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Hawaii’s Finest

This story is fictional, I have not met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex  O’Loughlin
“Sir, you cannot go there alone and at this time we do not have a tourist guide to escort you there” the Hawaiian receptionist in complete calm voice but he was annoyed by the 19 something guy who kept trying to get him to sign the permission.”Look man, I’m not gonna be in Hawaii for many days and I want to spend them on that island, so either give me the permission or I’ll go there by myself” the guy said.

“It’s a law young man, I cannot give a permission without a guide, no guide no permission” the receptionist said.

“Sorry to interrupt I’m Hawaii-Five O, I will escort this man” Steve said

“Thanks sir, I’m Danny” the young guy said smiling

“Nice you have my partner’s name, so if you don’t mind me, I will tag along” Steve said

“No problem” Danny replied, he felt good about this man.

 Two hours later they were on the island.

“Wow look at those virgin beaches” Danny said, feeling them with his bare feet for a bit.

“Well it’s not actually that virgin, but yeah I get what you mean” McGarrett replied. He wore a tank top, and his muscular arms and peck were visible, Danny was staring at him. He could really suck off this man…

“Quit staring and let’s make camp” Steve said laughing at him, not realizing that the guy wanted his dick.

They walked into the jungle, Danny tried to unload his backpack on the first clearing he found.

“Not here Danny, it’s too open, we won’t be able to sleep with all the animals passing from out tent” McGarrett said

“You know so much, it’s impressive” Danny said, Steve patted him on the back friendly and they kept looking, they found the perfect spot and they started unpacking, the tent was ready, and the sun was almost setting. 

“So a SEAL huh?” Danny said after the conversation they had

“Yeah, hey it’s a way of life” Steve replied

“That’s explains it” Danny said enigmatically 

“Explains what?” Steve asked 

“That you know so much about outdoor camping, that you are muscular, that you feel the need to protect, because let’s face it, you didn’t plan on coming here, you just wanted to protect the silly tourist” Danny said laughing

“You read people very well Danny, and trust me, this place is as dangerous as it is peaceful” Steve said, the fire illuminating his face and giving life to his primal characteristics, his was so manly, so handsome. Danny leaned closer and met his gaze. He wasn’t giving away anything, so Danny reached and massaged his crotch under his shorts. He didn’t speak but he didn’t stop him either, and by the hardening of his dick, he seemed to like it.

“How old are you Danny?” Steve asked

“I’m 19 sir” he said, Steve smiled and lowered his shorts a bit, enough for his dick to pop out.

Danny took it in his mouth, savoring Steve’s mature veiny cock. He could taste all the masculinity, all the sweat on his dick, and he liked it, he liked it a lot, he sucked with so much passion that Steve let himself moan loudly, he usually didn’t like to moan, but now into the wild, nobody could hear them, he moaned in passion as Danny’s head bobbed up and down on his “rifle”

“Fuck!” Steve stammered and with his hand helped Danny find a rhythm. He had to slept with a woman for a long time and his balls had so much to give, he knew that when he would come, Danny would have to swallow a lot of creamy sperm.

Danny’s lips enveloped Steve’s rod passionately as he moved up and down, speed increasing, making Steve groan, he was ready, he would come, Danny could feel it, he could feel every pore, every vein of the junk he was sucking, tense under his lips’s touch. Steve held him by his head and pushed him in a rhythm, he thought he cock would explode, he never had felt that way from a woman. Smooching sounds and the crackling of the fire were the only sounds that someone could hear, besides Steve’s moans and groans.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna…aahhhhh! Ahhhh fuck!” He cried out as his cock didn’t obey and started shooting jets of thick cums, again and again. Danny kept going though. He kept licking every drop until Steve’s cock was clean. When this was over, Danny felt horrible, it was his first time, and he felt kinda guilty. Guys shouldn’t suck other guys, what the fuck was wrong with him. He lay in the tent, and after a few minutes Steve followed him, wearing nothing but his shorts. 

