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Rough and Hard

This is a fictional story. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Luke Mitchell
I had seen Roman, he was kept at a secure cage inside the FBI building. I saw many times that Jane and Mr. Weller visiting him. The truth is I was just an assistant there, nobody paid me much attention, but I had a gay thing for Roman. He had that damaged appeal. One night I was hiding and saw him jerking off, he was on the bed, and the lights where off so I couldn’t see his junk but I saw his movements and then heard his moans as he came. I’ve been planning this since I saw him jerking off.

I waited in the storage room until everybody left and then I went to him.

“Hey, I thought everybody left” he said to me with a low voice. I smiled

“I thought you could use some drink” I said and showed him a plastic cup with whiskey. I swiped the card I stole and entered his cage.

“What’s your name?” he asked me with an intrigued smile.

“I’m Kyle, I work here as an assistant” I said. He drunk the whiskey with one shot.

“I needed that” he said mostly to himself.

He was so hot wearing those scrubs. I could see his bulge. I touched his leg and he looked at me. He knew what I wanted. He didn’t say anything, he just looked at me as if he was daring me to make a move. I slid my hand slowly to his crotch, feeling his hot manhood. He had close his eyes and he moaned softly. My touch had become a full massage on his hard dick until he leaned back on his bed and supported himself on his elbows. I bend over his crotch and pulled down his pants. His cock stood upright hard, with veins that intertwined intricately around his shaft. His dirty blond pubic hair gave even more appeal to his junk. His balls were big. 

I leaned closer and licked his shaft going all the way to his crown and felt him twitch as I did that, my second move was to go to his crown and twirl my tongue around, until I felt it hardening, along with soft moans by him. His hand grabbed my head and pushed me on his dick, in a rhythm, I thought I would choke but there was no way to escape now. Plus his dick had become so hard that I felt it would explode. I slipped him a viagra on his whiskey and it seemed to be working.

“Oh fuck! I’m so turned on right now” he stammered as he fucked my mouth on his dick. I had to push him away for a bit, so I could take a breath. 

“Sorry, your mouth is amazing” he said apologetically, with his dick dripping saliva and maybe precums, it was hard to tell.

“It’s ok just don’t try to choke me” I said and leaned close again, licking his dick like it was a lollipop. His hand pushed me again but now he was gentler. I traced his veins with my lips on his dick and saw his balls twitching.

“I want to fuck you” he said in a threatening tone.

“I don’t think it would be appropriate” I said. I wanted to give him a blowjob but getting fucked. It was something I didn’t want to do. I was a virgin.

“I don’t give a fuck. Take of your pants now” he said and he seemed like he was about to lose it. I knew that Roman was a killer before and I didn’t want to risk it.

I pulled my pants down and did as he asked. 

“On the bed” he said pointing to his bed and I lay there with my back on him. 

I thought he would finger me or something but he buried his bearded face between my buttcheeks and made me tremble as his tongue fucked my butthole. His beard scratched me and his tongued soothed me. It was amazing.

Then he climbed on me, he had his pants on his ankles I could feel them. He pushed his cock against my butt and pushed hard until my ass gave in and let his cock in.

I I naked sharply as I felt my virgin ass opening in a very harsh way. Roman wasn’t gentle, he was pushing his dick in without any lubrication. My ass of course wasn’t ready for such a thing. But he started moving in and out making me cry like a bitch.

“Stop! It hurts” I yelled but he didn’t care, he just pulled his dick out, spit on it, and penetrated my ass again. His waist slammed against my ass, I couldn’t yell because the pain was too much, I was trapped under him. I could smell his sweat and I felt his breath on my neck as he fucked me like a wild animal. The bed creaking to the rhythm of his fuck, plus it was one of those beds that had springs and as he was fucking me and pushing me down, I would bounce right back to his dick, getting impaled hard. I cried out as he was increasing speed and he groaned behind me. His dick felt like I was being fucked by something wooden. He was so rough, he held ‘y arms pinned on the bed and pounded me for what seemed hours to me. I had in mind some romantic blowjob and even a romantic fuck, but I forgot that Roman hadn’t been with a woman for a long time and also he is unable to feel intimacy. I was practically was being fucked by a human robot. His only goal was to please himself.

I cried as I felt his dick ruining my butthole, in and out. The worst was when he pinned his waist on me and while inside my ass he would push further as if he was trying to make my ass go deeper. It hurt like a bitch. But he was holding me down. This was my fault, I gave him that viagra and now he was fucking me like a piece of trash.

“Stop please” I pleaded with tears in my eyes, but he kept going as if he was turned on by this. 

“Oh fuck! Here it comes!” he groaned and he filled my ass with creamy sperm. He kept shooting sperm and some of it started getting out of my as while his dick was still in! When he pulled his dick out, my thighs glistened by a huge river of sperm. It was so thick and so much.

I tried to reach my pants but I was unable to walk straight, He gave them to me.

“That was nice” he said as I was getting out of his cage and felt like my ass would be sore forever.


