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Uncle Knows Best (A Chris Pratt Sex Fiction)

This is a fictional story, in which Chris Pratt is my uncle and not a famous actor. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt. Nor he is my relative in any other way. 

“Smell the fresh air Kyle” Nick said to his son who was 17 a day away from becoming 18 years old, and had an addiction with technology and online games.

He got out of the car mumbling. 

“Look son, trust me, all you need is a month with Uncle Chris in nature and you will be begging me to let you stay more” Nick said and his son look at him incredulously.

“I’m pretty sure I will have fun chasing away raccoons and defending myself from bears” Kyle said sarcastically.

“There are no bears here son” his uncle Chris said behind him.

“Hey bro! How’s city life treating ya” he said to his brother Nick and hugged him.

“Nice, but I miss nature, and I wish my son would realize how beautiful is out here too” Nick said looking at his son.

“Yeah right” Kyle said walking towards the wooden house that was surrounded by trees. His father left about an hour later and Kyle was laying on his bed, bored out of his mind when he heard someone chopping wood. 

 It seems stupid but he had never seen anyone doing that before besides TV, he went to his window and looked. His Uncle Chris, was chopping some wood, with a huge axe, and with no shirt on, only his rugged jeans. Kyle couldn’t help but notice that his uncle was a fucking beast. His torso seemed like his muscles were trying to burst out of his skin. He had a few chest hair, that was probably due to genes. Since Kyle and his father weren’t hairy at all. Kyle just stood there and stared. He was transfixed at his uncle’s perfection and sweat, he had this mustache on his face that would look silly on any other man but not on his uncle and his body glistened and Kyle felt kinda turned on.

 He kicked that thought out of his mind. He wasn’t some gay boy and even if he was this was his uncle that was too pervy. So pervy that Kyle’s com awakened along with his butthole. So he took a shower and went to sleep.

 A voice awakened him, he opened his eyes slowly, to see his uncle dressed in a white fitted t-shirt, that hugged his muscular torso and new clean jeans standing beside his bed.

“Wake up son, let’s grab some dinner” he said and smiled boyishly. His aftershave filled Kyle’s room.

“I’ll be ready in a minute and Uncle Chris, thanks for taking me in, my father would have send me in a rehab for technology junkies if you had said no” Kyle said and smiled.

“You’re my favorite nephew Kyle, I like having you around” he chuckled and hugged his nephew. Kyle took the chance to explore his Uncle’s muscular back as they were hugging. That man was a total beast.

 About an hour after they had eaten their steaks, they returned home. 

“That was nice” Kyle said.

“Charlie’s steaks are the best, now I’m gonna get some sleep because I’m tired’ feel free to do whatever you want, but do not go outside, it’s night and I do to want you to get lost and also no electronic devices except maybe a bit of tv if you’d like” Chris told him. 

 Kyle had his eyes glued on the screen of the T.V. but he didn’t really followed the movie, he was thinking about his uncle and how he made him feel. His body felt hot everytime he thought about him and his butt was longing for something. His dick got hard again. He stood up to take a piss and in the bathroom on the floor, there was a pile of dirty jeans and boxers. His uncle’s!

 He felt a weird high, as if he was about to do something he shouldn’t be doing but also feeling good about it. He locked himself in the bathroom and he picked up, those dirty boxers. They were plaid, and the button was missing. Kyle tried to imagine seeing his uncle wearing only his boxers and his cock slipping out of the fly.

 He brought the boxers closer and he sniffed them. Manly, cock smell and sweat. 

 “What’s wrong with me?” he kept saying to his mind but his nose didn’t want to stop, he kept sniffing them. Until his morals won and he dropped them on the floor full of guilt. In the hallway he noticed his Uncle’s bedroom door was open, he walked carefully towards the door and leaned in to look. His uncle was asleep, wearing only another pair of plaid boxers. Kyle wanted to caress his chest and feel his muscles. He wanted to slide his hand all the way to his ands and then under those boxers. “No, that’s perversion, you’re disgusting!” his mind told him. So he did what he could do. 

 He jerked off and went to sleep, he should have felt OK after jerking off but no, that weird longing was still there. “But his is your uncle you pervert!” his mind judged him until he fell asleep.

 “Wake up sunshine!” Chris awakened his nephew. Kyle rubbed his eyes and looked at his smiling uncle. He was wearing an apron. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Happy Birthday boy! You’re an adult now!” he said and hugged Kyle.

“I made you pancakes, wash your face and come” he said.

His uncle had removed his apron, he was wearing a plaid flannel shirt unbuttoned with a white t-shirt inside and jeans. Kyle for the first time noticed how nice ass his uncle had. He ate and stared at his ass whenever he would turn his back.

 “Ok, listen up, I was thinking your present, and as an uncle I want to give you the cool gift. So how about we visit the girls tonight?” he said smiling excitedly.

“The girls?” Kyle repeated confused. 

“You know, the girls, hookers…” his uncle replied smiling a him.

“Oh! Umm I don’t know” Kyle stammered

“You’re still a virgin huh? Don’t be anxious, those women are there to make you a man” his uncle said and bumped his chest in a manly gesture. He stood up and he placed his plate on the sink.

“I got to get to work, those trees ain’t gonna cut themselves” he said and grabbed his leather jacket “you know what? Would you like to come with me to keep me some company?” his uncle said.

“Sure” Kyle replied and got dressed. 

 His uncle worked tirelessly,chopping wood and he even removed his shirt as expected. Kyle just admired his glistening wonder. His muscles intensified under the light of sweat, he seemed like a real beast. His biceps bulging everytime he used the axe. Kyle found himself feeling uncomfortable, his dick was hard from all this. 

“It’s time to accept that you fancy your uncle” his mind admitted. 

“This day turned out to be hot, how about swimming, did you brought bathing suit?” Chris asked swiping his sweat on his forehead with his hand. 

“Yeah, I think I have something” Kyle said still with his mind still reeling.
Chris drove his nephew to a lake a few miles away from the town. 

“Wow it’s beautiful!” Kyle exclaimed watching the scenery unfolding in front of him. The lake and the trees surrounding it, were straight out of some wallpaper!

“Told ya” his uncle said simply and he removed his shirt. He wore shorts. Kyle almost stared but he managed to keep himself in check. They removed their clothes and jumped right into the crystal waters of the lake.

“It’s so differently than the sea” Kyle noticed, swimming next to his uncle.

“Yes, kinda feels softer like silk” Chris agreed. He looked amazing when he was wet. His hair or dripping, his mustache enhanced by the water. He seemed like the best pornstar in the world. Kyle sighed.

“What is it?” his uncle asked, when he heard him sigh.

“Nothing, I’m just having so much fun” Kyle managed to smile genuinely. 

“Uncle Chris? Do you mind if we didn’t go to those girls you said earlier?” Kyle asked. He didn’t want to deal with having sex for the first time while he had sexual feelings for his uncle.

“Sure but if you’re anxious, don’t be” he said

“Not its not that, I don’t want to go” Kyle said, trying to avoid the subject.

“Why though?” his uncle asked perplexed.

“It’s just….aaaaaaah!” Kyle screamed and swam towards the shore.

“What! What is it?” Chris asked following him. 

“There’s something in my shorts” Kyle said shivering.

“Where in your shorts? Your junk?” His uncle asked

“No behind” Kyle said a bit embarrassed.

“Lay on the towel and let me see” his uncle said 

“No, it’s ok I’ll take care of it when we get home” Kyle felt embarrassed

“Kyle, lay your fucking ass down and let me see” Chris wasn’t kidding.

Kyle lay on the towel and he felt his uncle lowering his shorts. The cool breeze hit his buttocks. 

“It’s a leech” Chris concluded “wow it’s between your buttcheeks” he said and examined Kyle’s buttcheeks, not knowing that he made his nephew hard.