“Are you ok?” He asked him

“Yeah” Danny said, but it was obvious he wasn’t

“Hey, I don’t know what to say, I thought you wanted it” Steve replied feeling like an ass

“I did, I just feel, ashamed and guilty, what if I’m gay” Danny asked in horror

“What if you are?” Steve replied surprising him.

“People don’t like gay guys” Danny said

“Oh come on Danny, things have changed, there is nothing wrong with…” But Danny cut him off

“With sucking other dudes off?” he said

“Yes there’s nothing wrong with sucking other dudes and have sex with them, I liked it and I hope you did, so where’s the problem” Steve asked.

“I don’t know, maybe you’re right, I did like it though, you are a handsome man” Danny said smiling shyly

“You are a handsome guy too” Steve said and turned away to sleep.

The next day, Danny and Steve were cool about everything. As if nothing ever happened. They hiked until they found a majestic spot, it was small waterfall that seemed as if it had just jumped out of some card or something. Steve dropped his backpack and removed his shirt, Danny was watching him, then he took off his shirts and then he took off his boxers too, completely naked, with a primitive manly beauty he jumped inside the lake and swam. Danny felt his mouth water as he saw the whole scene.

“Come on jump in” Steve said, Danny followed his example and removed all of his clothes. He jumped inside the lake too, and he felt his entire body being hugged by the calm waters.

“This is amazing” Danny said

“It is” Steve replied, but he was looking at him, not at the lake, he approached Danny and pinned himself behind him, his penis touched him. Then Steve hugged him from behind, a romantic embrace, his lips touched Danny’s neck and his whole body touched his.

“Steve, Steve stop!” Danny said, Steve stopped and looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face.

“I’m not ready for this, for sex” he said, Steve swam away, he was clearly frustrated but he didn’t say a word as they swam in that lake.

Steve got to the shore, as Danny was watching him, his body was so amazing, muscular, primal. Danny stood outside the lake too.

“You know what? On second thought” Danny said, Steve didn’t need more explanations, he hugged him and turned him to be back on him. He pinned him against a rocky natural wall and kissed his neck passionately. His entire body, grinned with Danny’s backside. Danny felt the pleasurable surge of passion, as he felt Steve’s hairy chest on his back.

“I want you so bad” Steve stammered behind him, his lips softly biting Danny’s neck.

“Take me McGarrett, I’m all yours, nobody will hear my cries” Danny replied playing the “innocence” card, and it worked, he felt Steve dick harden against his butt. Steve was so hard it took him only one thrust to enter Danny’s virgin butt.

“Ahhhhh!” Danny cried out, but held his hands on the rocky wall, as Steve penetrated him deeply again and again, both of their bodies pulsating with passion and primal need for sex. Two bodies becoming one, the wetness made all their sensations more receptive, Danny could feel Steve with all of his being, and Steve could feel Danny’s trembling as he had buried his sword deep inside his butthole.

“Ahhhh yeah, you like that? Scream my name” Steve said as he sped up his thrusts.

Danny tried to keep his screams in control, but having your ass fucked with such thrusts he couldn’t.

“Aaaaahhh ahhhh stop!” He cried out, Steve smirked behind him and held him pinned, he could feel him trying to escape but Steve was a Navy SEAL, if he wanted someone pinned, he was staying pinned. His waist moved relentlessly, opening way to Danny’s ass. Danny’s face hurt as he was held against that rocky wall and he was being fucked hard. He felt as if he was being raped. His ass was no longer his, Steve McGarrett was doing whatever he wanted with it, he kept pushing his dick in and out of Danny’s butt and groan like a wild animal. Danny cried out and moaned like a bitch for twenty minutes before Steve released him and let him drop on his knees.

