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Working Hard for My Grades

For this fictional sex story, Alex O’Loughlin is not an actor but a proffesor at Math
I walked with slumped shoulders towards O’Loughlin’s office. I knew what he wanted to talk to me about. I had failed my math exam again and he wanted to tell me I will probably fail his class unless I put work. He had told me many times, but to be honest he is a bit too stern with his grades. Nobody ever reaches an A with him.

 I knocked on his door, the hallways were quiet because most students have finished their classes.

 “Come in” he said. He was as usual, stern, sitting behind his desk, with a blue button up shirt and those blue intense eyes.

“Sit down” he said, his tone was serious.

“Sir, if I may explain…”

“Don’t talk just listen” he ordered me. He showed me my exam, it had a big F on it, red as my cheeks were.

“This is a disgrace Harry” he said simply. He wasn’t the yelling type but somehow that made his remarks worse.

“I swear I studied but it’s like I blanked out” I tried explaining myself, the truth was I never study.

“Bullshit, you studied nothing, and it’s a pity because you have potential” he said with a raised tone. He had stood up. He was wearing jeans as usual. 

 “You are right sir, I am sorry” I said sincerely.

“Sorry ain’t gonna cut it pal, I’m failing you, you will have to repeat the class” Alex said

“No sir, Proffesor! Please! That’s gonna be a disaster for me. I will study harder!” I meant it!

He gave me a bitter smirk

“Even if you do, I can do nothing, you can’t retake the exam, there’s no time” he said.

I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there dumbfounded.

After what seemed an endless silence he sat across from on his desk. Leaning back on it, hands on crossed on his chest.

 “There is something we can work out though” he said. I raised my head to look at him. 

“Tell me what, I will retake this exam and I’m gonna ace it” I said

“There’s no time to retake the exam, but I can change your grade if..” he said

“If? What? Tell me!” I was so eager that I did not saw it coming

“If you let me have my way with you, you know” he said and smiled what would be a nice boyish smile, if he hadn’t just said he wanted to fuck me.

“I’m sorry? What did you say?” I must have misunderstood, proffesor O’Loughlin was an example of ethics.

“You heard me Harry, I want you to sleep with me” he said again.

“I don’t think so” I said and stood up 

“Ok, then I will have to fail you, understand this before you go” 

“Screw you” I said and left. 

I was sure I did the right thing, because I would do many things to fix my grade but not get fucked by a man, I was a straight guy and this wasn’t something I was willing to negotiate.

 That night I couldn’t sleep though, my father told me that if I fail a class he will stop paying my tuition and he will take me with him on his job. I do not like to be a carpenter, it’s a noble job but I’m not cut out for it.

 I searched the Internet about anal sex and first times. I saw several articles that said that if you put some oil, it’s pleasant and not at all painful, but what about the emotional toll? I probably had to pay that price since I was the one who did not study in the first place. 

 I called O’Loughlin

“Hello?” he answered

“Professor, it’s me…Harry about that grade” I explained

“My offer is off the table” he said coldly and hung up.

I called him again, normally I wouldn’t do this, but this grade had to change.

“Sir, don’t hung up, I beg you, please can we work this out?” I pleaded

“Fine, I’ll text you my address” he said simply.

 Five minutes later his address came to my phone. His home wasn’t too far from my own. So I walked there, plus I needed to clear my head because I was about to be someone’s bitch. 

 I knocked on his front door. He opened he was still wearing the same clothes as before. His blue unbuttoned a bit shirt and jeans. He was handsome, if I was gay, I would want him to fuck me, but I wasn’t.

 “Come on in” he said “get on your knees” he ordered as I was closing the door behind me.

“Are we doing this now?” I asked a bit taken aback.

“Do you want me to woo you first?” he asked me

“No, sir, sorry” I replied and got on my knees. I already felt like a bitch.

He stood in front of me, his crotch so close.

“Do you want it Harry?” He asked me as he was squeezing his crotch softly.

“Yes sir, I need it” I said playing his dirty game

He erotically undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. Soon his dick was freed, and I knew that it was mistake to do this. He had a 18 cm long thick missile for a cock, rich in veins and ready to make me cry, this thing would never penetrate my ass pleasantly.

 He must have seen the shock in my eyes because he smirked.

“Is there a problem?” he asked me

“No sir, this is large, that’s all” I said and leaned closer, nibbling softly at his cock. It wasn’t as gross as I imagined it would be. It was hot, salty and alive. I mean you could feel it almost breathing. I grabbed its base and moved as good as I could. It seemed to be working because Alex moaned loudly and soon pushed me with his hand. 

 “Look at me” he ordered as he was burying his cock in my mouth, I looked up at him. I felt so ashamed, what was I doing? For a grade? This seemed like a mistake.

His triumphant expression made me feel tamed. But I was so wrong. I wasn’t tamed yet. I thought I was.