 “Wait here, I’m going to burn this motherfucker” his uncle said and returned back with a lighter and a cigarette. He lit it and then burned the leech off.

 Kyle proceeded to pull his shorts up but Chris stopped him.

“Don’t! Let the wound close first, your shorts are dirty, we don’t want any germs around the wound” he said as he sat next to him. Kyle couldn’t see him but he felt uncomfortable with his ass exposed and his uncle next to him.

 Fifteen minutes later they returned home and nobody talked. Kyle out of embarrassment. 


The next day, Kyle was able to relax from his lustful thoughts about his uncle. He met a nice and quite hot girl that made his dick hard, which surprised him, because he was convinced he was gay because he liked his uncle. Tish had black hair and she was 19 years old, she was a local girl, quite friendly. Kyle for two days didn’t even think about his uncle in a sexual way, he was meeting Tish and they were talking and hang out. His uncle happened to see them together once.

“Hey Mr. Pratt” Tish said to Kyle’s uncle.

“Hey Tish, how’s your dad?” Chris said as he was carrying a toolbox, Kyle couldn’t help but feel some sexual feelings seeing him, with his rugged jeans and just a t-shirt with sweat on.

“He is ok, how are you?” Tish said seductively. Chris smirked and said “I’m fine Tish” and left them alone. Tish leaned in and gave a kiss on Kyle, a soft one, but it turned on quite the flame on his body. His cock got hard and his uncle seemed insignificant now. 

“I have to go!” She said and stood up, leaving Kyle with blue balls. 

 Kyle slept for the first time without lustful thoughts about his uncle. He woke up by the sounds of bed squeaking and moans, female ones and male ones. Kyle tip toed to the hallway and followed the sounds to his uncle’s bedroom, the door was halfway open. The sounds grew louder as he approached. He leaned and looked at the room.

 He almost gasped at what he saw. His uncle in his full naked glory having Tish’s legs on his shoulder and spread open and fucking her in a vulgar way.

Tish moaned in pleasure, as Chris’s body slammed against her pussy. His sweaty body glistened by the soft light of the lamp on his nightstand. Kyle felt kinda bereaved by Tish but that feeling faded quickly, as his dick got hard. Not for Tish’s almost perfect naked body but for his uncle. 

“You like that? Huh?” Chris asked Tish. She smiled like the slut she was and replied

“Yes Mr. Pratt, fuck my pussy” 

Kyle gasped and probably his uncle heard him because as he relentlessly fucked his nephew’s friend, he looked up and without stopping, smirked a dirty smile at his nephew. He was proud. He even took a more theatrical posture, as if he was posing for his nephew.

Kyle bit his lip, he felt that if he touched his dick, he would cum fountains of sperm.

 He returned to his room just as he heard Chris groan and Tish orgasming loudly. He realized he had ruined his pants with his own sperm just by listening to them.

 Chris acted as if nothing had happened. Kyle felt a bit awkward around him, he saw him smirking at him as he was fucking his new friend. 

“No chopping wood today?” Kyle initiated conversation

“I’m tired, I didn’t slept enough last night” his uncle said drinking his coffee and looking at Kyle with a provocative look. 

“Yeah, I figured” Kyle said and ate a spoonful of his cereals just to do something.

“Look are we gonna have a problem?” Chris asked his nephew

“Problem? What are you talking about?” Kyle asked playing dumb.

“Seriously, are we gonna act like I didn’t fucked Tish? No, the words that describes it first is “ruined” her” he said with a proud smirk again.

 His manly face and with that mustache made his word more vulgar and sexy than if a fucking younger guy had said them.

 “She seemed to enjoy it so why would I have a problem?” Kyle said.

“I know you fancy her but she is a slutty girl, she’s been hitting on me for months, you want my advice, fuck her too and then dumb her” his uncle said.

“I don’t want to fuck her” Kyle said 

“Kyle let me ask you something, there’s no judgement here just tell me, are you gay son?” he asked.

 “I don’t know” Kyle replied genuinely. His uncle’s face didn’t betrayed his thoughts.

“Do you like men?” he asked his nephew.

“Not all of them” Kyle said a bit embarrassed.

“How many of them?” Chris asked.

“One particular man” Kyle said and locked eyes with his uncle.

“Do I know him?” his uncle asked seductively 

“Yeah” Kyle said and didn’t realized how he let that slip.

“Who is it? Is someone from here?” his uncle asked 

“Yes, it’s you” Kyle said. Chris’s face froze.

“I’m your uncle, this is kinda twisted” he said calmly but he seemed startled.

“I know, but it’s not like I chose this, everytime I see you shirtless I can’t help it” Kyle explained embarrassed 

“Kyle look at me, I want to tell you something” Chris said.

“You know why I fucked Tish?” he asked Kyle.

“Because she’s been hitting on you for months?” Kyle asked unsure

“Yes but why now?” He asked Kyle as if he should know why.

“Why?” Kyle urged him.

“I wanted to fuck someone because ever since I saw your pale sweet ass at the lake, I couldn’t think of anything else than how to bang you balls deep ” Chris said with intensity in his eyes.

“What? Really?” Kyle inquired surprised.

“Really, I’m not into guys, but your ass made me hard, and I know you’re my nephew but still I wanted to get inside your ass and do what you saw me doing at Tish. In her place I was imagining you, when she moaned I closed my eyes and imagined you” he said now leaning closer to Kyle.

“I had no idea” Kyle said and bit his lips as he was remembering how hard and vulgar his uncle Chris was fucking Tish, he placed himself in that fantasy. 

 “Nobody will ever know about this, if you want this, I’ll fuck you like you deserve to be fucked” his vulgar smirk reappeared. Kyle thought he was dreaming, his hot uncle really wanted to fuck him. His answer got out before his morals could stop it.

“I want it” Kyle said. His uncle smiled and led him to the bedroom.

 Kyle sat the edge of the bed while Chris removed his gray t-shirt, throwing it on the floor. Shirtless now reached for his belt and unfastened it, he pulled it slowly, his eyes locked on Kyle’s. He was putting on a show for Kyle and his nephew knew and smiled at how his uncle looked sexy and boyish at the same time.

 He dropped his pants. He was wearing black boxer briefs, he stood in front of Kyle. He left his boots on. Cowboy boots. Kyle bit his lip and looked at his uncle’s bulge.

 Chris pushed him on his crotch, and made him rub his face all over his boxers.

“Can you feel it? The smell, the taste?” he asked Kyle.

“I love it” Kyle stammered licking his uncle’s boxers and feeling the hot cock from underneath the fabric.

  Chris pushed him on the bed and he removed his boxers. Kyle gasped seeing his uncle’s cock. The first thing that came to his mind when he saw it was “bulky”, it wasn’t very long but it was quite thick and bulky, veiny and beautiful. It had trimmed pubic hairs around it and those big balls were hanging low. Now Kyle could understand why Tish moaned like that. 

“Get on your fours boy” he ordered as he climbed the bed. 

“Ass up and face down” Chris instructed him.

 “Uncle, I haven’t done this before” Kyle stammered.

“I can tell, don’t worry I’ll be gentle” he reassured his nephew and applied some lubricant on his manhood. 

“Take a big breath” Chris said as he penetrated his nephew slowly. Kyle gasped, bit his lip, overwhelmed by sensations and feelings. The first emotion he felt as his uncle made him his, was humility and submission. Then it was a numb kind of pain, numb because of the lubricant. The only thing Kyle could feel was irritation and something else like a vulgar pleasure. His uncle’s cock wasn’t too long, but it was thick enough to make Kyle gasp again with every simple move.

