massaged his inner thighs and crotch. Carefully I unzipped his uniform’s pants and I reached inside, I pulled his cock free.

He was observing me with a smirk. His cock wasn’t too long but it was thick like a sausage and veiny. I would never have imagined that this guy had such a big cock. They say you should never judge a book by its cover but he had the face of a so fire guy and he had the cock of a stud. I mustered as much courage as I could and grabbing his cock I licked his corona. He jumped up in pleasure as my tongue touched his cock. I wasn’t in the mood for more licking. I went in for the kill. I took his cock in mouth and sucked it good and long. His expression told me he never had a blowjob before or he never had that kind of blowjob before. His hand pushed me against his cock, and he seemed unable to cum. This was a side effect from the pill. It would make your cock hard for hours but it didn’t let you cum easily.

 I licked his cock, I sucked it good, hard, sideways, from tip to balls, but he couldn’t cum. I couldn’t keep going. Let’s be honest sucking a guy was gross. I was a straight man. I decided it was time for the big guns. I removed my pants and straddled him, as he was sitting on the seat. When my face was close with him, he smiled at me. He had a goofy smile that became a face of pleasure as I sat on his dick. My eyes watered, I even let some gasps but I refused to cry out as his large dick stretched my ass. I kept saying “it’s for my club” just to stand the pain. I had it all inside my ass. I could feel his balls outside my butt and I leaned on his shoulder just to gasp.

 He chose that moment to hug me tight and thrust his waist upwards impaling me with his cock. A lubricant would have come handy but I didn’t have any, so imagine my scream when he started fucking me, while he held me tightly. He had all this gear on him, his bulletproof vest and stuff that I couldn’t jab him with my hands so he would let me go. I was in an awkward position and I was being fucked in the ass by a cop nonetheless. I cried out on his shoulder, I heard him groan and panting and I felt like this was going on forever. His grip tightened around me and his thrusts became deeper. I started smacking his shoulders but he didn’t stop. He groaned like a wounded wild animal as he shot his sperm up my ass. Another side effect of the pill, you cum a lot, my ass had sperm oozing out of my butthole even when I thought I had wiped it all. I couldn’t sit and I couldn’t say anything to anyone because getting fucked by a cop was like the worst that could happen in my social circles.

 The good thing is that when Sean Roman was sober I showed him our sex tape and he was furious. His cheeks were red but he said “Bury this and you will never see me around here again” and so I did. Even though I keep watching it from time to time. Such cock is difficult to forget

Jizzed by Nick

This story is fictional, it’s a sex fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Nick Bateman
Nick stood there wearing nothing but his shorts, his torso glistened by sweat and all of his muscles were more visible than before.

“You think I would never had sex with you?” He asked his friend

“Come on Nick. You’re a stud and I’m a blah guy…even if you were into guys I’m sure you wouldn’t be into me” Kyle said

“First of all, I’m bisexual, I like fucking nice holes and second, don’t ever assume anything about me Kyle, do you have any idea, how many times I saw your beautiful ass and thought how nice it would be if I fucked it hard?” he asked surprising Kyle

“Really?” Kyle asked

“Really” Nick replied and approached him, so close that Kyle could smell the sweat of his body. 

“I have seen how you look at me Kyle, don’t be afraid, come and take what is yours” Nick stammered, his hit breath hitting Kyle’s face. Kyle leaned closer and kissed Nick’s chest, then he peppered with kisses his abs and so on until he was on his knees. Nick stood there, like a king looking down at his subject.

“It’s yours baby” he said and Kyle pulled Nick’s shorts down and revealed his long thick sword. Kyle licked it slowly from head to balls. As Nick moaned softly. 

“It’s so big” Kyle said, Nick chuckled.

“Can you handle it?” he asked Kyle

“I can try” Kyle said and took it in his mouth. He only managed to suck the half of it but Nick pushed more.

“Yeah try this, open your mouth buddy” he said lustily as he held Kyle’s head and fucked his mouth hard. 