 His hard cock was a mouthful, at least for me, and soon he was hard enough. Alex opened his shirt and let it hang open. Now I could see his sculpted abs and his hairy chest. I knew that he was working out because he told us once, but I never imagine that our kind quiet professor was so sculpted. On his bed he placed a pillow underneath me and told me to relax. Across from us there was a huge mirror, I could see my ashamed self and Alex behind me. 

 He fingered me with lube, something that made me feel uncomfortable but ,aye it was because he wasn’t especially gentle. He just fingered me for a few minutes.

 He leaned on top of me and he did it, he buried his dick inside my ass.

 If I could explain this, it would be like this, it’s like a vaccine, you expect the pain. And then it comes as a small wave that gets bigger and bigger. Only this was no vaccine and the pain was a burning sensation along with stretching. This was not fun or easy or pleasurable like the sites said. I realized I was gasping and I was unconsciously pushing him with one hand. 

“There you go” he said as he pinned me down and eased his way in. This feeling was so raw. I could feel my ass struggling to close but couldn’t because a huge meat was blocking it, and that caused a weird sensation. Somewhat nice but mostly painful.

 “How do you like it?” he asked me next to my ear. He had leaned on me, his hairy chest on my back, his hot breath on my neck, I was sweating due to struggling.

 I felt his body touching mine as he moved. It hurt and I was still gasping but his hot body against mine made it all worth it, I couldn’t believe I felt like this now.

 He stayed motionless for a moment. His whole dick inside my ass, only his balls were out. I think I cried like a bitch, because it’s a blur, as he waited for my ass to relax.

Then he moved softly in and out. I was laying in his bed, unable to stay on my four, and I just accepted the price for my grade. I was looking at my pathetic self on the mirror across me and I saw him ruining me from behind. This man, my proffesor, was teaching me the most valuable lesson of all “Being a man is accepting responsibility” I did not want to accept responsibility, so I was here, getting fucked in the ass.

 He grabbed my arms and held them behind my back.

“Oh you crying? It’s ok, all girls get emotional their first time!” A he mocked me as he tamed me completely. 

 He fucked me with full force now, thrusting his waist against my butt, his balls slammed against mine, his bed creaked holding the beat to my destruction.

 I was pinned down, and I was getting fucked. Me, the quarterback, the guy who had fucked his way through the cheerleading team. I groaned and cried, I cried like the bitch I was. Alex held me there, he wanted to break me, after minutes that seemed like hours, he stopped ruining my ass and his speed decreased like a train reaching a station, slowly he stopped and injected his dick once more, I heard a deep groan, a manly husky voice. Alex was going off in my ass, the rivers of his sperm filled me and then he pulled out. 

“This is what an A looks like” he said showing me a photo he snapped of my gaping ass. I couldn’t believe that my asshole could open like that.

 “dress up and get lost” he said and threw my clothes at me. I grabbed them. Dressed up and walked like I had fell off the stairs. That’s what I was going to say to whomever asked me why I walked like this. On my way home, I cried for my lost masculinity and my lost pride. Why would I accept to be fucked like this? So I wouldn’t be a carpenter? Now this whole thing seemed so silly. I felt something in my sore ass and soon I felt my boxers getting soiled. When I checked it was his sperm that oozes out of my ass. 


He kept his promise and gave me an A, I managed to graduate and now I’m in a university, I study hard and I have a girlfriend but my dark secret is that when Alex calls me, I go there and he fucks me hard, reminding me who’s my daddy, only this time I like it a lot.


Commander and Sailor

Commander and Sailor
This story is fictional! I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughln.
It was so kind of Commander McGarrett to let me stay on his home in Hawaii until I could find a home. He was my commander in the navy and now I was discharged and he was helping me get my life on track. 

 He appeared wearing only his boxers, it was no shock for me, everyone in the navy had amazing bodies, including me. 

“Here’s a pillow, sleep tight” he said and patted my shoulder

“Commander…thank you” I said 

“It’s Steve, I’m no longer your Commander, and you’re welcome” he said and smiled. In the navy he was too intense, he never smiled. But here he was laid back.

 I always looked at him and jerked off picturing him naked back when we were in a ship together. He never knew. Seeing him in his boxers just brought all those feelings back. 

 Usually I was a reserved guy but that night I just couldn’t fight it anymore. Having Commander McGarrett sleeping almost naked in the next room drove me crazy and I was unable to sleep.

 His bedroom door was ajar, this guy was never afraid. He was sleeping on his side with his back on the door. His muscular back was calm. 

 I stepped inside his bedroom while fighting with my own mind “What are you doing? Go back!” my logic screamed but I couldn’t. I was almost next to him. Now I could see he wasn’t wearing anything! The sheets revealed part of his naked ass. What an ass! Beautiful, muscular, manly. His boxers were on the floor. I leaned and grabbed them. They were still warm. I brought them to my face. Manly smell of balls and dick. I felt my own dick jump in excitement as I smelled McGarrett’s boxers. I pushed them on my face, closed my eyes and inhaled. Sweat, dick smell, n I heard his voice.