“Take my cock in your mouth” Steve said, it was an order, Danny grabbed it and did as Steve asked. He sucked slowly for seconds and then Steve grabbed hm by his hair and thrusted his cock in his throat, where he shot his sperm, all of it, Danny almost choke but he managed to swallow it. When Steve finished, he was dripping sweat, he was panting and he seemed calm again. 

“How do you feel?” he asked with a soft voice

“Whole” Danny replied.

Under His Wings: A Steve McGarrett Gay Story Part 2: Boy Toy


The moment Kyle saw the cops he knew Steve had betrayed him. He fucked him good and then he was going to arrest them. Everybody was on cuffs. Even Kyle, then Steve appeared. 

“I’ll take him” he said and the cop left Kyle to Steve

“You bastard” Kyle said

“You’re not gonna go in jail, I’m gonna tell them you are working as a CI for me”

“Why would you do that?” Kyle asked

“Because I wanted to fuck you hard again and again” Steve said softly, he put Kyle to his car and drove away. Kyle was his now, the thought only made his cock hard. 

 “Ok guys this is Kyle, he is gonna be here for a while, he is an informant for me so make him feel like home ok?” Steve said, his teammates greeted him,oblivious that He was just the boy toy for their boss. “Hey after you finish up with greetings I want you in my office, I need you to explain something to me” Steve said and winked. 

 When Kyle followed him to his office he was sitting behind his desk.

“Come over here” he said, he turned to lock the door but Steve stopped him “Leave the door unlocked, and come here” he said again calmly. He pushed his chair back to create space between his desk. “Get on your knees Kyle” he said as he unbuttoned his jeans and released his cock, veiny and thick just like I remembered.

He got on his knees and when he took his luscious cock inside his mouth his hand pushed him hard to take it all in while he groaned. His cock smelled of sweat and testosterone. He fucked Kyle two days ago and yet he missed his cock, in his mouth and in his ass. I missed feeling it getting hard on my tongue.

“Fuck, your mouth is amazing” he said while he pushed him hard in a rhythm 

With his lips Kyle could feel the ridges on his cock. It went so deep that only his twitching balls remained outside of his mouth. He placed his hands behind his head and moaned as Kyle kept working on his glans. Pre erotic sperm was pouring out of his cock like a lava. Then I went for his corona (the placed between his glans and the rest of his shaft) and as he licked it, he grabbed his head with both hands and pushed Kyle so hard that he felt his dick hitting his throat. He groaned discreetly as he was releasing his sperm inside Kyle’s mouth. 

“Swallow and clean me up” he said, he swallowed his bitter cums and looking at his eyes he licked everything off of his cock. He smiled and buttoned his jeans.

“Nice work, we are gonna have so much fun together” he said 

“Steve we got a case” said Danno who entered the office 

“Coming” Steve said and then turned to Kyle “You are gonna stay with me ok?” He said, Kyle nodded pleased with himself.

 When Steve came home Kyle realized with disappointment that he was tired. But when Steve saw him he smiled. “Hey there, how about I take a shower and then we can have some fun?” he said, Kyle stopped him. “Don’t shower, I want you as you are now, sweaty and brooding”. He smiled and gave him a kiss, passionate kiss.

He followed him to his bedroom. He undressed and threw his clothes on the floor. He was naked, and hot, his hairy chest, his abs, his physique. He was confident about himself and that made him irresistible. He reached with his hand and caressed Kyle’s cheek, he pulled him into his embrace and buried his tongue in his mouth.

“I’m thinking we should try something different” Steve said. Kyle kissed Steve’s hand that was still in his cheek. “What do you have in mind commander?” he said

“I will make love to you” he said. Kyle smiled genuinely “Nobody ever made love to me” he said. Steve pushed him on the bed and fell on top of him. He kissed Kyle’s neck. Kyle felt his hot breath on his neck and he grabbed his hair.

