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A Cowboy Up My Ass! (A Chris Pratt Sex Fiction)

A Cowboy Up My Ass! (A Chris Pratt Sex Fiction)

I was inspired by his guest role on tv show “Mom” so Chris Pratt on my story is not the known actor but a horseback riding trainer. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt. Also I do not endorse Beastiality!

When we moved to Austin, Texas, I was so sure that I wouldn’t make any friends. I was already 18 years old guy and I had made real friends which I had to leave behind due to us moving. My only consolation was that my parents signed me up to horseback riding classes. I always liked horses and I always wanted to ride one sometime.

I thought it was these fancy classes where you are with a group of other morons like me and you have some teacher showing you. But arriving at the stables,mi realized this was not a horseback riding class, I mean it was but it wasn’t any official school. It was a guy whom my parents paid to teach me. I didn’t mind as long as he would teach me right. And he taught me…all the tricks.

It was our fourth lesson together. Chris was a tall muscular guy, handsome, he had stub around his face which made him even more rugged and handsome. He was wearing jeans and white t-shirt that day, I loved watching his nipples through his shirt. What made me melt was when I saw him with that cowboy hat. 

“That’s it for today, now brush him and out him back on the stable I’m going to wash my hands and drive you home” he ordered me. He was teaching me not only how to ride a horse but also how to care for my them. 

I was sexually frustrated and I bend over and I touched the horse’s penis, no I wasn’t gonna do some pervy bestiality stuff, it’s just I had heard a lot about it, I just wanted to see and feel it. First let me say that the phrase “hung like a horse” made sense now, mine and a big cock, and I got carried away and started stroking it, softly, then it got hard, the funny thing was that I was thinking about Chris as I was doing that.

I was so absorbed at jerking off my horse, that I didn’t heard Chris until he coughed to let me know he was here. I felt so embarrassed. He had his hands on his waist and his face was that of disgust and surprise.

“Where you jerking off Stallion?” (the name of the horse). He asked me.

I was speechless, there was no explanation. He shook his head. He closed the doors of the stable with us in it. 

“I’m used to girls doing that, but seeing a boy doing it, is a first for me” he mumbled

“I’m so sorry I was curious and things went a bit too far” I stammered

“Curious? About horse dick? What is the matter with you? Unless you compensate for something else or someone else” he said smiling slyly to me. His hand went to his crotch and he stroked his penis, I could see it outlined on his jeans.

“Look at it, I bet that’s what you want” he said.

“It’s better to go home” I said. He came closer to me, so close I could smell his sweat and feel his breath on my face.

“Do you really want to go home?” He asked me, his hands on my shoulders.

He didn’t wait for a reply, he made me kneel on the hay in front of him. I had my eyes locked on his, his face was serious, manly. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans, without breaking contact with my eyes, then he pulled down his boxers. 

His cock was a masterpiece. Around 5 inches plus long. But it was really thick, and those veins, like thunders on a meaty sky. His balls hung low and his pubic hair were trimmed. I marveled his manhood and bit my lip. Like you do when you’re afraid of eating a cake so you won’t ruin it’s nice appearence.

“Relax” he instructed me and pushed me softly towards his cock, that stood erect and ready. 

“It’s better if you put your tongue out” he explained as if he was teaching me horse riding. This mans was a teacher at everything.

I felt with my tongue his nice head, which had precums on. I twirled my tongue around it feeling it’s silky hard texture. Chris moaned, his hand where now on his waist. Standing in a dominant posture in front of me. I run my tongue along his shaft, until I reached the part where the balls are connected with his dick. I remained there, pushing and massaging with the tip of tongue that spot. He groaned passionately. With my hand I gently grabbed his balls from below and licked them like they were fruits. I always thought that sucking dick would be disgusting but I was enjoying it, well Chris was enjoying it very much but I enjoyed it too. He stepped closer and I was between his legs, he lowered his balls and teabagged me with them.

“Don’t use your hands, just open your mouth and let them rest there” he instructed me now. I did as he asked. I felt his silky pouch sitting on my lips and I licked it as he lowered his waist with soft squats. I would open my mouth to fit it all in but his balls were fat and big. I took the liberty and moved past his balls, my tongue reached for his ass. He leaned on the stable door and moaned like a wild animal as my tongue tortured his butthole. I felt it contract on my mouth.