 Chris was in, he gasped too, it was an amazing feeling to have someone submitted by anal penetration like this. The thought that Kyle was his nephew only added to his libido. Kyle groaned a bit, he was trying to be a man. Chris knew that if Kyle felt comfortable he would cry out. Anal sex is hard and painful for virgin guys. His nephew was no exception. Kyle bit his lip again trying to avoid moaning. He didn’t know why, he felt he should somehow withstand it like a man.

“Kyle, listen to me, what makes you to withhold those tears and those cries, is your ego. It’s not gonna work if you don’t submit. Surrender your power to me boy, I’m the man tonight” he said as he took the bulldog position.

The Bulldog position

Kyle knew it was true, he had to let it go and surrender his ass. He took a deep breath and he relaxed his ass. His uncle felt it and dominated him. 

“That’s it, take it, all in your fucking manpussy sissy!” He mumbled in a furious tone.

Kyle was overwhelmed by pain and pleasure. His uncle rammed him mercilessly. and his thrusts only increased with every gasp and cry Of Kyle’s.

“Fuck! Uncle! Aaahhhh Ahhhhhhh noo!!! Aaahahhhh” Kyle’s tears had stained his face, and he couldn’t see clearly. He only felt pain, pleasure, submission. The sounds of that fuck symphony were his uncle panting, the bed squeaking in a rhythm and Kyle gasping or crying out. This went on for a couple of minutes as Kyle cried out several times. Then Chris instructed him to lay on his back.

“I’m about to come and I want to watch your face as I do it” he said in a husky voice.

He placed Kyle’s legs on his shoulders and he positioned himself properly.

His dick started slamming inside Kyle as if it had never stopped. High speed and full pain. Now Kyle could see his uncle’s furious face above him. He placed his arms over his eyes, he felt embarrassed to let his uncle see his expressions. Chris pulled his nephew’s hands away from his face.

“I want to watch” he said and slid his dick inside his nephew. Kyle’s eyes rolled and he gasped when once again his ass was filled by his uncle’s pork.

 “scream, cry, don’t be shy Kyle” his uncle urged him as he was fucking him watching him change painful expressions. Embarrassment, pleasure, confusion all these exchanged in Kyle’s face. Chris grabbed Kyle by his neck, not too tight but enough to leave a red mark and let his rivers flow inside him. Kyle moaned in pleasure and his eyes rolled again in pleasure. Chris was watching his nephew’s expressions transfixed. Both lay there, panting. 

“That was…” Chris started

“Awesome” Kyle finished.

“Yeah, are you ok? I hope I didn’t hurt you” his uncle asked him.

Kyle smiled and nodded. He returned home, with a grin that even his parents found suspicious. He was visiting his uncle Chris frequently and they both had so much fun. Kyle managed to fuck Tish too, almost as good as his uncle did. She didn’t know though that Kyle was a sucker for his uncle’s sperm. Kyle realized he was a bisexual. Tish’s pussy gave him the same excitement as his uncle’s cock. Plus after him he didn’t felt like being the bottom to anybody else.



Sperm Bitter Like The Sea…

Sperm Bitter Like The Sea…
This fictional story is placed in the Supernatural episode 11×14 right before Dean meets Delphina in the submarine.
Dean looked around him. It was dark but he knew he was inside the submarine because he could feel the metal under him. He had to find some clothes, he couldn’t walk around from the future wearing jeans and his shirt. He walked slowly through a narrow passageway and found a room. Nobody was there, but it seemed they would return soon. So he grabbed some clothes he found there and started dressing. 

He had to find the Delphina gal or else he had no chance of defeating Amara.in fact he wasn’t sure he could defeat Amara even with that weapon. But it worth a try.

Wearing the pale blue shirt and the navy blue pants, he could easily hide among them. He was ready to start searching when he noticed a young sailor, probably around his 18-19 years old. He was looking at Dean, but at his eyes, Dean could see he was standing there for a long time. He had probably seen him arriving too. Dean approached him. He would run if he had space to run, but he knew he was trapped. Plus he seemed to pretend to be brave. Another young kid pulled into war forced to become a man. 

“Come over here” Dean yelled

“Don’t yell at me, I know you’re a freak, you’re not one of us” he said

“You have quite a mouth there kiddo, and I think you need someone to teach you to respect men” Dean replied, and somehow that turned him on. He felt he needed to teach to that young man, how Americans fucked in the 2016. His cock already agreed because it was starting to harden. Plus the young sailor wore nothing but a tank top and navy blue boxers. His ass seemed promising and quite tight. Dean initiated his first move grabbing the sailor’s ass and massaging his butt cheek. He was right his butt was tight. 

“Stop that” the young sailor yelled but he seemed unsure. 

“Stop what? What is your name?” Dean asked him without removing his hand from his butt

“John” he said and now he seemed…turned on? Dean smiled, this boy wanted to be fucked. 

“John huh? Nice name, I love that name. My father’s name was John.So John how about you get on your knees and suck my rocket” Dean said. 

“You’re a pervert” John replied and pushed Dean’s hand away.

“Don’t be a bitch Johnny, you want this, I can see you want this and let me tell you a secret. There’s no better cock to have for the first time than mine” 

“But what if someone sees us” John asked. Dean could see it, he was ready to submit.

“Nobody will see us, it’s dark in here come on” Dean said and unbuttoned his stolen navy blue pants releasing his kraken. John was thrilled with the thickness and the length of Dean’s cock. It wasn’t smooth, it had grooves, ridges and veins and beautiful pubic hair. John licked the glans first slowly. Then the corona, Dean moaned at that one. The young sailor sucked Dean’s glans a bit awkwardly but it worked, Dean could feel his balls boiling hot sperm ready to come out soon. He grabbed John’s head and pushed him back and forth on his cock.

“Yeah that’s it, suck my cock, you’re mouth is perfect kiddo” he said. John was getting more relaxed as he kept sucking. He was getting the hang of it. Soon Dean’s hand pushed his head out of pleasure. John’s mouth embraced the shaft tightly, so tight that he could feel Dean’s veins throb on his lips and the skin of his cock tightening on his tongue. Dean closed his eyes and leaned back in ecstasy.

“Fuck boy, you’re a champ” he muttered placing his hands on his waist and letting John suck him by himself without pushing. Dean loved how John’s breath brushed against his groin and how his shaved chin touched his balls. He was so turned on.

“Stand up” Dean ordered. John did as he was asked and stood up. Dean positioned him so his back would be on his front. Now John could feel Dean’s breath behind him. Dean unbuttoned his pale blue navy shirt, revealing his naked torso that glistened with sweat. He lowered John’s boxers and admired his round almost hairless butt. 

“You have a nice ass there” Dean said to him

“Thanks?” John said unsure.

“You know what would fit there?” Dean asked

“What?” John asked

“Not my cock. But I will make it fit, in fact I will make your ass begging for more when I’m finished” Dean said.

“You know sir, I think we’re done here, I did what I did but I won’t do anything more” John said while it was obvious he wanted to be fucked but he was afraid.

“Stay where you are or else I will kick your ass” Dean said and instantly fingered him, John trembled, surprised by Dean’s finger inside his ass, it was obvious he had never played with his butt even though he wanted it. Dean pushed another finger in.

“Ah…it kinda hurts” John said. Dean smiled

“I kinda don’t care” he replied and pushed violently his fingers deeper. John grabbed the wall to support himself. It was too much for him. “Imagine if I put my cock in there” Dean thought. He leaned closer and both him and John stuck on the wall. Dean brushed his cock against John’s butthole, he was trembling from anticipation.

“Tell me you want it” Dean said

“I want it sir” John replied 

“I don’t know what you mean” Dean said 

“I want your penis inside my butt” John said

Dean pushed his cock inside his butthole, his glans slid inside but as he pushed his shaft, he found that John’s ass wasn’t cooperating.he pushed harder John moaned in pain as Dean’s cock like an oversized snake filled his hole and intruded his sphincter.

