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Saving My Bussiness (A Chicago P.D. Sex Fiction)

This story is fictional. Sean Roman is a character from Chicago P.D. and he is played by Brian Geraghty. I never met or had any sexual intercourse with Brian Geraghty
I have worked very hard to keep my stripclub among the top clubs of Chicago. It took everything legal and illegal to keep it going but I’m a resilient 22 year old guy and even though my small frame doesn’t show it, I can do whatever I put my mind into.

 My club wasn’t even open yet when one of my bouncers told me that a policeman wanted to come and check on the club. I told him to buy him out, I always did that, paid a small fee and they were on their way. But my bouncer told me he wouldn’t have it. So I had to meet that cop. Not that I had any other choice. 

 He wasn’t too tall, but he had this baby face going, he was blondish and he had green eyes, his expression told me he was also resilient and a good cop. 

“Hello officer” I said 

“Hello sir, my name is Sean Roman and I’m with the CPD, I need to contact a search on your club” he said. He had something, like he was proud to be a policeman and I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone. 

“Sure, first let me get you a drink” I said I already had a plan in mind

“Thank you sir but no, I do not drink while on duty” he replied

“It’s only the best whiskey ever! Plus a glass wouldn’t hurt your judgement would it? Come on this costs 400$ per glass!” I said enthusiastically

“Ok sir but then I’m gonna have to search this place” he said and smiled kindly

I went to the bar and poured that expensive whiskey along with a roofie. Well it wasn’t a roofie per se, it was a pill that made your inhibitions go and also made your dick hard. I took those whenever I wanted to party with girls and I was going all night long.

 I gave him the glass and he took a few sips.

“It’s very good sir” he said and kept drinking

“I told you it’s expensive and good” I said smiling.

He stood up to search my club and then he sat down again. He seemed disoriented

“Is everything ok officer?” I asked. I knew the pill was kicking in.

“I’m feeling a bit lightheaded” he said and looked at me.

“Sit down, take deep breaths. Let me bring you a glass of water” I said and gave hm some water. He drank it. His shy smile made me realize the pill was working.

“I feel so…nice” he said

“Can you walk?” I asked. He nodded like he was some kid and I helped him to a both for lap dancing. That specific booth had cameras and I needed them for my plan to work.

He spread his arms on the small seat and he was in some kind of nirvana.

This was the hard part for me, you see I’m no gay but my club is everything.

I put hand on his crotch. His cock was already hard from the pill. He smiled at me, while I got on my knees and massaged his inner thighs and crotch. Carefully I unzipped his uniform’s pants and I reached inside, I pulled his cock free.

He was observing me with a smirk. His cock wasn’t too long but it was thick like a sausage and veiny. I would never have imagined that this guy had such a big cock. They say you should never judge a book by its cover but he had the face of a so fire guy and he had the cock of a stud. I mustered as much courage as I could and grabbing his cock I licked his corona. He jumped up in pleasure as my tongue touched his cock. I wasn’t in the mood for more licking. I went in for the kill. I took his cock in mouth and sucked it good and long. His expression told me he never had a blowjob before or he never had that kind of blowjob before. His hand pushed me against his cock, and he seemed unable to cum. This was a side effect from the pill. It would make your cock hard for hours but it didn’t let you cum easily.

 I licked his cock, I sucked it good, hard, sideways, from tip to balls, but he couldn’t cum. I couldn’t keep going. Let’s be honest sucking a guy was gross. I was a straight man. I decided it was time for the big guns. I removed my pants and straddled him, as he was sitting on the seat. When my face was close with him, he smiled at me. He had a goofy smile that became a face of pleasure as I sat on his dick. My eyes watered, I even let some gasps but I refused to cry out as his large dick stretched my ass. I kept saying “it’s for my club” just to stand the pain. I had it all inside my ass. I could feel his balls outside my butt and I leaned on his shoulder just to gasp.