“I’ve never been licked there before!” he stammered. 

 He told me to remove my pants and lie down on hay in front of me. I spread my legs and supported my self with my elbows. I heard the clanging sound of his belt as he removed his jeans. I took a peek and he was naked except his t-shirt. That made it even hotter for me, for some reason. He had muscular legs, he came behind me and lied over me, my naked lower half could feel his warmth.

He didn’t waist any time, I felt him push his meaty staff in my ass, the sensation at first was quite pleasant, his hot dick in my hot ass. Plus I was so turned on that I needed something in there. But as he shaft slid in more, I felt an unpleasant stretching of my butt. Also a sizzling pain coming from the deep depths of my butt, I moaned loudly.

“That’s it baby let it in” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath driving me crazy.

“Give me your hands, I want you to surrender yourself to me” he stammered. I did and he placed my hands flat on the hay, holding them there, if I wanted to push back and escape, I couldn’t anymore. But I got why he liked it. Surrendering yourself to someone is somehow hot. The odd thing was that even though I hurt, I seemed to subconsciously lift my ass up. I have a small frame and I imagined Chris’s muscular body against mine. How would it look like a picture. My dick got harder at the image.

“Ahhh” I cried out and inhaled more air.

“Yes, do you feel that?” He asked me. I nodded.

“This is your virginity and I’m taking it, feel it” he said and poked me harder. I felt weird. I loved being poked but also the deeper he went the more I tried to pull away.

It felt uncomfortable and hot and the same time. 

“Look we need to finish this or it might take way too long, so brace yourself boy” he said. I managed to inhale deeply before he started slamming against me and ruining my ass. He was fucking me hard on the hay and he still held me pinned down. I was prey to his appetites. The hay couldn’t stop the impact of his muscular body against mine. 

“Ahhh ahhhh it hurts, stop! Stop!” I was crying like a bitch, ,y ass was resisting I could feel it. But Chris had a missile and my ass was barely a fence for him. He tear it down with his manhood. Chris was the man equivalent of a horse. 

“Ah yes that’s it boy, take it all in the ass!” He screamed behind me.

I smelled his sweat mixed with the smell of hay, the friction between his dick and my ass make me feel like my ass would ignite any minute now. 

“Fuck you!” He bellowed to my ear as he injected his load up my ass. I felt it, I felt the whole creamy load inside me. It tingled but it offered a soothing sensation to my ass.

When he pulled out. His dick was covered in sperm and a little bit of blood. 

He wiped it with a white handkerchief. As I stood up, feeling like I would never be able to walk straight again, he gave it to me.

“Your virginity” he mumbled. I still have that handkerchief hidden. Whenever I want to remember my first time, I just look at it and everything comes back to me.


Jurassic Fuck!

This story takes places in the whole blackout of the park, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is my distant uncle and we take shelter to a building until help comes for us. 

I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt
“I’m kinda scared” I said walking towards the darkened hallway of the building.

“Look Nathan, it’s ok to be scared but this building here is safe, no dinosaur can enter easily here” Owen explained looking at me, at that moment a loud crash was heard and some dinosaur growl made Owen grab my hand and run.

“Run Nathan, run!” he said in a panic as he looked behind him to see two raptor silhouettes approaching. We found a storage with an electronic lock, Owen had the override code and we both got in as the door sealed behind us. A loud bang on the door meant one of the raptors tried to smash in but it was of no use.

“Now we are safe” Owen said and looked around in case there was any other entry point. Raptors were smart.

“I hope so, plus I hope help comes soon because this room is kinda claustrophobic” I said as I too looked around. 

Three hours later, Owen and I were sitting in the corner, I was leaning on my uncle’s shoulder, I liked his smell, he smelled manhood, sweat, forest and all those things that made my cock twitch. “Am I having a boner for my uncle?” I thought. Owen had closed his eyes but he wasn’t asleep. 

“Hey remove that vest, it will be easier to get some sleep” I said trying to get him undressed. He smiled “you’re right” he said and he removed his vest, he left his light blue shirt on, but he was so sweaty that I could see through the fabric his bulging muscles. Another boner overcame me. Owen sat next to me again. 

“Are you hungry?” He asked me

“No” I replied, I was hungry but not for food

“If you are there are some protein bars in that bag help yourself” he said with his eyes closed. I nodded I leaned my head against his shoulder again. He did not complain even though I was 18 years old. He didn’t seem to care. 