He would yell but the pain wouldn’t let him. It was more than he anticipated. Dean moaned and groaned behind him. On his ear. He was in ecstasy. He could feel his cock being suffocated in John’s ass and he loved it. His balls twitched and boiled. 

He pushed harder and held John pinned on the wall. 

“Sir, it hurts, ahhhh” John cried softly

“Shhh just take it like a man, what kinda of soldier are you?” Dean told him and thrusted his waist violently inside his ass. John was pulling his own waist upward, trying to avoid the pain, but Dean’s cock was stuck inside his ass and it wasn’t going anywhere, so John had to withstand his ass being split in two.

“Ahhh please be gentle” he pleaded

“You want gentle?” Dean asked and then pushed violently his cock inside him. John startled by his pain cried out loudly. 

“Shut up!” He said and for a moment he didn’t move. He wanted to hear if anyone was coming. Nobody did. So Dean resumed his fuck. Dean pulled his cock out slowly, John’s butt was too tight so there was a lot of friction, the sensation for John as Dean was pulling his cock out was incredible, but before his entire cock was out Dean thrusted it back in, and then again out and then in again. Before John realized it, Dean was pounding him from behind, Dean pushed so deeply his cock that John felt his body lift a bit from the floor, Dean was literally lifting him from the floor with his cock. Ok not lifting him, but causing him to jump upward. Now Dean had him hugged from behind and pinched his nipples while he fucked him. 

“You like that don’t you?” He was saying, while John moaned, in pain, in ecstasy, even himself couldn’t tell. They were both sweaty. John felt his ass numb and sore and most he felt it was gaping. Dean moaned behind him as he was thrusting his waist with force against his lean body. John grabbed the metal walls, trying to comprehend his feelings. He felt used, humiliated, special, and turned on. He felt confused. It seemed that the longer he let Dean fuck him, the more he loved it. Dean placed his palms on the metal wall too, higher than John’s and kept going, kept fucking and pounding. He wasn’t a gentle lover. He had been keeping his sperm for two weeks. Which for him was too long. If Sam could see him now, he would be surprised and maybe turned on. Yeah Sam always admired his big brother but Dean wasn’t into incest. John felt Dean’s hot breath on his ear, along with the small “oh” or groan that Dean did. His tank top was soaking wet in his back. Wet by Deans sweat, his entire torso was imprinted on the back of that tank top. 

“It’s coming” Dean said in a hurry

“What’s coming?” John asked, he was so deep in his sexual trance he didn’t realized Dean meant he was coming. Dean pulled his cock out of John’s ass and made him kneel again. He pushed his dick inside the young sailor’s mouth, and as he felt the warmth of it, he released his tension with jets of Winchester cream. John almost choked and he wanted to spit it out but Dean held his head in position until he finished coming. Then slowly he pulled his cock out of John’s mouth pulling his soerm out also. A creamy stream of sperm was running down John’s chin while most of Dean’s load, ended on the floor with one spit. John spat again and again. He wasn’t used to the sperm’s taste. He was a virgin before that. Dean smiled and pulled his pants up. He buttoned his shirt and helped John on his feet.

“It was a pleasure John, now I have to do something important” he said and left John feeling like a slut in the dark. Trying to walk straight.

Catching Up! (A Zach Roerig Sex Fiction)

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Zach Roerig, for this story I will use him as my cousin***
You know how they say “Love is blind?” well I agree on that but I want to add, lust is blind too. I was eating dinner when my mother announced that my favorite cousin Zach had come for a visit and he would stay for the weekend, we are very close, but due to his career, we haven’t seen each other a lot, he is an actor, you know him. He is “Matt Donovan” on “The Vampire Diaries”. We grow up together and we had a very nice bond between us. Right on time, I heard our front door opening and closing. I stood up as Zach appeared and he smiled at me. “Hey cuz, how’s it going?” he asked me. “Wow you are a muscular” I said, he really worked out, even under his plaid open shirt and the t-shirt on the inside, I could feel his muscles. “Well, that’s a must for my job” he said. We sat on the couch, we were catching up until my parents went to sleep and we were only me and him. “Yeah, I know it seems like a carefree job but acting is a bitch man” he said, ending a big story about how bitchy some co-stars were on the set.

“Well I want to say I feel sorry for you, but you look good man” I said. He smiled “you look good too” he said in a big brother tone. That tone though turned me on, I don’t know why, or how, I just imagine him stuffing my mouth with his junk, and I almost got a boner. “Any girlfriends Zach?” I asked. “Nah, I’m alone for now, it’s been three or four months” he said, I felt good, I felt really good knowing Zach wasn’t in a relationship because that made my next move easier. “So how are you hanging in there?” I said meaning how he manages to not fuck for months. He laughed “Like we used to manage when we were younger man, remember?” he asked me, reminding me an era where me and him sneaked on laundries and snatching sexy strings and panties, and jerking off on them. Back then I didn’t felt any attraction for Zach, but if we did this now, I would totally suck his cock. He had a bigger junk than mine. 

“Great times” I said, he laughed “Great loads” he replied. I looked into his eyes, he seemed calm and somehow he knew what I wanted. I reached and softly grabbed his crotch, under his jeans I felt his cock harden. “What are you doing?” he asked, but he didn’t stop me. “Ssshhh let me take care of you” I said in his ear. He undid his jeans and his cock was free, and hard in front of my eyes. It was bigger than what I remembered, and veins were more visible on it. Pubic hairs were trimmed and his balls, oh those balls, we’re just perfect for licking. I stroked his cock slowly. “It’s not right” he said again without resisting. “Doesn’t that turn you on?” I asked, he smiled.

“Go on, take it in your mouth” he said, I bend over him, he was sitting in the couch and I brought my tongue on his glans, he moaned and I felt him grabbing the arm of the couch. I kept going slowly, the taste wasn’t as bad as I imagined, it was nice to feel a strong cock getting hard only for you. His veins popped all around everywhere my tongue licked. “Ahhh that’s fucking amazing” he said softly, his eyes closed out of pleasure. Slowly I sucked his cock, while stroking it, his dick was so thick that it filled my entire mouth. “Can you handle it cuz?” he asked me, arrogant bastard he knew how to turn me on. Trying to fit that huge sausage in my mouth I kept sucking it, up and down, feeling precums on my tongue. “I’m getting closer” he said. I stopped. I swiped my mouth with my hand. “Where are you going?” he asked me, his cock standing there like it was made out of wood. “I’m going to sleep” I said smiling at him and leaving him on the couch, looking at me in bewilderment. If my plan had worked I would have him inside my ass soon!
A few minutes later, I was lying on my bed when I heard my door open and someone coming in. I knew it was him. “I wanted to…” he begun talking but I placed my finger on his lips. “Shhh don’t talk” I said, he pulled his shirt off, revealing to me how ,I have of a muscular jock he was, his flawless abs made me want him more, his beautiful nipples and his pecks, I leaned on his nipple and bit it slowly, he moaned and hugged me.

