A Lesson Learned…


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Alex O’Loughlin, plus this story contains violence and or rape, it’s just for fun, I do not endorse rape or violence. Both are disgusting when are being enacted for real***

Steve McGarrett entered his office, a rookie cop followed him and gave him a file “Sir, we arrested Derek Mathews for that woman trafficking case you asked me about yesterday he is in the interrogation room” he said, Steve looked at him and nodded, to show him he acknowledged the news, the cop just smiled and went on with his business. 
Steve McGarrett opened the door to the interrogation room, Derek Matthews looked at him with a smug smile, he was about 22 years old, and for sure he knew where the one who runs the business is.

“Oh hello, are you the bad cop?” he asked laughing, McGarrett laughed with him, a fake laugh though, anyone who knew McGarrett, knew that his fake laugh was covering for what he was planning to do next. A punch landed on Derek’s face 

“Oh man! What are you doing? I want my lawyer” he protested, McGarrett grabbed him from the collar of his shirt and brought him closer to his face “This is the new kind of police scumbag, either you talk or you go down, do you hear me?” Steve said

Derek spat on him “I know my rights, get off me!” he yelled, McGarrett cleaned his face and then took Derek with him, handcuffed, nobody questioned him, McGarrett was running the whole task force. He put him in a police car and drove away to a warehouse his father owned. Derek said nothing but he was afraid.

When they reached the warehouse, McGarrett pulled him out of the car and tied his hand behind his back, sitting in a chair, Derek wasn’t laughing anymore.

“So Derek, are you ready to talk?” McGarrett asked with fake kindness

Derek was a proud young man though “Are you ready to suck my cock?” he said

McGarrett pulled his gun and cocked it, he placed in front of Derek’s face

“How about you talk now” he yelled, Derek was scared, but not scared enough “You won’t kill me, you are a cop!” he yelled, but he was still not sure, because McGarrett’s blue eyes seemed to hide some craziness.

 McGarrett turned away and for some minutes he said nothing then, he approached Derek “You know Derek, human trafficking is not only illegal, is also disgusting, do you know why?” he asked, Derek did not spoke, so McGarrett continued “Because you take young women, with fake promises, and then you force them, to suck cocks and get fucked, by men without their consent, you just keep them there, and destroy their lives” as he said that, he unzipped his jeans, and through the zip hole he took his cock out, it was a thick cock, not long but thick, Derek looked at him feeling powerless

McGarrett went closer “suck my cock” he ordered, Derek looked him in the eyes, he meant it! He wanted him to suck him off “Even if I was gay, I wouldn’t suck a cop dick!” he said, McGarrett pointed his gun on his face “Suck my cock” he said intensely, Derek knew he had no choice, he leaned forward and took McGarrett’s schlong inside his mouth, he wanted to scream, he felt so humiliated, as Steve McGarrett held his head and pushed it forward his cock, moving his waist.

“Man please stop” Derek cried

“Keep sucking it, I want to watch you suck my cop cock” Steve yelled, Derek kept going, sucking that veiny hairy cock, veins throbbing, he felt them on his tongue, he wanted to stop, but McGarrett wasn’t joking, Steve’s hand pushed and held Derek’s head on his cock, causing him to keep the cock in his mouth, for as long, as he had his hand there “How do you like my cock? Is it good? Huh?” he asked 

Derek was crying “Sir, please let me go, I’ll tell you everything” he pleaded

“Ahhh you will tell me everything Derek, but only after I have stretched that nice bubble butt of yours” Steve said

“What?! No sir! Please, not that, don’t fuck me from behind!” Derek cried, a slap stopped him, then Steve slowly slipped his cock inside his mouth again “Look at me” McGarrett ordered, Derek looked him in this eyes while he was taking his cock inside his mouth, Steve McGarrett was looking at him, with a smug smile “See it’s not so hard, sucking cocks, maybe it’s hard for you because I’m a cop, do you like sucking cocks?” he asked, Derek did not reply, just lowered his eyes and felt his cheeks reddening

“I said look at me!” Steve yelled, Derek looked at him, letting McGarrett’s cock

slide in and out of his mouth, the taste was disgusting, he was sucking a cock, a fucking dick, and as if that wasn’t humiliating enough, the guy was a cop, what his gang would think when the world would get out that Derek’s a Cop’s bitch?

 “I swear I will find you and kill you, you bastard” Derek said while sucking McGarrett’s dick. “Yeah, I’m sure you do, but the moment you do that, a video will be released with our session here, look up there” he said, and pointed at several cameras

“you sick freak, you taping this? I will sue you, I’ll go to the police” he yelled

“I’m the police, and the governor of Hawaii backs me up, who do you think they’ll believe? Me or a shit like you?” he said smiling, Derek knew he had lost the game.