“Yeah that’s it, that’s it, oh fuck” Nick moaned as he saw Kyle looking at him with a surprised look as he was trying to breath with that cock in his mouth.

 Kyle couldn’t believe he was sucking his best friends cock…and not only that but also that his friend was a model, a hot model, not the sexless type. 

He felt the hot velvety feeling of Nick’s cock in his mouth, getting harder

“I fucking love you right now” he stammered trying not to come.

Nick pulled his dick out of Kyle’s mouth slowly, he wanted to enjoy the view. His cock glistened due to the saliva and the veins were more visible than ever.

Kyle stood up and kissed Nick, he returned the kiss in a manly strong matter. He was so primal, and his hands grabbed Kyle’s ass as if they were the most yummy thing.

“I love that ass” he stammered when they stopped kissing

“It’s yours Nick, only yours” Kyle replied 

“You’re..you’re a virgin?” Nick asked him surprised by that

“Yeah, is that a problem?” 

“No, that’s great, it turns me on” Nick replied smiling.

They moved to the bedroom were Nick lay on his back and Kyle straddled him in a cowgirl type of position. Kyle could feel the hot thick cock brushing his butt, he grabbed it and aligned it with his butthole, he slowly sat and took it in, he moaned loudly as he felt his ass being invaded. 

“Relax…and let it in” Nick said holding hi, by his waist.

Kyle squatted more and took it in, the burning sensation overwhelmed him so much that he cried out, and tried to climb off of Nick. But he held him there. His whole dick was inside him, he knew Kyle would try to climb off.

“Let it sink in baby” Nick stammered, Kyle moaned and moved around trying to make it less painful but it was of no use, he could feel Nick inside his ass and he felt every inch of his ass stretching beyond repair…his friend had a big cock and he should have known it wouldn’t be easy. Then Nick started thrusting his waist upwards first slow and deep then more shallow and fast, getting more and more turned on by Kyle’s cries with each thrust. “Ah…ah….aaaaah! Ah!” Nick yelled in a sync with each thrust of Nick’s.

“Yeah take it, take my cock” Nick said in a husky voice and held him by his waist.

“It hurts fuck it hurts so much” Kyle replied but moved up and down on Nick

“Dance on my cock, let it fill you baby” Nick said 

Kyle but his lip as he felt the entire cock destroying his ass in a hard manner, Nick wasn’t fooling around, he turned and changed position to Kyle, now he had him under him with his hands pinned down. What came after that made Kyle feel like he would die of fucking. 

Nick hammered him from behind so badly his own bed squeaked and broke, nobody could hear Kyle’s cries because Nick had turned the volume of his stereo on. That bastard new he would make his friend scream. Both sweaty kept going at it, Kyle was crying so much but everytime Nick asked him “Do you want me to stop?” his reply was “No” so Nick kept going, so much that Kyle’s ass was just a hole with no resistance anymore…when he felt he would come he turned Kyle around and sat on his chest while stroking his engorged cock. One, two, three pumps and he started pouring creamy sperm and then shooting it like a jet on his friend’s face, he fantasized about Kyle being jizzed on his face for so long but this was different, this was amazing, his friend kept licking his sperm covered fingers and cleaning his face from Nick’s sperm.

“How was it?” Nick asked as they were both laying on their backs now.

“Amazing, just amazing…” Kyle replied and patted Nick on his abs

“You deserve amazing Kyle” he said

“Ready for round 2?” Nick asked

“Round 2? So quickly?” Kyle asked, Nick grabbed Kyle’s legs and placed them on his shoulder “I can fuck you all night long baby” he said and then Kyle screamed all night long, screams of pleasure….

Dean’s Rules

This story is a sex fiction I do not own any of the characters, this is just for fun…
“What did I tell you about leaving without permission?” Dean yelled at me.”You know what I have to do” he said and I lowered my pants, and bend over his knees. I’m eighteen years old and since my parents left me on Dean to watch me and never came for me again when I was 12, he was my father and brother, he was right to slap my ass, he didn’t want to do it but he wanted to teach me respect and he was worried about me. His hand slapped my butt, one, two, three, I felt the sizzling pain overwhelm me, but I didn’t say a word. He kept going, I moaned in pain.