I touched his hard fabric pants, I caressed him there until I reached for his crotch, he didn’t speak so I thought he was asleep, he had a package alright. 

“What are you doing Nathan?” he asked me, looking at me

“What’s it look like?” I asked

“It looks like you try to give me a boner” he said

“Does it work?” I asked, he seemed a bit taken aback but he smiled.

“I’ll tell you in a minute” he said and nodded for me to continue my caressing.

I could feel his cock harden inside his pants, I thought he would never ask me to do something more and then he unbuttoned his pants, letting his meat free. It was thick,veiny and so hard, I couldn’t not touch it. I grabbed it and stroke it slowly, as I was watching Owen moan. I loved the sensation of the hot hard cock in my hand.

“I feel kinda bad about this” he said

“Don’t be, I’m 18, you’re not forcing me to do it, I want to” I explained

“But we are related ya know?” he said talking to me while having his dick stroked intently

“We are not that much, you are a distant uncle, it’s way better than close” I said “not that it would stop me” I smiled

“You are a dirty boy Nathan” he said and with his hand he gestured me to take his cock in my mouth, the moment my tongue touched his cock I heard him moan in passion. His hand grabbed my head and moved it hard against his dick. My uncle wasn’t joking.

“Suck it deep and hard Nathan, deep and hard” he said in a husky voice as I was bobbing my head up and down. His groans made me harder too. A few minutes later I was sucking his cock so hard that he told me to stop.

“Wow I will come, stop stop!” he said laughing “I didn’t know you were that good in blowjobs, and I love blowjobs, a lot” he said, his cock stood upright and hard.

“Fuck me” I stammered

“What?” he asked me surprised 

“I said fuck me” I replied as I caressed his chest through his unbuttoned shirt

“Have you done it before? Are you sure?” he asked me

“I wouldn’t ask you if I wasn’t” I said and looked at his sweaty yet handsome face

“Alright” he said and he lay down completely, lowering his pants to his ankles.

“Reverse cowgirl, that’s how I love to fuck” he told me. I smiled and I turned my back to him as I sat on his cock slowly. I felt a weird sensation as it penetrated my ass but then as it went deeper, I felt that weird sensation turning into a burning one.

“Ahhhh” I moaned deeply as I took it all inside. I’ve never been fucked before.

My ass felt so sore and his hot meat twitched and every time it did I felt pain because my ass was so tight.

“That’s so nice” Owen said behind me and he started moving his waist in a slow circular motion that made me both want to come and cry out of pain. All I did was moaning loudly. 

“Hop Nathan! Come on dance on my dick baby” he stammered, I felt his strong hands holding my waist and I started jumping up and down on his cock.

It felt as if I was sitting on a hot iron, my ass felt like it was on fire and that giant prick he had for a cock seemed to get harder and harder. I could even feel the veins with my ass. 

“Fuck daddy’s cock” he said in a sexy voice

“Fuck, it hurts Owen” I replied trying not to cry

“Yeah it hurts because daddy has a big sausage huh?” he asked me

“Yeah it’s so big daddy” I replied crying between each word, this was way too much for my tight ass. I felt his muscles bulging underneath me, I reached and touched his balls as his cock was deep inside me, and I felt his cock twitch.

“Fuck!” He yelled in pleasure, I kept touching his balls, more like tickling them

“I’m gonna come son” he warned me as I sat up and down on his big cock and felt my ass being stretched beyond repair. I kept tickling but then he turned and I was face down on the floor and he pinned me from behind. What he did to me afterwards wasn’t sex, it was pure fuck. He thrusted his entire waist in my ass, as I cried like a bitch from the pain “Your ass upwards” he kept saying panting as he was fucking my ass off. His balls slammed against mine with such force that the splashing sound could be heard throughout the storage room. 

I felt his chest on my naked back as he kept fucking me, and I loved feeling his entire body tense as he fucked me, on my back I could feel his muscles bulging.

“Ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhh! Fuck! Aaaaaah! AaaaaaAaaAaah” I couldn’t even speak courtly as his missile kept invading my ass, I was so sure my ass would need stitches and then he pinned me on the floor and he buried his cock inside my ass and stayed there, I felt twitches and then hot rivers of cums running inside my ass. He stayed there for long after he had came. When he pulled his cock out, my ass felt naked without it. I felt like I needed his cock so much. I reached to my ass and felt the gaping hole his cock had left behind, it was big. 

