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Jurassic Fuck!

This story takes places in the whole blackout of the park, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is my distant uncle and we take shelter to a building until help comes for us. 

I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt
“I’m kinda scared” I said walking towards the darkened hallway of the building.

“Look Nathan, it’s ok to be scared but this building here is safe, no dinosaur can enter easily here” Owen explained looking at me, at that moment a loud crash was heard and some dinosaur growl made Owen grab my hand and run.

“Run Nathan, run!” he said in a panic as he looked behind him to see two raptor silhouettes approaching. We found a storage with an electronic lock, Owen had the override code and we both got in as the door sealed behind us. A loud bang on the door meant one of the raptors tried to smash in but it was of no use.

“Now we are safe” Owen said and looked around in case there was any other entry point. Raptors were smart.

“I hope so, plus I hope help comes soon because this room is kinda claustrophobic” I said as I too looked around. 

Three hours later, Owen and I were sitting in the corner, I was leaning on my uncle’s shoulder, I liked his smell, he smelled manhood, sweat, forest and all those things that made my cock twitch. “Am I having a boner for my uncle?” I thought. Owen had closed his eyes but he wasn’t asleep. 

“Hey remove that vest, it will be easier to get some sleep” I said trying to get him undressed. He smiled “you’re right” he said and he removed his vest, he left his light blue shirt on, but he was so sweaty that I could see through the fabric his bulging muscles. Another boner overcame me. Owen sat next to me again. 

“Are you hungry?” He asked me

“No” I replied, I was hungry but not for food

“If you are there are some protein bars in that bag help yourself” he said with his eyes closed. I nodded I leaned my head against his shoulder again. He did not complain even though I was 18 years old. He didn’t seem to care. 

I touched his hard fabric pants, I caressed him there until I reached for his crotch, he didn’t speak so I thought he was asleep, he had a package alright. 

“What are you doing Nathan?” he asked me, looking at me

“What’s it look like?” I asked

“It looks like you try to give me a boner” he said

“Does it work?” I asked, he seemed a bit taken aback but he smiled.

“I’ll tell you in a minute” he said and nodded for me to continue my caressing.

I could feel his cock harden inside his pants, I thought he would never ask me to do something more and then he unbuttoned his pants, letting his meat free. It was thick,veiny and so hard, I couldn’t not touch it. I grabbed it and stroke it slowly, as I was watching Owen moan. I loved the sensation of the hot hard cock in my hand.

“I feel kinda bad about this” he said

“Don’t be, I’m 18, you’re not forcing me to do it, I want to” I explained

“But we are related ya know?” he said talking to me while having his dick stroked intently

“We are not that much, you are a distant uncle, it’s way better than close” I said “not that it would stop me” I smiled

“You are a dirty boy Nathan” he said and with his hand he gestured me to take his cock in my mouth, the moment my tongue touched his cock I heard him moan in passion. His hand grabbed my head and moved it hard against his dick. My uncle wasn’t joking.

“Suck it deep and hard Nathan, deep and hard” he said in a husky voice as I was bobbing my head up and down. His groans made me harder too. A few minutes later I was sucking his cock so hard that he told me to stop.

“Wow I will come, stop stop!” he said laughing “I didn’t know you were that good in blowjobs, and I love blowjobs, a lot” he said, his cock stood upright and hard.

“Fuck me” I stammered

“What?” he asked me surprised 

“I said fuck me” I replied as I caressed his chest through his unbuttoned shirt

“Have you done it before? Are you sure?” he asked me

“I wouldn’t ask you if I wasn’t” I said and looked at his sweaty yet handsome face

“Alright” he said and he lay down completely, lowering his pants to his ankles.

“Reverse cowgirl, that’s how I love to fuck” he told me. I smiled and I turned my back to him as I sat on his cock slowly. I felt a weird sensation as it penetrated my ass but then as it went deeper, I felt that weird sensation turning into a burning one.

“Ahhhh” I moaned deeply as I took it all inside. I’ve never been fucked before.

My ass felt so sore and his hot meat twitched and every time it did I felt pain because my ass was so tight.

“That’s so nice” Owen said behind me and he started moving his waist in a slow circular motion that made me both want to come and cry out of pain. All I did was moaning loudly. 

“Hop Nathan! Come on dance on my dick baby” he stammered, I felt his strong hands holding my waist and I started jumping up and down on his cock.

It felt as if I was sitting on a hot iron, my ass felt like it was on fire and that giant prick he had for a cock seemed to get harder and harder. I could even feel the veins with my ass. 