He didn’t stop.

“I told you, you shouldn’t go to that party, and you still went” he stammered as he was hitting my ass “what did I tell you about monsters out there Kyle?” he said and he kept going, now I was crying out with every slap, he was making my buttcheeks hurt a lot.

“Please stop!” I cried out

He kept going, he was in a teaching mood and Dean wasn’t one to let someone go unpunished.

“I haven’t even started yet” he replied and hit me once more. I couldn’t feel my butt after some of his slaps, he realized it and stopped.

“I don’t like doing this man, listen to me, don’t make me hit you” he said as he kept me there. He knew I needed sometime to recover from that pain on my buttcheeks.

“I’m sorry” I said honestly, as I was bended over, I felt on my belly something poking me. I realized that Dean was horny. I didn’t say anything but then his hand caressed my butt, slowly and gently, he approached my butthole and stopped for a moment probably to see what I would do. I didn’t complained, I was kinda surprised Dean thought to do that. I never saw him as a man, only as a father or brother.

His finger touched my butthole and I moaned. I felt his erection poking me harder on my belly now. I could hear his rhythmic breaths as he played with my hole, it felt wrong, uncomfortable and hot at the same time. Now his finger was in and he was pushing it in and out gently. I moaned harder, I liked that but I knew he shouldn’t be doing it.

“You want me to stop?” he asked me in a husky voice, I nodded “No” and he pushed his finger right back in my tight hole.

“Loosen up” he said and I felt his finger going deeper and harder in. 

“Fuck…” he stammered panting. Now he had a full blown erection, my belly could feel it through his jeans. He spit on my butt and then he pushed his finger in again, now it went smoother and I liked it more than without his spit lubricating the way. 

“Hmmm it feels so nice!” I moaned I heard him moan and then he pushed another finger in “ouch!” I yelled

“Shut up, you like it” he said and it was true, I liked it, my ass was so tight and I loved his fingers touching me.

“You want me to fuck you Kyle?” He asked me

“Yes” I said feeling in trance

“Get on your knees Kyle, I’m gonna teach you to play oboe” he said with a smirk that made me tremble. I got on my knees and he pulled his dick out, and oh my that was a big oboe he had there. He stroked his uncut masterpiece without taking his eyes off of me. 

“What should I do?” I asked, playing his game

“Take it in your mouth and suck as hard as you can, the more you can take in the better” he said, I grabbed it, it was hot and hard and I put it in my mouth, the taste wasn’t at all what I thought it would be, it was lighter, and not disgusting. I buried his dick inside my mouth trying not to gag. “Look at me in the eyes Kyle, always in the eyes” he stammered, I turned my eyes on him and I kept trying to suck his oboe.

“Ahhh damn!” he groaned and grabbed my head, he pushed me hard against his hard dick, I almost choked but I tried to breath through my nose. 

“Yeah! Yeah! Suck it! Play the oboe Kyle! Play it!” he yelled passionately 

I moaned in fear as he was pushing way too hard and too far for me and I thought I would choke, I pushed his waist with my hands and he got the message. As I was on my ass on the floor, my mouth breathing air, he was sitting there his dick erect, dripping with my saliva. 

“Sorry, I got carried away” he said, but I knew he wasn’t sorry, he loved making me gag. I could see it in his eyes.

“You want to take it in your ass Kyle?” He asked me

“I don’t know” I said, if he was fucking my mouth like this, I couldn’t imagine what he would do to my poor ass.

“I want too though, so it doesn’t matter what you want” he said and he stood up

“Drop your pants boy, and let me teach you a thing or too about how to play oboe with your ass” he said. I did as he asked, he came behind me and pushed me to bend over the couch’s back. 