Jim Clancy’s Gay Emergency


***I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with David Conrad***

I’m a gay guy, 22 years old, with brown hair, and a very nice body, one night I was at home, and horny, I really needed someone to fuck me right, all my boyfriends though were unavailable due to our bad break ups. Then a very crazy idea hit me, I called on the emergency, and asked for help, I made sure to note that I wasn’t very bad but I needed help, the dispatcher said she would try to find someone near me to send, since I wasn’t so bad, she couldn’t just send someone with an ambulance and stuff…I waited for an hour or so before a kind knock came from the door.
“Yes?” I asked, I had completely forgotten about my plan.
“I’m a paramedic, you asked for assistance?” he said, from his voice he sounded nice, I hoped he wasn’t just the voice that was nice. I opened the door and there in my doorstep was a 6’1 dark haired guy, his hair were not too long but not short either, his piercing blue eyes were amazing, and his body seemed hot.
“Hello, can you come in please?” I said and stepped aside, he came in my apartment, I closed the door. “Hello my name is Jim Clancy” he said, a real gentleman “I’m Jack” I said, he stood there, waiting for me to explain my emergency. “There is this substance I need to take in order to be ok, but I’m out of it and I can’t find anywhere” I said, he seemed worried “oh what substance is this, we might be able to find some for you” he asked, “it’s a white creamy thing, oh yeah it’s called sperm” I said, he smiled “I see, well sorry I don’t have any for you” he said, and headed towards the door. I ran and stood in front of the door. “Oh come on Jimmy, fuck me, I’m all yours, and I won’t tell” I said. He seemed to think about it
“It’s inappropriate ok, I’m on duty” He said “as far as they know you are helping me” I said. he smiled “You are a smart little thing aren’t you?” He said, and finally took off his jacket, now he was only with his blue shirt and those paramedic pants.
“How about I sit on the sofa, you bring me some beer, and then you can suck my cock” he said so casually that it seemed classy, I did as he asked, I gave him his beer, and then I got on my knees in front of him, he was sitting relaxed proudly and lazy like a king looking at me with a smug smile on his face. I undid the belt and grabbed his cock, I stroked it intensely and in minutes it got big and hard, Jim Clancy was a King alright. I licked the tip slowly, looking at him with my own smug smile, “mmmmm you know how to CPR a man’s gun” he said, “I love taking care of penises, especially like yours, big, juicy and veiny” I said, and licked his nice balls,
“Ohhhh that’s it” he said leaning back and with closed eyes enjoying my mouth.
With my tongue I was tracing every inch of his masterpiece, every vein, was registered to my tongue “I love men who don’t save completely” I told him, his pubic hair were trimmed but not shaved, and that was a turn on, I hate completely shaved cocks. “and I love men who suck my cock” he said, with his hand lazily on my head and pushing me, so I can shut up and suck, he pushed hard toward his cock. “Yeah baby, that’s it” he said as I was taking all of his cock inside my mouth, deepthroating, “Do you like it Mr. Clancy?” I asked as I was stroking his cock, feeling my mouth watering just by looking at it, “if I like it? I love it”
“Then you will love this” I said and stood up, I dropped my sweatpants and showed him my smooth butt, “Woah! That’s a very nice ass you got there” he said, “it’s a match for your great cock Jim” I said, he stood up, his cock was hanging out of the zipper, he grabbed my butt, first he slowly massaged it and then he slapped it.
“I need to destroy this masterpiece” he said, I smiled, he kissed my neck from behind, and then pushed me to bend on the couch, “Stay there, I’m going to show you how paramedics fuck” he said, I know normally it would sound lame, but coming from his lips, was a turn on, he undid his shirt, and left it open, now inside I could see a white flannel shirt, full of sweat, I touched it, he looked at me “I’m going to give it to you if you are a good girl” he told me. I heard some foil ripping and then I felt his latex covered cock “knocking” on my ass, he pushed it inside slowly at first and then hard “ooooh!” was all I could say, the feeling of a cock getting inside my ass so fast, was so intense, and kinda painful…”be a man and take it” he said and pushed once again, I could feel his crotch, in my ass, his balls on mine, as he made those movies, his strong arms were holding me by my shoulders, “Ohhhh Jim Clancy, I love paramedics” I said, and as soon as I said that, he sped up, and pushed harder, with his low moans, I could feel his balls boiling to release the sperm, he leaned on my back,a I felt the sweaty shirt on my back and the blue unbuttoned shirt fell on the sides touching softly, his breath on my ear caused me to tremble from pleasure “Your ass is fucking great” he said to my ear, and then he pushed one, two, three times hard and he moaned “yeaaaah” while a liquid sensation flooded my ass, I knew that sensation well, he pulled off his white flannel shirt and gave it to me, he buttoned his shirt and wore his jacket “I hope you got your dose of sperm” He said ready to go. I smiled “Thanks” Imtold him “Anytime” he said and closed the door behind him. I took his t-shirt and sniffed it, the manly sweat smell hit my nose, it was an intense odor but not some gross one,it was perfect like Jim, it was still moist…like my ass…