“That’s a big hole” he joked and laughed, I sat upright and felt so sore I couldn’t sit so while we waited for help I was laying down. For two more hours Owen didn’t say a word to me. Help came and they saw me walking weird.

“what happened to him?” the soldier asked Owen

“Oh he just fell as we were running” Owen replied and winked at him, the soldier then made me sit on his laps on the helicopter and with my sore ass I felt his own cock bulging to fuck me. Which he did and Owen watched and jerked off but that’s another story. 

Audition for the Role (A Chris Pratt Gay Sex Fiction)


This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt
“Come on, we don’t have all day” Chris Pratt said to the young guy who was in front of him, on his knees. His hands trembling as he undid Chris’s belt buckle, then his jeans buttons, his bulge was quite big, Chris was quite the big man down there. Kyle hesitated.

“Do you want the part or not?” Chris asked as he waited with his hands on his waist. 

“I do sir” Kyle replied

“Then you have to audition…with your mouth on my dick” he said, Kyle lowered Chris’s boxers and saw his huge one eyed monster unfold. Big, thick, veiny, manly, framed with translucent pubic hair, trimmed, and those balls were huge. 

Kyle had never sucked a cock before, he was a straight actor who was trying to get a part. He was so tired of being turned down. Everyone told him, he needed to have someone on the inside to give him a part. He didn’t have anyone, but he begged Chris Pratt for a role, and Chris was willing to help, if Kyle sucked his dick! Kyle wanted to run away at first, but then he thought of it. He wouldn’t be the first one to do something like that to get to fame. 

Kyle grabbed Chris’s cock by its base, and brought it close to his lips, his licked the glans and the corona, making Chris tremble and moan satisfied.

“Take it all in baby” he said and he grabbed Kyle’s head and pushed him towards his big erection. Kyle tried to resist, but he couldn’t, Chris’s hold was too strong and he was thrusting his waist, filling Kyle’s mouth shame and cock, pure, American, smelly. Manly cock! He felt it’s little veins throbbing on his lips and Chris’s hand holding his hair tightly, so tight he felt pain. But he didn’t stop. He was deep now, he already had another man’s cock in his mouth, there was no going back now, Chris was looking down at him, smug smile. 

“Now show me that ass of yours” Chris said

“What? No!” Kyle replied. The deal was a blowjob.

“No? Ok get the hell out of my dressing room” Chris said

“Look wait, I’m straight I can’t be fucked, don’t make me do this” Kyle said

“Pal, when you suck cocks, you’re not straight trust me” Chris replied

“But you asked me to suck you” 

“I asked but you could have said no, now will you let me fuck you?” Chris asked

“Fine, but I have the part right?” Kyle asked

“You got the part man, pants off” he said

Kyle removed his pants, he kept his t-shirt on. 

“Are you waxing your ass?” Chris asked 

“No, it’s always been smooth like this” Kyle replied

“See you were made to be fucked, now bend over to this desk here and try not to scream” Chris said. Kyle bended over the desk, he could only feel Chris behind him. He heard him spit and felt his fingers on his ass, he realized Chris wasn’t going to fuck him with lube. Then he felt it, a sharp thrust, something hot and wet entering his ass. Chris was going in just like that. Kyle tried not to cry out. 

“Fuck! you are so tight” Chris said and spread Kyle’s ass open so he could see his butthole. 

“It hurts” Kyle replied scared, as the pain grew to a sizzling sensation as Chris’s dick stretched him. Kyle impulsively pushed himself forward, as if that would make Chris stop, but Chris held him by his shoulders and and with one thrust he impaled him deeply. His cock was now at Kyle’s but. All of it, Kyle muffled his cries with his hands, he didn’t want to sound like a little bitch. But Chris was moving and it was difficult to withstand so much pain. 

“How do you feel?” Chris asked

“I feel like my ass with split. Ah stop!” Kyle cried out

“Stop whining and take it, baby all of it” Chris replied and he begun pounding Kyle, one, two, three, four, the desk was moaning under the huge impact Chris caused to Kyle, Kyle felt his ass open beyond limits, he was so sure he would bleed if Chris kept fucking him like that. He kept thinking how the fuck would he walk after this!