“I was wondering when you will be coming to my room” 

I opened my eyes on surprise. I was caught and I was frozen looking at him, with his own underwear on my face.

“Don’t worry son, join me” he said and patted the empty side next to him. He had turned on his back now and I could see his bulge under the sheets.

I layed on the bed next to him. 

“Since when do you know?” I asked without looking at him. I was embarrassed.

“Since always, you might think you’re hiding but you’re not, no straight soldier would look at my crotch for that long” Steve said.

“You want me to move out?” I asked 

“Move out? Why?” he asked me taken aback by my question

“Because I’m…” I didn’t know what to say

“What I want is for you to stop being so shy” Steve replied and pulled the sheets off of him. 

 Straight out of some gay porn magazine. His lean body, muscular, his hands under his head and his dick standing at attention. What a dick! Easily 7″ and thick, uncut, with trimmed pubes around it. His balls were large and magnificent. Now I knew why he walked the way he did. Everybody thought he was pretending to be tough by walking like this, but now I knew, he had to walk like this because of his jumbo balls.

 “You’re so handsome” I managed to say and leaned on his nipple, I sucked it and licked it, hearing him moan softly. My hand wandered around his crotch area, I grabbed and squeezed his dick. It felt hot hard and velvety on my hands. His hand explored my butt, I felt him touching my bubble buttcheeks and then he just pushed his finger inside. I moaned. I was a virgin, Commander McGarrett was my first ever fantasy. Feeling for the first time his finger there, made me a pudding in his arms. 

 My lips moved along his hairy chest and his abs. 

 “Commander…” I whispered as I licked his abs and his treasure trail slowly. I reached his pubes, their soft texture turned me on and then I found my treasure.

 I licked his shaft, then went and put it in my mouth slowly. I couldn’t suck it all, it was too big for me. But he pushed me, and I almost choke. His hands now gave me directions, his dick became ever harder inside my mouth. His taste, was that of a sailor. Salty with a sweet aftertaste in the end. 

“Breath through your nose sailor” he instructed me as he pushed my head further down. It helped, his dick went deeper but I managed to keep it together. For a few inches I would have had it all in my mouth but I couldn’t, thankfully he didn’t push me that far. He was happy with me taking care of him even in that depth. Soon my saliva was filled with his precums. He moaned and groaned softly, as I moved my head up and down, in a relentless dance of my mouth and his dick.

 He reached for his drawer and pulled a condom put. He dressed his cock with it and I straddled him. Slowly he pushed his dick inside and let me sit on it. 

At first it was uncomfortable, then it became a mix of pain and pleasure, the more my butt stretched out, the more pain and pleasure I felt. “Keep moving, up and down sailor, up and down!” he was instructing me, as if he was training me for battle. 

 My bubble butt slammed on his thighs, while my butthole was impaled. I closed my eyes and bit my lips, enjoying it. I cried out but you couldn’t make out if I was in pain or if I was close to orgasming.

It was both! His bed was bouncy and helped with my whole up and down movement. It even boosted our fuck. When I managed to take it good, I look,Ed down at him and leaned on his chest. He was smiling as I was riding his dick like a pro. I could feel it hard and hot, like a rod. 

 He moaned when I did circular movements with my waist, or he would grabbed my waist and give boost to his fuck. Thirty minutes later we were both sweaty. We were barely postponed our orgasms.

 “On three?” he asked me, his face red and sweaty. I nodded.

 “One, two, three!” He yelled and he gave me the strongest thrusts for that night, while I pushed my ass directly onto his dick. I moaned and cried out. He groaned and moaned. Our dicks ejaculated geysers of sperms, mine on his abs, his in kyass inside the condom. When we finished orgasming. We decreased the pace until we stopped. 

I layed next to him, panting, he was panting too. 

“I wish you weren’t wearing condom” I said

“Me too, me too buddy” he said. We fell asleep like that, naked but happy.


Short Sex Fiction with Alex!

This story is fictional I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex o’loughlin 

Alex flexed his muscles and lowered his shorts…his cock erect and hard as rock. litle blue green veins across it…intertwined creating a sexual masterpiece.

Tony was so smooth he had taken extra care for his ass that was smoother than a woman’s.

Alex greedily grabbed Tony’s buttcheeks his hairy chest heaving with anticipation.

“I have never fucked a lad before” he said 

“I have never let a lad fuck me before” Tony replied as he was lay on his belly and his back towards Alex.

Alex brushed his hard dick against Tony’s butthole which trembled in response.

“hmm” Tony moaned while Alex kept doing it.

One big push and Alex shoved his cock halfway in.

Tony cried out in pain and grabbed the sheets.

he felt Alex inside his butt andnhe wasnt even all in.

