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Creampied By Jensen

This story is fictional. It begins in a club where I meet Jensen and he is a bit drunk then things get a bit out of hand. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles.

“Because I want to fuck you” he said coming closer to me,my could smell the beer in his breath. If another guy had said this I would have hit him. But this was Jensen Ackles! Semi drunk and ready to show how Texans ride their horse if you know what I mean. He was wearing jeans, not tight, but not loose either, just enough to make you get a glimpse at his package, and a black buttoned up shirt, a little bit opened on the neck. I could even see his freckles as he looked at me. We were in a club and I didn’t even give a fuck if he would fuck me right there in front of everyone.

“You do realize I’m a guy right?” I said joking,M he sipped a bit of his beer and chuckled at me.

“You know what? That’s my dirty secret, I like fucking guys, I like dominate their buttholes and hear them cry out as my long snake takes away their manliness” he said, those words, and the way he said them, made my ass hot and ready. I had never been with a guy before, but now I was ready to give it to Jensen.

“Ok but where?” I said. 

“Suck my dick, right here” he orders and unbuttoned his jeans, his cock was thick and untrimmed, but luckily he wasn’t like a jungle man down there. I couldn’t even believe his dick was so thick. Those veins and that size. 

“You know you want to” he growled at me smiling. I bend over to his legs and started sucking that dick like crazy. I just copied whatever I had seen in porn videos. I sucked his meat and licked that cockhead and then those balls. It wasn’t at all like I was expecting. Less gross, more fun!

He lowered himself on the couch we were seating and he raised his waist upwards so I can have better access to all of his inches. 

“Fuck, that’s right, suck it good babe” he stammered. As I was taking it in my mouth. 

For people who don’t find cocks disgusting, this experience was top notch. I could feel the pulsating cock in my mouth, even those little veins that popped all around it could be felt with the tip of my tongue. Jensen with his hand pushed me against his dick, and I was just sucking hearing him gasp and then hear murmurs of people around us, I was so sure someone would kick us out but sucking off Jensen Ackles have its privileges because we’re left alone. 

I love how his uncut cock moves into my mouth, it’s hard with a soft texture.

His shirt is now hanging open on his sides. His torso glistens by the sweat, I lean and I lick from his pubes to his chest and to his neck as I feel him groan.

“Fuck me” I whisper to his ear. He looks at me with a surprised smile on his face

“Really?” he growled

“Really” I said and straddled him, his hot cock knocking on my ass.

With his hand he tapped his thick cock on my buttcheeks. I sat down taking it in slowly, feeling my ass stretching hard, Jensen also pushed with his waist, he looked at me with eyes full of passion and excitement. I loved the feeling of his hot hard dick inside me, I started moving up and down and every time I did, Jensen gasped. The whole club was looking at our show.

Everytime I squatted onto his dick, it went deeper, I gasped and it hurt but I didn’t want to stop. His expression pure masculine smugness, made me want to be his slut even more. I moaned and cried out, as I was taking his dick all the way in. Not without a lot of pushing, his dick was enormous and my ass wasn’t that open. Well after that it would be. I was so transfixed by his fuck that I grabbed his hair and tussled them or pulled them everytime I sat back on his dick which felt like a fucking iron in my butt.

Plus he thrusted slowly his waist along with me too and all this made friction pleasantly unbearable.

“Fuck! Jump on my cock, yeah that’s right” he groaned watching me hop on his cock like a crazy person, all I could do was cry out like a bitch, and feeling aroused that hundreds of eyes were looking at us, some were disgusted, some were aroused. Some of them jerked off around us. They had good dicks but none of them was like Jensen’s. As I was getting the hang of it he stood up and bend me over the seat with my ass upwards. I knew it would hurt because I was in an uncomfortable position but when he nailed me with his dick, I thought I saw stars. First of all, he was so quick and powerful, that I felt my butt on fire by the friction. Second he went way too deep. So deep that I jumped from the pain. He held me by my shoulders or waist and fucked me so good that I almost yelled “Hail Texas!” I gasped everytime he was in and need of his cock whenever he pulled out. He gave me one more strong thrust in and he cried out in pleasure 

“Damn, fuck you!” And all of his sperm filled my sore butthole. When he pulled out, he held me there and held my buttcheeks spread open with his hands until the rivers of his sperm started pouring out.

“Yeahhhh! That’s what I’m talking about” he cheered. The effect of the fuck had passed and I felt embarrassed as I was getting dressed while the owner and Jensen collected all mobile phones and deleted every single video. He was sweaty and his hair were a mess but he still looked like a sex God. 


Jensen Knows How To Fuck!

***This is a fictional sex story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles***
Jensen was sitting next to me on the couch, watching TV, he wasn’t speaking to me, the whole situation was awkward, because just moments ago, as revealed to him that I like him, that wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m a guy, I’m 19 years old, and Jensen is ,y brother’s friend. His whole existence turns me on, his smell,his body, his beautiful lips and eyes, this man was born to cause people boners.