“Now I’m gonna untie you, and you will go over there, and bend over the desk, after you remove your pants” Steve McGarrett said, Derek looked at him “No sir,please, not that, I’m a guy, I’m a straight guy, don’t do this to me” he said

“Oh so now I’m a sir huh? Anyway I like it when you beg” McGarrett said, untying Derek, he stood up, and went to the desk, as Steve told him. He didn’t make a move to remove his pants though “We don’t have all day, take off your pants man” McGarrett said, “Sir, please, I will confess everything, I will even go to jail if that’s what you want, but don’t fuck me man, please, it’s humiliating” he said, ready to cry

“It is humiliating, like what you did with those women you fooled and then brought them here, to be prostitutes, and you were taking part of their money, I want to teach you a lesson Derek Matthews, bend over that damn desk” he said pointing the gun at him, Derek took his pants off, and bend over the desk, he felt so helpless, his butt was out there, he understood McGarrett was behind him, because he felt the warmth of his body “Nice bubble butt!” McGarrett said, Derek whimpered like a bitch

“Oh come on Derek, take it like a man, spread your legs more” Steve said, Derek did it, his upper body was bend on the desk, while his ass was standing with spread legs, ready to be pounded. “Now put your hands behind you, and spread your buttcheeks, You will keep your buttcheeks like this, all the time, drop your hands and I will shoot you, nobody will miss you, and nobody will ask me, so don’t try to be a hero” Steve said and Derek heard pants dropping to the floor, he was crying silently, this was a nightmare, he deserved it, he did fool girls and women to bring them to Hawaii and then send them to prostitution, but being fucked for this, was something he never though would happen. “Sir, please” he said, McGarrett, placed his cock and pushed hard, making Derek’s ass open and swallow his cock, Derek moaned as McGarrett pushed deeper, it was hard for his cock to move, Derek was tight, his ass, was being fucked for the first time, he screamed when Steve managed to nail his ass with one strong move, he stayed there, his cock deep inside Derek’s ass, Derek felt he would die from the pain “Ahhhh it hurts, please” he moaned, and cried, he could feel the throbbing cock, and even its big veins, through his ass, “I think you enjoy it” McGarrett said and pulled his cock out of Derek’s ass, then he pushed it back in, Derek screamed, he was a virgin alright, his ass was so tight, even with McGarrett’s large cock, his ass would not budge. “Hold on to something, this is going to hurt” McGarrett said, Derek managed to say a “oh no…” before Steve started to pound his ass, Derek cried like a bitch, he felt his ass so sore, as if it was skinned from the inside by the large hard cock, McGarrett, thrusted his waist, pushed hard, he wanted Derek to remember this, he wanted to make him realize what he was doing to those women he illegally brought to Hawaii and then send to work as prostitutes.

“Ahhhh AHHHHHHHHHH! No! Stop! Aaaaah!” he yelled and screamed, as McGarrett kept pounding his ass, like a horse, non stop “Tell me Derek, do you like being fucked by a cop? Huh? What your gang will say?” Steve said smiling, Derek was screaming and moaned, as McGarretts hard cock kept opening his ass, his hands were holding his buttcheeks opened, as Steve asked him too “Spread your buttcheeks more” Steve said. 

“No stop! Shoot me! I don’t care, just stop!” Derek yelled, Steve grabbed him,and made him kneel in front of him, he pointed his gun at his face, Derek was scared so much, “I can shoot you, or I can “shoot you” McGarrett said pointing to his cock. “I prefer the..” Derek said with his cheeks being red, “Didn’t hear you? Say it loud” McGarrett said

“I prefer your cock” he said looking on the floor, McGarrett smiled “I know you do, your ass was amazing, now stroke my cock, and be close, I want you to get a nice facial” McGarrett said, Derek stroked Steve’s cock, he felt it hard and hot in his hand, he could feel the throbbing veins popping out, “Look at me, I want you to look at me, as you do this” McGarrett said, Derek kept his eyes locked on McGarrett, as he stroked his cock, and then he felt it, first on his hand, it was a tingling, coming from Steve’s cock, and then on his face, sperm, creamy, smelly sperm, to his eyes, nose, mouth, hair, when McGarrett stopped moaning, he threw him a towel “Clean yourself up” he said, and zipped his jeans, then took a notepad and placed it in front of Derek “Start confessing now” he said, Derek wrote everything he knew about the trafficking job, while he could still feel the taste of McGarrett’s cock in his mouth, also his ass was so sore, he couldn’t sit comfortably. When he was jailed, McGarrett paid many conjugal visits, reminding Derek what it’s like to have sex with someone you don’t want to, after some fucks, Derek liked it, and when he got out of jail, he became the unofficial fuckhole for Steve McGarrett… 


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