“it hurts!” he cried 

“Yeah but you like it” Alex replied and pushed further.

Tony was panting trying to withstand the pain.

Alex pounded him to oblivion without a stop, not even when Tony cried out to him to stop and tried to push him away. The bed squeaked under the rhythm of Alex’s fuck. Tony felt him leaning on top of him, trapping him under his hairy muscular chest, and knew there was no escape. Alex kept going, his dick felt like it was made from wood as it stripped Tony from his masculinity.

Alex groaned and buried himself deep inside Tony’s ass his cock trembling before flooding Tony with creamy aussie sperm. Alex pulled his junk out and the sperm created ribbons of cream as it pulled out.

Tony felt his ass raw and sore. Alex got dressed, he signed an autograph and left the hotel room.

Later Tony saw the autograph and smiled as it wrote:

“To the best ass in Hawaii…Love and sperm. Alex”

Relationship Goals


This is a sex fiction about Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams…

“If supposedly we were a married couple, I think you should be the bottom” Danno said. Steve was driving and chuckled at Danno.

“Where are you basing this on?” he asked

“Oh I’m way more muscular than you” Danno said

“It’s not about your size Danno, it’s about who’s the alpha, and I’m the alpha here, I’m driving your car, you whine but still you let me, because you like how I boss you around” Steve replied, Danno was ready to reply but Steve parked at the side of the road. 

“Come on Danno, we both know this relationship is not just friends, you can feel it too, can’t you?” Steve said, for a moment Danno thought he was joking but then he saw he wasn’t laughing.

“Look Steve, I’m a father I have two kids and I love fucking women ok? I won’t agree with you, yes I feel something but it’s not gay feelings for you” he said. Steve looked at him before he talked “I have seen you checking me out Danno, I have seen how you look at me when I take my shirt off, just admit it, you like me, it’s not something bad” Steve said and he meant it. 

“Ok I like you Steve, can we continue now? We have a case to catch” Danno said pretending to be bored, the truth was he felt what Steve said, he liked him, he had many fantasies with Commander Steve McGarrett fucking him hard.

Steve undid the zipper of his cargo pants and pulled his cock through the hole, it wasn’t erected yet, but it was kinda hard. Danno who usually said sarcastic remarks didn’t say a word, he just looked at Steve’s cock and then at Steve. 

“I know you want too Danno, do it, I won’t tell anyone” 

“No, it’s inappropriate, I’m a guy and you’re a guy and I’m a father” Danno said

“You can be a father and like men at the same time Danno, sucking my cock won’t make you less of a father” Steve said calmly. He leaned back and closed his eyes. Then he felt the wetness of Danno’s mouth on the tip of his cock and then on the rest of his shaft, while his breath on Steve’s balls made him hard.

“That’s it Danno” Steve moaned and touched his partner’s head softly.

“Damn it’s big” Danno said as Steve’s cock was fully erected know, with its veins hugging it and the ridges making it look badass like Steve himself, he took it in his mouth and enclosed it in his lips, he could feel it twitch on his lips, as Steve moaned.

“Fuck Danno, you’re better than Katherine” Steve said

“I would prefer if you weren’t narrating this” Danno said

“I’m complimenting you, you suck like a pro!” Steve replied laughing, as Danno took the whole shaft in, deep in his mouth. He loved Steve’s taste, his cock had a taste of manliness. Steve placed his hand on his head and ousted him in a rhythm.

“Who’s the alpha Danno?” Steve asked, Danno looked at him, as he had his cock in his mouth “What, I can’t hear you, you have my dick in your mouth” Steve said laughing. Danno kept bobbing his head and sucking, he couldn’t believe he was doing that, he dreamt it many times, he wanted to do it many times, and now he could taste that cock for real. “I want you to fuck me Steve” Danno said, Steve was surprised.

“What’s that?” he asked. Danno looked at him without repeating the question. Danno stopped sucking him and Steve got out of the car. Danno followed him, they were in a remote area, only trees and the sea on the other side. Danno unfastened his belt buckle and let his dress pants fall to his ankles. 

“I want to do that since I met you Danno, I wanted to fuck you completely and when I couldn’t, I took your car, I wanted to be your boss” Steve said, Danno bend over the trunk of the car. He heard Steve’s cargo pants drop,then he felt his wet, warm tongue in his ass. “Fuck Steve, I’m gonna cum” Danno cried out of pleasure. Steve had buried his face between his partner’s buttcheeks, he used his tongue to make his tight hole relax and it was working, he didn’t continue, he stood up.

“Are you ready partner?” Steve asked, Danno just nodded as he was bend over on the trunk of his car, spreading his own buttcheeks for Steve. He felt the tip first, big and strong like McGarrett, it felt so nice at first but as Steve got deeper, Danno could feel his ass stretch, he was a straight guy up until now, he didn’t have put anything up his ass, and now he was taking Steve’s 7 inch cock! Danno groaned as Steve moved slowly inside him. He grabbed Danno’s waist and and waiting for a bit he took a deep breath. 