“This is so wrong but I want to do it” he said, and then turned me and made me lie down on my belly. He was behind me, he removed my boxer (that’s all I was wearing” and I felt his hot, hard rod trying to enter my ass, it felt big, it was big but I wanted it, I spread my legs opens, and he positioned himself on me, he hovered his body over me until he found my butthole and then using his weight he pushed his sausage in. “Ahhhhhh” I moaned, as a I felt his entire cock opening my ass and stretching me to the limit, and he wasn’t even half of him inside. He lied on me, his chest on my back, his abs on my waist, his cock in my ass, we were one, as he was moving his waist in repeated moves in and out, my ass wasn’t easy, his dick wasn’t small, I could feel it, pushing through my tight butt and I could feel it throbbing as it reached deep inside me. I was taking deep breaths, trying not to scream, and I felt the need to cry, no it wasn’t because I didn’t want him to fuck me, it was something emotional, I don’t know why I felt like this. I could feel his pulse on my back, it was like we were one living creature, his hands holding mine pinned, and his full lips kissing my neck and biting my ear as he gave me his love, his entire veiny love, inside my ass. “Tell me do you like it cuz?” he said in my ear. “I love it” I replied, and pushed my ass towards him, showing him I wanted him to keep fucking me. It felt awkward having such a big cock up your ass. His thrusts became strong and his speed increased, I moaned and pulled my boxers close to my mouth, trying to stop me from screaming, stab after stab after stab after stab, he was moving so forcefully, that it felt like I was being fucked by a sizzling iron rod and not by a dick. “It hurts…” I said and a moan escaped my lips. He did not stop, my bed squeaked under his strength, his fuck, a rhythm of losing my virginity, a rhythm of fuck, or two cousins having sex, two male cousins, I was being owned by my cousin, and I liked it. “Your ass is so…tight, so tight” he groaned, and stabbed me with his flesh musket deep inside. Every stab was followed by a cry of “ahhh” by me, I wasn’t loud but I couldn’t help it. His sweaty chest made our bodies stick together.

Then the bed squeaked in increased speed. *squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak* repeatedly, my ass was open, he groaned as softly as he could as his balls shot out of his cock jets and jets of creamy sperm, I felt it, I felt it all, running all over my inner ass. I could even feel his cock twitch as he shot his loads. He pulled his cock out of my ass slowly, and then the creamy river followed him, and fell out of my ass, on my bed and legs. “I’m gonna take a shower” he said, as I lied there, feeling so good with his cums all over my ass.

Seducing my New Daddy: A Long Sex Fiction With Jay Ryan!

***This is fictional, nothing in this story is real. I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jay Ryan***Also all people in this story supposed to be adults!***
“His name is Jay, Jay this is Harry my son” my mother said and then she continued “Jay is an actor Harry”, I knew he was an actor, I was his fan until tonight, that my mother officially introduce him to me, as her new “boyfriend”. Not that Jay was not good enough, it was just the thought of my mother sleeping with another man, other than my father was outrageous to me. “Nice to meet you Harry” he said, he seemed like a cool guy, as managed to shake his firm hand. What really bothered me, was that Jay caused all those feelings rushing back to me, I felt horny every time I looked at him. I wanted to jump him and fuck him! and he didn’t make it any easier, he turned out to be better than my father, he was so considerate, and he discussed stuff with me! and that made him irresistible to me. Once he walked out of the bathroom, with just a towel wrapped around his waist, he was gorgeous, I tried so hard not to look. He didn’t noticed my glance, he just went to my mother’s room where I hear kissing and stuff, I was ready to return to my room when…a crazy and kinda pervy idea occurred to me. I tip toed close to my mother,s bedroom door and peeked through the keyhole. I know I’m a terrible person, but in my defense, I just wanted to see Jay naked.

Through the the hole, I saw him flexing his muscles while he kissed my mother, he was so handsome, but I felt awkward so I just wanted to see his cock and then I would stop looking. As he changed position, I saw his beautiful trimmed pubic hair and his hard cock that made me drool! I stopped watching after that, because watching my mother having sex was not on my list to watch! After that I saw him in a very different way! 

I smiled more at him, and even if he wore clothes I could I,signed him fucking me hard with that meat rod I saw the other day! He seemed confused at my sweetened attitude.

My mother was for shopping so I was alone with him, he wore sweatpants, a shirt, he seemed so fine. “Arggg my shoulders are killing me” he groaned, I grabbed the chance “I can massage you a bit if you’d like Jay” I said, he seemed surprised but he nodded “oh if it’s not too much to ask” he said, I massaged his muscular shoulders, it was so nice touching him, he moaned and made this even harder. Then I slid my hand on his chest. He stopped moving, I could sense the awkwardness in his body. “Ummm are you feeling better?” I said as I stepped back, he nodded with a confused look on his face. He stood up and I could see his bulge, he had a hard on. 

Later we went for dinner on a local restaurant, I couldn’t get him out of my mind, his hard on seemed huge earlier, now he was wearing, black dress pants, and a black shirt with stripes, it was one of those fitted shirts that hugged his torso, and I could see his muscles. I never acted like this, but I wanted him. He talked with my mother and sometimes he addressed me for small talk. A little bit later he went to the men’s room, and I quickly followed him. I waited outside of the stalls, and when he got out, he seemed kinda pissed to see me there. “Hey” he said, I nodded smiling.

“Look man, I don’t know what you think is going on between us, but I have no interest in men, and especially you!” he said. “Oh come on, all men in their lives have thought of the same sex in a fantasy, what are you afraid of?” I asked. “I’m not afraid, I just know what I like, and what I like is women” he said. He seemed too stressed though. “Look Jay, I’m not searching for a relationship with you, to be honest, I have never been with a guy before, and I’m sure as hell I don’t want a relationship with you! All I want is your dick” I said, surprising even myself with my talking. He seemed to be thinking about it. I took a small step towards him, and touches his chest “You were the one who woke the gayness inside me” I said with a lustful tone and got on my knees. He did not stop me, he was just standing there as I lowered my face to his crotch. With my hands shaking by anticipation I massaged his package, he moaned softly and unzipped his pants, through the zip hole, he let his cock come out, I have seen it through the keyhole but seeing it here, throbbing and erected, made me drool, I felt a weird anticipation, maybe it was because I had never sucked man’s cock before, even though I have thought about it! I put in my mouth and saw Jay getting lost in excitement, leaning his head back and closing his eyes, his moans turned me on! My tongue welcomed his cock, and my lips tightened around it, I could feel his throbbing veins on my lips, and that drove my insane by lust! His hand landed on my hair and grabbed me, pushing me towards his cock and thrusting his waist on my face. While he groaned and moaned! I tried hard to handle his cock, but it was big and I gagged many times as he kept pushing it further in my mouth! His grip was so tight on my hair that it was painful, I felt tears on my eyes, not because I was crying but because I was squeezing my eyes hard. “Oh my…I can’t believe what I’m doing” he said softly, I looked at him, and kept sucking “fuck it! You are too hot for me to not fuck your mouth!”. Now his whole cock was inside my mouth, so deep, that I could feel his pubic hair on my nose and his balls on my chin every time he pushed me on it!

The taste, amazing, salty, manly, I couldn’t get enough of his big horse junk! 

and his expression made it even hotter, he wasn’t the duty talk guy but his expressions were pure fuck, pure alpha male! He was fucking my mouth, and he was doing it so good. “I’m gonna cum fuck!” he groaned as jets of his sperm were shot inside my mouth, I felt his thick cream, filling my mouth, he pulled his cock out of my mouth “Swallow” he said with a hard tone, I swallowed, he took some tissues and cleaned his cock, he returned to our table, and I returned back later with the taste of his cock still lingering in my mouth. 

It’s been two day since Jay and I, had our meeting in that restaurant bathroom, he changed for the better, he always winked at me when my mother wasn’t looking, and he was emailing me short messages…one of them was “I had my doubts about what we did, but as hours pass by, I can’t help but feel horny every time I think what we did” that message was followed by a photo of his junk! Which made me drool. I felt bad for my mother, because let’s face it, I was seducing her man behind her back. But it was something irresistible. My mother decided to go for shopping with one of her female friends. I was reading a book, when my bedroom door opened, and Jay walker in with his tight boxers, barely hiding his boner. His body was amazing, his muscular pecks made me want to lick them! “Get naked and prepare your ass son” he said, I laughed “My ass is prepared since I met you!” I replied. He came closer and I grabbed his crotch. What an awesome feeling, he moaned as I brushed my lips from his chest to his abs. When I reached his boxers, I licked his bulge, over the fabric. Feeling his cock getting harder. “I want to fuck you so badly” he said while he caressed my hair. 