 He chose that moment to hug me tight and thrust his waist upwards impaling me with his cock. A lubricant would have come handy but I didn’t have any, so imagine my scream when he started fucking me, while he held me tightly. He had all this gear on him, his bulletproof vest and stuff that I couldn’t jab him with my hands so he would let me go. I was in an awkward position and I was being fucked in the ass by a cop nonetheless. I cried out on his shoulder, I heard him groan and panting and I felt like this was going on forever. His grip tightened around me and his thrusts became deeper. I started smacking his shoulders but he didn’t stop. He groaned like a wounded wild animal as he shot his sperm up my ass. Another side effect of the pill, you cum a lot, my ass had sperm oozing out of my butthole even when I thought I had wiped it all. I couldn’t sit and I couldn’t say anything to anyone because getting fucked by a cop was like the worst that could happen in my social circles.

 The good thing is that when Sean Roman was sober I showed him our sex tape and he was furious. His cheeks were red but he said “Bury this and you will never see me around here again” and so I did. Even though I keep watching it from time to time. Such cock is difficult to forget


A Nathan Fillion Gay Story

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Nathan Fillion

In front of him, I got on my knees. I touched his jeans, and felt his cock hard. Nathan was not Richard Castle. But I didn’t care. I kissed his crotch, feeling the warmth of his manhood as he caressed my head.

“Are you sure about this Kyle?” he asked me, I nodded, who would turn down Nathan Fillion when he asked you to suck his cock? 

He unbuttoned his jeans, his cock was thick, fat, veiny and framed by translucent public hair, trimmed and beautiful. and his balls, big and ready. 

I licked the tip of his cock, tasting for the first time a man’s cock. Before Nathan I never thought I would go gay for another man. I took it in my mouth. Tasting its salty taste, and feeling it come alive under my suck. “Hmmm the things I’m gonna do to you” he said as I kept moving my head in a rhythm, massaging his coca with my lips, his veins were so popped out that I could feel them. I took it all in, until my nose reached his public hair, and my chin his balls. Then he placed his hand on ,y head and kept me there, as he thrusted his waist back and forth, fucking my mouth and groaning. “Yeah I’m fucking your mouth, you like that?” he asked. His cock now was fully erected and hard. It seemed threatening and ready to impale. 

“I see you live up to your astrological sign, that is a fine ram over there” I said

“You want my “ram” up your “door”?” He asked. I nodded and stood up.

“Bend over that table” he ordered me. I did as he asked. I felt the cool wooden surface of the table on my torso. Nathan touched my ass gently.

“So smooth and tight” he said and I heard him putting on a condom.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard” he said. I felt his cock getting in, and then I felt the stretch in my ass, a sizzling pain followed afterwards as his cock went deeper than what my ass wanted. I moaned in pain, and grabbed the sides of the table, and somehow I wanted to move, I tried to move because staying still hurled me. He pushed hard as my ass wasn’t cooperating. “Such a tight ass!” he yelled. And pushed his body harder. Impaling me. I cried out loudly. I felt like I was stabbed, my ass. Wasn’t ready for this, Nathan didn’t even fingered me before, so this was a big mistake. I felt his thick fat Canadian sausage moving inside me and I got both turned on and in pain. “You like it? You like it, in your ass?” he was asking me in a sadistic tone, “yes, I like it, fuck me” I replied, every time he pulled out I felt my ass holding his cock tight. Then he could stab me again with it and I would feel that sizzling pain. “Stop!” I yelled, my ass was in pain. Also my cock was so hard without me even touching it.

“I won’t stop, I’m ramming you” he said, and fucked me hard, holding me by my shoulders he leaned on my back and I felt his hard nipples on my back, as he destroyed my ass with his hard thrusts. Richard Castle was no much for Nathan Fillion and his Canadian flesh musket. “Fuck! Fuck!” he cried out. As I moaned like a little bitch, I held my legs tightly close, as if that would make the pain go away.

But I could feel his cock twitch inside my ass, his balls slamming against me. His sweat on my back as he was leaning on me and fucking me. He had a few extra pounds but that worked as a plus for me, I loved the feeling of his belly on my lower back as he fucked me with his veiny prick and I could also feels the ridges of it. His hands holding me tightly, he moaned and groaned behind me. The table barely held us as he was fucking with such force that I felt like my ass will never be the same after this. He bit my shoulder as he groaned loudly and I felt his cock twitch and tremble. He was coming and as he did he slammed his waist in some slow sure deep thrusts and then he pulled out. “Wow! I really opened your ass” he said and took a picture with his phone to show it to me. My ass gaping open, I will never forget how large my hole was after his fuck, in that photo. 