“Normally I would wear a condom but you are a virgin and I don’t need one” he said, I felt his cock burning it’s way through my ass and cried out, Dean though didn’t stop, he grabbed me by my shoulders and boost himself in strong thrusts. My ass was in pain as I tried to gasp for air, the pain didn’t let me.

“Ohhhh fuck!” He groaned and tried to not come yet.

“Stop! It hurts! Stop!” I yelled like a little bitch, as his waist worked relentlessly in and out of my ass, I could feel the skin on skin friction from his dick and it wasn’t as pleasing as one would imagine, at least not for my virgin ass. I felt my dick hardening as Dean slammed his body against mine. Moans, only moans and his panting could be heard from our motel room.

“Fuck! Fuck you!” he yelled behind me, his hands held me tight and his dick fucked me hard. My ass was stretched beyond repair, I could tell that, I couldn’t feel like before, not since that enormous dick slammed it like that.

“Dean! Dean! Gentle!” I tried to say but he wouldn’t hear me, he kept fucking me like he was a robot, only his hands changing positions every now and then. His balls slammed against mine and it felt weird and yet hot. He must have been fucking me for thirty minutes or maybe less but it was so painful I lost track of time. He pulled his dick out and I felt ribbons of creamy cum on my back and hair as he groaned like a wild animal. He came a lot, and then he told me to wash myself and eat my hamburger, just like that.

Uncle Quincy

Uncle Quincy…
I’m gay so the first time I felt an attraction to another man, I felt it so strongly that I thought that, that was everything to feel about a man. I was wrong, my name is Kyle and I’m 24 years old, still a virgin in the gay sex department, and most of my relatives know about me. 

 It was one of those family gatherings where we barbecue and talk about out achievements and news between relatives. One of my aunts, Aunt Cecilia brought with her, her new husband. I have heard she got married but I never believed that she would find such a hunk. He had a Hispanic type of dark skin, thick black hair and amazing eyes. As about his body, as far as I could tell he was in shape. He wore a shirt and tie.

“Ok guys this is my husband Quincy Fisher, I’m officially Mrs Fisher” aunt Cecilia said and laughed, he shook some hands and others hugged him, I just shook his strong hand and looked him in the eye, his glance never left mine as he looked at me and I knew this hot man was trouble.

“I’m Kyle, your new nephew” I said smiling

“Nice to meet you Kyle” he said
This is how we met, after I met him, I found excuses to be around him. My aunt thought it was because me and my dad weren’t really close but if she knew she would kick my ass. 
One of those times I had visited my aunt, hoping to meet Quincy by himself, but my aunt was at work and he was probably on his. I was ready to leave when he appeared. Wearing that suit he wore the other day, now he wore a fitted shirt and tie that revealed his muscular torso.

“Hey Kyle, how’s it going?” he said patting my back but having that police officer look of “what the fuck are you doing here and how did you get in”

“Hello sir, I got a key from my aunt and I thought to surprise her, I thought she had the day off but I was wrong” I explained. 

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you, I’m exhausted excuse me but I have to take a shower” he said as he was removing his dress jacket, his shoulders were amazing and his back also muscular as his torso. He loosened his tie and now he was sex in legs. I could smell his sweat from where I was standing but it was that smell that turns you on, not a disgusting one.

 “Ok, I’m gonna sit here and drink some beer, unless you want me to leave” I said 

“No, I will join you after my shower” he said and left me’ feeling my virgin ass twitch just by thinking of him naked in that shower.

 When he finished, I thought he would wear some sweatpants or shorts or something but he came and sat next to me, wearing only a towel wrapped a prune his waist, his body was amazing, some chest hair, and a treasure trail leading down to his cock.

“What are you watching?” he asked me, smelling all nice and fresh.

“Oh nothing just changing channels and being bored” I said and looked at him admiring my new uncle’s body. 

 “You’re working out a lot huh?” I said

“It’s a requirement for this job, I’m a detective I have to be at my best physical condition to chase scumbags” he said. 