“Oh commander” Kyle moaned as Steve went lower to Kyle’s chest and licked his nipples and softly bit them, then he returned on Kyle’s mouth and as he lifted his legs on his shoulders. Steve pushed his cock in Kyle’s butthole and with small thrusts he penetrated him. Kyle moaned and grabbed the sheets. Steve held his hands over his head so he would be pinned down. He licked his neck while his waist thrusted tirelessly, he loved Kyle’s ass, the way his cock was embraced by that tight butthole, and how Kyle moaned now, that Steve was looking at him.

“Look at me Kyle, I want to see your expressions” Steve said.

Kyle looked at Steve still trying to withstand him. Steve McGarrett’s cock was thick and it hurt every time it went too deep. Kyle could smell Steve sweat and that turned him on. He moaned and then cried out as Steve’s thrusts became stronger, his whole bed was creaking under the weight of Steve’s fuck. 

“I love your ass, fuck!” Steve said and then he groaned as he gave one more deep thrust and stayed inside Kyle’s butt. He shot his load and then pulled his cock slowly.

They were both exhausted. They slept there naked. Both panting. 

Kyle woke up first. Steve was lying asleep next to him. He grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Soon it became hard and thick and Steve woke up.

“That’s an amazing way to wake me up!” He smiled as he watched Kyle sucking him.

Kyle worked his tongue all around Steve’s husky cock, licking every small detail on it. 

Then he took it all in until only the balls were outside his mouth and twitched as Steve moaned loudly, his cock trembled and started shooting out sperm. 

“You are going to exhaust me” Steve said as Kyle licked every drop of sperm.

“I love your cock Steve, I could eat your cums forever” he said and he really meant it.


Sperm Swap Kiss!

“This is a fictional sex story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin***

“The truth is I want to fuck that ass of yours since I saw you wearing that speedo” Alex said. I smiled and caressed his leg, he locked his eyes on mine as I did that, “How about we move this to my room” he asked.
His room, was a suite, and it seems more like an apartment than a room. 

“I’m gonna hit the shower” he said, I removed all my clothes but the boxer.It didn’t took him long, he came out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around his waist, this man was hot, his abs, his chest, he came closer to me, he smelled of shower gel, a manly aroma, I kissed his neck and he grabbed my ass. Then he slipped his hand inside my boxer and he kissed me passionately in my mouth while his finger played with my butt. I moaned, and then I got on my knees, he stood there, looking at me with a smirk on his face, I unwrapped his towel and it fell on the floor, he had a 7″ uncut cock, veins around it, and beautifully trimmed public hairs, his balls were big and we’re hanging proudly “Wow that’s big” I said, “I’m sure your dirty mouth can handle that” he said, I approached his erection, and licked the tip slowly, playing with it, just the glans, he closed his eyes and moaned, I love it when I make men moan, for a woman it’s easy, for a guy like me it’s not…I licked his length slowly, and then his balls, I teased him. He had his hands on his waist, looking at me smiling at my little game, I felt his hand grabbing my head and pushing me towards his cock, which I sucked inside my mouth, not that there was another option, he was pushing me hard on it, so hard I gagged “Alex relax” I said, he smiled and let me handle his cock, I placed my hands behind my back, and sucked his iron without touching it, just with my mouth, e correct term is I fucked my mouth on his cock, it felt so good having such a big cock in my mouth and feeling those throbbing veins with my lips, he couldn’t stand it anymore, he grabbed my head again and fucked my mouth, so hard that my saliva was running down my chin due to his hard strong thrust. “Go, lie on your belly” he said, I did as he asked, having his cock’s taste still in my mouth, I heard his ripping a wrapped, he was wearing a condom, then he came on the bed with me, as a I was lying, he removed ,y boxers, and slapped my ass, several times, i have a sensitive skin so I knew that it probably looked red now, after Alex’s slaps, then he hovered over me and he pushed his cock inside my ass, a I felt the latex wrapped meat hard opening my ass, as it slid inside me, I moaned, when I felt his whole body trapping mine below him. My back felt his chest, my lower back felt his abs, it was such a turn on, to feel the action skin on skin. I felt his hot breaths on my ear. “Your ass is so fucking tight” he whispered as he pushed his waist onto my ass, “Hmmm it hurts” I said, but it was obvious I loved it.