I pulled his boxers down, and his hard cock, came out, I sucked it really hard, so many times I fantasized it after my first blowjob in the men’s room, and now I couldn’t help but suck it hard, he moaned and groaned! “Ahhh! Yeah! Suck my cock!”, I kept going, but then he stopped me. He stepped out of his boxers, and gestured towards the bed. I felt excited and the anticipation I felt when I blew his whistle, returned. I would have this man inside my ass! That scared me and also turned me on. I sat on my four, he kissed my neck “Lie down” he said with his raspy voice, that made him even more sexier. I felt his hand, caressing my back and rolling down my butt, then he pushed one of his finger inside my butthole, the sensation was incredible, and uncomfortable at the same time, as he moved his finger slowly, I felt shivers of pleasure spreading through my cock and my entire body, “You like it huh? I can feel it” he said to my ear. “I like everything you do to me” I replied and he pushed his finger deeper in my ass, I moaned. He pulled it out, and pinned me down, now he was on my back, and I was pinned underneath him. I felt on my butt his cock touching me, and then I heard him spit. I felt his finger in my butthole, applying his saliva. And then the most painful yet amazing experience hit me. He pushed his cock inside me. I felt the muscles of my butt trying to comprehend the attack of his junk. I could hear him exhale and panting behind me. “Ahhhhh Jay!” I moaned loudly as he managed to stab his entire cock deep in my ass, while he licked my ear, I cried but it wasn’t a cry of displeasure, it hurt yet I didn’t want him to pull his cock out. Those emotions are hard to explain. Shivers of pleasure shook my body hard, as he moved his cock in and out of my tight butt, he moaned on my ear, his chest on my back, his entire existence fucking me hard, fucking me whole. 

I surrendered to him, my body was his, he could fuck me until I need and I still would have let him, because he was a man he knew how to conquer anything or anyone. Everytime he buried his cock inside my ass, I let a rushed breath out of my mouth, trying to comprehend the fact, that I was getting fucked by the incredible stud who happens to be my stepfather. His whole weight acted as extra boost for his thrusts. “Your ass is fucking perfect! Ahhhh!” He said to me, as his cock stabbed me again, and I clutched my fingers on a pillow so I could release the tension I felt from his fuck, he seemed to increase his strength with every thrust, and soon I found myself being pinned down, and being fucked harder than a pornstar. Hot and yet painful, especially if you have never taken a cock up your ass before. “Oh fuck! Ahhhhh!” he was moaning, and when I thought he would cum, he kept going. My ass felt sore. I let small screams every time I felt it was too much for me, but Jay was so absorbed into his own pleasure that he wouldn’t stop unless I pushed him off of me. His sweat mixed up with mine, his entire chest sticking with my back, smelling his manly smell, and taking his big cock! “Where you want them?” he asked me in an urgent tone. “What?” I asked, I didn’t understood what he meant. “My cums, where do you want them?” he asked me, while he kept pounding me, he seemed like he was trying to hard to not cum yet.

“On my face!” I replied, one, two, three quick thrusts and he turned me over to face him. His cock seemed almost purple by its hardness. The veins seemed ready to rip off the flesh. He strokes his cock, and he douzed me with his sperm. Jets of thick cream covered my face as he kept groaning loudly! He was so loud, I was afraid someone might hear us. I was covered with his cum so much, that I couldn’t see, I sat, there, only hearing him panting. “Wow! This is messy!” he said, I felt him wiping his cum off of my face. The look on his eyes, caused me even greatest pleasure than this entire fuck, he seemed in love, I saw that spark! After being fucked for the first time, I was ready for more! Jay seemed to hang out with me, more like a…boyfriend than a stepdad. Our next fuck was my idea, so when we were alone again, I set a chair in front of him, he looked at it, with a smile that hinted he didn’t know what I mean. “Sit on this chair naked Jay, and let me take my rightful sit on your big “throne” I said laughing. 

I massaged his crotch, until I felt him hard on my hands and then I left him to get naked. Every time I saw him naked, it was like the first time, I got hard. As he removed his boxers, I saw his junk hard waiting to fuck me hard. He sat on the chair as I got undressed, and then I approached him and turned my back on him. I sat slowly as he grabbed his cock and held it upright, my butt filled with his junk, I moaned and so did he. I sat in one quick motion, and felt the urge to scream as I got impaled by his cock. 

he brought his hands on my waist, and gave me small thrusts with his waist, causing those same shivers of pleasure I felt before, spread throughout my body. I started moving up and down, taking his hard cock inside me, and moaning, this position was even more pleasurable, for me and for him, his hands grabbed my waist with determination as he was moving along with me, burying his cock deep inside me, and making me once again falling in love with him. I could feel him panting behind me, I could feel his muscles flex under me, I loved how I made him work hard to please me. 

“Oh man! Oh fuck!” he said as he gave me strong thrusts along with me sitting up and down on him. Soon it became uncomfortable for him, because he wanted to fuck me hard, so he pushed me off of him, and I sat on four on the floor, while he stabbed my ass with his cock, his thrusts were strong, and painful, I cried loudly as he fucked me like this, he groaned behind me, and his thrusts became even stronger, so strong my body jerked forward from his fuck! “Jay! Ahhhh! Jay! Your hurting me” I said, but it was as if I was talking to a wild animal, Jay was so turned on, he kept pounding me, so I tried to manage this pain. It took thirty minutes for him to slow down and finally shoot his cream up my ass while moaning loudly! Afterwards we went to take a shower together. Where I turned him on just by biting his nipples softly and refusing to suck his cock. When we got out of the shower there was no time to fuck. So he got dressed but I could see his cock underneath his jeans. “You’re killing me baby” he told me, when he saw me smiling looking at his bulge. When my mother returned she went to shower, Jay was watching TV, I went there and got on my knees, “What are you doing, your mother is in the shower!” he panicked. I smiled slyly “Then we have to be quick” I replied, I undid his jeans and took his cock in my mouth, we were just fucking minutes ago and I still couldn’t managed to stay away from him. Feeling his cock in my mouth and him moaning, filled me with pleasure. “Ahhh” he moaned, he was tense because he tried to keep an ear on the shower. I didn’t wasted any more time, I sucked his cock hard and good, taking it in and out, feeling it being hard as fuck. “Fuck! Fuck!” he moaned as he shot jets of his sperm inside my mouth, just as we were hearing my mother unlocking the bathroom door. He zipped his pants quickly, and I swallowed his cream. I went to the kitchen just as my mother got out of the bathroom. “Hey honey, wanna come to bed with me?” she said, that was her innuendo for sex. “Yeah sure!” He replied. I didn’t mind. I knew that he had to do it, and to be honest this whole situation was hot but fucked up!

After The Explosion (Beauty and the Beast fan fiction)


***This is a fan fiction for Beauty and The Beast, it’s happens after the explosion at Vincent’s boat***
When both of them enter their apartment, Katherine turns toward Vincent and without a warning, she kisses his lips, he is taken aback by her action, but he loves kissing her lips, he bites the slowly. “I wanted to remind you that even though we postponed our wedding, you’re mine” she said, he smiled, he liked when Katherine acted like an alpha male towards him. It was funny because her petite body was a contrast next to his muscular one. “You want to know what I thought when that bomb exploded?” he asked, she nodded. “I was afraid that you might get hurt, I can’t live without you Katherine” he said, she felt a warm sensation feeling her “Because you won’t be able to come back if you go primal huh?” she asked. “No, it has nothing to do with that, Katherine Chandler, I love you, so much that I would die for you” he replied, hearing him say these words, kissed him again, a kiss that asked for more, and Vincent got it and threw his jacket off of him. As she reached and caressed his chest without letting his lips. She wanted him, and she wanted him now.