“and you also look hot” I replied

“and that” he agreed, I could sense he felt awkward at my comment, I knew I had to do my move now. So I reached and caressed his arm, and then his chest.

“What are you doing Kyle?” he asked me with a husky voice

“I’m touching you sir” I said and played with one of his nipples, as he moaned softly

“I knew it” he stammered

“What?” I said now leaning and kissing his chest.

“I knew you were into me, you are looking at me with lust since that barbecue” he said

“You are one hot man, Quincy” I said as I twirled my tongue around his chest and his abs.

“Your aunt will be home soon” he said rubbing his bulge under that towel.

“Then let’s get his started Quincy, shall we?” I said. He smiled a smug smile and removed his towel, his cock was semi hard but had veins around it, it seemed like a sausage, a hot, juicy sausage, and those balls hanging low and being big, he trimmed his pubic hair but I could see they were black like his hair which turned me on a lot.

I licked his shaft slowly feeling him tremble and his cock twitching as I did it, it was my first time with a man, but I was confident, I knew what turns on a man and I applied it to him. I slowly licked his tanned cock again, I loved feeling it getting hard under my tongue.

“Fuck! You are wild” he stammered trying to not cum

“Better than my aunt?” I asked smiling

“She doesn’t suck dicks, she says its humiliating” he explained revealing a side of my aunt I never knew

“I never wanted to suck dicks, until I saw you” I said surprising him

“So you’ve never done it before? You’re good for a rookie, keep sucking princess” he said pushing my head against his cock and looking at me with his smug look.

I kept bobbing my head up and down, feeling his engorged cock harden inside my mouth, I never knew blowjobs were so hot, I always imagined they would be disgusting but sucking that gorgeous dick made me change my mind. I attempted a deepthroat but I couldn’t do it, Quincy smiled at my attempt and pushed me hard so his whole cock reached my throat “that’s how it’s done” he said, as I felt I would choke and then he let me breath. 

“Don’t ever do that again…” I said trying to catch my breath

“Relax now let me see that pretty butt of yours” he said 

“I’m not sure about fucking” I said, the truth was that I was kinda afraid because Quincy had a thick cock. 

“Just let me brush it against your ass, no penetration, what do you say?” he asked me. I agreed. And I removed my pants.

“Your ass is so fucking smooth” he said while he spread my buttcheeks. I was on my four on the couch and he was behind me, he brushed his hot cock against my butt, which send an electricity of lust, he did it again and again, he rubbed his cock between my buttcheeks, by the moment he stopped I felt as if my ass was screaming to be fucked.

“Fuck me” I said

“What?” he asked pretending not to hear me

“Fuck me Quincy!” I said

“Ok then” he replied and pushed his entire dick with one push inside my ass, I wanted to scream but I was in so much pain I couldn’t even do that.

I could feel his cock deep inside my ass, burning me like an iron, every muscle he moved caused me pain. 

“Fuck you’re so tight boy” he said and pushed his dick deeper

“Ahhhh Quincy, stop! It hurts” I pleaded

“Shhhh, it’s supposed to hurt, or else I’m doing it wrong” he said and slammed his cock against my ass again

“Ha! Fuck!it hurts” I said crying like a bitch, as Quincy started pounding me relentlessly. 

“Take it! Yeah, take it baby” he groaned behind me as he was holding me by my waist and fucking me like a wild animal.

“Fuck” I stammered trying to breath, this was too much.

“Yeah, take the missile, take the missile bitch” he stammered as he was fucking me and panting. His hands were holding me strongly pinned down, my ass on the air for him. I could hear our bodies collide and sweat made the sound louder.

“Fuck, your aunt never told me she had a nephew who could take cocks like you” he said as he thrusted his waist against my ass.

“Stop! Uncle stop!” I said now feeling pleasure along with pain, I knew the term “Uncle” would turn him on.

“Fuck you!” he said and fucked me even harder and faster than before, my ass was numb by his penetrations.

“Yeah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh! Yeah Uncle Quincy!” I moaned as I felt my own dick coming.