Chris had his jeans on his ankles, his belt buckle jingling to the rhythm of his thrusts, a symphony between Chris’s cock, his desk and his belt buckle, Kyle would cry out if he could but the pain was stronger now, he kept pushing Chris’s abdomen with his hands, but Chris wouldn’t take the hint, he was set on fucking him hard. Chris held Kyle by his t-shirt and fucked him rodeo style. He even made a move like he was using a lasso and laughed as Kyle let his ass escape gas.

“Yeah fart on my balls bitch” Chris said, he was a dirty kinky pig. A hot pig!

“Fuck, stop it!” Kyle yelled, Chris kept pounding strongly! Every time Kyle yelled for him to stop, he kept fucking harder. “On your knees!” Chris yelled, Kyle obliged and kneeled in front of him, feeling his ass so sore! 

“You want that role?” Chris asked as he was stroking his cock like a crazy man

“I want it” Kyle replied

“Tell me, do you want that role?” Chris Pratt asked again, he was ready to cum.

“I said yes!” Kyle replied

“Take your fucking roleeeeeee! Ahhhh fuck! Fuckkk! I’m coming, take them all” Chris yelled and pushed his cock inside Kyle’s mouth were he released his sperm, a lot of sperm, Kyle wanted to spit it out, but he didn’t, he knew it would ruin the moment. Chris with one thrust he shot one more jet of his sperm and then looked at Kyle triumphantly, all sweaty and satisfied.

“You got the part man!” Chris said and pulled his pants up. Kyle felt so cheap and yet he could only think of one thing. When he was get fucked by Chris again!

A Chris Pratt Gay Story


***In this story, I skipped the plot, I jumped directly at the fuck, this is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***
Chris threw him on the table, lying on his back, he liked how scared he looked, it was sexy, he had seen many women giving him the same look but, never a guy, he never wanted to fuck a guy so much, as much as he wanted to fuck the one in front of him.

Chris removed his shirt, revealing his muscular torso, Derek looked at his body, he admired the stud in front of him. He couldn’t believe that this man had once a fat belly, he seemed so amazing now, Chris leaned on him and kissed his neck as he let their bodies touch, he liked his hairless body, it was so soft. Derek knew how to prepare himself, he knew he was gonna get laid tonight. 

“Chris” he moaned passionately, as Chris kissed his ear and then his neck again, each kiss, brought them closer, Derek pinched Chris nipples softly, Chris smiled and moaned, his cock was so hard, his jeans was bulging already, Derek saw that, smiled at him, and without taking his eyes off of Chris’s, he undid his Jean and grabbed his cock. Chris moaned at Derek’s careful touch of his cock. “You are a very big boy” Derek said, Chris smiled and leaned close to Derek again, making him to lie on his back on the table, now he was trapped under Chris, their bodies touched and they were like two chemicals, they reacted, they blended. Chris stood in front of him and spread Derek’s legs open, his shy butthole appeared, hairless, and tight. Chris got on his knees, and licked slowly Derek’s butthole, he knew he was turning him on, because every time his tongue touched it, it trembled. It was ready. Chris supported Derek’s legs on his shoulders, and with a smile he buried his 7 inch cock deep inside Derek’s ass, while Derek, opened his mouth in a perfect “O” without making any sound, then he took quick breaths, as Chris’s cock went deeper, until all of his “gun” was inside him. He stayed there, inside Derek, looking at him. Savoring every squirm and every tremble his ass made around his cock. Chris moved slowly out of Derek’s ass, and then he stabbed him again with his flesh musket “Fuck!” Derek yelled, Chris growled, Derek was so tight that if he wasn’t carefully he would cum, he didn’t want to cum, not yet. He pulled his cock feeling his veins grazing Derek’s ass. Chris’s hand caressed Derek’s chest and belly, looking at him, they were both sweaty, Chris, big and tall, a total stud, and Derek young (19 years old) hairless and kinda skinny, not the creepy skinny, the nice kind. This contrast turned Chris on, he loved how his big cock seemed to be stuck inside Derek’s ass, like a huge snake. “It hurts!” Derek yelled, Chris then moved quickly, pounding him, fucking him! Derek yelled out of pain and pleasure, his ass was being destroyed, destroyed by cock, a huge cock, a cock that belonged to a handsome stud. Chris groaned loudly, like an animal, feeling Derek’s ass opening, loosening under his siege. Derek moaned deeply, and he was holding Chris’s neck as he had leaned on him, tight, they were both becoming one, their sweat made their bodies, stick, they both felt like they were gonna merge into each other, sweat, cum, fuck, moans, the entire table was moving along with them, fuck, in and out, in and out, a huge cock, a loose ass, in and out, Chris felt it coming, like a wave, his cock tingled, twitched and then he released his cums, inside Derek’s ass, and stayed there until he had finished “shooting” his load. Both naked, Derek feeling sore stayed there, he loved sex, but he kinda felt emotional, his ass was open and it felt weird, Chris came closer to him, all naked, looking like a model that came out of a sauna “Are you ok?” he asked Derek, Derek looked at him, panting “I’m not ok, I’m awesome!” He replied and hoped off the table, walking funny. “Nice walking there” Chris joked, Derek looked at him and then approached him. “Stop joking, it’s not funny Chris! For that your punishment is a blowjob” Derek said and got on his knees, he grabbed Chris semi soft cock and brought it back to life with a few lick, as Chris had his hands on his waist. 