“Fuck daddy’s cock” he said in a sexy voice

“Fuck, it hurts Owen” I replied trying not to cry

“Yeah it hurts because daddy has a big sausage huh?” he asked me

“Yeah it’s so big daddy” I replied crying between each word, this was way too much for my tight ass. I felt his muscles bulging underneath me, I reached and touched his balls as his cock was deep inside me, and I felt his cock twitch.

“Fuck!” He yelled in pleasure, I kept touching his balls, more like tickling them

“I’m gonna come son” he warned me as I sat up and down on his big cock and felt my ass being stretched beyond repair. I kept tickling but then he turned and I was face down on the floor and he pinned me from behind. What he did to me afterwards wasn’t sex, it was pure fuck. He thrusted his entire waist in my ass, as I cried like a bitch from the pain “Your ass upwards” he kept saying panting as he was fucking my ass off. His balls slammed against mine with such force that the splashing sound could be heard throughout the storage room. 

I felt his chest on my naked back as he kept fucking me, and I loved feeling his entire body tense as he fucked me, on my back I could feel his muscles bulging.

“Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh! Fuck! Aaaaaah! AaaaaaAaaAaah” I couldn’t even speak courtly as his missile kept invading my ass, I was so sure my ass would need stitches and then he pinned me on the floor and he buried his cock inside my ass and stayed there, I felt twitches and then hot rivers of cums running inside my ass. He stayed there for long after he had came. When he pulled his cock out, my ass felt naked without it. I felt like I needed his cock so much. I reached to my ass and felt the gaping hole his cock had left behind, it was big. 

“That’s a big hole” he joked and laughed, I sat upright and felt so sore I couldn’t sit so while we waited for help I was laying down. For two more hours Owen didn’t say a word to me. Help came and they saw me walking weird.

“what happened to him?” the soldier asked Owen

“Oh he just fell as we were running” Owen replied and winked at him, the soldier then made me sit on his laps on the helicopter and with my sore ass I felt his own cock bulging to fuck me. Which he did and Owen watched and jerked off but that’s another story. 


Uncle Quincy

Uncle Quincy…
I’m gay so the first time I felt an attraction to another man, I felt it so strongly that I thought that, that was everything to feel about a man. I was wrong, my name is Kyle and I’m 24 years old, still a virgin in the gay sex department, and most of my relatives know about me. 

 It was one of those family gatherings where we barbecue and talk about out achievements and news between relatives. One of my aunts, Aunt Cecilia brought with her, her new husband. I have heard she got married but I never believed that she would find such a hunk. He had a Hispanic type of dark skin, thick black hair and amazing eyes. As about his body, as far as I could tell he was in shape. He wore a shirt and tie.

“Ok guys this is my husband Quincy Fisher, I’m officially Mrs Fisher” aunt Cecilia said and laughed, he shook some hands and others hugged him, I just shook his strong hand and looked him in the eye, his glance never left mine as he looked at me and I knew this hot man was trouble.

“I’m Kyle, your new nephew” I said smiling

“Nice to meet you Kyle” he said
This is how we met, after I met him, I found excuses to be around him. My aunt thought it was because me and my dad weren’t really close but if she knew she would kick my ass. 
One of those times I had visited my aunt, hoping to meet Quincy by himself, but my aunt was at work and he was probably on his. I was ready to leave when he appeared. Wearing that suit he wore the other day, now he wore a fitted shirt and tie that revealed his muscular torso.

“Hey Kyle, how’s it going?” he said patting my back but having that police officer look of “what the fuck are you doing here and how did you get in”

“Hello sir, I got a key from my aunt and I thought to surprise her, I thought she had the day off but I was wrong” I explained. 

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you, I’m exhausted excuse me but I have to take a shower” he said as he was removing his dress jacket, his shoulders were amazing and his back also muscular as his torso. He loosened his tie and now he was sex in legs. I could smell his sweat from where I was standing but it was that smell that turns you on, not a disgusting one.

 “Ok, I’m gonna sit here and drink some beer, unless you want me to leave” I said 

“No, I will join you after my shower” he said and left me’ feeling my virgin ass twitch just by thinking of him naked in that shower.

 When he finished, I thought he would wear some sweatpants or shorts or something but he came and sat next to me, wearing only a towel wrapped a prune his waist, his body was amazing, some chest hair, and a treasure trail leading down to his cock.

“What are you watching?” he asked me, smelling all nice and fresh.

“Oh nothing just changing channels and being bored” I said and looked at him admiring my new uncle’s body. 

 “You’re working out a lot huh?” I said

“It’s a requirement for this job, I’m a detective I have to be at my best physical condition to chase scumbags” he said. 