“You came fuck…I’m coming too!” He groaned and he buried his cock inside my ass as he released his sperm, I could feel it flooding my ass, as he kept coming and moving at the same time. When he finished I couldn’t walk straight.

“That was incredible” he said now wearing his boxers

“Speak for yourself, ouch” I said as I tried to sit on the couch. I left so my aunt wouldn’t find me here like this. Uncle Quincy and I go for fishing a lot, and by fishing I mean my aunt’s cabin and hours of hot fuck with Quincy Fisher.

Sexual Tension

This is an incest gay story, it’s a fiction, none of this is real, I’m not Sullivan Stapleton’s son,I do not know him personally and I never had any sexual intercourse with him. 
Sullivan Stapleton, a name known to a lot of people, to me too, but for me he is my father. He didn’t know I was his son until recently, I’m 19 years old and I’m a cute gay guy, I haven’t told daddy that, and I wasn’t planning until I saw him. I knew he was an actor but I never looked him up. But since I met him at the airport in LA. I had forbidden thoughts, the man was a hunk, he was all man, and he had the best blue eyes ever, the same as mine. He hugged me but all I could thing was if he was a good fucker. He wore a denim buttoned up shirt and dark blue jeans. Even with those casual clothes he was fucking hot. I went there to see and meet my father and all I was doing was drooling all over him. To my defense if he was around, I would have registered in my mind he was my father and I wouldn’t think such perverse scenarios but now for me he was just a man, a hunky man who happened to be my father.

“What are you thinking son?” he asked, this phrase should have made me feel more like his son, but it turned me on instead.

“Oh nothing, it’s just LA seems so big” I pretended that I was watching the buildings as he was driving.

“I’m glad you’re here, if I had know sooner I would be present when you were growing up” he said.

“No hard feelings Dad, I know you didn’t know about me” I replied and he seemed a bit more at ease. We stopped for some pizza and then we went to his apartment which was quite big. He showed me around the house and we decided to get some rest. I jerked off like crazy in the bathroom and even when I came, I was turned on.

For the evening Sully had called some of his friends to meet me, we ate and then drank some beers, they did, I was busy fantasizing about my father and his bulge that I could see through his jeans. When everybody left he sat at the couch, happy, I sat next to him.

“That was exhausting?” he said, I could smell beer on his breath

“It was fun too” I said

“Yeah it was” he said and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, bringing me closer to him. I caressed his leg slowly, and then I took a chance and went for his crotch, massaging and grabbing. He didn’t speak for some minutes but I could feel he was tense, also I could feel he was getting hard.

“Wait wait, what are you doing? This is insane” he said, looking at me with those blue piercing eyes

“What does it look like Sully?” I asked, I said his name instead of “dad” because I didn’t want to remind him we were related.

“I think you should stop” he said, but I could tell he was unsure

“Just tell me, do you like it?” I asked

“Yes, no! Stop, just stop it ok?” He said, he was confused.

“If you like it, then it’s not wrong, we can pretend we aren’t related” I said, to be honest I didn’t felt related to him, only turned on.

“But we are related! I’m your fucking father!” he yelled

“Hey, relax if you don’t want that, I will stop ok?” I said, the man had principles, so I stopped and went to bed. While he remained on his couch, confused and drinking more beer. 

I woke up by his touch he was lying next to me smiling, and touching my cheek,

“Hey” he said softly, I smiled and realized he was wearing nothing but his black tight boxers that couldn’t hide his boner. His chest was hairy in a sexy way, so sexy I leaned and kissed it. While he moaned softly. I loved touching his chest, but what I loved more was touching that bulge in his boxers.

“Just for tonight, I won’t be your father, but I will be your daddy” he said

“I will please that cock whatever you decide to be” I replied and peppered his chest with kiss until I reached his abdomen, and then closer to his boxer. I stopped and looked at him. He was laying there on his back, his hands under his head. 

“Suck my cock son” he said, a simple phrase that almost made me come for him.