“Kat, I want you so much” he said kissing her as if he was thirsty and she was a fountain of water. She held his t-shirt and pulled it off of him, admiring his muscles, his strong pecks, she loved Vincent, but she couldn’t deny that his body was smoking hot. She approached his nipples and kissed them, one by one, and then she licked her way down to his abdomen, her tongue taking in the salty taste from his skin due to sweat. He moaned and he undid his jeans, she buried her face into his boxers, smelling him. “Kat you’re making me so…horny” he replied, as he was looking at her, in amazement. Kat was always traditional, she had traditional sex, and she never gave him a blowjob. He never complained but he always wondered what would it be like to fuck her sweet mouth. She pulled down his boxers revealing his big asset. She smiled “I swear every time I see it, it seems bigger than before”. With her tongue out she licked his tip, that was full of precum, that taste lingered in her tongue, as she moved and took his entire junk on her mouth, causing him to twitch. “Kat, I love you so much” he said as he held her head and gave strong thrusts to her mouth, feeling the friction between his cock and her mouth’s interior. It wasn’t his first time that a woman blew his whistle, but it was definitely the first time a woman made him feel this way with a blowjob, maybe it had to do with him being in love with her. Or maybe it was that Katherine Chandler was an awesome sucker! Katherine managed to taker his entire length in her mouth, until she touched his pubic hair with her nose. When she pulled his cook off of her mouth, it was glistening from her saliva. She stood up and he removed her blouse. Her sweet tits amazed him, he approached them, and bit her nipples softly, while she hugged his head. “Take me Vincent, take me now!” She moaned. He kissed her slipping his tongue into her mouth. “Not yet baby!” He said and kneeled before her removing her jeans. She loved watching her man on his knees for her. He removed her pink string, and smelled it, it was wet. “You know what’s the best of being a beast Katherine?” he asked, she smiled, “What baby?” She said, “It’s the smell, I can smell better, and I smell a horny pussy down here” he said and as he pointed his finger he slipped it up her shaved pussy, making her moan. His finger was wet in an instant. Katherine was so ready to be taken hard. He took her in his arms, and carried her to their bedroom. 

Then she spread her legs, and kissing his way down there, he slipped his tongue inside her pussy. Tasting her, she moaned, screamed loudly as Vincent fucked her with his tongue. “Ahh Vincent Fuck me!” she begged. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed his cock inside her, penetrating her, both moaned loudly, she felt so complete with him inside her. He buried his face on her neck kissing her, while he rocked his waist, back and forth, fucking her slowly. While she helped him by rocking her waist too. Then he held her arms pinned down, and gave her strong thrusts, making her cry out of pleasure, as his cock slammed into her pussy. Pit was the first time they had angry sex, it was always kissing and making love. But this time Vincent was more of a beast and less of a lover. She heard his soft moans on her ear and she hugged his waist with her legs, now she could feel his cock even more with every thrust. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she yelled at him, and he did, he fucked her so hard their bed squeaked by their force. “Katherine I’m ready to…” he warned her. She pushed him off of her and as he stared at her bewildered supporting himself on his elbows, she grabbed his hard cock and with her tongue out she stroke it, strongly. “Fuck! Aaaaah!” He groaned as jets of sperm shot out of his cock and landed everywhere on her face including her tongue. Then she swallowed his sperm while looking at him provocatively. 

My Neighbor Dr.Keller!

***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jay Ryan***
I’m a bisexual guy, even though I like both sexes, I never felt the need to get ducked by someone like I did with Dr.Keller. Who’s doctor Keller? He is a mysterious handsome guy who moved in with his wife, Katherine something, she beautiful too, but ever since I saw him, my butthole did summersaults. He had dark short hair, and a muscular build, he seems kind, but he turns me on so much. He is not much of a talker so I’ve been thinking ways to approach him. Once I saw him working on his car, so I pretended to be interested in his car. “Hello, I’m Derek” I said, he shook my hand “I’m Vincent, nice to meet you Derek” he said, his voice was so sexy that I imagined him, moaning while fucking me and almost got a boner! “Welcome to our neighborhood…are you into cars?” I asked, he smiled “Not really, I’m just trying to fix this” I punch his arm softly “Me neither, I mean I never got why some guys are so interested in cars” I said, he laughed “Well at least we get the pussies”, that guy was a hunk! And I had to fuck his cock! He was wearing a white tank top, and I could see his muscular arms.

“Well yeah…” I said in lack of another answer…then he looked at me, with a serious expression on his face and asked me “Are you nervous about something?”, I don’t know how he did that, but I smiled “Well…yeah kinda” I replied, now he was standing straight “What is it?” he asked me. “I really like you” I said, he looked bewildered “So you’re gay?” he asked calmly, “Bi, anyway I wanted to ask you out for a coffee” I said. “You know I’m married right? With a woman” he said, I touched his arm, he didn’t remove it but he kept looking at my hand “I don’t want to be your relationship Vincent, I just want one night with you” I replied, he took a step back “Look, its not a good idea, you hardly know me” he replied, it seemed like he was hiding something “I don’t really care about knowing you, just fuck me Dr.Keller” I said, he smiled “I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t promise anything ok Derek?” he asked, I nodded and returned home.