“and you also look hot” I replied

“and that” he agreed, I could sense he felt awkward at my comment, I knew I had to do my move now. So I reached and caressed his arm, and then his chest.

“What are you doing Kyle?” he asked me with a husky voice

“I’m touching you sir” I said and played with one of his nipples, as he moaned softly

“I knew it” he stammered

“What?” I said now leaning and kissing his chest.

“I knew you were into me, you are looking at me with lust since that barbecue” he said

“You are one hot man, Quincy” I said as I twirled my tongue around his chest and his abs.

“Your aunt will be home soon” he said rubbing his bulge under that towel.

“Then let’s get his started Quincy, shall we?” I said. He smiled a smug smile and removed his towel, his cock was semi hard but had veins around it, it seemed like a sausage, a hot, juicy sausage, and those balls hanging low and being big, he trimmed his pubic hair but I could see they were black like his hair which turned me on a lot.

I licked his shaft slowly feeling him tremble and his cock twitching as I did it, it was my first time with a man, but I was confident, I knew what turns on a man and I applied it to him. I slowly licked his tanned cock again, I loved feeling it getting hard under my tongue.

“Fuck! You are wild” he stammered trying to not cum

“Better than my aunt?” I asked smiling

“She doesn’t suck dicks, she says its humiliating” he explained revealing a side of my aunt I never knew

“I never wanted to suck dicks, until I saw you” I said surprising him

“So you’ve never done it before? You’re good for a rookie, keep sucking princess” he said pushing my head against his cock and looking at me with his smug look.

I kept bobbing my head up and down, feeling his engorged cock harden inside my mouth, I never knew blowjobs were so hot, I always imagined they would be disgusting but sucking that gorgeous dick made me change my mind. I attempted a deepthroat but I couldn’t do it, Quincy smiled at my attempt and pushed me hard so his whole cock reached my throat “that’s how it’s done” he said, as I felt I would choke and then he let me breath. 

“Don’t ever do that again…” I said trying to catch my breath

“Relax now let me see that pretty butt of yours” he said 

“I’m not sure about fucking” I said, the truth was that I was kinda afraid because Quincy had a thick cock. 

“Just let me brush it against your ass, no penetration, what do you say?” he asked me. I agreed. And I removed my pants.

“Your ass is so fucking smooth” he said while he spread my buttcheeks. I was on my four on the couch and he was behind me, he brushed his hot cock against my butt, which send an electricity of lust, he did it again and again, he rubbed his cock between my buttcheeks, by the moment he stopped I felt as if my ass was screaming to be fucked.

“Fuck me” I said

“What?” he asked pretending not to hear me

“Fuck me Quincy!” I said

“Ok then” he replied and pushed his entire dick with one push inside my ass, I wanted to scream but I was in so much pain I couldn’t even do that.

I could feel his cock deep inside my ass, burning me like an iron, every muscle he moved caused me pain. 

“Fuck you’re so tight boy” he said and pushed his dick deeper

“Ahhhh Quincy, stop! It hurts” I pleaded

“Shhhh, it’s supposed to hurt, or else I’m doing it wrong” he said and slammed his cock against my ass again

“Ha! Fuck!it hurts” I said crying like a bitch, as Quincy started pounding me relentlessly. 

“Take it! Yeah, take it baby” he groaned behind me as he was holding me by my waist and fucking me like a wild animal.

“Fuck” I stammered trying to breath, this was too much.

“Yeah, take the missile, take the missile bitch” he stammered as he was fucking me and panting. His hands were holding me strongly pinned down, my ass on the air for him. I could hear our bodies collide and sweat made the sound louder.

“Fuck, your aunt never told me she had a nephew who could take cocks like you” he said as he thrusted his waist against my ass.

“Stop! Uncle stop!” I said now feeling pleasure along with pain, I knew the term “Uncle” would turn him on.

“Fuck you!” he said and fucked me even harder and faster than before, my ass was numb by his penetrations.

“Yeah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh! Yeah Uncle Quincy!” I moaned as I felt my own dick coming.

“You came fuck…I’m coming too!” He groaned and he buried his cock inside my ass as he released his sperm, I could feel it flooding my ass, as he kept coming and moving at the same time. When he finished I couldn’t walk straight.

“That was incredible” he said now wearing his boxers

“Speak for yourself, ouch” I said as I tried to sit on the couch. I left so my aunt wouldn’t find me here like this. Uncle Quincy and I go for fishing a lot, and by fishing I mean my aunt’s cabin and hours of hot fuck with Quincy Fisher.