A Chris Pratt Gay Story


***In this story, I skipped the plot, I jumped directly at the fuck, this is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***
Chris threw him on the table, lying on his back, he liked how scared he looked, it was sexy, he had seen many women giving him the same look but, never a guy, he never wanted to fuck a guy so much, as much as he wanted to fuck the one in front of him.

Chris removed his shirt, revealing his muscular torso, Derek looked at his body, he admired the stud in front of him. He couldn’t believe that this man had once a fat belly, he seemed so amazing now, Chris leaned on him and kissed his neck as he let their bodies touch, he liked his hairless body, it was so soft. Derek knew how to prepare himself, he knew he was gonna get laid tonight. 

“Chris” he moaned passionately, as Chris kissed his ear and then his neck again, each kiss, brought them closer, Derek pinched Chris nipples softly, Chris smiled and moaned, his cock was so hard, his jeans was bulging already, Derek saw that, smiled at him, and without taking his eyes off of Chris’s, he undid his Jean and grabbed his cock. Chris moaned at Derek’s careful touch of his cock. “You are a very big boy” Derek said, Chris smiled and leaned close to Derek again, making him to lie on his back on the table, now he was trapped under Chris, their bodies touched and they were like two chemicals, they reacted, they blended. Chris stood in front of him and spread Derek’s legs open, his shy butthole appeared, hairless, and tight. Chris got on his knees, and licked slowly Derek’s butthole, he knew he was turning him on, because every time his tongue touched it, it trembled. It was ready. Chris supported Derek’s legs on his shoulders, and with a smile he buried his 7 inch cock deep inside Derek’s ass, while Derek, opened his mouth in a perfect “O” without making any sound, then he took quick breaths, as Chris’s cock went deeper, until all of his “gun” was inside him. He stayed there, inside Derek, looking at him. Savoring every squirm and every tremble his ass made around his cock. Chris moved slowly out of Derek’s ass, and then he stabbed him again with his flesh musket “Fuck!” Derek yelled, Chris growled, Derek was so tight that if he wasn’t carefully he would cum, he didn’t want to cum, not yet. He pulled his cock feeling his veins grazing Derek’s ass. Chris’s hand caressed Derek’s chest and belly, looking at him, they were both sweaty, Chris, big and tall, a total stud, and Derek young (19 years old) hairless and kinda skinny, not the creepy skinny, the nice kind. This contrast turned Chris on, he loved how his big cock seemed to be stuck inside Derek’s ass, like a huge snake. “It hurts!” Derek yelled, Chris then moved quickly, pounding him, fucking him! Derek yelled out of pain and pleasure, his ass was being destroyed, destroyed by cock, a huge cock, a cock that belonged to a handsome stud. Chris groaned loudly, like an animal, feeling Derek’s ass opening, loosening under his siege. Derek moaned deeply, and he was holding Chris’s neck as he had leaned on him, tight, they were both becoming one, their sweat made their bodies, stick, they both felt like they were gonna merge into each other, sweat, cum, fuck, moans, the entire table was moving along with them, fuck, in and out, in and out, a huge cock, a loose ass, in and out, Chris felt it coming, like a wave, his cock tingled, twitched and then he released his cums, inside Derek’s ass, and stayed there until he had finished “shooting” his load. Both naked, Derek feeling sore stayed there, he loved sex, but he kinda felt emotional, his ass was open and it felt weird, Chris came closer to him, all naked, looking like a model that came out of a sauna “Are you ok?” he asked Derek, Derek looked at him, panting “I’m not ok, I’m awesome!” He replied and hoped off the table, walking funny. “Nice walking there” Chris joked, Derek looked at him and then approached him. “Stop joking, it’s not funny Chris! For that your punishment is a blowjob” Derek said and got on his knees, he grabbed Chris semi soft cock and brought it back to life with a few lick, as Chris had his hands on his waist.