Chris Pratt visits the Dry docks!

 ***Every part of this story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercouse with Chris Pratt***
My name is Kyle Jenkins, and I’m the youngest and most successful agent someone can get in Hollywood. I’m 23 years old, and what helped me reach the top of being an agent is the art of persuasion, anyway this story has little to do with being an agent, and a lot to do with being submitted by a real rough man. Chris Pratt.
To be honest, I liked Chris Pratt even when he was chubby, not that I don’t like his new strong physique.
Chris was the only client I took, without thinking about it, because he turned me on, I liked the man, what can I say. 
It was after I helped him earn a specific role he wanted and we where at my office, just me and him, drinking one of the finest whiskey I had there, we where laughing.

“Thanks” he said he was sitting next to me on the sofa, so close I could smell his manly sweat blended with the smell of alcohol, the more I smelled him, the more my inhibitions were fading. I rubbed his leg, towards his crotch “Chris I always believed in you, but the truth is that I chose to represent you and be your agent, because I kinda fancy you” I said, he seemed surprised and then he smiled “What can I say! Thanks?” he replied, now I rubbed his cock over his jeans “I don’t want your thanks, I want you Chris” I said leaning closer, I thought for a moment he would push me and walk away but then he leaned closer and his lips kissed mine, in a slow kind way.

“I like that gentle kiss” I said “but do you know what I like more? Rough kisses”

Now his mouth sucked mine, as his tongue slipped inside my mouth and played with ,y own tongue. While he was kissing me and leaning on me, I removed his shirt, his whole naked torso was exposed to me, sculpted body, beautiful muscles, nice nipples and a few chest hair to seal the deal! “I want to suck your cock Chris” I said, he stopped kissing me and stood, with his smug eyes and smile locked to me, he undid his belt and his jeans, it was an invitation, I got on my knees in front of him, and pulled his jeans down, his boxes smelled of cock, I pulled those down too, revealing a big champion cock, with pubic hair around it, and big champion balls hanging.

“Wow! If you ever want to do porn Chris! You are ready to do it baby” I said and I took his cock in my mouth, sucking it in a messy blowjob, while he moaned and groaned, holding my head with his hand and pushing me on his dick! “Do you like it? You like sucking my cock?” He asked as I had his cock in my mouth, I gave him a slutty smile which caused his dick to harden in my mouth, as I held his waist, I fucked my mouth on his cock, taking it deep, so deep, my nose touched his thick pubic hair, and his balls twitched “You’re so good baby! Come on suck my cock faster” Chris moaned at me.

Then he grabbed me by my hair, and fucked my mouth so hard, I couldn’t breath for a few seconds as his giant baby maker grind its way through my mouth, Chris hand such a strong grip that even if I tried to escape I wouldn’t be able, he could have choked me with his cum pump and I would gladly accept to die that way by him. I felt a twitch on his cock, and then he nailed my mouth on his cock, and held me there, with his gigantic cream cannon touching my throat, jets of his man mayo flooded my throat, some I swallowed, some caused me to gag, I pulled away and took deep breaths as the taste of his love gravy flooded my mouth. “oh my, I haven’t jizzed like this since I don’t know when…and I’m still so horny, you little slut” he said, I stood up and went closer to him “Then do something about it Chris! It’s not healthy to leave a man horny, is it?” I said, “No it isn’t” he replied and pushed me to bend on my desk, he pushed ,y pants off, and slapped my hairless butt, while he kept me bend with his hand, as if I would ever deny some Chris Pratt’s smashing in my back doors.