I pulled his boxers down, his cock was thick, around 16-17cm but quite thick and veiny and uncut, it seemed like a sausage. His pubic hair were trimmed, not shaved. 

I buried my face to his crotch and rubbed his cock and balls all over ,y face, I could feel he got harder by that. I grabbed his cock and stroked it.

“This is a large dick daddy” I said 

“Fuck, if you keep talking like this I’m gonna come in your hands” he growled.

I sucked his crown only, while stroking slowly his shaft, his blue eyes showed me he was turned on beyond reason. I stopped, I didn’t want him to come just yet.

“Fuck, you are amazing, you suck cocks like a champ” he said.

“I’m a cocksucker for a long time dad” I said

“You suck a lot of cocks?” He asked me, a conversation that also turned me on. I sucked his cock softly before replying “I have sucked many of them” I said

“I don’t like that” he said and moaned as I took his cock deep inside my mouth.

“Sorry, but I don’t care, I don’t like girls” I said

“No I didn’t meant the gay thing, I meant I don’t like that you suck many cocks” he explained

“But I like them” I said smiling and sucking his, until only his balls were outside.

“You sure do! Fuck! Ahhhh! Fuck!” he yelled and I could see he was sweaty.

“I think I should stop sucking your cock and start sitting on it” I said, he agreed and we changed position.

“Lay down, on your back, spread your legs” he gave me instructions 

“You’re gonna be my first fuck in this position” I said

“I want you to watch your daddy as he fucks you” he said and slapped my butt

“I feel kinda uneasy looking someone when they fuck me” I said

“Why? Don’t you wanna see what are you doing to me?” He asked

“The way you put it, it sounds sexy, but most guys hate fuck me, they do it with so much hate, and they slap my ass, and they yell at me and call me names” 

Sully looked at me. He touched my cheek “I’m sorry, if I was there for you I would have fucked all of those guys for treating you like this” he said.

“I kinda liked it, but I don’t like watching them while they fuck me”

Sully positioned himself between my legs. It felt so good feeling his body touching me. He leaned closer to me smiled and pushed his cock inside my ass.

I heard someone moaning like a bitch and then realized it was me. Sully groaned and seemed to be struggling to not come. 

“Fuck, your ass! Your ass is so…tight” he said while thrusting his cock slowly, my ass felt the ridges of his cock, just like a sausage, a hot thick sausage, that fucked my hole. I could feel his cock pulsating and twitch. Sully was going to come, unless he could withhold his cum, but I doubt it. My legs around his waist, his hands holding my face, his blue eyes on mine. He groaned and smiled as he was giving it to me.

I had been fucked before, but I never felt so connected as I did now. Watching him plow my hole and smiling at me while he groaned. 

“Fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna come” he warned me. I pinched his nipples and then he groaned loudly and rested his face to my neck while he banged me harder and harder and so much faster, I moaned loudly, as the friction from his cock in my ass made me cum before him. I clutched his back and maybe scratched him as he released his cums and grabbed my face.

“Look at me, look at me while I cum inside your ass” he said. His face a mask of orgasmic frustration, he groaned, and I felt his warm sperm flooding my ass. 

His blue like the sea eyes, went from heavy sea to complete serenity. He rested his face on my neck, panting, we were both sweaty, and I could feel his sperm escaping my butthole. We did a really perverted thing but still I felt like it was the best thing ever.

The next day I felt my ass sore and kinda tingly, as if he wanted more of daddy’s cock.

He made me breakfast and while we were eating he said “do you like orange juice?” 

“I prefer milk” I said, he looked at the fridge “we are out” he replied.

“No we aren’t” I replied and got on my knees while he smiled and unzipped his shorts…

Sully Took My Virginity!

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Sullivan Stapleton
I’m Kyle, I’m 22 years old, a handsome young man, not gay as far as I knew, and yet a little bit of whiskey and some night out, changed my sexual life forever.