The next day he knocked on my door “Hey, I was just wondering if you would like to hang out” he asked, he seems kinda shy, and I liked that “Of course!” I said and followed him, watching his nice ass, he was wearing black sweatpants, and a black tank top, the guy was buff alright, when we reached his garage, which was huge, he offers me a beer “Thanks, umm where’s your wife?” I asked, he smiled “She working…” He replied and I got closer to him, slowly I reached to his crotch, and grabbed his huge snake, it was semi hard already, he was leaning with his back on a workbench, he didn’t say anything, he just allowed me, to grab and massage his dick through his sweatpants “Wow Dr. Keller that’s a big charisma you have there” I said, he laughed “Yeah? To be honest I haven’t done that before, I mean with a guy, how old are you anyway?” he asked, I smiled “I’m 22, and it’s not that different from doing it with a woman”, I got closer to him, and I caressed his hair, then I slip my hand lower to his back, feeling his muscular body. “Tell me Dr. Keller, order me, what do you want me to do?” I asked, he smiled “Blow my whistle!” he said, I knew he meant blowjob and I liked he used such phrase, dirty talking turns me on! I got on my knees slowly, looking at him, he was crossed his arms, and he had this smirk on his face, I lowered his sweatpants and smelled his black boxer, the smell of ham, flooded my nostrils, turning me on more, I licked his sausage through the fabric, he moaned softly, putting his hand behind my head, and keeping me against his dick, I lowered his boxers, and a donkey cock fell out, hard, with veins throbbing wrapped around it, and trimmed pubic hair. I grabbed it and brought the glans on my nostrils, and breathed hard on it, it was a simple thing, yet it made his cock stand up even harder! “I don’t remember when I used to be that hard!” he told me, looking into his eyes, I licked around his glans, and then to the rest of his shaft, feeling his balls twitching. He was so turned on but he seemed like he was trying to gain control over something, I could tell he was trying to restrain something, I thought he might be coming close to cum, but I haven’t even started, unless he was one of those guys with premature ejaculation problems…on the other hand he was a doctor, so he would have sought a solution to that problem, wouldn’t he? I grabbed his cock and sucked it all in my mouth, feeling it’s taste flooding my taste buds, pure manly cock taste, I couldn’t take his entire cock in my mouth, I wasn’t trained to manage huge dicks like his. But he seemed happy with the depth I could take it in, he thruster his waist slowly holding my head, moving along with me. This guy was a stud! His moans turned me on, they weren’t loud but they were sincere, they weren’t those fake moans, he really felt like moaning, and I liked that I made a man moan with my mouth. “Enough” he whispered panting, I stood up, he pushed me softly towards the deeper part of his garage. He took his tank top off, and revealed to me his muscular torso, if a I were to choose a man to fuck me forever and be my exclusive fucker, he would be the one! His pecks, and abs, covered in sweat teased me, so I leaned closed and licked his chest rolling my tongue towards his abs, tasting him. “I want to fuck you so hard!” he said to me, “What are you waiting for Dr.Keller?” I asked, he looked at me, like a wild animal, and turned me, so my back would be on his chest, he pulled my t-shirt off of me, and he stuck on my back, I could feel on my back his hard nipples, and his sweat, his hot breath on my ear “Bend over,look down, don’t look at me and try not to scream” he said, I found it weird that he wanted me to not look down, and not at him (not that I could look, I was bend and he was behind me) but I thought it was some fetish of his. He pulled down my shorts, and I felt his hand softly reaching for my butthole, he pushed his finger inside me, and I moaned feeling a rush of excitement and pleasure fill me, he pulled his finger off my ass, and then he got on his knees, he spread my buttocks with his hands, and I felt his breath on my butthole, I knew what was going to happen, his tongue wet, warm and flexible, rolled in my butthole “Ah Vincent! Oh my…this is so…” I couldn’t complete a sentence, it was such a strong sensation, I could cum right there, right now, he stopped, I felt my butthole moist from his saliva, I heard a beep, and the garage door started closing “Just in case someone sees us” he explained “Now look down, you hear me?” I nodded at him, and I leaned my head on my arms, I felt his strong dick being pushed inside my butthole, I moaned, it’s warmth and hardness, caused a new sensation I never felt before! Plus his dick felt like it was made of something firm, I don’t know why, but even his veins could be felt, I almost turned to look, because I was afraid he was using some kind of dildo, but I felt his thrust pushing his entire cock inside me “Woahhhh!” I moaned, he stayed there, not moving, it was kinda uncomfortable and painful, I wanted to scream, but I didn’t, having another man’s cock inside your ass, creates a connection, somehow I could feel his entire panting body, through his cock inside my ass, he slowly pulled it out and pushed it right back in, I adjusted my waist, but it was painful no matter what I did, Vincent groaned behind me, I let a small cry, he was fucking me slowly, and I thought he was some kind of a gentle fucker but little did I know “hold on to something” he said, but his voice seemed deeper, like he was another person, I mean I know he was the same but his voice seemed changed somehow, I did as he asked, and then he thrusted his waist against my ass, this was even more painful, he did it again, in and out, in and out, thrusts that made me cry without trying to hide it now, he held me by my shoulders and kept pounding me hard, with his unbelievably hard cock! “ahhh ahhhh!” I cried, the whole workbench was shaking from his thrusts, and he was groaning, now his entire crotch slammed against my butt, with his ham entering my butt, stabbing me hard, and with force! Some buckets of paint fell of the shelf and splattered all over the floor, he did not stop! “Ahhh you’re hurting me” I yelled, my ass felt numb and so sore from his fuck that I wanted him to stop, I tried to push him, but he was stronger, unbelievably stronger, he held my head down, and kept going, stabbing my ass with his cock! And I cried like a little bitch, taking it! Along with those paint buckets, a mirror or something broke on the floor, and I looked at him, what I saw made me wanna scream, his face, wad the same but his eyes were kinda yellow and he seemed like a….beast! I would scream but I was so sure he would kill me, he groaned loudly I felt his cock twitch and then I felt strong jets of cums shooting inside my ass! Then he threw me on the floor and growled or yelled or whatever, I closed my eyes and I thought he would kill me! I covered my face, waiting for his beating, but he did not do it, I peeked and I saw him with his back turned towards me, he was wearing his tank top, and he was panting “I’m so sorry” he said, now he sounded again like a the Vincent I knew “What are you?” I asked, I pulled my shorts on, even though I felt sore, “It doesn’t matter, please you cannot tell anyone about this” he said holding me by my shoulders, he seemed really scared “What if I do? Will you kill me?” I asked, he looked defeated “No I won’t kill you” he said.

I walked towards the garage door, he opened it, I turned and looked at him “Hey Vincent! I’m not gonna say anything and…thank you” I said, he smiled, he probably didn’t believe me because later that week they moved away…

My Sexy Beast!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jay Ryan***
Jay wore a dark shirt and a tie, his smile was full of “hunger”, I kissed his lips slowly, but his kiss became harsh, I got on my knees, in front of him, he growled in pleasures I undid his belt and his dress pants, they feel to his ankles, his black boxers held a big bulge, which I licked over the fabric, tasting his sweat and precums, I’m a guy I would have find this disgusting, but not with Jay, I pulled his boxers down on his thighs, and enjoyed the view, a trimmed, veiny cock, ready for my mouth and my ass. I grabbed his balls as I sucked his dick slowly, taking it, all in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, and playing with the little hole on it. “Ahhh yes, keep doing that” he said as he grabbed my head and pushed me against his gravy maker, while thrusting his waist “All in your mouth baby, I want it all in your mouth” he said excited, I tried but it was too big to take it all, I could only take it for a few seconds before I gagged. my saliva made his cock glisten, “I want to smash in your back doors…” he whispered in my ear as he hugged me from behind, I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass…

“Jay…I want you” I managed to say before he kneeled, spread my buttcheeks and buried his face in my ass, when I felt his wet hot tongue fucking my asshole, I almost collapsed on him “oh my, Jay! Jay!” I moaned, nobody have ever done that to me, I have been with other men but Jay knew how to make me want to be fucked.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you! Isn’t what you want my fan? Isn’t this why you tracked me down and asked to come to my house?” Jay asked, I nodded “yes” and I tried to lie on bed. “No stand up, I want to fuck you like this, against this wall baby” he said with his hot raspy voice. I got completely naked and Jay pinned me from behind against the wall. It was exhilarating feeling his naked skin touching mine, feeling his hot skin, and his hot breath on my neck, his lips brushed against my neck “For a guy you have a very smooth skin” he said, his voice is so sexy, that he could even recite recipes and a I would get turned on. “Spread your legs more” he instructed me, and I felt him behind me, “Are you ready?” he asked, I nodded and he pushed his sausage up my ass, I groaned in pain, “Yeah, scream for me” he said, I moaned enjoying his anaconda sliding in my ass, feeling it’s throbbing veins in my ass. “Ahhh Jay, you’re really are a beast” I said, he laughed and then he pushed his waist with a thrust pinning me on the wall, trapping me with his body, with his cock “Ahhhh it hurts!” I moaned, as a I felt my ass being on fire, I cried out “Tell me, how does it feel? How does it feel to be fucked by another man?” he asked me. “Ahhh Jay” it’s all I managed to say as I felt his big snake fucking me in and out, quickly, it was so hard it felt like it was made of wood.

His chest grinding with my back, our sweat made us stick, it was so hard taking a cock while standing, I felt tears running down, not because I was crying but because I was trying so hard not to scream…Jay’s waist was so strong that my ass felt sore, and his thrusts were stronger than before. “Jay! It hurts!” I yelled, “Shut up! You knew it when you came here, didn’t you? You knew I would “sign you an autograph”? Didn’t you?” He asked. His hit breath against my skin, his lips kissing my neck, his speed decreasing, now he was thrusting slowly and deep “I’m going to knock you up! Spread your fucking legs more!” he yelled, I managed to do it just as he released jets and jets of his sperm “Ahhhhhhh! Yeah! Fuck!” he groaned, pushing his cock deeper inside me while he shot jets of his love gravy! “Jay! I love you!” I moaned, as we both almost fell on the floor panting. I spend the night with him, sucking his cock for the rest of the night. Jay was my sexy beast for a night!