I felt his finger playing with my butt, sending ripples of pleasure all over my body, and then he spit on his cock, a I felt it hot entering my asshole, sliding and stretching my ass in a way no other male have ever done, as wasn’t a virgin, but Chris’s cream cannon was big and thick, and full of veins that I could feel with my butt “Ahhh Chris, what are you doing to me” I moaned pinned down on my desk, with him storming the trenches on my ass! “Take it, take my ace in your hole!” he groaned like an animal, as he kept pounding me, his cock rubbed my butt so hard that it gave me chills of pleasure. He was fucking me hard and rough, slapping my butt as I moaned like a bitch! “Chris what a big Dino you have” I moaned playing with the meaning of him being on Jurassic World movie. “You want my Dino? Huh? take my fucking Dino!” he yelled as he sticked his crack smasher inside my shithole, he stabbed me with his cock so hard, my body jerked forward. “Ah Chris…my butt, fuck my hole! Harder!” I yelled, he fucked me harder, “Harder!” I yelled again, his whole waist smashed on my butt, our sweaty bodies sticking together, causing a nice friction to our skins. I could hear his breath, he was panting, and then he sticked his cum pump deep up my sore butthole, he groaned and yelled loudly, like a bear or a wild animal, as he released his love gravy inside my slutty sore ass. When we finished, we got dressed and I gave him a kiss “I have so much money, and I could buy anything. But I could never buy this thing you have given me, you’re the best fucker Chris” I said, he laughed thinking I was joking but I wasn’t, we never did this again, it took me a whole week to sit straight without feeling sore in my ass.

Massaging Lust!

***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***
When you’re a gay guy like me, and you have my job, you consider yourself lucky, what’s my job your ask? I’m giving therapeutic massages, no real massages, not slutty ones. Why I call myself lucky to have this job? Because I work with a personal trainer, his clients are famous people, with sculpted sweaty bodies, he trained them and then I massage them. That’s how my story happened, but let’s explain things first.

Chris Pratt, who can deny that this man, is handsome and everyone want to be fucked by him, ok not everyone, gay guys and women mostly! He is our client and I give him massages all the time, I touch his sweaty hot skin and massage him, while he relaxes, I touch those beautiful abs and muscles of his, and I secretly cum in my mind.

One of those times, my dream came true, it was afternoon, Chris and Kyle finished their training, he wore a black tank top, and black athletic shorts, he always had that kind smile on his face, he was dripping with sweat “Ok Derek massage Chris and meet me back at the gym ok?” my boss said and then left. Chris and I went to the massaging table, he pulled off his tank top, and he turned his back on me to pull his shorts off, he was naked, when he did that the first time, I couldn’t believe I saw his muscular ass, now I wanted more, so his beautiful ass didn’t do it for me, he placed a towel around his waist, he lied down on the table, with his back on me, I pulled his towel enough to see his lower back, “So Chris, do you hurt in any specific part?” I asked “No, I just feel a bit sore from the training, do your usual magic!” he said, my fingers dripping with strawberry massaging oil touched his back and worked their way all over it, Chris moans were not helping, neither his manly sweat smell that now touched my nose and made my ass tremble with anticipation. “How are you Der?” he asked me, he was always like that, he couldn’t stand awkward silences so he liked small talks “I’m good, and you?” I asked, “A bit tired with filming “Jurassic World” but aside from that, I’m cool too, so you’re a fan of dinosaurs?” he asked “Yeah, they always fascinated me, you know how big they were…I love big things” I said without realizing it sounded too dirty, he laughed “If you were a girl and you told me that, I would have fucked you”, I leaned closer “Well, I’m not a girl but I’m aroused by your offer”, he looked at me trying to see if I was joking, for the rest of the message he wouldn’t talk, then he turned over, so I could massage his chest. He was smiling at me as I massaged his pecks and chest “Nice pecks” I said smiling, he looked at me with sleepy eyes and I could see lust in them “Yeah I have nice pecks among other things”,I smiled because I knew he was flirting, I pinched his nipple “Ouch” he yelled, “Did I hurt you? Let me kiss it” I said, I leaned slowly to give him the chance to push me away if he didn’t want to, he did not move, I could feel his hot breath on my face as I kissed his nipple, a moan escaped his lips while he closed his eyes, and then I looked at his towel, it had turned into a tent by his erected cock. I removed the towel while he leaned on his elbows looking at me, I did not wait for him to order me, his bulging veiny cock seemed ready to fuck me, I took it inside my mouth, salty taste, it filled my whole mouth, yeah he was that big down there, he moaned and he grabbed my head, pushing it, fucking my mouth “Oh fuck! Yeah suck my cock, like that!”, I looked at him while he was fucking my mouth thrusting his waist and pushing my head on his cock.