 My dream is to become a successful actor, so I worked small roles until I could find my big break. One of those small roles was on the tv show “Blindspot”. The crew and cast were awesome, I wasn’t a recurring role but they did call me on the party for the end of the first season. The best of them all is Sully Stapleton. Sully and I became good friends, we were talking between takes and in general he was a laid back guy.

We went to that party and we drunk. We weren’t too hammered but our inhibitions were bended. Sully was wearing a denim button up shirt, a little bit unbuttoned at the chest, and jeans. When the cab left us at his apartment I thought to help him out and put him to bed. When we entered his apartment he sat on his couch, and kept saying “Fuck, I’m so hard, did you see that awesome pussy in the club?” and then he unbuttoned his jeans and whipped his junk out. And what a junk. Thick, with veins and really hard. He kept stroking it while laughing at my surprised face.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a cock before?” he asked

“wow dude, you’re way too drunk” I said but he kept looking at me in a sexy way while he played with his cock. “You want to touch it? Don’t you?” he asked. 

“You’re a jerk” I said but laughed, then I sat next to him, and grabbed it. It was weird for me too. I’ve never touched another man’s penis. Sully’s was thick, hot, hard and so big, manly, while mine was a bit of a youngish looking cock. His seemed threatening and ready. I stroked it a bit while he was looking at me smiling.

“Yeah keep stroking” he said

“Ok that’s it, let’s get you to bed” I said but he grabbed me as I was sitting next to him and made me bend. 

“Suck it, suck my cock Kyle” he said, I was about to punch him and leave but then I opened my mouth and took it in. Tasting it. It was kinda salty and not at all disgusting as I expected. Sully pushed my head and I almost choked on his cock.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck!” he kept saying while I was sucking on his cock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and yet I couldn’t stop. He unbuttoned his shirt and left it open, his hairy chest was the sexiest thing I ever saw, I touched his chest while I kept sucking his cock. Sweat, alcohol and testosterone was the smell my nose was filled with.

“Take it in” he said and deepthroated me again, I felt my eyes full of tears because gag reflex I had. I turned to his balls and sucked them slowly, hairy balls, the balsa of a real man. I felt I was privileged to have this man to give me his cock.i returned to his cock and took it in my mouth again, feeling the veins with my lips as he was dragging it inside my inner mouth. His waist thrusted upwards and fucked my mouth for 2-3 minutes until he stopped and told me to give him my ass.

I straddled him and I prepared my ass, I sat down and took it in, my scream as his cock broke my back door must have been heard to the whole neighborhood. His big cock grinding in my inner ass, stretching me in way that I didn’t believe my ass could stretch. I was almost halfway in when he pushed me down and I took it all in. I cried out like a bitch while I supported myself on his shoulders.

“Fuck! You’re so tight” Sully said

“Stop it, be gentle” I said, the pain was too much, even when he sat there without moving my ass was in pain. His hot cock got harder inside my ass and that made it difficult for me to withstand it. I tried to climb off of him but he was holding me firmly. He started moving his waist upwards causing ripples of pain and pleasure to my ass. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or scream my pleasure. He pushed my buttcheeks together as he slid his cock inside me and then out and then back in, the flapping sound was the only thing anyone could here in the apartment and my cries. He was panting as I followed his rhythm, sitting up and down, as he trusthed. I was supporting myself in his wide shoulders, while I felt his cock like a hot iron grind inside  friction was strong, I felt like my ass was on fire but also I didn’t want to climb off of him. I liked taking his manhood in my ass. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” he yelled as I felt a twitch to his balls and cock and felt his warm sperm being shot inside me. When I climbed off of him. My ass felt weird, sore and open, I couldn’t walk straight. He fell asleep, which was understandable, I couldn’t believe he even managed to fuck me. I put his cock back in his boxers and took a shower were I discovered his sperm running down my leg. I felt kinda weird, I liked being fucked but I thought it wasn’t right what I did. 

The next day Sully acted as if nothing happened, maybe he didn’t remembered or maybe he didn’t want to remember.