“Your ass is so big and yet so tight Danno” Steve said, it was obvious he was trying hard not to fuck him rough. 

“I bet after this, it won’t be” Danno said, Steve moves in and out slowly, Danno groaned softly, trying not to moan like a bitch, Steve’s slow thrusts became stronger each time he pushed. Now he pushed deep inside and held Danno’s ass and moved his waist in a circular motion causing Danno to cry out.

“That’s it, let me hear you scream Danno” Steve said

“Fuck! You are a Neanderthal, be gentle!” Danno yelled, Steve though had other plans as he pounded him, and heard his ass squeaking surprised by that big cock that was invading it. 

Danno’s tight butthole, was stretch beyond its limits as it was impaled by Steve’s cock!

“I know you like this Danno, just say it! Let me hear it” Steve said holding his by his shoulders and leaning on him, he was fucking him hard, so hard the car was moving.

“Ahhhh! Stop!” Danno yelled, Steve didn’t, he kept going, like a wild animal.

He was sweaty and he was panting, he was holding Danno’s shirt so hard that it was trashed under his strong pulls.

“Fuck! You! Danno!” Steve yelled, his muscles bulging and fucking his partner with all of his strength. Danno felt like his ass was ripped in two. Steve pulled his cock out of Danno’s gaping butthole and pushed Danno on his knees, he jerked his cock off, and he groaned loudly and then he doused Danno with his hot sperm. Both panting they got dressed and they drove back to HPD without talking. Danno had cleaned himself, the only evidence he was McGarrett’s bitch was his shirt that was wrinkled where Steve was pulling him as he fucked him. 

“It’s best to never talk about this to anyone” Steve said as they parked outside the HPD, Danno nodded as he was trying to sit upright, he ass felt so sore.

Under His Wings: A Steve McGarrett Gay Story Part 2: Boy Toy


The moment Kyle saw the cops he knew Steve had betrayed him. He fucked him good and then he was going to arrest them. Everybody was on cuffs. Even Kyle, then Steve appeared. 

“I’ll take him” he said and the cop left Kyle to Steve

“You bastard” Kyle said

“You’re not gonna go in jail, I’m gonna tell them you are working as a CI for me”

“Why would you do that?” Kyle asked

“Because I wanted to fuck you hard again and again” Steve said softly, he put Kyle to his car and drove away. Kyle was his now, the thought only made his cock hard. 

 “Ok guys this is Kyle, he is gonna be here for a while, he is an informant for me so make him feel like home ok?” Steve said, his teammates greeted him,oblivious that He was just the boy toy for their boss. “Hey after you finish up with greetings I want you in my office, I need you to explain something to me” Steve said and winked. 

 When Kyle followed him to his office he was sitting behind his desk.

“Come over here” he said, he turned to lock the door but Steve stopped him “Leave the door unlocked, and come here” he said again calmly. He pushed his chair back to create space between his desk. “Get on your knees Kyle” he said as he unbuttoned his jeans and released his cock, veiny and thick just like I remembered.

He got on his knees and when he took his luscious cock inside his mouth his hand pushed him hard to take it all in while he groaned. His cock smelled of sweat and testosterone. He fucked Kyle two days ago and yet he missed his cock, in his mouth and in his ass. I missed feeling it getting hard on my tongue.

“Fuck, your mouth is amazing” he said while he pushed him hard in a rhythm 

With his lips Kyle could feel the ridges on his cock. It went so deep that only his twitching balls remained outside of his mouth. He placed his hands behind his head and moaned as Kyle kept working on his glans. Pre erotic sperm was pouring out of his cock like a lava. Then I went for his corona (the placed between his glans and the rest of his shaft) and as he licked it, he grabbed his head with both hands and pushed Kyle so hard that he felt his dick hitting his throat. He groaned discreetly as he was releasing his sperm inside Kyle’s mouth. 

“Swallow and clean me up” he said, he swallowed his bitter cums and looking at his eyes he licked everything off of his cock. He smiled and buttoned his jeans.

“Nice work, we are gonna have so much fun together” he said 

“Steve we got a case” said Danno who entered the office 

“Coming” Steve said and then turned to Kyle “You are gonna stay with me ok?” He said, Kyle nodded pleased with himself.

 When Steve came home Kyle realized with disappointment that he was tired. But when Steve saw him he smiled. “Hey there, how about I take a shower and then we can have some fun?” he said, Kyle stopped him. “Don’t shower, I want you as you are now, sweaty and brooding”. He smiled and gave him a kiss, passionate kiss.