His hands held mine stretched, I was literally his prisoner, if I decided I wanted to stop, I couldn’t because his body was trapping mine, and he held my hands, it didn’t take long for the gentle thrust, to become a fuck. His body slammed against mine, causing me to moan loudly sometimes out of excitement, sometimes out of pain, the bed was moving to our rhythm, squeaking under Alex’s thrusts, his legs kept mine outstretched so he can have better access. His sweat made our bodies stick…I have never been fucked this way, I liked being trapped underneath him, and have my ass destroyed by his huge junk! “Take that bitch” he whispered to my ear as his cock slammed inside me again and I moaned like a little bitch! The bed squeaking, my moans, his groans, all into a sex symphony making me cum, I felt my dick ejaculating as he was pounding me hard, his sheets were soiled for sure!

I screamed as I ejaculated, he knew he made me cum, because after that he slowed down, he turned me around to face him, he face dripping sweaty, his hair messed up by sweat also, he was looking at me like a wild man. He brought his waist on my face, and as I was lying on my back, he trapped me there, and fucked my mouth, so hard, I gagged many times, but he wouldn’t stop, for a moment a I got scared, but then I felt his sweet cream shot like a jet on my tongue, he didn’t removed his cock until all of his load was in my tongue, when he did, he looked at me “Don’t swallow just yet” he said, he kissed me using tongue this time, and mixing our saliva with his sperm, our mouths shared his sperm, and that turned me on again…but my ass felt sore, so when he stopped kissing me, I swallowed his load. “This was the best fuck I have ever had” I said, he smiled at me “You’re welcome…” he said, and went to take a shower again. I don’t blame him, this man was so sweaty after our fuck that his previous shower was for nothing, as I waited for him, I played my tongue around my mouth, tasting his sweet load, I could drink his sperm out of a bottle any day…or maybe that was because I found his extremely hot as a man!

My Stepdad Fucks Better Than Yours!

***This is a sex fiction about the actor Alex O’Loughlin, it’s pure fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin***
When my mother introduced me to her new boyfriend, Alex, he was kind, like the father, my biological father never was. Alex is an actor, you probably know him. 

Once I had a huge fight with my mother and when she left, Alex came to my room.

“Hey Harry, may I come in?” he asked, I nodded, he wore blue jeans, a white tank top and an open shirt. 

“Look I’m a good guy, I have never caused you any problems right?” he asked me

“Yes? What you want to say?” I asked.

“Look, stand up pull down your pants, and let me punish you for your actions” he said

“What?” I asked in the verge of laughing

“It’s not a joke, you need to be disciplined, and maybe because your father is distant, you are kinda disrespectful” he said, he was serious, I stood up and pulled my pants down “Great, turn around and bend” he said, as he undid his belt, I could hear his belt buckle jingling. “Ok, I will hit you now, take it like a man” he said as his belt slapped my butt, I wanted to scream but I didn’t, he kept hitting me, my ass felt like it was on fire 

“Nice, your butt is getting red, two more and I will stop” he said, he hit me once more, and then again, I screamed “Ok, relax, wait here” he said, he came back with a lotion

He rubbed my buttcheeks, it felt so nice, that lotion soothed my stinging ass

“You have a nice ass Harry” he said. I stood up and pulled proceeded to pull my pants up, he stopped me “Don’t be shy…let your pants down, the lotion hasn’t been absorbed yet”, I was feeling pretty awkward, Alex never acted like this before, he seemed almost flirty, but I dismissed that, Alex wasn’t into guys. But if he was  I wouldn’t say no, he was a hunk! An Aussie hunk! As I waited for the lotion to dry, he was standing there, looking at me, with an irresistible glance biting his lip.