“You like big things? Take this big thing bitch!” he yelled, he smelled manly sweat, and his cock was hard to handle inside my little mouth. I moaned while I locked my eyes at him “Yeah! Like that! Massage my junk with your mouth! Do you like daddy’s cock? Yeah?” he asked me, I nodded and he seemed to get harder, his cock was like iron, it could impale someone badly! My tongue rolled around it, wrapped the head and played a bit with the little hole, his cock twitched by that, and he moaned loudly, if Kyle would see me now, he would probably freak, or maybe he would join us, he is a handsome man, muscular, but too straight for this. “You’re some cocksucker huh?” he said, he stood up, and his hands held my face, he gave me the most sweet dirty kiss I have ever received, his tongue rolled around mine, it was gentle and wild too! When he looked at me, I was completely breathless and in the verge of ejaculating, just by his kiss. He turned me around, so my back would face his chest, he pulled my shorts down, revealing my jockstrap ass, I always wore jockstrap, it made me feel hot, he touched my ass, and even fingered me a bit, “Derek, I know you all this time, and I always wanted to be gentle around you, but I have to tell you this, your ass is gonna get some real action” he said and pushed me so I would bend on the massage table with my butt completely on his mercy, I could hear his breaths. They were short, he was so turned on, and I was too. I felt his scruffy face between my buttcheeks, and then waves of excitement flooded me, as I felt his tongue, playing with my butthole, I moaned loudly, and felt as if my legs were made of rubber “Fuck me Chris” I pleaded, his tongue rolled in and out of my butthole and I wanted to scream like a bitch! He stopped and stood up, I felt his hot cock sliding in my butt, stretching it, and widening its walls with his veiny thickness, his spit was the only lube, so it was hard for his cock to move fast inside me, I moaned gripping the massaging table, as if it was the source of my sweet torture, Chris leaned closer, and now his breath touched my face, while his body rubbed on my back “Ahhh your ass is amazing” he said to my ear, and he thrusted his waist in and out of it, I felt his veins rubbing the inside of my butt, and got even more turned on, my butthole wasn’t a virgin one, I was 22 but it had never been under so hard fuck, Chris fucked me so hard, the massaging table was moving forward along with my body, I screamed both by excitement and pain, but he was fucking me like a stud, only hearing his breath, as he fucked me hard and steadily in the same rhythm. “Chris I’m gonna…fuck!” I yelled as I felt my orgasm coming, and my dick shooting sperm, Chris then held me down, and his fuck became a hard pounding, I felt my ass like a raw meat, sore and at the mercy of Chris. He leaned and sticked on my back, he thrusted his waist hard up my ass and then he got off of me “Get up and lie on your back!” he said in a hurry, I did as he asked, my ass felt sore and gaping, I could feel the vinyl of my massage table on my hole, Chris then sat on my chest, his muscular thighs on my face, and then he slid his cock inside my mouth, he pushed it all in, only his balls were outside and they were twitching touching my lips, he was panting and I knew what was gonna happen, his cock was deep in my throat and then he pushed in and out, and he groaned, his balls twitched wildy as jets of cum came out of his cock directly on my throat, so many cums, my little mouth couldn’t hold them all, and on the side of my lips, creamy cums escaped running down my neck. Chris was panting, he kept his cock still in my mouth looking at me “Swallow” he ordered, I did while he slid his cock out of my mouth. He took a shower and then he told me to use his shower too. I never told my boss about this amazing fuck, Chris and I still hit it off, but I only suck his cock or give him a handjob, he haven’t fucked me like this since.