He followed him to his bedroom. He undressed and threw his clothes on the floor. He was naked, and hot, his hairy chest, his abs, his physique. He was confident about himself and that made him irresistible. He reached with his hand and caressed Kyle’s cheek, he pulled him into his embrace and buried his tongue in his mouth.

“I’m thinking we should try something different” Steve said. Kyle kissed Steve’s hand that was still in his cheek. “What do you have in mind commander?” he said

“I will make love to you” he said. Kyle smiled genuinely “Nobody ever made love to me” he said. Steve pushed him on the bed and fell on top of him. He kissed Kyle’s neck. Kyle felt his hot breath on his neck and he grabbed his hair.

“Oh commander” Kyle moaned as Steve went lower to Kyle’s chest and licked his nipples and softly bit them, then he returned on Kyle’s mouth and as he lifted his legs on his shoulders. Steve pushed his cock in Kyle’s butthole and with small thrusts he penetrated him. Kyle moaned and grabbed the sheets. Steve held his hands over his head so he would be pinned down. He licked his neck while his waist thrusted tirelessly, he loved Kyle’s ass, the way his cock was embraced by that tight butthole, and how Kyle moaned now, that Steve was looking at him.

“Look at me Kyle, I want to see your expressions” Steve said.

Kyle looked at Steve still trying to withstand him. Steve McGarrett’s cock was thick and it hurt every time it went too deep. Kyle could smell Steve sweat and that turned him on. He moaned and then cried out as Steve’s thrusts became stronger, his whole bed was creaking under the weight of Steve’s fuck. 

“I love your ass, fuck!” Steve said and then he groaned as he gave one more deep thrust and stayed inside Kyle’s butt. He shot his load and then pulled his cock slowly.

They were both exhausted. They slept there naked. Both panting. 

Kyle woke up first. Steve was lying asleep next to him. He grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Soon it became hard and thick and Steve woke up.

“That’s an amazing way to wake me up!” He smiled as he watched Kyle sucking him.

Kyle worked his tongue all around Steve’s husky cock, licking every small detail on it. 

Then he took it all in until only the balls were outside his mouth and twitched as Steve moaned loudly, his cock trembled and started shooting out sperm. 

“You are going to exhaust me” Steve said as Kyle licked every drop of sperm.

“I love your cock Steve, I could eat your cums forever” he said and he really meant it.


Under His Wings: A Steve McGarrett Gay story Part 1: The Gay Parlor

This is a fan fiction of “Hawaii Five-0” it contains sex so if you are underage do not read it.
“Ok, I’m gonna check this out, I’ll pose as a client, and I’ll do the arrest as soon as someone makes a move on me” Steve said. The rest of the team nodded. The parlor was in a very subtle building, it seemed like a regular massage parlor, but Five-0 had information that they had gay guys who would go with clients. Steve entered the parlor. He walked towards the reception. A kind Hawaiian woman stood there, she smiled politely as she checked out his muscular lean body. Steve wore a dark blue polo shirt, the buttons unbuttoned, and of course cargo pants. 

“May I help you?” She asked

“I would like a massage ma’am” he said 

” Regular or Special sir?” she asked, it was obvious that “special” meant fucking.

“I’ll take the special” he said. She smiled shyly.

“Top or bottom?” She asked

Steve seemed to be confused, he didn’t understood what she was asking.

“What do you mean?” he asked

“It’s your first time huh? Well you want to fuck or to be fucked honey?” she asked. Her voice was so nice that even the dirty words sounded quite good.

“Do I seem like I want to be fucked?” he asked, feeling his testosterone kicking in

“I have seen a lot in this business, just because you don’t look gay, doesn’t mean you aren’t” she said, Steve nodded.

“I want to fuck” he said, and felt aroused about this whole conversation.

“It’s 100$, go to the room in the right, take of all of your clothes and lie on the table, Kyle will be with you shortly” she said. Steve did as he was instructed. He went into the room and removed his clothes. He just left his boxers on. He sat on the table and waited. 

“He seems like a cop” the receptionist said to her boss

“Ok send Kyle, and tell him to get fuck hard, if he makes that cop fuck him, he cannot arrest us” her boss said.

Kyle entered the room. 

“Man you’re hot, lie down” he said to Steve

He lied don’t on his back. Kyle oiled his hands up and touched McGarrett’s hairy chest, his pecks were so muscular that Kyle didn’t move for some seconds so he can enjoy it. Steve was taking deep breaths feeling more and more aroused as Kyle rubbed his chest and then his abs. Then he returned to his nipples and almost pinched them. Steve’s boxers couldn’t contain him anymore. His hard cock made his underwear look like a tent. Kyle smiled. “Now you won’t be able to lie on your stomach” he said. “Ok now I’m going for your legs, keep your pecker in check” Kyle said. Steve felt Kyle’s hands, caressing his legs, and then he touches his packege. 