“Jensen…is this how this is gonna be” I asked him, he looked at me, confused

“Look man, I’m a guy, and you’re a guy too. This thing won’t work because I don’t like guys” he said, he was trying so hard not to hurt me, that made him even more irresistible to me. I caressed his leg, I moved my hand up towards his crotch, he did not stop me, he was pretending as if nothing was happening. When I reached his crotch, I massaged his monster, it didn’t took much, he was hard, I could feel it under his beige jean fabric, he was wearing a button up flannel shirt. “Come on Jensen, my brother’s not gonna be home for hours, don’t pretend you don’t like it, I can feel you under those jeans” I said, he exhaled and looked at me, trying to measure the situation “Ok, but this means nothing ok? I’m not gonna be your boyfriend or anything like that, and if you ever say anything to anyone I’ll deny it” he said, I got closer to him “Stop worrying and show me that cock” I said, he smiled and looked at me surprised “Wow easy tiger” he said, he stood up and undid his jean’s buttons, he lowered his boxers and I looked in awe, his perfect dick, trimmed pubic hair, beautiful bronze colored like his hair, he was about 6-7′ inches long, thick enough, not too much, but enough, with beautiful veins throbbing and hugging his whole shaft, the glans was provocative, it wanted to be licked hard, Jensen with stood in front of me, with his waist baring towards me, his face a mask of calmness and seriousness, with my tongue I touched the tip of his cock, he closed his eyes, he did not moan, but I felt his cock harden under the touch of my tongue. I licked his hard glans all round, I kept doing it until he moaned “fuck” under his breath “take it in your mouth” he ordered me, I proceeded to grab it with my hand but Jensen stopped me “No hands, just your sweet mouth” he smiled as he said that, and caressed my hair, I approached his cock with my mouth and took it in, tasting its salty taste, feeling it’s throbbing veins, Jensen moaned louder as I sucked his cock, with eagerness, he probably expected me to gag, or to not like the taste, so he was looking at me surprised that I was sucking his cock, as if it was candy or ice cream cone. He grabbed my head and looked at me, then the fun begun, thrusts from his waist fucked my mouth, I just had to keep my mouth open, as he he moved his waist fast fucking my mouth, his gravy maker touched the back of my tongue, and a I was this close to gag, but I didn’t want to ruin it, I loved having this hunk use me the way he did, I loved it when his whole meat was inside my mouth, my lips felt his pubic hair touching them, now his musket was very hard “are you a virgin?” he asked me, I nodded positively, he brought Vaseline and covered his dick…”This will hurt, but something tells me you’ll like it” he said as I was lowering my shorts, he didn’t fool around, he plunged his vein sword in my ass, causing my breath to deepen, I didn’t moan, his sausage slipped slowly and smoothly into my ass, stretching me in a sweet manner, as could feel my ass being fucked but it wasn’t painful, maybe it was the ton of Vaseline he put on it, I was so sure that this wasn’t gonna be painful, and then Jensen pushed his cock deeper, I felt a numb pain, and then it grew stronger, an moaned in pain, he grabbed my waist and plunged the remaining meat in my ass, I could feel it throbbing inside me, it was painful, in a way that makes you want more “Deep breaths, and relax, you’re not relaxed I can feel your ass” he instructed me, ai relaxed as he moved slowly backwards, pulling his cock out of me, that sensation filled me with excitement, and then he plunged it in again, causing me the pain I felt earlier.

One leg kneeling and the other stepping on the couch, he gave me what I asked for, a good pounding ala Ackles, thrust after thrust, I felt our skin grinding together, his cock, in my ass, the Vaseline had evaporated from his pounding on me, and every thrust was painful, he leaned on my back, and fucked me hard, breathing on my neck, he was panting, but all I could feel was his big meat destroying my butt, and his naked chest touching my back, through his unbuttoned shirt, “is that what you wanted little fuck? Huh? Talk to me” he said in my ear, a Jensen I never knew, the fucker Jensen, “Yes, yes, oh my…my ass is on fire…” I moaned, he was swearing bad, his chest and my back sticking from the moisture, I liked feeling him so close to me,his hot body working to please my hungry butthole, his balls slammed against mine. “I own you bitch” he said to my ear, “You own me, yes you own me, ahhhhh” I moaned as I came hard on the sofa, he kept pounding me with speed, and then he plunged his dick deeper on my as and stopped, jets of cums filled my hole as he groaned loudly and saying “Fuck! I’m coming”…he pulled his sausage out of my butt, as soon as his cock was out of me, his creamy love gravy, found its way out of my ass. I was lying there, not moving.

Jensen took a shower and came where I was “are you ok?” he asked me, I smiled 

“you got me pregnant” I said, he laughed with me, and we watched TV. We never speak of this, even in this very day, that I’m 27 years old.

Let’s Lust Over: Jensen Ackles


What can someone say for our favorite bad boy of TV? Jensen Ackles is one of those guys that they get better with age, he has this calm personality that promises a strong fuck in bed, you can see it in his eyes that he loves to fuck!

Flaws: His worst flaw is that he might be a homophobe, I doubt it but I don’t really know if he is.

What Astrology Says?

Jensen’s birthday is at March 1st, that makes him a Pisces! A very difficult sign to talk with, a very good sign to fuck with, literally!
Pisces based on astrological facts tend to be those guys that begin with kisses and romance and then they end up fucking you hard!
in astrological terms, Pisces is the ones who has the biggest cock, and here I want to remind you that Jensen’s ex lover Kruppa something, said that Jensen knows how to fuck and gave her the best orgasms she ever had! I mean how many girls out there would admit for their lover to be a good fucker if he wasn’t?

Pisces born March 1st depends on friends, they seek emotional support and they give it in return! They believe that attitude more than ability is the way to success! They have strong views on morality, but they won’t confuse them with deeper spiritual truths.

Based on a astrology book, Mars planet indicates the size of the penis
Jensen’s Mars is in Cancer that makes his cock fat and delicious…

Personal Experience with Pisces

What I understand with Pisces men, is that they might be strong fuckers, they might fuck you hard, but they are shy, . So shy that they would never make a sextape…they are usually troubled, and they always seek ways to balance emotional with practical…
They tend to talk a lot about their dicks, joking of course, but I believe that when you joke you hide some truth in it…
They are also guys that will fuck you if you give them the opportunity just for the kicks, but they will never admit of fucking you, if you are a guy I mean…