“Do you want something else?” I asked, he came closer to me, and he kissed my lips, biting them, I returned the favor, the man was a good kisser, he removed his shirt, and a I got naked, I got on my knees, he pulled his jeans down, and his showed me the best uncut cock I have ever seen, hairy trimmed, thick and long, with veins that were wrapped around it, throbbing, and two big balls hanging. “Tell me Alex, what do you want me to do” I asked, I wanted to hear it, I wanted to hear him order me “Suck my cock Harry” he said, I licked my lips smiling and took his cock in my mouth, I have never been with a man before, but I always considered it, the taste of his cock, was salty, manly, I played with it, rolling my tongue around the glans, while sucking it deep in my mouth, I had seen porn and I knew what would turn him on. His cock was so hard, he grabbed me by my hair and facefucked me, I just let him do it, admiring his lean muscular body, with the hairy chest and the amazing abs “Your mouth is so nice for my dick! I’m gonna choke you with my dick! Is that what you want little pussy?” he asked me, I nodded “Of course that’s what you want. You like ,y cock, you like your daddy huh? Who’s your daddy?” he asked, while he still facefucked me, my mouth was impaled repeatedly by his hard veiny cock, precums dripping on my tongue, and him moaning and groaning. “Get on your bed! I’m gonna drill your hole” he said, I would do it even if he wouldn’t ask for it, I was so turned on with Alex, that I would do anything he asked me (sexually speaking). I sat on my four “No lie on your back, and spread your legs” he said, I did, he positioned himself between my legs, and he hovered his waist above me so he could positioned his cock on my butthole. “Alex, I…I haven’t done this before” I said, he smiled but didn’t said anything, he applied some saliva on his cock and pushed it inside my ass, I moaned like a little bitch, but he pushed harder and violated my tight butthole “ahhhh Alex, daddy it hurts!” I yelled, he pushed further inside and leaned on me, holding my hands over my head, feeling his skin close to mine was stimulating, his hot breath on my face, his blue eyes looking at me, expectantly “how do you feel?” He asked me, as he moved in and out of my ass, I tried to not cry, it was so painful, “Tell me, I want to know how you feel” he asked again

“It hurts, ahhh it hurts so much” I said, tears running down my cheeks, “Come on, your eyes on mine, look at me, look how delightful is for me to drill your tight butt, do you like me doing that?” He asked, I nodded and looked elsewhere “Look at me” he said again, I did, he had a smug smile, that made him irresistible, his chest touching mine, turning me on, his cock like a giant snake trying to enter my small hole, I could feel it throbbing inside me. “Stop!” I yelled, he was moving in and out of me slowly “You don’t want me to stop, do you?” he asked, “No” I replied, it was true, it was painful but I didn’t want him to stop, “Now take some deep breaths” he said, I did as he said “get ready, this is gonna hurt” he said, and before I even begin to prepare myself for what he said, he placed my legs on his shoulders, leaned closer to me, and fucked me so hard that my bed squeaked like crazy, I felt like my ass was skinned from the inside, sizzling pain, his cock was too big for my butt, I yelled and cried, but I didn’t want him to stop, “ah yes! Baby, baby, baby” he said as he impaled me with his cum pump! 

“Ahhhh Alex, you fucker, ahhhh!” I yelled with him, he groaned, my legs were spread and defenseless, he was fucking me so hard, and a I was pinching his nipples! He moaned but he didn’t stopped me. “I’m gonna…oh my….! Fuck you! You slut!” he yelled, as he shot jets of cums up my butt, a I felt them running inside me, he climbed off of me “I’m going to take a shower, and remember, be respectful! Ok son?” he asked, I smiled at him “Yes daddy!” I said, when a I tried to walk, I noticed I walked funny,he really messed up my butt hard!