Kyle grabbed Steve’s underwear and removed it slowly, Steve enjoyed this more than he’d admit. His cock was free, standing upright, and having it’s throbbing veins hugging it. Steve’s pubic hair were trimmed but not shaved, and that made his physique more natural and appealing. Kyle moved his oiled hands to McGarrett’s big balls, maybe it was the oil in his hands or that Kyle knew how to massage properly but Steve, decided to not call it in. He was supposed to arrest everyone the moment they would go towards sexual acts, but he loved how Kyle’s hands rubbed his balls. Steve placed his hands under his head and smiled in bliss, as Kyle touched his shaft and stroked it. 

“You’re driving me crazy, you know that?” He said

“You have a big cock sir and it’s beautiful too” Kyle replied.

“Why don’t you show me how much you like it?” Steve said. 

Kyle leaned and licked from the base of the cock towards the tip of the glans. Making Steve moan loudly. He played with his tongue teasing Steve’s glans. He could feel his cock getting harder on his hands. He opened his mouth and took it all in. Steve moaned excited that his cock could fit into this Kyle’s mouth.

He could feel his tongue moving and causing ripples of pleasure on his cock. 

“Suck it champ!” Steve said while he placed his hand on Kyle and pushed him towards his manhood. 

“Yeah that’s right, that’s how you serve men! Fuck!” he said as his balls twitched

His whole body was tense, he pushed his waist upwards while holding Kyle’s head.

Kyle’s breaths turned Steve on. “Suck it!” he groaned as Kyle worked his tongue around Steve’s luscious cock. 

“Come on let me fuck you!” Steve said and stood up. Kyle showed his smooth ass, he wore a string and he played with it while Steve watched with a smug smile on his face.

“Do you have a condom?” Steve asked. There was no way he would fuck this cumdump boy without protection. “I’m clean but here is is” Kyle said and placed the condom on his lips. Then he got on his knees and rolled it with his lips all over the length of McGarrett’s manhood. His thick veins were visible even under the latex.

“Now bend over and grab onto something” Steve said. Kyle have heard many men saying it, but only a handful were really good fuckers. Most of them just rocked him back and forth pushing their small cocks inside Kyle’s ass. But no, Steve’s cock wasn’t small at all. It was a cock, if it was a gun it would be a magnum. 

He felt Steve behind him as he was positioned with his ass up bending on the table. 

He could hear him breathing slowly. Then he felt his cock entering his ass.

It was so thick for Kyle’s ass that Kyle felt uncomfortable as he was being penetrated by it. He felt his ass stretch like the first time he was fucked by a man.

Steve could see his was uncomfortable because Kyle kept trying to reposition himself, as if that would make him less uncomfortable, somehow that was arousing for Steve. He slowly pushed the last few inches inside Kyle. Kyle’s butt like cushion put a stop to the rest of Steve’s groin. Kyle loved that feeling of another’s man’s body touching him like that. Steve retracted back, slowly pulling his cock out of the depths of Kyle’s ass. Kyle let a moan escape his lips as he felt the friction by their skins. Steve pushed back in again, then retracted again. Each time a bit faster. Until he was pounding Kyle. 

Kyle bit his lip trying to withstand the powerful man fuck him. Like a stud. The pain in his ass caused him pleasure. He was panting trying to withstand the thrusts Steve gave him. Kyle couldn’t take it anymore, he let himself free and cried out, in pain? In excitement? Both? He couldn’t even tell, he just had to scream. Steve leaned closer now, and his hairy chest touched Kyle’s back. Steve’s skin was sweaty, sticky and hot. It felt so good against Kyle’s back. Kyle felt Steve’s tongue licking his ear as he was fucking him, thrusting his waist and pinning Kyle hard, he stayed there, as Kyle moaned loudly blowing his load. He had never been fucked so hard that he would orgasm. He always needed someone to jerk him off, but now he didn’t event touched himself. “On your mouth now!” Steve ordered and Kyle feeling sore on his butt got in his knees. Steve pulled his condom off “Jerk me off” he said. Kyle grabbed his hit cock and jerked it, while he had his face close to Steve’s cock. He felt in his hand a small tremble that begun from McGarrett’s balls and went through his manhood. Rivers of manhood juice flowed on Kyle’s face and mouth as Steve pushed his waist outward and and cried out loudly. His cock released sperm like a volcano, running down his cock while he kept coming more and more. Kyle sucked every last drop. 

“Wow! I haven’t had a good fuck since…I don’t remember” Steve said panting

“I think I won’t be able to sit after this” Kyle replied

“I was here to arrest you” Steve said

“I know” Kyle replied

“I won’t, not after this, after this, I’m gonna be a regular to you, until your ass is big enough” Steve said

“Anytime Commander” Kyle said while Steve buttoned his shirt and was ready to leave.

“Not anytime, every night Kyle, I’m gonna make you cry more with my cock” Steve replied and winked at him. 


Just Before My Wedding…

Steve McGarrett is invited to a wedding by the groom, they have a very dirty past between them…
I looked myself in the mirror, I looked so grown up with my tux, and so handsome, not to sound vain or superficial, but I did look handsome. The woman of my life would marry me today. I heard the door open and I saw his reflection behind me. So handsome, I knew he would come because I invited him.

“Hi” he said smiling, his hands in his fitted tux pockets and his body close to mine. I never believed that I would fall so bad for a man, I’ve always been straight,only him, only Steve McGarrett managed to do it for me. 

“Hey Steve, you made it” I said and hugged him in a friendly way, he held me there, his hands on my back. 

“I missed you Kid” he said

“I missed you too” I replied looking into his blue eyes

“You never called” he replied 

“You never called either Steve” I said almost mad at him.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me, I thought you regretted it” he said meaning our night together. I would never regret it, but of course he couldn’t know that.

“I would never regret what we did together bro” I said and just like that he grabbed my face and kissed me. That was so unlike him.

“Steve stop stop!” I said taking a step back.

“What?” he asked me

“This isn’t going to happen, I’m getting married today, to the woman I love” I said

“Does the woman you love knows you have a man that you love? Or you don’t love me?” 

“She doesn’t know, and of course I love you, but it’s different ok? I’m not gay, at least not with other guys, but for you I would be anything” 

“Sleep with me, let me have you, let me feel your ass tremble on my dick” he said so passionately I felt I would melt. I locked the door and looked at my watch.

“We have one hour” I said

“Get on your knees soldier” he ordered me. Steve was always like that, he was a commander in all aspects of his life.

I got on my knees, thanks to the soft carpet my dress pants would be safe.

Steve removed his jacket slowly, I could orgasm only by watching him doing that. His muscles tense as he was removing it. Then he grabbed his bulge and massaged it.

“Tell me you want it” he said

“I want it” I said 

“Tell me like you mean it soldier” he ordered

“I want your dick commander” I yelled and I did wanted it

“Take it then” he said and he undid his zipper. Through the hole his thick veiny cock appeared ready to smash my ass and fill my mouth. I licked his glans slowly, that taste, I named it the McGarrett taste, unforgettable. We didn’t have much time so I quickly sucked it feeling his entire body tense as I did it and his hand on my head giving me rhythm. 

“Yeah soldier, yeah keep working on the missile” he was saying, I had his entire cock in my mouth, savoring its taste. He gave me small thrusts with his waist creating a repeated motion that gave him pleasure. 

“Look at me” he yelled. I did, I kept sucking and looked at his blue eyes, I could see passion in them. He held me with both his hands and his thrust became stronger, his dick went deeper in my mouth. I thought he would cum but he pulled his cock out of my mouth and gestured me to stand up. 

“I want to wreck your ass one last time before I see you walk that aisle” he said slapping my ass “drop your pants kiddo” 

I removed my pants carefully to not wrinkle them. Steve approached me, I could feel his warmth behind me. 

“I love your ass soldier” he said, and I knew he was saying the truth. He kissed my neck and I felt his hardness up against my ass, his hand lowered my boxers, my ass was now on his control. I didn’t care, I didn’t care that this was my wedding, I didn’t care for anything, if Steve McGarrett asked me to leave with him I would have done it. 

“Get a grip on the desk, this is gonna be hard” he said to my ear, I felt his cock being pushed up my ass, stretching my butthole, I breathed deeply as he taught me that first time so I could tolerate the pain. Now he wasn’t so gentle, now he was hungry for ass. My ass. He begun with small thrusts, I barely kept my voice down, his cock was quite thick and he was a wild fucker. “Yes that’s it” he said as I let a small cry escape my lips, he leaned on my back and hugged me, his thrusts became stronger, I wish we didn’t wear any clothes, so I could feel his muscular hairy chest on my back. 

“Steve, it hurts” I cried as his waist thrusted on my ass. He was fucking me fast and hard. 

“That’s how SEALS fuck soldier, do you feel it?huh?” he asked me

“I can feel it commander” I said feeling my tears pooled on my eyes, I was holding that desk but still I felt that it wasn’t enough. He was being so harsh that I felt the desk would break any minute. 

“Ahhh! Steve! Stop!” I yelled, he did not stop, I felt his hot breath on my neck, his pulse on my ass. Commander McGarrett had me. With slow circular moves he ejaculated his creamy sperm inside my ass, I felt it, and I moaned along with him.

We were both panting when someone knocked on the door.

“I hope you’re getting ready pal, you don’t want to be late on your own wedding huh?” some friend of mine said.

“I’ll be out in a minute” I yelled as I felt McGarrett’s cock still inside my ass.

“That was the best wedding gift ever” I said, he zipped his pants and I pulled up mine.

“You’re welcome kiddo. Now let’s get you ready” he said and just like that, I got married, I fucked my wife hard while remembering my fuck with Steve McGarrett.